I sat at the table, sipping on my coffee, and watching my wife of thirty years flit around the kitchen getting breakfast ready like she did every day.  The only difference now was that she did not have three screaming kids running or crawling around her feet.  The last one left for college a couple of weeks ago, making us empty nesters and hours when there were just the two of us to fill.  When we were first married we would talk about being empty nesters and all the time sexual fun we would have after the kids were out of the house.

Our last one is out and so far, nothing is happening in the sexual department; no spontaneous sex in the middle day but sticking with the slam-bam-thank-you mam on Saturday night after the nightly news went off.  Damn, there has to be more to life as empty-nesters than this.  I am getting tired of the same-o, same-o every day.  I want to come home from lunch for a quickie; I want to do it on other nights besides Saturday.  We are both only fifty-five so we should not be acting like ancient aliens.  We need to spice up our sex lives but not sure how to approach it with Carly”

“Greg, are you okay this morning?” Carly asked breaking into my thoughts.  “You have had that same bite on your fork for the past five minutes just staring at it,”

“Ah…yeah…I am okay,” I stammered.  “Carly, are you happy…you know…with our sex life?”

Carly stared at me like I had grown two heads or something, her coffee cup halfway to her mouth.  “Aren’t you?” she asked instead of answering my question.

I started to say no but then knew if I did, I would hurt her feelings, and then she would pout around all weekend, making both of us miserable so I took the coward’s way out.  “No, and I am not even sure why I asked you,”   I quickly finished breakfast, grabbed my golf clubs, and headed out to the course where Kota and I had been meeting for the past ten years.  After we played our usual 18-holes, we went to the club out to have a beer.

As we sat down at our favorite corner table Kota said, “Okay Greg, spill it.  What is on your mind and don’t tell me nothing because your game was terrible today,”

“How long you been married?”

“Twenty years this marriage, my first lasted ten years. Why you ask?”

I took a swig of beer, unsure whether to say anything or not.  I had always been taught you don’t discuss marital problems with friends, especially problems in the bedroom.   “I love my wife but….”

“Things are a little stale in the bedroom, right?” Kota finished.

“Yeah.  Hell, I have been married to the same woman for thirty years and though I had some experience coming into the marriage I didn’t have a lot.  When we were first married it was okay and then the kids came along and soon it was down to once a week.  We used to joke how great it was going to be having sex whenever and wherever we wanted when we became empty-nesters.”

Kota took a drink of beer, staring off into space, appearing to be in deep thought.  Finally, he looked at me and said, “You need to join me and Glenda for a weekend; swap wives,”

I was just taking a drink of beer when he said that and I started to cough, trying hard to keep from spewing beer everywhere.  When I finally quit coughing and caught my breath I looked at him for any sign that he was joking but he just sat there with a stone look on his face.

“You are serious, aren’t you?”

“Yes and believe me, it has done wonders for our marriage,” Kota told me. “We have been doing it for the past five years and it was the best decision we ever made.  I can have Glenda pop over and talk to Carly if you want.  She can be very persuasive,”

“Don’t you get jealous?”

“Why should I when I am screwing another woman.  It is just sex,” Kota told me as he finished his beer.  “Think about it.  Next Saturday is swap night.  We would love to have you and Carly join us.  And since it will be your first time, it will just be us two couples. Let me know by Wednesday so if it is no, we can make other arrangements,” as he got to his feet and smacked me on the shoulder as he left the club.

The thought of having sex with another woman was not something I would ever do behind Carly’s back but if she agreed…forget it, you know Carly would never go for it.  You are just going to have to accept that.

I finished my beer and got myself another as I thought about what Kota had told me.  I had no idea about that side of Kota’s life.  We always got together a few times a month for dinner and my wife and his were good friends.   Finally, I knew that I had dallied long enough and needed to get home. I was already later than what I normally was and soon she would start to worry.  When I walked into the living room about two hours later than normal Carly was sitting on the couch reading.  She looked up at me and smiled.

“Did you have fun?” Carly asked, not even saying anything about me being late.

I walked over and took the book out of her hand, put it on the coffee table, and pulled her up and into my arms, grabbing her butt before I kissed her.

Carly wiggled out of my arms saying, “Greg, do you mind?  It is still daylight outside,”

“And the point is?” I asked sarcastically.  “We are all alone.  Come on, be daring,”

“You told me this morning that our sex life was okay,” she said heading toward the kitchen

I gave out a big sigh, the thought of what Kota told me playing in my mind again.  Later that evening, when I came into the bedroom the lights were all out except the one on the nightstand.  Carly was sitting on her side of the bed, the sheet pulled up and tucked under her armpits.  I could tell by the bareness of her shoulders that she was naked under the sheet.  I could feel myself starting to harden.

As I started to undress, I stopped and turned out the light, knowing that Carly preferred it to be dark.  I slipped into bed and she scooted down and wiggled into my arms.  I felt her lips finding mine in the darkness, closed-lip, no tongue and I found myself wondering just what type of woman Glenda was in bed.  I immediately chastised myself mentally for thinking that.  We kissed for several minutes while I played with her nipples, finally scooting down until my lips attached themselves to her nipple, my tongue flicking over them as I sucked on them hard; harder than I normally would. I could hear a slight moan coming from Carly and figured that she was liking what I was doing to her.

As I sucked on her nipples my hand reached between her legs, stroking her.  I wonder what she would do if I put my mouth on her down there?  Probably shriek and jump out of bed.  I stroked her and felt her getting wet, her cries of pleasure getting louder. Suddenly I felt her shudder and then her body relaxed.  I moved on top and guided myself inside.  Carly wrapped her legs around my waist, pulling me in deeper.  I began to move in and out, leaning forward to kiss her.

“Oh Greg, that feels so good,” she whispered.

Before long I felt my balls tighten and then I found my release.  I rolled off and went to pull Carly in my arms but she was already getting out of bed and heading for the bathroom.  Damn, there has to be more to sex than this.  Her mom really did a number on her when she told her about the birds and bees.  I think I will talk to Kota and see about Glenda talking to her.  But it probably will not work but cannot hurt to try.  If Carly gets mad, oh well, I will just have to put up with the silent treatment for a week.

I was just settling down when I heard the shower start up.  Part of me wanted to go in there and join her but that was only wishful thinking. When Carly finally came to bed I was almost a sleep.  I felt the bed dip as she laid down and got settled.  A few minutes later I heard her snoring but it was much longer before I joined her in sleep.  I just kept thinking about the call I was going to make tomorrow and her reaction.