Ally was a seducer by profession. Link Inc had hired her to seduce men and women who were business opponents in order to solicit crucial information from them. Link Inc would then use this information against these businesses so that they continued being the leading business enterprise in the whole region.

Two years into this profession, Ally was able to buy a humongous mansion and drive the finest car in the whole of San Diego. Her life was simply the best. She had no struggles or worries. Everything she needed was always there for her.

Despite having all of that wealth, she felt a certain void in her life. It was definitely not love but something else greater than that.

Tonight was one of those nights she had that sudden surge of emptiness. Whenever she had that feeling, her satisfaction workers always came to her aid.

“Melody, come over to my house right now. You can come with some backup. I do not mind. See you in five minutes.” Ally hung up the phone.

Melody was her go-to girl. She had no feelings towards her and had made it clear to her when they were starting this romance thing. She in fact had no feelings towards women. She was straight as hell but liked to explore different territories once in a while.

Within five minutes, Melody had already arrived at her abode. Ally was silently watching them from her bedroom window as they were moving towards the room. Melody was accompanied by another young lady whom Ally did not know. This other young lady looked rather attractive. She had curly blonde hair, straight thin legs, and the most gorgeous face in the world.

Ally felt a certain tinge in her stomach when she saw them approaching the house. She mischievously smirked and whispered to herself, “It is going to be a wild night tonight.”

When they rang the front door bell, the maid ushered them in and instructed them to go straight to Ally’s bedroom for she was waiting for them.

Without much hesitation, the two ladies marched up the stairs to Ally’s room.

Each time Ally called Melody over, she was always excited. Melody loved to spend time with Ally. She loved making her scream and wet every time. She noticed that she had developed feelings for Ally but then she knew they were fruitless because Ally was straight and only like to experiment with girls.

“Come in.” Ally called out when the door was knocked.

She was seated on her bed with her night gown on and with a glass of wine in her hand. A huge smile on her face lit up when the two ladies walked in.

“Who is this other sexy lady you have come with?” She asked getting out of bed and walking towards them.

“I’m Pat, Melody’s friend.” The petit blonde answered.

“Well, that’s really wonderful. You know the drill? Right?” Ally asked as she walked back while removing her gown.

Melody could not help it but bite her lower lip at the very sight of Ally’s nudity. She looked so damn sexy and seducing. Her fingers twitched at the very thought of wanting to taste her womanhood all night.

“Follow my lead.” Melody whispered to Pat as she followed Ally to the bed where she was now lying naked with her knees raised.

Pat stood watching all what Melody was doing.

She had removed her clothes and only had her bra and panty on. She went between Ally’s legs and started kissing her passionately.

With her left hand on her boobs she was slowly playing with her pink nipples until they got hard and plump.

Breaking the kiss, she started sucking on her breasts one by one as Ally moaned slightly under her breath.

Melody made sure she left a hickey on both of Ally’s boobs. It was her signature.

Using both her hands, she lifted Ally’s legs and made them hung on her shoulders so that she could explore her insides with no resistance.

Her tongue went inside Ally. She let out a large moan while calling out Melody’s name in small whispers. Melody did not stop. She rubbed her clitoris using her tongue and continued until she released cum in her mouth.

Melody continued until Ally could hardly breathe. She stopped and went back to her mouth to kiss her while waiting for her to regain strength so that she could go back and give her fire orgasms again.

“Pat. Come help me here.” Melody called out in between the kisses.

Pat had forgotten that she was supposed to help Melody satisfy Ally. She had stood there watching the whole thing in amazement while silently wishing her turn to please Ally would come sooner.

With that request from Melody, she quickly removed her clothes and remained with a bra and panty only just like Melody.

While Melody was busy exploring Ally’s mouth, Pat decided to tour her insides by going under her. As she was eating her out, Ally could not concentrate on the kiss she was getting from Melody because of the exciting stimulation she was getting from Pat.

With that, Melody started touring her abdomen once again.

This time she cupped her full breasts and played with her nipples so erotically that Ally shivered under the touch.

While Pat was busy eating her out, she decided to try something wild on Ally.

Ally was a wild woman and was sure she could handle what was coming at her. Using her thumb and Pat using her index finger, they both began rubbing her clit simultaneously and entering her one by one using the other fingers.

Ally looked paralyzed when they were doing this. She had already cum four times now and was about to do so again.

What are they doing to me? What is this new style? I cannot feel myself. Where I’m I? I feel so good. I do not want this to ever stop. Ooh goodness what are they doing to me?

By the time Melody and Pat were through Ally was beyond exhausted and fatigued. Never in her life had she experienced this feeling before.

“Ladies, thank you for tonight.”Ally said when they were all in bed tucked in the duvets. “I have never had such a wild experience. I will pay you tomorrow morning after we have had some sleep and regained some energy.”

After taking care of Melody and Pat, Ally went straight to work for she had a huge task waiting for her that day.

Her thoughts were still glued on last night’s events.

It is not like I have any feelings towards Melody. I only like what she does to me. She is so good with my body. Better than all the other men I have ever been with. I only like her professionally nothing more. Or I’m I lying to myself? Might I be having some feelings towards her? No! Absolutely no way! I am only interested in guys. I love the D, don’t I?

That afternoon when she was through with work, she went straight home only to find Melody waiting for her.

I do not recall calling Melody over. It is not that I am complaining about her. I am only surprised by this unprecedented visitation but I wonder what could be the matter.

“Oh my dear Melody, what do I owe this pleasant surprise visitation? Are you okay? Is there something wrong that has happened?”

On that day, Melody was certain with her feelings towards Ally. She had gathered up some strength and confidence and decided to go tell her all what she was feeling. In as much as she knew Ally might not have the same feelings towards her and by her opening up she might destroy their friendship, she was out to take that risk.

“Look Ally, I do not want to take long here. I just want to clear some things between us.” Swallowing some saliva, she proceeded, “I have known you for a very long time and we have been through so much together. Whenever I get intimate with you I always feel like it is the most beautiful thing in this world. Even when I am not with you, my thoughts and fantasies are always geared towards you.

I do not know if this is the right time to say this but let me just do so. Ally I love you. I am in love with you. You drive me wild and crazy. Each time I see your phone call my heart always cheers up. You do not have to say anything to me right now or ever but just know how much I love you and value you.”

With that, she started walking towards the door with a frown on her face.

“No. Do not leave Melody.” Ally called out. “Do not leave yet. You do not know just how much I love you too. Let us work our feelings together. I really love you.”