Happy birthday babe,” Wyatt said coming into the kitchen, kissing her cheek before smacking her on the ass.  “Don’t fix supper tonight.  I have something special planned.”

“How dressy do I need to be?”

“You will see when you open your birthday present,” he told her sitting down at the table as she placed his breakfast in front of him.

“Babe, I am just turning fifty so don’t go all bat-shit crazy on me,”

“Whatever,” he responded.  “I will be back at around five o’clock.  Your gift is on the bed but do not open it until four o’clock. Understand?”

“Sure,” Maria said wondering what Wyatt had planned for the evening.

After breakfast, Wyatt kissed her and left.  He was the owner of his own construction company. It had rained a couple of days during the week so he was working today to make up for the lost time.  Maria hurried up the stairs, anxious to see the size of her present, hoping that the size would give her a hint.

Oh hell, he got me something to wear tonight.  He has the worse taste in clothes.  Just hope it is not something I will be ashamed to wear in public she thought when she saw the shape of the box.  Fighting the urge to open it and see what he chose for her to wear, Maria turned on her heel and left the room.

At four o’clock, she trudged upstairs, well the moment of truth is here.  Now to see what he has bought for me to wear and how much I have to pretend I like it.   She walked over to the bed and sat down, picking up the gift.  At least it is nicely wrapped.  Maria slowly unwrapped it and took the lid off.  Seeing what was inside made her mouth drop open.  She could not believe what she was seeing.  He is not taking me anywhere.  He is bringing supper home so we can have our private party as she smiled, liking that idea.

Maria laid the present on the bed and stood up. She went into the bathroom and took a nice hot shower.  Parading into the bedroom with just a towel wrapped around her, Marie stood by the bed, looking at her present.

She ran her hands lightly over the soft silky fabric before taking it out of the box.  When it was unfolded, she saw that it was a floor-length, royal blue negligee. Dropping the towel, she slipped it on over her head, loving the way the silky material felt against her naked body. Walking over to the mirror she turned several ways, admiring it in the mirror. The bodice was cut into a deep V that almost left her boobs fall out and there was a slit on the side that went up to mid-thigh.  He did well for once.

Maria padded barefoot down the stairs to wait for Wyatt to get home.  They had always had a fulfilling, active sex-life and she could not wait to spend the night in bed with Wyatt.  Maria was glad that he had decided to celebrate her birthday at home instead of going out.  At five o’clock Maria heard his truck pull into the garage.  She walked into the kitchen to greet him as he came into the kitchen.

“Wow!” was all he could say when he walked in and saw her.  “You look amazing,” as he came over to kiss her.  “You didn’t fix supper I hope.”

“No, because I thought we were going out to eat,”

“We are going out to eat after I shower.”

“Then I should change and save this for when we get home,” Maria told him, a little disappointed that they were not staying home and in bed as she had originally thought.

“No, you keep that on…at least for a little bit. Be right back.”

Within thirty minutes Wyatt came back down to the living room, wearing a pair of silky lounge pants that matched the color of her negligee.  Just as he stepped into the living room, the doorbell pealed.  He motioned for her to stay still while he went to answer it.

“Dinner has arrived,” he said coming back into the living room carrying a pizza box in his hands.  “Grab that six-pack in the fridge and follow me,”

Maria got up and followed him, grabbing the six-pack before following him out the back door, glad that they lived on a couple of acres out of town; no nosy neighbors watching them. Wyatt led her out to the treehouse and indicated that he wanted her to climb up. In actuality, it was not in the tree but on a platform that looked like a tree and the house also looked like it sat in the trees.  She could remember many tea parties she had shared there with her two daughters.

She raised her negligee some so she would not trip on it and climbed up to the platform and into the treehouse.  When Wyatt had built it, he made it so an adult of average height could stand up in it comfortably except he had to bend over some. Inside, there on the small table was two plates and some napkins along with a candle, which he lit as soon as he got inside.  He had taken one of the twin air mattresses and had it on the opposite side of the room. She put the six-pack on the floor by the air mattress.

Maria took it all in and turned to look at Wyatt, asking, “When did you do this?”

“Let’s just say you are a heavy sleeper,” Wyatt said, putting the pizza box on the table and then pulling her in his arms, kissing her passionately.

Breaking the kiss, he indicated that she should have a seat on the air mattress.  He fixed her a plate and handed it to her, then opened a beer for her.  Wyatt then fixed himself a plate and got a beer, joining her on the air mattress.  They ate and then Wyatt took the plates and put them on the table.

Turning to face her, Wyatt said, “Dessert time,” as he reached down and removed his lounge pants, revealing that he had gone commando.  Offering her his hand, Wyatt pulled her to her feet, wrapping his arms around her.

Their lips met softly at first, then with more passion.  Pushing one strap down, he did the same to the other until it pooled at her feet. They slowly sat down on the air mattress, their hands roaming all over each other’s bodies.  Maria reached down and began to stroke him.  Scooting down he captured her nipple in between his lips tugging hard as he sought out her wet slit.

Maria moaned as his fingers found her spot, causing her to start dripping.  She continued to stroke him, rubbing her thumb over the tip of his cock, feeling the pre-cum.   Wyatt managed to turn himself around, his tongue replacing his fingers.  Maria took him in her mouth sucking and licking him and squeezing his balls.

Lapping up her juices, Wyatt worked two fingers inside. As he moved his fingers in and out, his tongue brushed her clit, sending shivers of pleasure up and down her spine. Maria could feel him starting to harden in her mouth as she pulled the skin taut.  She could feel her body heating up as she neared the edge.  She began to moan around his cock.  As her orgasm ripped through her body, she let him fall out of her mouth, and screamed, covering his face with her juices.

Wyatt continued until he felt her body relax, and then he turned around, pulling her to in his arms and kissing her.  Maria gently nudged him on his back and threw her leg over him, sinking on his cock.

“Damn that feels so good,” she whispered as she leaned forward to capture his lips, her tongue slipping in his mouth as she squeezed his cock with her inner muscles.  Sitting up, Maria began to move up and down.  Wyatt reached up and began to play with her nipples as he flexed his hips trying to drive himself inside of her as deep as he could get.

Maria began to move faster as they got nearer and nearer to their orgasm.  She could feel her body getting hotter and hotter, her juices flowing.  Wyatt moved his hands to her waist, holding her against him as he came hard, and a growl filling the air.  At the time he felt his release, Maria found hers.

She leaned forward, resting her head on his chest, and said, “Thank you for the awesome birthday surprise,” as she rolled off and snuggled down against his side.