Pulling up to the office, Jordan got out and stretched, taking in a deep breath of the fresh fall air.  This is just what I need.  It has been a rough six months and I really need to recharge my batteries.  Taking one more deep breath, she went into the office to get the key to her small cabin for the weekend. The Cabins was a small family-owned motel on the outskirts of Big Valley, a tourist town with lots of small shops offering a variety of homemade items; from candy to bakery items to clothing.

Once she got her key, Jordan got in her car and drove over to Cabin 8.  She grabbed her suitcase and walked up to the door, using the key to let herself in. The inside was one room with a full-size bed and a small television.  Jordan pushed the door shut behind her and put her suitcase on the luggage rack.

Before unpacking, Jordan checked out the bathroom. To her surprise, there was a separate shower with a sunken tub.  Although it was simple, it was quaint and smelled of apple cinnamon from a lit wax burner on the dresser.  Jordan could feel the stress starting to melt and she could not wait to start exploring the town.

Grabbing her purse, Jordan dropped the room keys inside and headed out; packing could wait.  Her stomach was growling, and she wanted to see what she could find for breakfast.  The Cabins were only a half-mile from town, so she decided to walk.  Stepping into town twenty minutes later, the smell of bacon hit her nose, so Jordan decided to follow it; bacon and eggs sounded good this morning.

Jordan soon found herself standing in from of Mitchell’s Diner.  When she opened the door, a bell tinkled over the door, announcing her arrival.

“Sit anywhere you want sweetie,” an older waitress said as she passed by her carrying a tray of food.  “Coffee?”

“Yes please,” Jordan answered as she made her way over to an empty booth.  Settling in the booth, Jordan glanced around the half-full diner.  Within seconds, another waitress put a cup of coffee down in front of her, handing her a menu.

“I will be right back to take your order,” as she hurried off to take another table’s order.

Jordan opened the menu, looking at the breakfast offerings.  A few minutes later, the waitress was back, pen in hand, ready to take her order.

“I will have #3, with bacon, biscuits, and eggs over medium,”

The waitress took the menu and went to put her order in.  While Jordan waited for her order, she sipped her coffee, glancing out the front plate glass window at the people passing by.  This was something that she liked to do; people watch. It was so much fun to try to figure if they were tourists or locals and what their story was.

Suddenly her eyes landed on HIM.  Damn, that is one fine ass.  Too bad he is just out of the cradle. As if he could sense he was being watched, he turned and looked toward the diner.  Jordan knew he could not see her, but she quickly averted her eyes down to her coffee.

“Here you go,” the waitress said put her plate in front of her along with a small dish of butter and jelly.  “Be right back with more coffee.”

Buttering her biscuits and putting some jelly on them, she salted and peppered her eggs.  The waitress refilled her coffee and headed off to take care of her other customers.  Jordan had just started to eat when the bell above the door tinkled.  She glanced up and to her horror, the man she had been staring out stepped into the diner.

Wow, he looks even better up close than he did across the street, as she tried to discreetly look him over, her eyes taking in the way his jeans hugged his ass and the tee-shirt looked like it was painted in.

“Hey Stella, how’re the grandkids?” he asked the elderly waitress as she went by him.

“Doing good.  Want the usual?”

“Sure,” as he made his way over to Jordan’s table.

She could sense that he was making his way to her table.  Jordan hoped that he was walking this way to get to a booth behind her but to her dismay, he stopped at her table.

“You have three minutes to look your fill before I have a seat,” he said softly.  “I saw you checking me out when I walked in.  I also sensed someone was watching me through the window and I bet it was you,”

Jordan decided to ignore him and hoped he would move on.  Instead, he slid into the booth on the other side of the table.  Before she could protest, the older waitress was putting a cup of coffee in front of him along with a stack of four pancakes, a pitcher of syrup, and some butter packs.

“I thought small-town people were known for their manners,” Jordan commented as she looked over at him.  “I did not invite you to sit down,”

“And I thought tourists had manners also,” he countered.  “It is not polite to stare.”

They glared at each other for a few seconds, neither giving an inch nor making a move to take their food to another table before they resumed eating.

Breaking the silence, he whispered, “If you are a good girl and eat all your breakfast, I will let you see what is under these clothes. Give you a chance to ogle me nude,”

At the time, Jordan had just taken a drink of her coffee and at his bold statement started to cough.  Catching her breath, Jordan finally managed to say, “I don’t rob the cradle,”

“Never said anything about robbing the cradle. I like older sexy women and I am offering it to you for free.  So, want to take a ride on this cowboy?”

Jordan could not believe the audacity of this man. Part of her wanted to throw the rest of her coffee in his face and to her amazement, the other part of her found it sexually thrilling that a man at least ten years younger than her found her attractive.  But then reality hit, he was probably just yanking her chain and would laugh in her face if she took him up on his offer.

Jordan gave him a slight smile and finished up her breakfast.  As she started to slide out of the booth, she said, “Thanks for the awful breakfast company. Now I am off to see if there are any town folk who have manners,”

“By the way, my name is Drake.  I will catch up with you after I finish my breakfast,” he called after.

“And my name is Gone,” she told him as walked up to the register to pay her bill.  “Sorry, I forgot to request my bill,” She could hear him chuckling behind her.

“Have it right here and don’t let Drake get to you. He is just a big flirt and means no harm,” the older waitress told her as she rang up her meal and took her money. “Enjoy your stay here.”

“Thank you,” Jordan told her handing her a tip. “Please give this to my waitress,”

Drake was finishing his breakfast, watching Jordan cross the street and go into Millie’s Bookstore when he heard Stella say, “Drake, you are going to have to stop scaring the tourist like that.  One day you are going to get your ass thrown in jail,”

“She started it,” he said in his defense.

“Well, if you would not walk around looking like sex on a stick you wouldn’t have to worry about that,” she said leaning down to kiss her grandson’s forehead.  “Now behave yourself.  Your grandpa can use your help at the orchard.  That should keep you out of trouble,”

Drake laughed and told her, “Yes mam, I will try to behave but you take all the fun out of the day.  Besides, she is kind of hot,”

“Drake Michaels, that is not the way you should talk around your grandma,” Stella said forcing herself not to smile.

His arm snaked out and grabbed her around the waist, giving her a one-arm side hug.  Once he finished, he left some money on the table, which he knew his grandma would return to him.  He blew her a kiss as he went out the door and got on his motorcycle to go out to the orchard.  Jordan had just stepped out of the bookstore when he drove by, giving her a mock salute. He thought about stopping and asking if she wanted to take a ride but he had sort of promised his grandma he would go to the orchard so he decided he would ask her later.

I hope she is not just a day visitor.  I would sure love to show her just what a young stud like me can do in bed.

Jordan watched him go as she headed to the next shop.  After a couple of hours of browsing the shops, Jordan stopped back in the small diner where she had breakfast and got some lunch to go.  Once back at her cabin, Jordan ate lunch and then took a nap.  It was the first time since her husband died that she was able to relax and rest.

After she got up, Jordan changed into a modest one-piece navy-blue bathing suit, slipped on her flip-flops, grabbed a beach towel she had brought with her, a book, and went out to the pool.  There were a couple of families with children and an older couple enjoying the pool when she arrived.  Choosing a chaise lounge away from the families, Jordan spread her beach towel on the chaise and laid down.  After a few minutes, she found herself dozing off even though she had about a two-hour nap.

“Where is your suntan lotion?” a deep voice asked interrupting her nap.  “You are getting a bit red,”

Jordan’s eyes snapped open when she recognized the voice of her unwanted breakfast guest this morning; the one that she had just been having an erotic dream about.  “What in the hell are you doing stalking me?”

“I am not stalking you.  I just came out here for a swim to cool off and saw you so thought I would see about putting suntan lotion on you to keep you from burning.”

“Don’t tell me, you have a cabin you rent here?” she said with a hint of anger in her voice as she swung her legs over the side of the chaise lounge, sitting up.

“Actually, I do,” Drake told her.  “I do maintenance here and whatever else they need to be done.  Look, I am sorry about this morning.  Can I take you to dinner to make up for it?  There is a nice place that sells killer burgers in the next town over.  We can be there in about fifteen minutes.”

Jordan opened her mouth to politely decline but instead, she said, “Okay, let me change. I am in Cabin 8,” grabbing her towel and heading toward her cabin.

Drake watched her walk away, admiring the swaying of her ass, imagining what she would look like in a bikini.  “Hey, what do I call you?”

“Jordan,” she called back.

When she got out of the shower she slipped on her black jeans and a short, button-down black shirt with small flowers.  Walking out of her room, her mouth dropped open when she saw Drake straddling a motorcycle.  For several seconds she just stood there and stared.

“Ever ridden one?” he asked holding out a helmet.

“Ah…no,” Jordan told him.

“Put the helmet on, straddle the cycle behind me and put your feet on the bars, then put your arms around my waist and hold on.  I will not drive that fast.  Promise.”

Reluctantly Jordan put the helmet on and did what Drake told her. As they zoomed down the highway, Jordan tightened her arms around his waist.  By the time they got to the restaurant, she was starting to relax and enjoy the ride.

“How was that?” he asked as he guided her inside.

“Different but thought you said you were not going to go too fast,”

“That was not fast but if you want fast, I can take the backroads back,”

“No, that is okay,”

They enjoyed their lunch and then headed back to The Cabins.  Stopping in front of her cabin, Jordan got off and said, “Thanks for the ride and dinner,” holding out her hand.

Drake got off the motorcycle and took her hand in his.  Instead of shaking it like she thought he would, he tugged at it, pulling her closer to him.  Before she could utter a word, his lips descended onto hers.  Jordan knew that she should push him away because she was not into public displays of affection but instead, she kissed him back.

Finally, Jordan put her hands on his shoulders and gave him a gentle push back, breaking the kiss and stepping back.  They stood there staring at each other, neither one breaking the silence.

“Are you going to stand out here all-night staring at each other or are we going to go inside and get funky?” Drake asked with a half-smile on his face.

Jordan knew in her heart that she should politely decline but her mind said yes, have a night of fun.  Reaching out with her hand she took his and led him to the door.  Getting her key out of her purse, she unlocked the door and went inside.  Once inside with the door closed, Drake pushed her against the closed door, grinding himself against her as he kissed her hard.  Continuing to kiss her, Drake moved back just enough to get his hands between them to start unbuttoning her blouse while still kissing her.

When he had it unbuttoned, he cupped her breasts, rubbing his thumb over her nipples through her bra. Drake could feel her nipples hardening through her bra. Stepping back, he pushed her shirt off, then unfastened her bra, slipping the straps down her arms to join her shirt on the floor.  Leaning down, he sucked one nipple in his mouth, his tongue flicking over the stiffening peak while he worked the other nipple between his fingers, pinching and pulling.

Jordan ran her fingers through his hair, trying to push herself farther into his mouth as little mew sounds came from her mouth.  After several minutes he switched nipples, this time nipping at the nipple.

Just when she thought she could stand no more, Drake stopped and tugged her over to the bed. Reaching down, he undid her jeans and started to push them down her legs along with her lacy panties.  Once she was naked before him, Drake pushed her back on the bed, spread her legs, and knelt between them.

Giving out a gasp of surprise as his tongue swept up between her folds and back down.  Her husband had not been all that big into oral sex…or sex in general for that matter so this was new to her.  When Drake’s tongue lightly brushed over her clit and then he sucked it between his lips, she almost came off the bed. Reaching out, she grabbed the comforter in both fists, gripping it tightly.

Continuing licking and sucking on her clit, Drake slowly inserted one, then two fingers into her pussy, slowly pumping in and out.  Jordan let out a loud moan as her inner core seemed to suddenly catch fire; the burn and ache threatening to consume her entire being.  As he increased the speed, he sucked on her clit, tasting her juices on his tongue.  Her body began to wiggle around on the bed as her orgasm started to build until she tumbled over the pinnacle, covering his hand and face with her juices as she came hard.

Slowly he pulled his fingers out and stood up.  Drake looked down at her as he quickly undressed.  Jordan watched him and when his cock made its appearance, her eyes grew wide.  He was so much thicker than her husband had been and at least an inch or so longer. Reaching down, he picked up his jeans and pulled out a condom, rolling it on.

He motioned for Jordan to scoot up on the bed and as she did, he followed her.  Moving between her legs, Drake leaned down and kissed her hard, then moved down to suck on her nipples, his shaft pushing against her lips.  Balancing himself on one arm, he used the other hand to guide himself inside of her.

Very slowly he began to pump in and out as he kissed and teased her nipples and then her lips. Jordan wrapped her legs around his waist, trying to pull him in as deep as she could, her inner muscles massaging his cock.  Drake picked up the speed as he got closer to the edge.  He could feel his balls start to tighten. He quickly rolled over until he was on his back and Jordan was on top.

“Ride me, baby,” Drake told her as he started to rub her clit.

Breathing heavily, she did as he asked and soon found herself in the throes of another earth-shattering orgasm with Drake coming right behind her.  When it was over, Jordan rolled to the side and Drake got up to dispose of the condom.  Coming back, they snuggled down and drifted off to sleep.

Damn, he sure does look better naked.  Glad I did not let our age difference come between us as she drifted off to sleep.