I sat at the kitchen table, drinking my coffee thinking, I do this every morning; get up, eat the breakfast Carly fixes me, and then go to work.  On weekends it is golf on Saturday and a lazy day on Sunday. Oh, and don’t forget, sex on Saturday night after the news.  Can’t forget that because that is the only time I get it.  My life is so damn predictable; I need to change it but will Carly go along with making changes?  Well, no time like the present to find out.

As I opened my mouth to ask her, Carly got up from the table and said, “I will see you later.  I have a book to read,” and with that, she headed for her little reading nook in our bedroom.

I watched her leave the room, all sorts of thoughts running through my mind.  Why in the hell have I put up with this for so many years?  I should have tried to introduce new things to her on our honeymoon but afraid it may be too late now.  Hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  Well, we are empty nesters so no reason to stay in this marriage…but I love her despite there being virtually no sex life.

I refilled my coffee cup and went out to the patio, sitting in the lounge chair, my thoughts all jumbled up.  I heard my phone go off and fished it out of my pocket. “Hello,”

“Hey Greg, why don’t you and Carly come over for a cookout this evening?” I heard Kota ask.  “I talked to Glenda and she said she has always fancied having sex with you. Glenda even said she will talk to Carly.”

I gave a little chuckle as I asked, “Are you a mind reader Kota because I was thinking about asking you two over for a cookout.”

“No, I’m not so see you at four o’clock?”

“Sure, you need us to bring anything?”

“Just your appetite,” as he hung up.

I finished my coffee and went in to tell Carly we were going over to Kota and Glenda’s for supper.  When I walked into the bedroom, she looked up at me, waiting to see what I wanted.

“We are going over to Kota and Glenda’s for a cookout this evening at four,”

“No, we are not Greg.  I am in the middle of a good book and I want to finish it tonight. You need to ask me before you make plans.”

“You can finish it tomorrow while I am at work. We are going.  End of subject,” I said storming out of the room before I said anything else and started WWIII.

At three o’clock, Carly came down the stairs, dressed to go out but not smiling.  This is going to be a really fun evening.  I should just tell her to stay home and finish the damn book.  Wonder if Kota would allow Glenda to be with another man without his wife participating?

“Well, let’s go, Gregory,” she said heading out the door.

When we arrived at their house I watched out of the corner of my eye as Carly put on a fake smile before she got out of the car. We walked around to the back of the house where I could smell the burgers grilling.  We were met by Glenda holding out a beer for me and a glass of white wine for Carly.

“Perfect timing.  Dinner will be served shortly,” Glenda said.  “Carly, can you help me in the kitchen.  I need the potato salad mixed.”

When they disappeared into the house I took a chair next to Kota, enjoying the quiet and our beer.  I wish I could have been a fly on the wall, listening to their conversation.  I expected Carly to come flying out of the kitchen any minute, telling me that it was time to leave but to my surprise, she didn’t.  By the time they came out, Kota was taking the burgers off the grill and putting them on the buns.

We sat down at the patio table sharing general conversation.  I noticed that every time Carly’s glass was almost empty of wine, Glenda was topping it off.  By the time dinner was over, I could tell that Carly was very tipsy.

After the dinner things were put away Glenda asked, “Anyone want to go for a swim?  The water should be nice and warm.”

“Sorry, but we didn’t bring any swimsuits but you two go ahead and have a dip,” Carly said taking another drink of wine, which Glenda quickly topped off before she had a chance to say anything.  “Glenda, I have had enough wine, thanks,”

Ignoring what Carly said, Glenda told us, “Hey, we are all adults here so you don’t need a suit.  Completely private so we can go skinny dipping,”

Carly started to cough after taking a drink of her wine, her face reddening in the light of the Tiki lights.  “Glenda, you cannot be serious.  That would not be appropriate,”

“Live a little Carly,” she told her stripping off her tee-shirt under which she wore no bra, tossing it at Kota, her shorts and underwear following her tee-shirt.  Glenda turned and dove into the deep end of the pool.  “Come on guys, the water feels great.  I need a naked body in here to give me attention,”

Kota needed no second invitation before he stripped off and joined her.  I watched Carly avert her eyes but not before she looked at what he had between his legs. I was a bit shocked. After all, she had only seen mine a few times because she was told it was not proper to see a man’s naked body, even her husband.  I learned that on our honeymoon.  I watched Kota swim over to Glenda and grab her around the waist, his lips latching onto her nipple.  Glenda gave out a little squeal as he gently bit her.  He pushed her toward the edge of the pool, his body grinding into hers as they kissed passionately.

I kept waiting for Carly to demand that we leave but when I glanced over at her, she was sneaking glances at the antics in the pool.  I knew it was the wine doing that but maybe it would stir up some juices or something.

“Greg, come on in and have a taste of Glenda. You can have one nipple and I can have the other,”

I knew that I would probably pay for it when I got home but I stood up and stripped off, letting it all hang out.  I knew I was average size and hoped it would not turn Glenda off.  When I looked out at the pool, Glenda was licking her lips.

Looking at Carly, I decided to take a chance and said, “Strip and join us Carly or I am going to throw you in the pool, clothes and all.  It is time to get over your phobias and start to experiment,”

Carly turned to look at me, a shocked look on her face as she drained her glass of wine, and despite what she had told Glenda, she quickly refilled it and drank it down before standing up.  To my surprise, she slowly undressed and started down the steps into the shallow end of the pool.  I was in shock but quickly joined her.  I swam over to Glenda and ran my tongue over her nipple, sucking it in my mouth before Kota was doing the same thing to the other one.  I could hear Carly splashing in the background.

Just as I was going to turn and swim to her, Kota beat me to it.  He pulled Carly into his arms.  She opened her mouth to protest so Kota took advantage of the situation and slipped his tongue in her mouth.  I watched beside Glenda, my fingers playing with her nipple.  I looked on in amazement when Carly put her arms around his neck, kissing him back.  I saw his hands dip under the water and I watched him pick her up and push her back against the wall as he rubbed against her.

I wanted to continue our fun but knew it would not be fair to Carly to let it happen when she was tipsy…maybe even drunk so I swam over to them and said, “Time to go, Carly,”

“Next Saturday,” Kota aid swimming back to his wife.

We got out of the pool and dried off with some towels that were laying on the table and got dressed.

“Thanks for the wonderful evening.  I would like to continue but it would not be fair to Carly when she is a bit tipsy,”

By the time we got home, Carly was curled up in the corner of the seat, snoring lightly.  I helped her out of the car and then carried her up to bed.  I quickly undressed her and covered her up before joining her in bed.  I had no idea what the morning would bring and how she would react.