“Hey Olivia, I will come to pick you up at 8 pm tonight,” Paul said over the phone.

“Yes, I can’t wait to see you tonight love. I have been really looking forward to tonight’s diner date. I hope I won’t stay in the office until late hours.” Olivia responded.

“Yeah, I hope so too. Anyway, let me get back to work. We will talk later. I love you.” He said and hung up the phone.

Olivia and Paul were celebrating their 2 year anniversary today and that is why Paul had made reservations for them at the La villa hotel that night. Olivia was not much of an outdoor person; she preferred having a warm cozy night in either her apartment or Paul’s for their anniversary celebration but Paul insisted on a nice romantic diner.

Getting back to her computer at work, she remembered her boss; Mr. Cooper had requested to see her in his office so that they could arrange the board meeting that was to happen in two days' time.

Walking into the office, he found Mr. Cooper and his secretary Maya waiting for her.

“Sorry, I’m late. I was taking care of something urgent.” Olivia said.

“It is okay. We hadn’t even started. But now that you are here, let us commence.” Mr. Cooper said.

Olivia did not realize that they had been in the office for four hours now and it was almost heading to 8 pm.

“Hey look, guys, I really need to go. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary tonight and I cannot afford to be late.” Olivia said while standing up.

“Anniversary?” Maya asked while taking away her glass of wine. “That is so lovely. I wish you could have told us earlier, we would have prepared something nice for you.” She said in a cocky tone.

“Thanks so much, Maya but I really have to go now,” Olivia said.

Cooper was sitting at his desk listening to these two ladies as they spoke. Suddenly he blurted out.

“Call your boyfriend right now and tell him you will not be able to make it to tonight’s diner.”

Shocked, Olivia turned to him and asked, “Why won’t I make it to our diner? I think we have discussed everything there is to discuss at the board meeting and that I am free to go, sir.”

“Well, I do not want you to leave. Actually, Maya and I do not want you to leave. The main reason why we called you for this meeting today is that we want to experiment with something with you.” Cooper said while looking at her straight in the eye.

His green eyes were bulged out and lust was written all over his face.

“What do you mean experiment something with me? I’m I some sort of lab rat to you people?” Olivia asked in utter amazement.

“No Olivia,” Maya said while slowly walking behind her talking in a small raspy voice. Putting her hands around her waist, she started caressing her hips and lower abdomen while quietly whispering in her ears, “We want to love you tonight. Just trust us. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. You are in safe hands.”

Cooper went to lock the door of the office and stood in front of Olivia.

Slowly kissing her earlobes, he said, “Now call your little lover boy and tell him you have a lot of work to do tonight and that is why you cannot make it to dinner.” He said in the sexiest way possible.

“No, make me,” Olivia said eyes half shut.

“Best believe will make you,” Maya called out as she now started lifting her dress by the hems.

Lifting the dress to her waist, she started caressing her inner thighs slowly by slowly. Cooper on the other hand began removing her coat and completely removed her dress.

Maya was now slowly rubbing her stomach and bellybutton as Cooper started playing with her nipples while planting small kisses on her lips.

Reaching to her insides, Maya let out a small chuckle as she now started moving inside her panties. Playing softly with her pussy, Olivia let out small gasps as she broke the kiss between her and Cooper.

Using her thumb, Maya began circling her clit as she let out small moans of pleasure.

They exchanged positions such that Maya was now in front and Cooper behind.

“Here is your phone. I want you to call your boyfriend and tell him you cannot be able to make it tonight.” Cooper said with finality.

Slowly taking the phone, she managed to dial Cooper’s number. Trying to regain her composure, she began.

“Hello, love. Look, I am really sorry I cannot be able to make it to tonight’s dinner. I have a huge workload.” She said while breathing into the phone loudly.

“What do you mean you cannot be able to make it Olivia? It is our anniversary dinner for heaven’s sake. And why are you breathing so heavily? Are you okay?”

“Let me just be honest with you.” She said while signaling Maya to go slow down there so that she could be able to talk.

“I have been thinking about you all day. I have been so horny for you and all I wanted was to have you tonight. I could not stop thinking of the last time we were together and the things you were doing to me.” She said.

“Are you serious babe? Is that why you are speaking in such a tone? Are you touching yourself now?” He asked in a rather aroused tone.

Maya now increased her pace as Cooper continued caressing her nipples until they were erect.

“Yes, baby. I have been touching myself the whole day under my desk. I am doing it even right now. I am just thinking about your love.” She said in a very husky tone as she gasped for air.

“I want you to remove your dick right now and stroke it for me. Do it, Paul, do it for me. I want us to do this together.” She said.

What I’m I doing? Are we really going to have phone sex? I am literally having sex with three people at the same time. Who is this new Olivia?

She could hear him unzip his trousers and stroking his manhood.

“Olivia, how are we going to do this, I have never had phone sex before?” Paul asked his tone sounding aroused.

“Just follow my lead.” She said in a whisper.

Maya was now using her tongue. She was slowly licking her pussy in circular rounds until she started to cum.

“Cum in my mouth baby girl, do it for me.” She said mischievously.

Olivia could not help it, it was trickling down and she could not hold it back.

“Are you ready to cum with me, Paul?” She asked.

“Yes, baby. I am about to. I am just thinking about you right now baby girl. I am stroking my dick so hard right now just because of you.” He said in a lousy sexy tone.

Cooper was going inside her but hole at that time.

“Squeeze my dick, Olivia.” He slowly whispered into her ear.

“Do you like what you are experiencing right now? Is it sweet? Has a lover boy ever made you feel like this before?” Cooper asked as he pushed her back and forth, making his manhood completely fit into her but hole.

Why is this so sweet and painful at the same time? I like it and hate it at the same time. What the hell is Maya doing to my pussy and how is Cooper so good at this? My whole body hurts but I do not want it to be over.

“I am about to release right now,” Paul said drawing her back to reality.

“Let us do it together Paul.” She answered back.

Maya was still performing wonders to her pussy. With one hand she was squeezing Cooper’s dick and with the other hand, she was holding the phone listening to Paul stroking his dick and moaning out wildly.

She could feel Cooper nut inside her but and that made her go even wilder.

When he pulled out from inside her, she felt sore and swollen. That was the first time she was having anal sex and surprisingly, she really liked it.

“Olivia, are you still there?” Paul asked in a more calm tone. “This has been a really good night my love. I hope when you get back home you will still be this horny for me. I will even give you some anal sex my dear.”

“Yes, baby. I will still be. I love you. “Talk to you later Paul.” She said and hung up the phone.

Cooper took his three fingers and started penetrating into Olivia when Maya had withdrawn.

She cum on his fingers and he licked it in joy.

“Now put on your clothes and go to lover boy Olivia.” He whispered to her.

Olivia felt sore and numb around her butt.

As she dressed up, she could just imagine being fucked in the ass again.

Well, this is the punishment I deserve for cheating.