“I bet you ten dollars you won’t go up there and sit on Santa’s lap,” Bethany, Elsie’s best friend said.  “You don’t have the guts,”

“You are going to lose Bethany,” Julia, another friend, told her. “You know Elsie.  Never backs down from a bet,”

“Make it twenty and I will,” Elsie countered.

“I will make it twenty if you will kiss him,” Bethany answered back.

All three girls were in their first year of college and were home for winter break. They were spending the Saturday before Christmas at the local mall doing Christmas shopping.  The Santa in question was sitting in his chair in the middle of his toy shop listening to the children’s Christmas list and handing out candy canes.

“Make her give you more,” Julie said. “Who knows what you will be sitting in on his leg after some of the kids who have sat there; they may have peed on his leg,”

Both Bethany and Elsie looked at Julie and said together, “Yew, that is gross,”

“Just saying,” Julie said shrugging her shoulders.

Unbeknownst to the girls, they were close enough that though he could not hear what they were saying he sensed they were up to something.  It seemed to happen each year that he played Santa.  That little redhead is not bad looking. Any other time, I would be making my move on her.  The only thing about playing Santa; you cannot hit on the hot chicks walking around the mall.  It is just not something Santa would do.

His attention was drawn back to the children in front of him who were eager to tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas.  In real life, Santa was Justin Timbers who was a pediatric nurse at the local hospital.  During his stint as Santa, he worked nights at the hospital and during the day as Santa.  As the children told him their wishes, got their picture taken, received their candy cane, and left, the redhead slowly made her way up the short path toward him.

If it wouldn’t get me fired, I would dip her backward and give her a big kiss, Justin thought.  When she reached him, Justin did his Santa laugh and said, “Have a seat and tell me what you want for Christmas.  Have you been naughty or nice?”

Elsie slowly sat down on his knee, expecting it to be wet from some child’s pee after what Julie had said but it wasn’t. Leaning in close, Elsie whispered, “I want you,” and she quickly kissed his cheek and jumped up, moving back to her friends.

Shocked by what she had said, Justin could only stare at her, watching as some money changed hands.  He then realized that she had done it for a bet.  I wonder how much I was worth.

Justin did not have much time to ponder that question as he was soon engaged with many children demanding Santa’s attention. Around three that afternoon, just as he was getting ready for a break, he watched that same redhead coming back toward him  He found himself wondering how much the bet was this time and what she would have to do to earn it.  To his surprise, she was alone.

As she approached him, she said, “My name is Elsie and I meant what I said I wanted for Christmas,”

“Really?  You don’t even know me except as Santa.  Do you have some off-the-wall fantasy about screwing Santa?” Justin inquired.  “If so, find another.  I happen to like my job and I am not losing it over some woman with a Santa fantasy,” as he stood up, putting out a sign that he was off to feed his reindeer and would be back in thirty minutes.

As Justin walked away towards the hallway that led to the room he used for his breaks, Elsie was right behind him.

“Sorry, you are not allowed back here,” Justin told her.  “Please leave,”

“Santa,” Elsie said.

When he turned around, Elsie had pulled up her sweater, revealing that she was not wearing a bra.  He could instantly feel his shaft getting hard and pushing against his pants.  Without thinking, he reached out, took her hand and led her to the room he was using. Once inside, he locked the door behind him, took her purse, and dropped it to the floor out of the way.

Pushing her up against the door, he kissed her hard, grinding himself against her.  At first, to Elsie, it felt a bit strange to be kissed by a man with a full beard; it tickled but at the same time, it was erotic.  She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back.  After a couple of minutes, Elsie pushed him back some, did a little jump, and wrapped her legs around his waist, her skirt riding high on her thighs.

Cupping her ass, Justin held her close as they kissed passionately, their tongues doing their mating dance.  Finally, they came up for air, both breathing heavily.

“This is wrong,” he told her.  “I could get fired,”

“No one needs to know,” Elsie said, kissing him lightly.

“How much are your friends betting you this time that you will get fucked by Santa?”

“No bet.  They are gone.  This is all my idea,” she reassured him as she unclasped her legs from his waist and let them drop to the floor.

Taking him by the hand, she led him to the only chair in the room; a hard metal folding chair.  Pushing up his coat, she tried to find a way to push the bottom half of his suit down but was having no luck.

“What are you trying to do?”

Elsie went over to her purse.  When she turned back around, she had a foil pack in her hand. “If I am going to sit on Santa’s lap, then I am going to do it right,”

Holding the foil packet between her teeth, Elsie raised her skirt and wiggled out of her thong.  Against his better judgment, he held out his hand for the condom. Once she gave it to him, Justin unfastened his pants, covered his shaft, and had a seat on the chair, giving a little shiver and moan at the coldness of the chair on his ass.

Elsie did not need another invitation as she dropped her thong to the floor and went over to him.  Lifting her skirt, she straddled his lap, facing him, as she lowered her wet dripping pussy onto his hardened shaft.  Justin worked for his hands under her sweater to pinch her nipples. Very slowly she began to move up and down on his shaft, her muscles working his cock as they squeezed him tight.

She leaned forward and kissed him, nipping at his bottom lip.  Gradually Elsie started to increase her speed, methodically working him up. Throwing back her head, she began to moan and breathe harder as her body heated up.  Justin leaned forward to kiss her neck, leaving his mark at the base of her neck on the left side.  As they got closer to the point-of-no-return, he pinched her nipples harder.

Elsie’s body tightened its grip on his cock as she started to twitch and moan louder as she tumbled over the edge, bringing Justin with her.  As her orgasm exploded, Elsie reached out and dug her nails into his shoulders, fighting back the need to scream but she didn’t want to attract attention.  Letting go of her nipples, Justin grabbed her hips and held her tight against him as he came hard, his fingers digging into her ass.

As they both came back to earth, their bodies seemed to deflate as they leaned against each other, breathing heavily, trying to get their thoughts together.  Elsie kissed him one last time and stood up on shaky legs.  Retrieving her thong, Elsie leaned against the door as she put it back on.

“Now that is what I call sitting on Santa’s lap,” as she blew him a kiss, unlocked the door, and slipped out.

Justin sat there a moment before standing up and removing the condom.  He found some napkins and wrapped the condom in them before throwing it away.  He didn’t want to leave evidence out in plain sight.  Readjusting his suit, Justin got him a bottle of water, guzzling half of it down.  He knew that what he had done was wrong but she wanted it as much as he did.

When he came back out to his chair a few minutes later, there were already several children lined up to talk to Santa.   As he took his seat, Justin looked up, and there she was; standing at the edge of the display looking at him.  Elsie wiggled her fingers at him, blew him a kiss, and disappeared into the crowd.

“What do you want for Christmas?” he asked the first child in line.

As he listened to their list, Justin could only hope that the redhead would come back to sit on his lap again.