Jacky sat on her dining table that Saturday afternoon, as her thoughts wandered far away.

Today is the day I am going to do it. I am going to call it quits with Mark. I cannot do this anymore. It is wrong what we have been doing, how can I be having an affair with a married man? What if his wife walks in on us one day? How will I handle it? I need to go to his house and let him know that I cannot do this anymore.

Jacky took her mobile phone, searched for Mark’s contact and rang it. No reply. She called again and this time he picked up. “Baby girl how are you today? So pleasant of you to call me I was just thinking about you. I want to see you tonight. My wife is out of town for the weekend. I want you here with me tonight. My mouth wants to taste your sweet pink lips. Come to me my love so that I can make you cum my love. Please.”

Oh no! Jacky silently exclaimed. Just from the tone of his voice she knew how aroused he already was. His raspy voice made her slightly wet. This man performed magic tricks on her body. Out of all men she had ever been with, Mark was her best. The way he held her and thrust into her, the passion in his eyes when they were making love made him irresistible each time. She had fallen for him but had no courage to tell him because they were only friends for benefit and they had agreed on a policy of no strings attached.

“Look, Mark. I was calling you because there is something important I need to tell you and I cannot do it over the phone. I need to come and tell you face to face.” She managed to say after her thoughts pulled away from the wild fantasies. “What is it, princess?” Mark began feeling rather worried. “Is it something I said or did that angered you? Did I hurt you the last time we were together? Are you pregnant? What is it my love? Tell me now. I am very worried.”

“No, it is none of the above. I just want to talk to you about something else. I will make arrangements to come to your house at 7 pm. Is that okay with you?”

“Yeah, 7 pm is okay with me. I will be anxiously waiting for you.”Jacky hanged up the phone and pressed it on her chest bitterly as her thoughts took her to last week; the last time she had seen Mark. They had briefly spoken on the phone when Jacky decided to go see him after he had told her to go grab some cocktails at his house.

Since they do not live far away from each other, she agreed to it. It was the fourth time they were meeting up and hopefully this time round she silently prayed it would end up with some fire sex like the other previous times. She put her hair into a neat bun, wore a short tight pink dress that articulated her features perfectly and left some room for a medium cleavage.

After doing a light makeup she put on her black stilettos, a brown jacket and left home. After thirty minutes, she had arrived in his house. His house was a large mansion that was delicately crafted both inside and outside. When she pulled up in the drive through, the security guard immediately let her in with a grin on his face.

She knew that he did not like her even a bit. As she drove into his humongous compound, he noticed that Mark was waiting for her on his poach outside the house with a glass of tequila in his hand. He looked so sexy with his blue shirt tightly clenching his bulging muscles. He is normally 6’0 but today he looked taller than usual or maybe it was her imagination.

His blonde hair was in a mess and he was staring at her as she progressed to where she normally parked her car whenever she visited. Immediately she alighted, he let out a charming smirk and waved at her with the hand he was holding his tequila with. “Wow my queen. I can see you have chosen to finish me today.” He said when she had walked up to him. “I was going for a simple look.” She said sarcastically.

With one hand on her waist he whispered to her, “I want to taste you tonight. I want to make you scream so loud tonight. I want my tongue to tour inside your tight flesh all night. I want to hear you moan my name love. I want you so bad right now. You do not know the things you do to me love.”

Jacky could barely speak. She was so aroused and wet right now. Her nipples were so hard and sore because he was slowly caressing her bum as he was speaking. “I thought we were only grabbing cocktails tonight.” She said in a whimper her eyes half closed.

“Yeah of course we are” He said with his regular tone like nothing had happened.

Just then as she was recalling those previous events, her phone rang pulling her back to reality not noticing that she was biting her lower lip.

It was Mark calling her.

“Hello.” She spoke while clearing her voice.

“Hey look Jacky, I know we had agreed to meet at 7pm but I cannot wait until then. I am so anxious. You are worrying me that I cannot even concentrate in my work. Please come right now. Or let me come over. I know I have never come to your house but I will this time round. I cannot explain how I am feeling right now. I just need to see you”

“No! You do not have to come over to my place. Just relax as I think things through. Hold on I will come at 7pm just as agreed. Okay” She said as she hung up the phone.

What have I done? Should I do it? Should I call it quits with him? But he gives me the world when we are together. He makes me feel like a woman. He knows my body so well. I’m I willing to let go of all of these things? All of the expensive jewelry he buys me, all of those romantic trips we go for when his wife is not around or when he lies to her that he has gone on a business trip? Is it all worth it?

But I want my own man. I want to build a family of my own. I want to come home to my husband and kids every day. I don’t want these secrete affairs with married men. I want a new life, my own life with a sweet family bond and embrace. That is what I want and it is what I am going for right now.

7pm sharp; Jacky was pulling over in Mark’s palatial home. She had made up her mind that this is what she was going to do and there was no turning back at this point. When she saw Mark seated on the porch, head facing the floor and a bottle of wine in his hands, her heart almost sank. He managed to look up when she alighted from her car. His eyes were really confused and he let out a sigh when she smiled at him.

“Please come in.” He said as he put his hand on her shoulder. Jacky felt warm, cozy and protected under his arm. She was beginning to rethink her decision but her thoughts and goals in life snapped her back. When they had reached inside the house, she sat down and even without waiting; she went straight to the point.

She did not even wait for him to offer her a drink or ask her anything. She did not want to hesitate because she feared he would make her change her mind. She just blurted out her heart and told him everything she was contemplating for her life. By the time she was through, she was bitterly sobbing and felt quite angry at herself and Mark.

Mark quickly went over where she was seated and gave her a tight hug as she continued sobbing. “I am so sorry Mark but this is it. I really love you so much; I am in fact in love with you but I cannot have you. I am sorry.”

“No don’t be. I am also very much in love with you. I love you with all of my heart but I never had the balls to tell you because I thought you did not feel the same. Veronica and I divorced two weeks ago. She said she does not really love me like that and the only reason she agreed to marry me was because of our parents. I want to be with you I love you please do not leave me. Please.”

Those words tremendously cured Jacky. She pulled out from that tight hug and looked Mark straight in his eyes. “If you really love me and you want to be with me, then make love to me Mark. Do it.”

Those words ignited a fire within me. I did not even waste a second.

I pulled her so close to me and kissed her with all of my strength. Her small moans were making me harder and harder. Our tongues collided as I started unbuttoning her top. Great she had no bra on! When I finished removing her shirt, I softly caressed her boobs with my hands and her nipples got hard.

Pushing her softly on the sofa, I began unzipping her jeans while she played with my hair.

I went back to her mouth and gave her fire kisses before pulling out her jeans completely. From her mouth I slowly took her breast into my mouth and I suck it slowly as I progressed licking her stomach. Using both of my hands, I removed her panty and spread her legs then gently lifted them.

I went inside her using my mouth. She sexily moaned my name as her fingers traversed my hair. I did not stop. I continued now using two fingers. She screamed so loudly as thick cum came from her. I knew it was time. Quickly removing my clothes, I strapped and thrust inside her.

“I really love you and will marry you” Mark finally said.