“Savannah, don’t forget that we are having dinner with the Marshals at six o’clock this evening.  Dressy attire,” her husband said as he walked into the study.

“Yes dear,” she answered looking up from the book she was reading.  As if I would forget something important like that. We have been married for almost 40 years and I know the drill.  I do not have dementia and need to be reminded. “Enjoy your golf game with Matthew,”

Curtis came over and kissed his wife’s cheek before he left, not noticing the sarcasm in her voice.  He is not going to play golf any more than I am.  He is going to go see her as he had done every Saturday for the past year.  I wonder who she is this time.  Savannah knew her husband had these affairs but as long as he did not ask for a divorce, she was okay with it…well, not okay but she tolerated it.  Although Curtis had cheated on her for most of their marriage not once had she cheated on him.  Not out of love or loyalty but for the fact that sex was something she could take or leave and she preferred to leave it.

Savannah tried to get back into her reading but her mind was flitting everywhere and she could not make any sense out of what she was reading so she laid the book down on the side table.  Grabbing her cup, Savannah went to the kitchen to fill it to take down to the pool.  Such a sunny day out it was a shame to waste it indoors.

As she walked over toward the pool, she saw Ron skimming it of any debris that was in it.  She figured it was in his forties and had recently taken over for his dad when he had a heart attack four months ago.  Savannah watched him for a few minutes before she went over to the chaise lounge and sat down, putting her coffee cup on the small table beside her.

Hearing a noise behind him, Ron turned his head and smiled saying, “Good morning Savannah.  Great day to soak up some rays.”

“It sure is,” she agreed smiling back at him. “How is your dad?”

“He is doing better but considering retiring and moving to Florida but knowing the old man like I do that is never going to happen.  He is too stubborn to retire even though that is best for him,”

As he turned to finish skimming the pool and doing whatever else he had to do, Savannah took the time to observe him. She knew that he was a big flirt and never really took her no for an answer because the next week when he came back he would start his flirting all over again.  Any woman would probably be glad to have him in their bed but not her.

“Well, you consider my proposal this week?  Are you ready to say yes?” Ron asked turning around to face her.

“You know what my answer is Ron and what it will always be.  I am married,”

“Hey, I’m not asking you to leave your husband and run away with me.  I just want to share bodies for a couple of hours,” he teased.

Savannah laughed and said, “Get back to work. That is what we are paying you to do,”

Ron laughed and turned back to what he was doing. When he finished, Ron put his equipment away but instead of leaving, he walked over to her and knelt by her chair. He put his fingers under her chin, raising her head so he was looking into her eyes before he leaned forward and kissed her.  As his lips touched hers, Savannah felt a spark that she had never felt with Curtis…or any other man she had dated before him.  Moving his hand behind her head, he kissed her more passionately.

Finally, he broke off the kiss and sat back on his heels before standing up.  “I am not sorry I kissed you Savannah.  I would love to do more because you a very sexy woman.”

Savannah opened her mouth to call him back but no words came out.  Savannah heard his truck start-up and then silence.  What in the hell just happen?  I let another man kiss me and I rather liked it. I wanted more.  What is wrong with me?  For the rest of the day, her thought kept returning to that kiss and the way it made her feel.  It even started to make her wonder if sharing her body would make sex fun for her for once. I am just being silly.  I have never enjoyed sex so why all of a sudden would I change.  Sex is a chore that all women have to endure if their husbands wanted sex, or at least that is what Mother said before I got married.


After the dinner at the Marshalls, Savannah noticed that Curtis was acting a bit strange and he had been a little late coming home from his golf game.  By Wednesday, she found out why he was acting so strangely.  Savannah was putting dinner on the table when he walked in and made his announcement.

“We are going to have to cancel our weekend plans Savannah.  I am invited to go on a golfing weekend with Mike,” Curtis announced as he sat down at the table.

Savannah whirled around from where she was standing at the stove yelling, “We had these plans set for months.  It is our anniversary”

“It is?  I am sorry.  We can go in a couple of weeks.”

Savannah sat down at the table, eating in silence, fuming that to Curtis, being married 40 years was no big deal.  They had made reservations for a weekend getaway at the newest resort just out of town and now he was canceling that to go whoring around. That was the final straw; the one that pushed her over the edge. Two can play at this game.

“Don’t be upset Savannah.  We can go in a couple of weeks.  I promise,” he told her, reaching out to pat the top of her hand.

By Friday, Savannah had made up her mind to take Ron up on his offer.  If Curtis can whore around on our anniversary, so can I.  After Curtis left early Friday morning, Savannah quickly packed a bag and drove out of town to The Royal Inn where she had booked a room.  If I am going to have sex, I do not want to do it in a bed I share with Curtis.  I want it to happen on neutral ground.  Once she checked in, Savannah paced the room trying to work up the courage to call Ron.

Finally, she snatched up her phone, looked up his number in contacts under pool cleaner, and hit the dial button.  She had to fight the urge to hang up but before she did she heard him say, “McKenzie Pool Cleaning Services,”

Swallowing hard Savannah finally managed to get out, “Care to share our bodies for a few hours?”

“I have one job to finish and then I can be over. Will that be okay?” Ron asked, knowing immediately who it was by her question.

“I am not at home.  I am at The Royal Inn, room 280, on the backside of the building.”

“Okay, I will be over in a couple of hours.  Do I need to bring anything?”

“Ah…nothing I can think of,” Savannah answered. “See you then.”

After hanging up, Savannah had to fight the urge to call him back and say she changed her mind.  She knew how she felt…or rather did not feel…about sex and was scared it would be a big disappointment for him.  As the time drew closer for Ron to show up the more nervous she became. When he knocked lightly on the door, Savannah jumped and let out a small squeal.  Taking a deep breath, she strolled over to the door and opened it.

Ron was standing there with a rose in one hand and a six-pack of beer in the other.  Handing her the rose he said, “Yeah, I know, corny but a woman as beautiful as you deserves a rose.  And I was not sure what you liked to drink so if beer is not your thing I will be glad to run get what you drink,” as he stepped inside.

“Beer is fine,” she told him taking it out of his hands, putting in the small fridge.  Savannah grabbed one of the glasses in the room and went into the bathroom to fill it with water.  She put the rose in it, making sure it was leaning against the wall so it did not fall out.

Turning and looking at Ron, she saw him sitting on the side of the bed taking off his shoes and socks.  He had already taken off his shirt and put it in the chair. Standing up, he pulled a couple of foil packs out of the front pocket of his jeans and put them on the nightstand. Turning to face Savannah, he held out his arms.  Very slowly, she walked over to him and tilted her head back, offering her lips to him. Ron put his arms around her waist pulling her in close as he leaned down to kiss her, his tongue seeking entrance.

Savannah had never kissed anyone like that but she figured in for a penny, in for a pound so she opened her mouth slightly allowing him entrance.  Ron sensed from her hesitation at first that she was new at this type of kissing so he took the time to show her how to enjoy it.  As they stood there kissing, his hands moved down until he could cup her butt, taking the time to squeeze them as he brought her close enough to feel what just kissing her was doing to him.

Finally breaking the kiss, Ron stepped back before reaching out and slowly unbuttoning her blouse, making sure that he kisses every spot that was being uncovered.   Coming to her bra, Ron stopped on her blouse to reach around her to unclasp it, pushing it down and off her shoulders with her blouse.  When he had the blouse all the way unbuttoned, he removed both and tossed them in the direction of his shirt.  Cupping her breasts in his hands, Ron leaned down and began to plant little kisses on each one, his tongue swiping over her nipples.

Savannah let out a moan as she felt sensations she had not felt before rising in her with each kiss and swipe of his tongue. Ron latched onto a nipple, pulling it taut before flicking his tongue back and forth over the nipple causing Savannah to moan louder.  He quickly switched nipples, doing the same to the other one.  Next, he started kissing one side of her neck to the other and back, his fingers pinching and pulling on her nipples.

The feelings were so strong Savannah was not sure how much longer her legs were going to be able to hold her up.  I am 60 years old and never felt this way before.  Maybe I might just enjoy sex for the first time.  Savannah felt his hands unfastening her jeans, slowly sliding the zipper down as he kissed his way down her body until he was kneeling in front of her.  Grabbing the sides of her jeans, he pushed them down.  Grabbing her butt, he pulled her close to his face, inhaling her scent; to him, a woman in heat had her own sensual scent.   He began to kiss the front of her mound through her panties.

Shocked by what Ron was doing, Savannah tried to step back but he was holding her too tight.  As she went to tell him to release her, she felt his fingers slip inside her panties at the crotch and brush against her before he worked them between her lips moving his fingers back and forth.  Savannah moaned loudly as she entangled her fingers in his hair. She could feel herself becoming wet but was unsure exactly what was happening.  Curtis never touched her like that, even when they were first married.

Pulling his fingers out, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of her panties, tugging them down until there were in a heap on top of her jeans.

“Savannah put your hands on my shoulders and raise one leg at a time so I can get everything off.”

Hearing his voice brought Savannah back to reality and immediately she started to feel a bit ashamed that she was standing there almost naked in front of Ron.  The lights are on.  They should be off.  I should be under the covers.

“Savannah, do you want to stop?” Ron asked, hoping that she would say no because he was so hard right now it hurt.

“Ah…ah…ah…” she began, unsure what to say or do. What he had been doing to her felt so good that she did not want to stop but another part of her did.  Finally, she said softly, “No I don’t want to stop but I never felt this way before.  I was taught it was a chore.  I am not sure what to do because I don’t want to disappoint you.”

Hearing her confession Ron was at a loss for words for a minute but finally managed to ask, “You have never had an orgasm before Savannah?  Never had a man kiss you down there?”

Feeling her face heating up, Savannah looked at the floor, shaking her head no.  “Now that you know my pathetic story, feel free to leave,” giving him a way out.

“Hey, you are not getting rid of me that easy,” he told her.  “Now let’s get them clothes off because I am going to rock your world until you see stars.”

Savannah hesitated a moment and then complied. Once her clothes were out of the way, Ron stood up and to her surprise; he picked her up and put her on the bed. He quickly finished dressing and joined her.  He noticed that she was looking closely at his staff, which was still semi-hard by this time.

Instead of lying down beside her, he spread her legs and leaned down, letting his tongue work its magic before he slid two fingers inside of her.  He curled his fingers just right and started stroking her G-spot, almost causing her to come off the bed.  When his tongue licked her clit, Savannah let out a loud moan, gripping the sheet in both hands.

Savannah had never felt such feelings before; it felt like she was burning from the inside out.  She began to wiggle on the bed as these strange feeling began to engulf her entire being.  Ron applied a little more pressure on her G-spot while he sucked on her clit.  He could taste the juices on her lips.

Instinctively she brought her legs together, trapping his face against her pussy as she started to see flashes of bright lights, her entire body tingling and then it hit her like a runaway train; her first orgasm. Savannah let out a loud squeal as her juices flooded his face and the bed below; her entire body felt on fire as she thrashed around on the bed.  As the feeling began to subside, Savannah felt her body starting to relax.  Her legs fell limply to the bed as she tried to get her rapid breathing under control.  Very slowly, Ron pulled his fingers out and sat back on his heels, watching her coming back to Earth after that orgasmic high.

Finally, Savannah opened her eyes and peered down the bed at Ron, who was still sitting there, licking his lips, a smile on his face.

“Wow,” she finally managed to get out.

“That is just the beginning Savannah,” as he moved up to lay beside her, his fingertips brushing over her left nipple as he leaned in to kiss her, forgetting that he still had the taste of her on his lips.

“Is that what I taste like?”  she asked breaking the kiss.

“Yes,” he told her honestly.  “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking,” as he went to get up to grab a beer to get rid of the taste although he was not sure she would like the taste of the beer any better.

“No, you are fine.  I was just curious,” as she rolled to face him.  Savannah moved her right hand down until she felt his shaft against her fingers.  Taking her fingertips, she gently ran them up and down before she wrapped her hand around him, giving him a little squeeze.  “You are so big,”

“Just average,” Ron told her as he leaned back to give her more room to touch him.  “When you have your hand wrapped around him, you can move it up and down, squeezing me gently”

As Savannah did, she was shocked to feel him growing in her hand.  After a few minutes, Ron reached down and removed her hand.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“Not at all but I want to cum inside of you, not on your hand,” Ron explained as he turned and grabbed a foil packet.  As she watched, he tore it open and sheathed himself. Moving between her legs, he took them and put them over his shoulders before guiding himself inside, taking his time.

Savannah let out a low moan as he filled her, stretching her a bit to accommodate his width.  When he was all the way in, he braced himself on either side of her body and pulled back until he was barely in.  When he thrust in the second time, it was a little harder and deeper, making sure that he was brushing against her clit gradually sending her toward another orgasm.

She could feel those same feelings building up inside of her with each thrust.  Her pussy clamped down on his cock, pushing him towards his release.  Ron began to move faster, harder, and deeper, her heels digging into his shoulders.  Savannah could feel her body heating up and then it hit her again; the flashing lights and the wiggling on the bed as her juices covered his cock.  Ron held on as long as he could but the pressure from her pussy sent him over the edge.  He let out a low growl as he came hard, feeling the condom almost overflowing.

Ron collapsed on her chest, both breathing heavily before he pulled out, removing the condom and taking it to the bathroom to dispose of it in the trash.  Grabbing a washcloth, he wet it and wiped his shaft off.  He planned to teach Savannah one more thing tonight; how to give head. He wanted to make sure that when he left her that she was one satisfied woman.  Although he was a love-them-and-leave-them type, he would not mind staying around and enjoying Savannah more after tonight…if she wanted more that is.

When he walked back into the main room, Savannah was lying under the sheet.  She looked up at him and smiled.

“I am sorry I pulled you away from your job in the middle of the day,” Savannah said.  “Are you getting dressed and leaving now?”

“Do you want me too?” he asked sitting down on the bed.  “Honestly, I just had the one job I had to do today.  I was going to take the day off and do some hiking but like this activity better,” as his finger rubbed her nipple through the sheet.

Blushing Savannah whispered, “No, I want you to stay. I liked what we did and would not mind doing it again.”

Ron leaned down and kissed her, then climbed over and laid down with her under the sheet.  “You are one sexy woman,”

He reached over, taking her hand in his under the sheet, and gave it a little squeeze, both lost in their thoughts.

Finally, she broke the silence by saying, “Thank you. You need to get out of the pool cleaning business and go to showing older women that do not like sex that it can be fun and exciting,”

Ron laughed and said, “I think I will stay with the pool cleaning business.  I need a steady income; besides, I have to like the woman before I take her to bed,”

Breaking contact with her for a moment, Ron rolled on his side facing her and took her hand again, this time placing it on his shaft. Savannah was amazed that with just her hand against it, she could feel it pulse and become a little harder. Almost as if she was afraid she would break it, Savannah wrapped her hand around it, giving it a little squeeze.

“It is yours to touch, lick, suck, kiss, whatever you want to do with it,” Ron told her as he pushed the sheet down to his waist before scooting up to rest his back against the headboard.  By doing this, he put his cock right at face level.

Savannah rolled on her side, tentatively sticking out the tip of her tongue, lightly touching the head before she ran it over the top.  She wanted to put her lips around it but was not exactly sure how.  This is something that Curtis never asked for or expected her to do.  For him, sex was stroke her a bit down there, climb on, and within minutes be done. Today was the first time she had ever felt or experience anything that would make her enjoy sex.

Sensing her hesitation, Ron said, “Wrap your lips around him, like you would a lollipop but do not use your teeth.  That will most certainly hurt.”

Thinking a moment, Savannah wrapped her lips around him, gradually sliding her lips downward until she started to gag as the tip of the head hit the back of her throat.  Very quickly, she pulled back, letting him fall out of her mouth as she took several deep breaths.

“You are doing good Savannah.  To keep from gagging, just take him halfway in,”

Savannah followed his instructions and soon she had the hang of it.  As she was pulling back, she decided to tighten her grip on him, pulling him taut, causing Ron to moan out-loud.  Reaching down, Savannah found his sack, gently squeezing.  She was not sure what to do with them so she opted to squeeze him while she worked on his cock with her mouth and tongue.

Ron sat there playing with her hair, letting her play and have fun.  Too soon, he found himself at the edge and reluctantly pressed against her shoulder. Savannah stopped what she was doing and sat back on her heels, looking at him for an explanation.

Taking a deep breath, Ron said, “I am sorry I stopped you but I was on the verge of exploding and didn’t want to waste it that way. I want to cum inside of you again. Give me a minute for him to settle down.”  After a few minutes, Ron scooted down in the bed until he was lying flat.  “Okay, now let’s continue.  Straddle my face; I want to taste your sweetness, and you can go back to what you were doing.  I am not going to explode for a bit.”

Savannah hesitated for a minute and then did what Ron told her.  She felt his hands on her waist, pulling him closer to his face, his tongue reaching out to run up and down her slit.  Leaning forward, she took him in her mouth, resuming the slow, sensual way of sucking and licking his cock while gently squeezing his balls.  When Savannah felt his tongue touch her clit, her body shivered. As he pushed his tongue in and out of her, her sweet nectar soon rewarded him on his tongue.  He continued licking and sucking on her lips, managing to slid a couple of fingers inside.  He could feel her body tense, her breathing deepening, and then her juices flooded his face as her orgasm took over her body.

Ron held back as long as he could but he knew that he was at the end of his rope and needed to cum so he pushed her away from his face and said, “Sheath me and then ride me like a wild horse,”

Savannah moved off, her body still recovering from her orgasm, and took the foil packet off the nightstand. She looked at it and then at his cock, unsure what to do.  Ron sensed her confusion so he sat up, took the condom out of her hands and did it himself.

“I will teach you how to put it on later but for now, I need to cum,” as he scooted back down on the bed.

Savannah moved down and put her leg over him until she was straddling him.  It felt somewhat strange but erotic that she was the one in control.  Very slowly, she lowered herself onto his cock until he was deep inside of her, her pussy against his pelvis.  Adjusting to his width, Savannah began to move up and down, her muscle massaging his shaft as her juices started to cover him.  Ron reached down and began to stroke her clit. Soon they found their rhythm and Ron knew it would not be long.  He had been edging himself for at least an hour and he needed to find his release.

Savannah worked her pussy, pulling him closer and closer to the edge until he grabbed her hips and pushed her hard against him as he finally found his release.  As he emptied himself, he returned his thumb to her clit, rubbing her until she let out a cry and found her release too.

Savannah leaned forward, putting her head against his chest, listening to his rapidly beating heartbeat.  Ron held her close, leisurely rubbing her upper back and shoulders. Gently he rolled to the side until they were lying face to face.  He kissed her before rolling the condom off, going to the bathroom to dispose of it. When he came back, Savannah was lying on her stomach, snoring lightly.  He considered dressing and quietly leaving but decided that he wanted to stay and enjoy her body some more.  Ron knew that there would probably not be a repeat of today once she went home.

He was not sure where her husband was but he was glad that he had this chance to live out his fantasy of having Savannah. From the first moment he had laid eyes on her, he wanted her.  He had a thing for older women.  Crawling back in bed he laid on his side, his arm casually thrown over her, soon dozing off, his mind thinking of all the different things they could do with the rest of the day.