“It has been a fun night Maggie but I need to get home,” Sara said draining her drink before she scooted her chair back, stood up, and turned to leave but was stopped by Maggie’s hand on her wrist.

“You can’t go yet,” she said. “They have not drawn the winner.  They will do it in a few minutes,”

“Look at all the women in the room Maggie.  I have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, and besides, I did not want to be in the drawing.  You put me in it after I said I did not want to participate.  I just came with you to have a couple of drinks and celebrate your birthday.  If anyone should win, it should be you.  It would be a nice birthday present,”

“Well, let’s hope one of us wins.”

“If I leave now it will give you an extra chance so goodnight,”

Before she could make it away from the table a man took his place on the stage holding a large can cradled to his chest while holding a microphone in the other.  “Ladies, it is that time you all have been waiting for.  A night with our charming Tuck, the man with the magic tongue.  You are guaranteed to have a night of many orgasms,”

Sara sat back down in her chair and looked at her best friend whispering, “You did not tell me that part, Maggie. I thought it was just a dinner,”

“Sorry, that part just slipped my mind,” she said innocently.

Sara decided if by some freak of nature that her name was called she was going to remain quiet, pretend she was not there, and let them call another name.  Sara turned her head and shot daggers at Maggie, whispering, “You are so dead,”

“Now, here is the man himself to draw the lucky woman’s name,”

When he walked out on stage Sara could not help but stare. She saw his picture when they walked into the nightclub but it didn’t do him justice.  Tuck stood about 6’4”, a well-defined chest that tapered down to a narrow waist and legs that seemed to go on forever.  His dark hair was shoulder length and he had a nice trim mustache.  From where she was sitting Sara could not tell the color of his eyes. To her, he was sex on a stick but then he probably knew it; just the type of man she tried to avoid.

Sara watched him starring at the audience as he blindly reached into the can and pulled out a ticket, handing it to the announcer.

“And the lucky woman is Sara Wilson.  Stand up and make your way down here.  You have five minutes or we will have to draw another name,”

Sara sat there, quietly waiting out the five minutes.  Suddenly she felt Maggie poking her in the ribs.

“Sara, they called your name.  Stand up and go collect your prize,” Maggie said softly. When Sara ignored her, Maggie jumped to her feet yelling, “She is right here.  She is just shy,”

Suddenly the light switched from the men on the stage over to her.  She wanted nothing more than to sink under the table and hide…and then kill Maggie for putting her in this position.

“Stand up Sara Wilson and make your way to the stage. Tuck does not bite unless you ask him to,” the announcer said laughing.

Very slowly Sara stood up, glaring down at Maggie, vowing to herself that Maggie would pay dearly for putting her in this awkward position.  I will be gracious and accept my prize but once the spotlight is off me, I am going to politely tell him he has the night off, that I don’t want to go out with him.  I will tell him that my name was mistakenly put in the drawing by my friend.

The closer Sara got to the stage, the shakier her legs became.  Just a few more steps, smile, and then it will be over.  As she started up the stairs to the stage, Tuck was there to offer his hand.  Once on stage, Tuck wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her in close, kissing her.  Although it was a short kiss, it packed a punch; Sara felt it from her head to her toes.  When he released her, her body still tingled.

Focus girl.  It is not like you have never been kissed before.  But got to admit that was a spine-tingling one.  Sara looked up at him and smiled.

“Well ladies, better luck next week,” the announcer said as the spotlight went off and the band started to make their way back on to the stage.

Sara untangled herself from Tuck and headed for the stairs only to find Tuck holding onto her wrist.  “Where are you going?  We have to make arrangements for our date tomorrow.”

“About that…” Sara began, “I was under the impression that it was for dinner only.  That is what my best friend told me.  So you can either have the night off or we can have dinner, nothing more,”

Tuck took Sara’s hand and led her backstage so they could talk without being in the way of the band.  Finding a semi-quiet place, Tuck asked, “Am I so repulsive that you do not want to spend the night with me?”

“That is not it Tuck.  I…just…you know…don’t do that…type of…thing,” Sara stammered out feeling her face heating up.  “Sorry,” as she started to walk away.

Tuck gently grabbed her arm and pulled her back to him.  Holding her close, he brought his lips down on hers, first softly and then gradually increasing the pressure.  At first, she tried to resist his charms but the more passion he put into the kiss the more her entire body started to tingle and become less resistive. Reaching up she wound her arms around his neck, giving Tuck unwritten permission to crush her body to his.  They stood in the shadows, kissing for several minutes, Tuck’s arousal pushing into her as he turned her around holding her against the wall. Finally coming to her senses, Sara put her hands on his shoulders and tried to push him back but she could not break the hold.

Finally, Tuck let her go saying, “I don’t want to wait until tomorrow.  Come back with me to my apartment,” as he gently kissed her again, nipping at her bottom lip.  Tuck knew he was not supposed to take them back to his apartment but instead go to the designated hotel for the date but he did not want to wait to be with Sara. What made her so attractive to him he was not sure but whatever it was, he had it bad.

Sara stood there, getting her breathing under control and her thoughts organized.  The reasonable side of her was telling her to say no but the unreasonable side was telling her to go for it, that it was just a one-night stand. As she opened her mouth to say no, the word yes came out instead.  Sara immediately clamped her hand over her mouth as if to shove the word back in and pretend it never happened.

“Do you need to grab your purse or anything from the table?”

“Ah…yes,” Sara said, figuring when she got to the table she could grab her purse and leave without him being any wiser.  She knew that was not the polite thing to do but she could figure no other way to do it.

“Great, let’s grab it and we can be on our way,” Tuck said taking her hand to lead her out to the main floor.

When they got to the table, Maggie’s eyes became as big as saucers and she just looked at the two of them, not sure what to say. Sara gave a little laugh as she had never seen Maggie speechless before.

“I’m Tuck,” he said holding out his hand. “But then you already knew that.  “She is going home with me.  I promise I will have her back home safe and sound tomorrow,” not realizing that though they were friends, they did not share an apartment. “Need anything else?  Who drove?”

“Neither of us,” Maggie said, finally finding her voice. “We Ubered,”  She could not believe after all that fuss that Sara had put up that she was going home with Tuck.

Taking a look at Maggie in the dim lights of the club Tuck said, “Maybe next time I will skip the drawing and take both of you on,”

He waited until Sara got her purse and said goodbye to Maggie before he ushered her out the door and to his Audi. Helping her get seated, Tuck then sprinted around to the other side.  Within minutes they were pulling into a gated community. Tuck drove around until he came to a nice one-story brick house with a large front porch.  He hit the garage door opener and pulled in, shutting the door behind him.  Jumping out of the car, Tuck came around and helped her out.

Once inside, he asked, “Would you like something to drink?”

“No, I am good,” Sara said looking around the kitchen.

“Alright,” he said walking over to her, pulling her in his arms, kissing her before he scooped her up and tossed her over his shoulders, causing Sara to squeal in surprise.  She had never had a caveman before. He carried her out of the kitchen, up the stairs, and into his bedroom dumping her unceremoniously on the bed. Before she had time to move, Tuck was at her feet, removing her sandals and tossing them on the floor.

Reaching down, he grabbed a leg and started to massage her foot and then did the other.  After massaging her feet, Tuck leaned down and began to plant kisses up her legs and thighs alternating between them, pushing her skirt up at the same time until he reached her mound.  Tuck could see that her panties were wet so he blew hot air on them, causing her to shiver.  Leaning forward, he planted kisses there before he hooked his fingers in the side and began pulling them down.  Once he had them off, he moved back between her legs, his tongue lightly running up the middle of her slit, tasting her nectar.

Sara let out a loud moan as shivers went up her spine.  Tuck continued to lap at her pussy, his tongue lightly swiping over her clit. Soon Sara was wiggling on the bed, striving for that orgasm that seemed to be just out of reach.  Tuck knew what he was doing and took her to the edge and then backed off until she was a wet wiggling mess on the bed.  Crawling off the bed, he pulled her to the edge and helped her to stand.  Quickly he stripped her and then himself before he let her lay back down.

Hoovering over her, Tuck began to kiss her, alternating between soft gentle kisses to hard passionate ones, his tongue slipping in and out between her parted lips.  Slowly he began to make his way down, kissing her neck, sucking on her earlobes before doing the other side, eventually kissing his way down the V between her breasts.  Capturing one nipple between his lips, his tongue swirled over the end, making it pebble in his mouth.  Sara could feel her body heating up, her juices starting to flow as he moved to the other one.

“Bend your legs,” he told her.

When she did, he scooted as close as he could, pressing his cock against her wet swollen pussy as he leaned forward to suck on her nipples, rubbing against her. Taking her to the edge again, Tuck began to kiss his way down until he reached her pussy.  Running his tongue up and down, he reached up with his hands and began to pinch and pull her nipples as his lips caught her clit.  As he sucked on it that was all that Sara needed to send her over the edge.

She let out a scream, grabbing at the sheet with both hands as her legs clamped together, holding his face against her pussy, her juices squirting all over him as he pinched her nipples hard.  Sara felt as if she was having an out-of-the-body experience as every nerve in her body seemed to be on fire and firing on all cylinders.  She had never experienced anything so intense and mind-blowing.  After several minutes, her legs started to relax their grip on his head as the pleasure waves started to subside.  Sara could still feel little twitches as the nerves settled down, her clit still throbbing.

Crawling up beside her, Tuck pulled her into his arms, cradling her head on his shoulder, holding her as her body continued to relax.

“OMG, that was so intense.  I never felt anything like that before,” she whispered as she turned her head to look up at him.

Tuck took advantage and kissed her lightly, letting her taste herself on his lips.  As she moved to get a bit more comfortable Sara could feel his hard-on pressing into her thigh.  Wiggling out of his arms, she moved down until she could wrap her lips around it, her hand going around it near the base as her tongue swirled around the head, her tongue dipping in and out of the slit.  Sara gradually took more and more of him into her mouth but she was only able to get him halfway in before the head hit the back of her throat.

Nudging him until he was on his back, Sara moved between his legs, stroking his cock while she licked and suck on his balls. She gripped him tight and as she moved her hand upwards, pulling the skin taut.  Switching places, her hand massaged his balls while her mouth worked on his shaft, licking and sucking, her tongue running under the ridge of the head. Tasting pre-cum, Sara moved upwards on his chest, capturing his cock between them.  Sara leisurely moved up and down as she rubbed her wet pussy against his cock as she sucked on his nipples.

“I need inside of you,” Tuck moaned.  “I am not sure how much longer I can hold out. Condoms are in the nightstand drawer,”

Sara moved off Tuck and grabbed a condom, ripping the foil pack open, and quickly sheathed him.  Straddling him, Sara braced herself with her palms on the bed on each side of Tuck as she lowered herself until just the head was inside. Squeezing him she moved up and down, gradually taking him in until he was buried deep inside of her.  Not moving except to lean forward, Sara went back to sucking and licking his nipples, occasionally nipping at them. Tuck reached out and captured her breasts with his hands, pinching her nipples.

Finally, Sara sat up and began to move up and down, slowly squeezing and releasing him as he moaned under her.  Tuck knew that from the way she was working him that he was not going to be able to hold on much longer so he grabbed her by the waist and flipped her to the bed.  Putting her legs over his shoulders, Tuck began to move in and out, controlling the pace so he was more in control.  Sara continued to work on his shaft squeezing and releasing as she worked toward her orgasm.

Then, without warning, her body felt like it had exploded as she began to wiggle all over the bed crying out loud, feeling as she was being consumed by fire.  Tuck held back as long as he could before he found his release, pounding her as he can hard, his hands squeezing her ass, letting out a proverbial howl.  When it was over, they both collapsed in a heap on each other, breathing heavily as they came down from their orgasmic high. Tuck pulled out, being careful that he did not accidentally pull off the condom.  Getting out of bed on shaky legs, he took the condom off and took it to the bathroom to dispose of it.

“Join me in a shower?” he asked from the bathroom.

“If my legs will support me,” Sara called back as she made her way to the bathroom, her legs feeling weak.

Tuck already had the shower started when she came into the bathroom, her body still flushed from her orgasm.  He opened the shower door and let her go in first. Sara stood there, letting the warm water cascade over her body.  After getting her hair wet, Tuck turned her back towards him and put some shampoo on her head, softly massaging it in.

He grabbed a loofa and put some body wash on it, washing her from head to toe, and then she did the same for him.  Both were still recovering from the wild hot sex they had just had and neither had inclinations of having shower sex.  There would hopefully be time for that later.  Once they finished their shower, they got out and spent time toweling each other off.

“Would you like a beer, glass of tea, or water?” Tuck asked as they stepped out of the bathroom.  “Maybe something to eat?”

“A beer would be nice,” Sara told him as she stood on her tiptoes to kiss him.

As she turned and headed toward the bed, Tuck smacked her butt and then went down to retrieve them a couple of beers.  When he returned, he had two beers along with some cheese and crackers.  They sat in the middle of the bed, eating, drinking, and talking about things in general.

“I think we should settle down and get a bit of sleep and then have another go-round in a few hours unless you have to be somewhere,” Tuck suggested.

“I have nowhere I have to be,” Sara said, fighting back a yawn.

They settled down to get some much-needed rest. As Sara drifted off she thought I am glad they called my name tonight and that Maggie made me claim my prize.  But I am not going to tell her as that would give her a big head and gloating rights.

As Sara went to roll over, she realized she couldn’t because there was an arm draped lightly over her waist.  Her eyes flew open but all she could see was darkness. This is not my bed.  This is not my room.  I always leave a nightlight on in my bathroom.  Where the hell am I? Sara wondered as she fought to keep her breathing on an even keel.  She lay there for a few minutes before she attempted to scoot up so she could rest her back against the headboard.  As she moved, she heard the person beside her let out a snore and then appeared to settle back into sleep as their arm moved slightly when she sat up.

As Sara became more awake, it all started to come back to her what she had done.  I went home with a complete stranger. No one knows where I am.  He could be a serial killer.  No, if he was I would either be dead or else tied up somewhere and tortured.  I would not be in a comfortable bed.  Shit, I need to get out of here and get home but where is here. I cannot call Uber because I don’t know the address and I have no idea where my phone is either.

“Sara, what’s wrong?” a muffled voice asked.

“Just trying to figure out why I am in a strange bed and where I am,” Sara told him as it all started to come back.  She had gone out to have a couple of drinks to celebrate Maggie’s birthday and she put me in a drawing and I won the grand prize.  Oh shit, I just had a one-night stand with a stranger.

“It is nothing to stress over Sara.  Lay back down and in the morning you will tell me where you live and I will take you there.  Okay?”

She thought a moment and decided he was right…but who was he?  Sara did not want to appear stupid or make him think that the time she had spent with him was not memorable because it was according to the way her body was feeling. As she wracked her brain to remember his name, Sara felt his fingertips lightly stroking her inner thigh, causing her body to hum and want more.

“If you are not sleepy, then maybe we can fool around,” he suggested as his hand moved upward on her inner thigh, his fingers lightly touching her pussy.  “I haven’t had time to show you my magic fingers yet,” as he rolled over, his fingers probing between her lips.

Despite not remembering his name, Sara remembered his touch and how good it had felt when his tongue had worked its magic down there.   Sara moaned, spread her legs wider as she scooted down a little.  Tuck took advantage of the situation and slid just the tips of three fingers inside, earning another soft moan from her.  Pulling them back out, Tuck moved an index finger up and rubbed it over her clit several times before he pulled away.

“No fair,” Sara complained.

Laughing, he teased her pussy some more with just some light stroking.  Maneuvering himself between her legs, Tuck put them over his shoulder and ran his tongue over her moistness, pulling her clit between his lips and sucking gently. Taking three fingers he pushed them inside, curving them slightly until he touched her G-spot, almost sending her off the bed with the sheer pleasure he was giving her. Between the two, Sara was soon on a one-way flight to orgasmic bliss.

“Ummmmmmmm,” she moaned as she grabbed the sheet in her hands as she arched her back, trying to push herself closer to his mouth and to get his fingers in deeper.  “Oh damn Tuck, that feels…sooooo….amazing,” That’s his name.  Thank goodness I remembered.

Tuck increased the pressure on her G spot, causing her to let out a squeal as her juices started to flow.  He alternated between licking her slit and sucking her clit until she was not sure if she was coming or going; all she knew was that she felt like she was about to explode.  Taking her just to the edge, Tuck stopped, leaving her pussy throbbing as he moved up her body to ravish her nipples, sucking and pulling on them until she could feel herself starting to drip.  Then, without warning, Sara felt him push three fingers deep inside of her, hitting her G-Spot while his thumb rubbed her clit.  He continued sucking her nipple until she could hold back no longer, letting out a scream as her body erupted like a volcano.

Sara could feel her body doing something it had never done before; she squirted all over his hand and on the bed.  Sara came so hard she momentarily lost consciousness as waves of pleasure took over her body.  Her pussy throbbed so much it was almost to the point of hurting.  Her body twitched and thrashed on the bed; her orgasm seeming like it was never going to end.  Finally, her body started to come down slowly as he pulled his fingers out and rolled to his side to seek out a condom.

After rolling it on, Tuck moved her over to her side, saying softly, “On your knees,”

Sara got into position and Tuck moved behind her. Rubbing himself against her, he slid in between her swollen lips, earning a loud sigh from her.  Grabbing her hips, Tuck pushed all the way in and then pulled back until just the head was inside before pushing back in.  Each thrust became a little faster and harder until the bed started to rock, the headboard hitting the wall.

“Oh yes,” Sara moaned as she could feel her orgasm building again.  She gripped his cock tight, released him, and then repeated; it was like she was milking him with her inner muscles.  Holding her hips tight, Tuck picked up the pace until he felt his balls tightening.

“Cum with me babe,” he told her

Sara could feel her body heating up, a flush coming over her as she neared her peak.  Tuck gave a couple of more hard deep thrusts before howling as he came hard, setting off her orgasm, her juices pouring down his cock and pooling on the bed beneath them.  Sara collapsed on the bed, Tuck laying on her back, both breathing hard and deep.

“Damn,” Tuck muttered as he rolled off to the side, pulling Sara back against him, kissing her neck.  “It just seems to get better each time,”

“It does,” Sara muttered as she fought not to drift back to sleep.

“Sleep,” Tuck told her.  “It will be daylight soon,” as he got up and disposed of the condom.

“And the magic night will be over with and next week another woman will be sharing your bed and feeling your magic tongue and fingers,” Sara commented as she drifted off to sleep.

Tuck tried to go to sleep but his mind would not shut off.  Do I really want to be someone else’s grand prize next week? I know the ladies will miss it and it will probably cut into some of the profits that my brother’s club make but I told him it could happen someday.   Just never thought it would happen so fast but I want to be Sara’s one and only. Yeah….Yeah…I know, we just met and I should take it slow but tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Tuck decided to sleep on it and see how it sounded in his mind in the morning.  Hell, it may be a one-way street and I am the only one feeling that way.  We shall see.

When they woke several hours later, the sun was shining through the window, giving the room a natural warmth and glow.  Sara wiggled out of his arms and made her way to the bathroom.  After doing what she needed to do, she came out and started to get dressed.

“Tell me your address and I will call Uber so you don’t have to get out,”

“I will take you but have a better idea,” Tuck told her.  “How about spending the weekend with me?”

Sara looked at him and asked, “I thought it was supposed to be a one-night thing?  You know…the Grand Prize gimmick?”

“It was…until I met you and now I am rethinking it. Would you like to try and give this a chance?  You and me…relationship?”

“Are you serious?”  Sara asked staring at him.

“Yes, I am,” as he patted the bed beside him.

Sara thought for several minutes and finally nodded her head.  “Yeah, I kind of like that idea but I need to let Maggie know where I am,”

“You can do that in a minute,” he told her. “Come give me a hug,”

Sara came over and hugged him, still wondering if she would wake up and this would all be a dream.