“Harry, you are pathetic in bed.  Do you know that?  After five years of marriage and you still cannot find my clit; I could put flashing lights near it and you would still miss it.  Thank god for my trusty vibrator and Vince because otherwise, I would be a horny mess.  Why in the world did I ever marry you?” she berated me who was sitting quietly on the couch while my wife, paced around the room.

I sat there, not saying a word.  I had no idea when we were dating that she was this way but right after the honeymoon it seemed like she did a complete transformation.  If my male friends knew how henpecked I was I would never live it down.  Why do I stay around, taking her abuse, and listening to her tales of the men she has fucked, even on our honeymoon of all things?  And today, she made me wear a cock cage.  I need to leave here, get my manhood back…

My thoughts were interrupted by a slight smack on my head and Sherry screaming, “Listen to me when I am talking to you, Harry.  What in the world am I going to do?”

Without thinking, I mumbled, “Divorce me and find someone else to torment.”

Sherry whirled around on her heel and leaned down, right in my face, her hands bracing her up on the back of the couch and said, “You are crazy to think I would divorce you.  I have put too much time into training you to get rid of you.  No, you are going to watch Vince and I fuck.  Although I doubt it, maybe there is an off chance you will learn something.  Yes, that is what we are going to do.”

My head snapped up, staring at her.  It was rough enough to hear about her sexscapades and now she wanted to rub salt in the wound by demanding I watch.  I opened my mouth to say something but she had already whipped out her cell phone to make a phone call.

“Hey Vince, are you busy later this afternoon?” she asked.

I could only hear her end of the conversation so I had no idea what this Vince guy was saying back to her but from the end of the conversation, it seemed a romantic encounter was to take place later this afternoon. Stopping in front of me, Sherry said, “Go change the sheets and pillowcases and spray something on the mattress to get rid of the musty smell but flip it over first.  Vince will be over at two o’clock so I want my bubble bath ready at noon with the right water temperature, my violet kimono laid out on the bed.  Make sure that you have one of the kitchen chairs sitting in one corner of the bedroom where you can watch the action in full,” and with that she stormed out of the room, knowing that I would carry out her orders as directed.

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Damn, this cock cage is uncomfortable.  I have a good mind to just take it off as I stood up and stretched making my way to the bedroom.  I stripped the bed, sprayed the bed as Sherry required, and put on a set of soft silky violet sheets that complimented her kimono, although I knew the kimono would not stay on for long.

By two o’clock Sherry was ready.  “Harry, get your ass over here.”  When I stepped in front of her, she pulled down my jogging pants and took off the cock cage.  “You are not to touch your cock no matter how hot the action gets,” and then she laughed before saying, “Why should I worry?  You do not have enough to even play with.”

I wanted so bad to say something but kept myself quiet. I didn’t want the ire of the bitch to rein down on me any more than it already was.  I rearranged my clothes and just stood there. When I heard the peal of the doorbell Sherry motioned me to answer it.  When I opened it, I saw an older man, about ten years older than Sherry and I, standing on the front porch.  I motioned him to come inside.

I shut the door, turn, and see Vince’s hand down the front of my wife’s kimono and kissing her.  I know I should be angry that another man is fondling and kissing my wife but I am not.  After hearing all her trysts since our marriage, it doesn’t bother me anymore.  Yeah, I was angry the first time she told me but I loved her so much I stayed and now it just seems natural.  I never in my entire life thought I would be submissive to my wife.  Hell, I didn’t know anything about that.  Yeah, I lived a sheltered life with my mom until Sherry and I got married when I was thirty and she was twenty-five.

I was shaken out of my thoughts by Sherry yelling, “Get to the bedroom Harry and take your seat.  The action is about to start.”

I trudged down the hall and took my seat in the hard wooden kitchen chair, wishing it was the comfortable armchair Sherry used for reading before going to bed but no, I have to not only watch my wife getting fucked by another man but I have to do it sitting on a hard uncomfortable chair.  I watched them walk into the bedroom, arms around each other.

Vince pulled Sherry closer, kissing her, their tongues mating as his hand slipped down between them to untie her kimono, slipping it from her shoulders.  The room was bathed in the shadows of a small bedside lamp.  As her kimono slowly slipped its way down her shoulders, Vince followed the movement with light kisses on her neck and down her right shoulder.  When it dropped in a heap on the floor, he cupped her breasts in his hands, his tongue flickering over the nipples, turning them into hard little buds.  Capturing a nipple between his lips, he gave a hard little tug and then did the same to the other one.   Slowly he kissed his way down, licking and nipping at her flesh.

Gently moving her legs farther apart, Vince ran his tongue up and down her slit, gently biting her lips as he worked two fingers inside.  Sherry entangled her hands in his hair, jutting her hips forward, urging him to go deeper with his tongue and fingers.  Vince pulled his fingers out and pushed three, then four deep inside of her as his tongue worked on her clit.  As I sat there, I could hear Sherry moan, something she had never done when I went down on her.  Generally, she just laid there.

“Oh Vince,” she moaned, “take me home.  Make me cum,” as she rocked back and forth on her heels, her juices starting to drench his face.  Digging her nails into his shoulders, Sherry threw back her head, screaming as her body seemed to explode into a thousand pieces from her intense orgasm.  “Oh damn,” she muttered as Vince stood up, swooped her up in his arms and deposited her in the middle of the bed.

I sat there mesmerized by the sight of my wife falling apart when another man went down on her.  Damn, I need to learn how to do that, and then maybe she will start to love me and quit humiliating me.  Ah shit, who am I kidding?  No matter if I learned how to do that she would still humiliate me.  That is just who she is.  As I watched my wife having an intense orgasm, my hand automatically worked its way under the waistband of the jogging pants and started to stroke my cock.

“Harry, is your damn hand supposed to be down your pants?  Do I need to put it back in a cock cage?  You are totally messing up my afterglow.  I should not have demanded you watch.” Sherry shrieked from the bed where she was propped up on her elbows staring at me.

As if it was hot, I quickly jerked my hand from my pants and promptly put them back on my knees, turning my attention directly on her and Vince, who at the time was standing by the bed, totally naked.  Although I really did not mean to, I found myself staring at his half-erect cock.

“Like what you are looking at?” Vince asked

I quickly averted my eyes but not before my wife said, “Do you like cock?  Why don’t you come over here and make Vince hard for me?  Save me a little bit of work.”  I just sat there, pretending I had not heard my wife.  “That was not a request Harry.  DO IT NOW!”

I quickly scrambled to my feet and hurried over to where Vince stood, dropping to my knees.  I swallowed hard before taking him in hand and wrapping my lips around his cock, unsure how to do it.  Vince grabbed me by the hair and began to push his cock in and out of my mouth, almost choking me.

“Play with my balls,” he ordered.  “I am sure you have masturbated so pretend those are yours and use your other hand to stroke me,”

I gently wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and started an up and down movement while my hand massaged his balls.  After several minutes, he pulled out and motioned for me to go back to my chair.  He grabbed a condom from the box on the nightstand, put it on, and crawled between Sherry’s legs.  Vince reached down and guided himself inside.  As he moved slowly in and out, he leaned forward and started to suck on her nipples.  Soon I heard Sherry making little noises that I had never heard her make before.

I watched her twitching body as Vince slowly increased the speed and depth of his thrusts.  Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her heels digging into his ass as her noises got louder and louder.  As she reached her peak, Sherry gripped the sheet in her hands, screaming loudly followed soon by Vince giving out a loud growl.  I felt an ache in my cock like I had never felt before.

Damn you Harry.  What is wrong with you?  You just sit here calmly watching another man screw your wife after you make him hard by sucking his cock and you do nothing.  Are you a man or a submissive?  Why do you let her treat you like this?  I knew the answer to that last question without putting much thought in it; I love her…and I like my role.  I like being her submissive.  There, I said it.  I am happy in my life so I need to embrace it and quit complaining.

I glanced over at the bed, watching another man kissing and fondling my wife.  As if she could sense Harry watching her, Sherry crooked her finger at him.  I got up and slowly made my way over to the bed where Vince was getting up, slowly removing the condom.

“Throw it away Harry and then come back and lick him clean,”

At first, I just stared at her, not believing that she wanted me to clean him off.  Remember, you love her.  You have accepted your role so move those damn feet.  I slowly walked over, took the condom, and disposed of it in the bathroom.  When I came back I dropped to my knees in front of Vince, now knowing what I needed to do although when I looked at his cum covered cock, I hesitated at first.  I tentatively touched my tongue to the head and was a bit surprised at the slightly salty taste.  I continued to work my way up and down his cock, until nothing but my saliva remained on it.

“Good job Harry, now come lick my juices off,” Sherry ordered

I moved between her legs leaning down to run my tongue up here slit, spreading her lips so I could get my tongue in deeper.  Suddenly Sherry gave a jerk and a little moan.

“Oh fuck,” she moaned so I moved my tongue over the same spot, getting the same response. I think I found her clit and I did not need any flashing lights to point it out either.

Sherry began to whither around on the bed, moaning loudly.

“Move boy, let a real man take over,” Vince said nudging me away from her pussy.

I crawled off the other side of the bed and resumed my place on the chair.  Vince resumed licking and sucking on her pussy sending her to another orgasm.  Vince gave her a few seconds to breathe before he flipped her over on to her knees, and guided his cock into her wet dripping pussy.  Grabbing her by the hips, he drove himself in deep and hard until the bed started to rock.

“Yes,” she moaned as her inner muscles worked on milking his cock.

I sat there, wanting to be part of the action but knew that my role was to just sit and watch.  That was part of being cockhold.  I was nothing but the cleanup person and I kind of liked the way that his cock tasted.  The noises that Sherry was making were getting louder as she raced toward her orgasm.  Sherry moaned loudly as her juices covered his cock.  Giving one last hard deep thrust, Vince found his release.

“Take Vince to the shower and wash his cock,” Sherry ordered me a few minutes later.

I jumped up and followed Vince to the bathroom, turning on the shower.  “How do you like your shower?”

“Warm,” he replied.

After he got in, I grabbed a washcloth, soaped it up, and proceeded to wash his cock.  I wrapped the washcloth around him, sliding it up and down, and then I washed his balls.  Once that was done, I dried my hands on a towel and stepped back into the bedroom where Sherry was stretched out on the bed, her swollen dripping pussy in full view.

“I bet you want to fuck this pussy, don’t you?” Sherry asked as she ran her fingers up and down her slit, bringing her juice soaked fingers to her mouth, licking them clean.  “Masturbate on me, Harry.”

I stared at her for a moment, unsure if she was serious or just teasing.  “Masturbate?”

“Yes, I am sure you have done that before we were married.”

I pulled my cock out of my jogging pants and began to stroke it, rubbing my thumb over the head.  I did not look at Sherry but in my mind, I could see her when she was in the middle of an orgasm, how her body would twitch, start to flush, her breathing quickening.  My strokes became longer, my hand tight around my cock as I stroked up and down, rubbing it with my pre-cum.  I could feel my balls starting to tighten and knew that I was close to finding my release.

Breaking into my thoughts, Sherry said, “Come closer Harry, Shoot you cum on me.  Give it to me,”

I moved closer, aiming for her stomach and boobs as I started to cum, covering her body with a thin layer of my cum.  When I was drained, I sunk to my knees on the carpet.

“Good job boy,” Vince said from the entrance to the bathroom where he had been watching. He came into the bedroom, grabbed his clothes, and got dressed.  “See you two later.  Maybe you will blow me completely next time Harry.  Your mouth is made just for my cock.”

After he left, I went in, cleaned the shower area, and ran a bath for Sherry.  She came in and got in the tub, saying. “Change the bed sheets.  They are full of your cum and then fix supper.”

“Yes Sherry,” I said leaving, a smile covering my face as I thought of the next time she and Vince had sex.  Maybe then she would let me participate.