The world swam as Sam opened his eyes. Everything spun slowly into focus, but it lacked all the nausea of a hangover. Seconds stretched out as he swallowed and waited for the grogginess to abate, but there was no such luck to be had.

Only then did he truly take in his surroundings. Where the hell was he? Everything was so white. A hospital?

With great effort, he pushed himself up, only to be shocked stiff by a voice.

“Excellent, you’re finally awake,” the soft tones crooned, sending the strangest tingle down Sam’s spine. His arms shook and he fell back down to the bed, unwilling to trust his muscles any longer.

Sam blinked blearily, turning to look for the source. Once he saw the blonde woman standing there, he had no choice but to freeze.

She was a nurse, but that felt like a gross understatement in his addled state. The woman standing there with a pleasant, generous smile wasn’t just a nurse, she was the most tantalizingly inviting creature he had ever laid eyes on. While she wore what looked to be a perfectly reasonable and professional outfit, it clung to her in such a way that it highlighted exactly how much she had to offer. Upon closer inspection, there were indeed a few buttons left open where they probably shouldn’t be, on top of the entire uniform being at least several sizes too small.

The way her plump red lips pulsed and pressed together was so thoroughly hypnotizing that Sam didn’t even realize she was speaking until she repeated herself twice.

“Are you feeling alright?” she asked, her voice husky and barely more than a whisper. God, how he wanted to hear those lips part and close right next to his ear.

He nodded dumbly, pushing himself up to a sitting position and wincing at the effort.

“No, no, don’t get up,” she said quickly as she closed the distance, gently pushing him back down to the bed.

Of course, that didn’t help him much at all. If she had trulybeen concerned with him overexerting himself, then closing the gap and exposing him to an even closer look was the worst possible thing she could have done. Or rather, that was the second worst thing. The absolute worst was treating him to a full noseful of her heady, warm scent as she reached over to tuck him in quite tightly.

Now, he could only desperately hope that she noticed neither the fierce blush on his cheeks nor the stiffness poking up against the thin blanket. If she just turned, she would immediately see it.

But the nurse didn’t turn. She just kept fussing with the edges of the sheets, giving him an unobstructed view down the front of her shirt.

“Thanks,” he said at last, his voice feeling shaky.

“For what?” It was nothing more than a simple question, but the way she was adjusting his pillow meant that he could feel the puff of her breath right in his ear.

“Ah, well… for being my nurse?” For an instant, he foolishly wondered if that was some sort of faux pas, to thank a nurse just for doing her job. Would she take offense?

By the way she pulled back into view and winked, he decided that he was safe, but that only lasted until she glanced down to the little mountain formed around his crotch.


“No need to apologize,” she said quickly, her smile never faltering for even a moment. If anything, it grew a little wider, a little more knowing. From this close, he could see that her eyes were the darkest shade of brown. Her lips were so close…

Sam wasn’t quite sure how it happened. All that he knew was that there was something warm and wet against his mouth, the world had gone dark, and light pressure was working slowly but surely down his chest.

He opened his eyes only long enough to see that the nurse had indeed pushed down onto him, bending over to bless him with the most tender, deepest kiss he had ever experienced. All the while, her hand slowly spidered down, dancing its way across the blanket to that painful stiffness.

Eyes closed, he basked in the radiant warmth of the embrace and let the rest of the world fall away. There was only the sliding gentleness of her lips, occasionally punctuated by tentative probing from her tongue.

He whimpered, only for her to immediately pull away.

“Sorry, did that hurt?” she asked, her face absolutely serious and full of care, as if this had been nothing more routine than a checkup.

He panted, suddenly unable to work his mouth in the absence of her healing kiss. Had he just imagined everything? There was nothing more on her face beyond the faintest of blushes to indicate that the last few seconds had even happened.

“Do you want to continue with your treatment?” she asked, not a single sign that she was joking. No smirk, no wink, not a hint of anything besides absolute seriousness.

Sam nodded, only to discover that her hand had slipped beneath the covers during his distraction. He couldn’t help but groan and shudder as her perfect fingers wrapped around his manhood, still barely safe in his hospital gown. However, that safety vanished quite promptly when her fingers began to grope their way inward.

Without the etiquette of locked lips to keep his eyes closed, he watched the nurse’s face subtle shift with focus and frustration. She barely bit her lip and looked up to the ceiling as she worked her way beneath the interfering cloth, then once she wrapped her fingers around her prize, she looked back at him with a grin that bordered on girlish delight.

Too fast for him to react, she darted forward and kissed him chastely on the lips before pulling back and reverting to a very dedicated medical professional.

It was a terrifying and tantalizing combination, to have her vigorously pumping his shaft while she stared him straight in the eye, as if checking the size of his pupils. Absolutely professional in front of his eyes, perfectly perverse beneath the veil of the sheets.

“Treatment?” Sam asked, as much to hear the sweet seduction of her husky whisper as anything else.

“Of course. You’re a little backed up and in need of release.” Her hand sped up, then slowed down, rubbing her thumb gently across the tip, pulling away with cold wetness. A small grin tugged at the corner of her lips, but was quickly smoothed over.

Sam nodded uncertainly, which she immediately took entirely the wrong way.

“Oh my, do you need something else? Sorry, I didn’t even think to ask!”

He didn’t have a chance to stop her, to say that this was all that he needed and more. He could only watch as she ripped those carefully tucked-in sheets with a flourish, then slipped beneath them as they fluttered down to vaguely outline the half of her body that was now bent over his crotch.

The reality of what she was doing was too much to take in all at once, so Sam tried to spare his pounding heart by focusing on the part of her that wasn’t loudly slurping and sucking. That was a dire mistake.

Bent over as she was, he now got an excellent view of her rear sticking up in the air, jutting out at a right angle. There was no kneeling down and getting comfortable for her, just picturesque form and professionalism that dared him to reach out and touch.

There was no thought involved. He simply found himself fondling her ass cheek and marveling at how she moaned and twitched atop him. The sensation was so intense for her that she pulled away, plopping his cock out of her mouth and resting her forehead against his crotch. Even in that moment of surrender, her hand continued that deeply necessary and very technical work of tugging his cock straight to release.

“Fuck,” Sam murmured under his breath, unable to hold back the surge that threatened to overtake him. Maybe she was right, maybe there really was something unique about his condition that needed relief. This felt like it would be more intense than any orgasm he’d ever felt before.

Utterly obedient and dedicated to the last, the nurse yelped and stiffened, wrapping her lips around his shaft once more and forcing herself to take inch after inch.

His hips rose before he knew what was happening. His entire body shuddered and bucked, his back twitched, and the nurse froze. The only movement from her was the lightest tickle of her tongue as she continued to coax him those last few steps.

He was half inside her, but he wanted more. He reached out and pushed down, feeling the first spurt rising. The nurse obeyed with a choking gag, but did not pull away.

And then he was filling her, shooting hot seed up into her throat. Her hand patted the bed in panic, but he wrapped his free hand around hers, even as he continued to hold her down to take every last drop. Her fingers laced through his for what felt like an eternity, until he was wobbling on the edge of passing out and becoming aroused all over again.

She pulled out slowly, giving a tender kiss to his cock as she left. Once she was free of the covers, she straightened out and stood at attention, as if waiting to hear what he needed next in his medical treatment. Hair in disarray, cheeks rosy, chest heaving, lips wet with a combination of his and her fluids, she was ready to do whatever he wanted.

Sam hoped that he wouldn’t be feeling well enough to go home for a very long while.