As Julie stepped into the lobby of The MGM Hotel, she looked around in awe.  It may not be the most expensive hotel on The Strip but it was good enough for her 30th birthday celebration.  She worked as a pharmacy tech in a hospital and saved all year to be able to afford this vacation and spend some in the casino.

Walking up to the check-in desk she told the reservation clerk, “Good afternoon.  My name is Julie Wilson and I have a reservation,”

The reservation clerk clicked some keys on her computer and said “Yes, I have it right here with check-out Sunday.  You are in Room 513.  Turn left when you step off the elevator,” handing Julie her key card.

She grabbed the handle of her suitcase and headed for the bank of elevators.  Stepping out of the elevator on the fifth floor she turned left and found her room halfway down the hallway.  Julie stepped into the room and stared in surprise.  She had not expected anything so luxurious.  The king-size bed seemed to be the focal point of the room with the bathroom off to her right as she stepped into the room.  Flipping on the light in the bathroom, she saw a large sunken tub that could fit two people.

She dragged her suitcase over to the suitcase rack and put it there, opening it up.  She saw no reason to empty it but she hung up the two dresses she brought with her along with her jeans and button-down shirts.  What to do first?  Casino?  Bath in that inviting sunken tub?  She walked over and sat on the edge of the bed, falling backward moaning at the softness of it.  After laying there for a few minutes she got up and decided to take a walk down the strip and then treat herself to a nice dinner a bit later.

Later that evening after a good meal and some playing the slots at the casino, Julie decided to have a drink at the bar. After sitting down on the barstool, Julie tried to discretely pull the hem of the dress down.  I should have my head examined for buying this little red number but it didn’t look that short when I tried it on.  The dress in question was a red sheath with spaghetti straps and a V-neck with little buttons down the front.  It was something she usually did not wear but felt it would look good on her when she hit the casino.  As she was fussing with the hem of her dress, she was unaware that a man was sitting at a table watching her every move while sipping on a whiskey on the rocks.

“What will you have to drink?” the bartender asked as he walked up to her, trying to sneak a peek down the front of her dress.

“I will have a rum and coke, light on the rum.”

After he brought her drink, she started to pull out her credit card but was stopped by a hand on her wrist.

“A pretty lady like you should not be buying her own drinks,” as the gentlemen who had been observing her sat on the barstool next to her.

“Thank you but I can afford my own drinks,” she told him

“I am sure you can but I insist,” he said as he eyed her up and down, liking what he saw.  I wonder what her going rates are. It doesn’t matter because I will pay whatever she wants.  Been a while since I was with a classy lady.

Alright, one drink,” Julie finally agreed.  “My name is Julie.”

“Glad to meet you.  My name is Brad.  Where are you from?  I noticed a bit of a southern accent?”

Figuring it wouldn’t hurt to give the state she was from Julie said, “Tennessee.”

“That is a beautiful state,” Brad told her.  “I am from California.”

They started to share small talk and before she knew it, Brad had bought her three drinks and she was starting to feel a buzz.

When he started to order a fourth, Julie said, “Thank you but three is my limit,”

“Are you sure? I will be happy to buy you as many as you want,”

“I am sure,”

Brad leaned closer and whispered, “Alone or work for someone?” wanting to know if she would get all the money or have to give her pimp almost all of the money.

Julie looked at him with a quizzical look on her face and then asked, “Excuse me?”

“Are you working for yourself or someone else? And what do you charge for a night?”

She looked at him and then felt her face redden at what he was implying.  She didn’t know whether to feel insulted and slap his face or feel flattered.  Finally, after a few minutes of silence, Julie said, “I am not a hooker or paid escort, or whatever you call them,”

“Come on now,” he began, “you do not expect me to believe that as a fine looking lady you are.  I can pay you anything you ask.  Name your price for all night because I want to ravish your body and make you scream with pleasure.”

Figuring he was just joking Julie thought for a minute and then said, “Ten thousand for a night,”

“Ten thousand for all night?”

“Yes,” as she slid off the stool, her back toward him, ready to head up to her room to sleep her buzz off.

“If you are sure,” Brad said as he stood up and offered her his arm. “I sure in the hell hope I didn’t proposition a police officer.  Should have asked what you did for a living but too late now.  After all, no money has changed hands,”

“Are you serious?  First, you think I am some paid call girl and now you think I am a cop. All I can say is you are so far from the truth of what I do.  And even if I was a cop I would be out of my jurisdiction,” ignoring his arm.

As she power-walked toward the bank of elevators, Julie just hoped that she would not trip as she was not used to wearing heels. When she there, Brad was right beside her.

“Please go away or I will summon hotel security,” Julie warned him.

When the elevator doors opened, Brad took her arm and tugged her in the elevator.  Once the doors closed, she pushed 7, not wanting him to know which floor she was staying on.  As the elevator made its ascent, Brad pulled out his wallet and extracted some money, holding it out to her.

“I will count it when we get to your room but I have the money,”

Julie just looked at him, thinking what ten thousand dollars could do for her.  The question was, could she play hooker for a night?  She was no virgin and knew how to please a man.  What the hell! What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Never thought I would be offered ten thousand dollars for a night of sex and he is not bad looking either.

Looking at him Julie asked, “Are you a cop?  If I say yes, am I going to be arrested for soliciting?”

“I am not a cop. I am a businessman looking for a little company.  So what do you say?” he asked as the elevator doors opened.

Julie reached out and hit the button for the fifth floor, wondering if she had lost her mind. I just hope he is on the up and up and not a cop.  Be one hell of a way to celebrate my birthday in jail on prostitution charges.  She got out on the fifth floor, giving him the option to follow or go back to the lobby.  When she got to the door to her room, Julie had a moment of doubt, wondering who she was inviting into her room but the amount of money overrode her good sense.

Once in the room, Brad pulled out his wallet and counted out ten thousand dollars and held it out to her, “Treat me right and there will be a tip…how big depends on the treatment.”

Julie stared at the money, her mouth slightly opened. She had never seen that much money before.  Finally coming to her senses, Julie said, “You can put it on the dresser there but I am not taking it from your hand. That would make me a prostitute and give you a reason to arrest me,” as she slipped off her heels.

Brad laughed and said, “Whatever but I am not a cop. I am a businessman,” as he put the money in a couple of piles on the dresser. He pushed off his expensive loafers and peeled off his socks, leaving them by the dresser.

He strolled over to her, admiring her body, envisioning what she looked like under her clothes.  I hope she is all woman and not a transsexual.  If I am paying ten thousand dollars I want a pussy, not a dick.

Julie reached down and began to slowly unbutton the tiny buttons as she watched him approach her. Moving her hands, Brad continued unbuttoning her dress, sliding it off her shoulders, leaving her standing there in a tiny pair of panties but no bra.  He let the dress fall to the floor as he leaned in and kissed her lightly on the lip, his tongue gliding over her bottom lip, nipping lightly. Julie loosened his tie and pulled it off his neck before she started to unbutton his shirt as their kisses became more passionate.

Brad encircled her waist with his right arm, pulling her toward him as he grabbed her hair, tipping her head back to give him access to her throat.  He planted kisses across her throat, leaving his mark on the side of her neck. Scooping her up in his arms, he carried her over and dumped her on the bed while he quickly stripped off, leaving his clothes where he dropped them.  Before he dropped his pants, he fished out some foil packs and put them on the nightstand.

Julie watched him, hoping that what he had put on the nightstand was condoms because it never crossed her mind to think about protection. When Julie got her first glimpse of his cock, she wanted to crawl across the bed and wrap her lips around it. Before she could act on her thoughts, Brad leaned over the bed and grabbed her by the ankles pulling her to the edge of the bed.

“Hope these are not your favorites,” Brad said as he hooked his fingers in the bands of her panties and ripped them off, dropping them on top of his clothes, “A nice souvenir,” spreading her legs wide as knelt between them.

Brad leaned forward, blowing lightly on her pussy, causing Julie to shiver.  She had never had anyone do this to her before and she found it highly erotic. Standing up, he let her feet dangle off the bed as he put his hands on each side of her, leaning down to capture a nipple between his lips, tugging gently.  His tongue flicked back and forth over the tip as he tugged on it and then he did it to the other one.  Going back to the first one, Brad sucked hard before he switched to the other.

Very slowly he kissed and nipped his way down her body until he was once again kneeling between her legs.  He swiped his tongue up one side and down the other of her slit, nibbling at her lips before dipping his tongue into her, tasting her sweet nectar on his tongue.  Julie could feel the heat building up in her inner core as her orgasm started to slowly build.  She had never had a man make love to her like this before.

When his tongue grazed over her swollen clit, Julie gave a little jerk as her body trembled, striving to reach the pinnacle of no return.  Julie grabbed fistfuls of the cover, emitting little mewing sounds as he made love to her via oral sex.  Brad sucked on her clit as he pushed three fingers inside, hooking them to hit her g-spot, calling Julie to flood his face with her juices, her orgasm hitting her hard. Brad did not stop but began to move his fingers in and out, this time a bit harder and deeper, sucking hard on her clit.

To her surprise, she found her orgasm starting to rebuild, her pussy throbbing but then nothing. Suddenly Brad stopped and stood up, grabbed a condom, quickly sheathing himself.  Julie scooted back as he knelt on the bed, grabbing her by her thighs, stopping her movement.  Brad pushed her legs back, almost touching her chest as he drove himself deep and hard into her.  Julie gave out a little gasp of surprise but found herself getting hotter at the raw way he was taking control of her body.

Julie soon found her juices flowing, her pussy massaging his cock as they both headed for their release.  Julie clamped her hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t scream out loud as her orgasm seemed to rip her in half.  As Brad found his release, he bit her right above the right breast, leaving another one of his marks, growling low in her ear.   Spent he collapsed on top of her, capturing her lips in a deep kiss.

He rolled off her, lying on his back, breathing heavily.  Finally, he crawled off the bed and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.  Julie watched him get up but she did not move; she was too spent.  Julie had never had sex that intense.  She felt the bed dip as Brad crawled back in and pulled her into his arm, kissing her hard, his tongue demanding entrance.

Releasing her, he pulled her in closer, her head on her upper arm, her bottom against his shaft.  He draped his over her waist, reaching up to tweak her nipples, sending a shiver of pleasure to her spine. Damn, I am never this horny.  What kind of magic sexual powers does this man have? And then, to her amazement, she felt him growing harder, his shaft pushing against her butt.  The men I have been with usually don’t want any more for a few hours and it has only been no more than a half-hour and it seems he is ready to go.

“I have tasted you so how about tasting me now?” he asked, whispering in her ear as he pinched her nipple hard.

Wiggling out of his arms, she turned around and moved between his legs, wrapping her hand around his shaft, squeezing gently. Leaning down she swiped her tongue across the head, feeling him jerk in her hand.  As Julie stroked him, her tongue teased the head.  Slowly she began to take him in her mouth; tasting his cum from their lovemaking earlier.  Julie licked and sucked her way down his cock while her hand massaged his balls.

After a few minutes, Julie let him fall out of her mouth as she leaned forward, flicking her tongue over his nipples before drawing one between her teeth, sucking it hard, then doing the other. As she worked on his nipples, she sensuously rubbed herself against him.  Moving slightly, Julie grabbed him and trapped him between their bodies. Continuing her rubbing, she went back to his nipples.  Brad reached out and entangled his fingers in her hair, pulling gently as he began to moan, waves of pleasure shooting throughout his body.

Julie began to move back, kissing her way down his body until she wrapped her lips around him again, pulling the skin taut as brought him closer and closer to the edge.  Brad began to raise his hips up and down, trying to push himself farther and deeper in her mouth but Julie put her hands on his upper thighs, trying to keep him from doing that.

“I am ready to cum,” he moaned after several minutes.

Julie began to bob up and down on his shaft faster, taking him as deep as she could, soon tasting his salty pre-cum.  Holding back as long as he could Brad finally let go, shooting his load down her throat, so much that some trickled out the side of her mouth.  She continued until he was drained and then she sat up and licked her lips, smiling at Brad.  He patted bed and she crawled up and laid beside him.  Brad turned toward her, kissing her.

“Damn,” he said, “I think it is going to be a while before he is ready for some more action but he is not out of the game yet, and hope you are not either,” as he gave her a one-arm hug.

He wants more?  What has he taken to make him so horny? Whatever it is, he should bottle it up and sell it.  He would make a fortune.  Little did Julie know but that is exactly what he had sort of done.  Brad was the owner of a company that sold herbal medicines and their best-seller, the one that made him a millionaire, was a special herbal mix that gave men and women unbelievable stamina and sexual drive.

Laying there in silence, Julie felt her eyes becoming heavy with sleep and she dozed off.  After what seemed like minutes but had been a couple of hours, Julie was awakened by her nipples being sucked and fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. She moaned, trying to orient herself as to what was going on and who was doing this to her.  Then she remembered; she was having hot, amazing sex with a man who had picked up in the bar because he thought she was a high price hooker. When his thumb brushed over her clit, Julie let out a low moan.

“Ready for another round?” Brad asked before lightly biting her nipple.

All Julie could do was moan as her juices started to flow.  Brad took that as a sign of agreement and began to make his way down her body. When he pulled his fingers out, Julie groaned as she had been heading toward another orgasm.  Brad ignored her groan as he kissed his way down one leg, stopping at her toes to suck each one before doing the same to the other foot and back up toward her pussy.  Reaching thereafter several long agonizing minutes, he lightly ran his tongue over her lips and then up the slit, almost causing Julie to jump off the bed.

She had never felt like this before; one giant sexual nerve that was firing on all cylinders, ready to explode at any moment. Brad continued his light touches until she wanted to scream at him and beg him to put her out of her misery. Brad felt her pussy throbbing under his tongue and knew that she was close but he was not ready to let her cum yet. To her surprise he started another journey down one leg and back up the other and then up to her nipples, lavishing kisses on each one before grabbing one nipple between his lips and the other with his index finger and thumb, pinching and sucking hard.  At first, it hurt some but then it turned into nothing but pleasure.  Without missing a beat, he continued to alternate what he was doing to her nipples until she felt her inner core explode, her juices making a wet spot on the bed.

Julie knew that her nipples were sensitive but she had never had an orgasm just having them ravished until Brad.  Not giving her a break, Brad began to kiss his way down her body until he got to her pussy.  Slipping his hands under her butt, he raised her up and pushed his face against her, his tongue pushing as deep inside of her as he could get it, before brushing over her clit and then sucking on it.    Julie could feel her body start to heat up again, trembling, all nerve endings sizzling as she soared toward the pinnacle.

As before, Brad stopped just before she toppled over, and stood up.  He sheathed himself and laid down.  “Ride me, baby,”

Julie move and straddled him, just the head barely inside as she moved up and down, sinking slowly onto his cock until he was all inside.  Sitting against his pelvis, she started to massage his cock with her pussy without moving her body.

“Oh fuck baby, you are going to kill me but what a way to go,” he said softly.

Balancing on her knees, she raised up until just the head was inside, and then sank down, doing that a few times until she increased her movements, her juices coating his sheathed covered cock.  Soon both were reaching the point of no return, Julie reaching that point first.  She gave out a small scream as Brad reached out, grabbing her by the hips holding her down as he found his release.   Julie fell forward on his chest, breathing heavily.  His arms went around her back, stroking her hair as they recovered.

Raising her head, Julie leaned down and kissed him before rolling over to lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, her mind going over the past several hours, replaying the awesome sex she had had. Beside her, Brad closed his eyes, his entire body relaxing after the workout he had just had.

I could be a testimony that my herbal supplements really do work, he thought as a smile crossed his face.  I wonder if there is any more juice in the tank and if she can handle it.   Sunken tub sex in about thirty minutes sounds like a plan.

Julie finally felt like moving and rolled off the bed and stood up.  “Sorry I don’t have alcohol to drink but do have some soda.  Would you like one?”

“Sure, thanks.  I think it is a good idea,” as he went to the bathroom to throw the condom away, looking at the sunken tub again, imagining them in there, her bent over the edge.  At the thought, he could feel a little rise in his cock.

When Julie brought the sodas back to the bed, Brad was back in bed and had scooted up and was resting his back against the headboard.  He took the soda and took a big drink.  Julie joined him in bed.  They sat there in silence for a few minutes drinking their soda.

“How about an hour’s nap and then we take advantage of that sunken tub?” Brad asked figuring she would need that much rest although he would be ready sooner.

Julie turned her head and stared at him, “Sunken tub?”

“Yeah, so get some rest,”

Julie finished her soda and put it on the nightstand and scooted down in the bed, dozing off, figuring that once Brad went to sleep, he would not want more.  It seemed like had just closed her eyes when she heard the water in the tub running and then he padded back into the room, grabbed a condom, and motioned for her to join him.

Julie fought the urge to crawl under the covers instead of laying on top and hoping he would forget about it but then thought this sex has been amazing so why not enjoy it one more time as she got up and followed him.  As soon as she joined him in the tub, he pulled her on his lap and began to kiss her, his fingers working on her nipples.

Brad turned her slightly so he could suck her nipples while his fingers played with her clit.  Julie let her head fall back, letting out a low moan.  Julie finally wiggled off his lap and sat beside him so she could stroke him while he fingered her clit.

“I need to be inside you now,” he told her as he got to his knees and reached for the foil packet on the side of the tub. “On your knees, lean over the edge and put your hands flat on the floor.  This pillow should help protect your stomach against the edge of the tub,” pointing to a pillow she had not noticed when she walked int.

Julie got into position and Brad got behind her. He took his cock in hand and rubbed it against her slit before he pushed inside hard and deep causing her to hit the edge of the tub and her palms to slip some on the floor.  Grabbing her by the hips, he began to pump in and out, taking her hard, deep, and fast.  Julie had never been into rough sex before but that was before Brad.  She loved the way he took her.

Soon she could feel her orgasm building up as he continued.  She let out a scream as lights flashed behind her eyes and she momentarily lost consciousness as her orgasm ripped through her body, stronger than she had ever had before.  It seemed like it would never end.  Grabbing her butt, Brad pushed her tight against the tub as he emptied inside of her. When he finally pulled out, Julie was almost too spent to move.

He pulled off the condom, tied it up, and tossed it over into the trashcan.  Julie finally moved back into the tub, both of them sitting there, taking in deep gulps of air.  She pushed the pillow to the floor before it fell in the tub.  When the water started to cool off, Julie got up and grabbed a towel to dry herself off.  After she walked out of the bathroom, Brad got out and grabbed a towel.

By the time he got back to the bed, Julie had curled up under the sheet and was snoring softly.  Brad stood there for a few minutes watching her sleep before he gathered up his clothes and got dressed, stuffed her panties in his pocket, and left.

When Julie woke the next morning, she stretched and moaned, trying to figure out why her body hurt, and then she remembered; Brad and the wild sex.  She climbed out of bed and looked around.  He was gone but the money was still there; $12,000 and a note that said,  “Thanks for the night.”  This was one birthday that she would not share with anyone.  What happened in Vegas was going to stay in Vegas.