Charity roamed around the small corner market, glancing up now and then to see where the owner was and how many customers there were in the store.  When she saw the owner ringing up an elderly woman’s purchases, she grabbed a couple of candy bars and put them in the kangaroo pocket of her hoodie, and slowly made her way to the counter to pay for her soda.

She did not need to steal as her parents were owners of a security software company but it was one way that she got her kicks.  She had been doing it since she was fifteen and had only got caught twice.  Her parents managed to buy the storeowners off so it never went on her record but now that she was 18, there was a bigger risk but Charity loved the thrill.  It gave her almost the same high that sex did.

As she put the soda on the counter she held out a five-dollar bill.  The owner took it and then said, “Put the two candy bars on the counter so I can ring them up,”

Charity look at him and asked indignantly, “Are you accusing me of shoplifting?  I’ll have you know my parents own Macaffee’s Security Software Company,”

“Good for them,” he answered back.  “And since you have so much money, you can pay for those two candy bars instead of making me take a loss.  Yeah, they are not that expensive but losses all add up.  So, put them on the counter or I will call the police.”

“You are going to feel really silly making a false call to the police,” Charity said as she picked up her soda and started for the door.  “Too bad I am not going to be here to see you with egg on your face,”

Just as she reached the door, she felt a hand clamp around her upper forearm, stopping her from moving.  Turning she saw the owner holding her forearm with his phone in the other hand.

“Are you going to take those candy bars out of your kangaroo pocket or do I call the police and let them do it?”

“Call them if you want but I will sue you for false accusations, mister,” she said, trying to figure out how to get the candy bars out of the hoody pocket without him seeing her do it.  She had no idea if he really saw her pocket them or if he was just guessing.  Charity knew he had been busy with that elderly woman so she figured that he was guessing.  “Well, are you going to call them?  I have things to do and being harassed by you is not one of them.”

For a few seconds, they just stared at each other, and then as he went to bring the phone to his ear, Charity turned and hit his arm, knocking the phone to the floor.  She was going to make a break for it when he bent over to pick the phone.  Charity relaxed her body, giving him the impression that she was resigned to the fact he was going to call the cops.

“Man, you are clumsy,” Charity said with a smirk on her face as she put her soda on a nearby display shelf.  “Hope that was not an expensive phone or you have insurance on it.  It   might just be broke from the sound it made when it hit the floor.”

To her surprise, he maneuvered around so he was blocking the door before he let go to pick up the phone.  “Last chance,” he told her, daring her to try and go around him.

Charity look at the owner, trying to decide if she could low-blow him before he grabbed her.  He was not fat but muscular; like someone who played football or worked out and up close, he was not as old as she first thought.  Got to try it.  I am 18 and there is a good chance my name could be in the papers and my parents would not like that.  And besides, getting past him would really be a high.

As she made her move, he reached out and caught her arm, preventing her from making contact.  As Charity swung with her other hand, he turned and she caught him on the thigh; it was almost like hitting a concrete block.

“You had your chance,” as he tapped in 911.

“Wait,” she said trying to slap the phone out of his hands again but he held it out of her reach.

He cleared the number and looked at her.  “Why should I wait?  You have stolen two candy bars and assaulted me,”

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Charity started laughing, finally managing to get out, “You being assaulted.  Now that is hilarious considering the difference in our size.  I might be the one that screams assault…or rape.   As they say in chess, checkmate,”

“I will make you a deal Miss High and Mighty,” he began, “go in the office with me and give me a blow job and we will call it even.  And you can even keep the two candy bars,”

“Does that thing even work old man?”

“Want to find out?” he countered back.

Charity thought about it for a minute and then said, “Hope I don’t give you a heart attack,”

“For your information, I am only 28.  Now, let me see some form of ID like a driver’s license because I want to make sure that you are of legal age.”

Charity fished her wallet out of her kangaroo pocket and showed him her driver’s license.  What she did not know was that he was really a homicide detective and he was staking out the store for his father.  His father had been hit several times by shoplifters so he told his father he would come in on his days off and help.  He had seen Charity in the store before and watched her steal from his dad twice that he knew of.   He knew how to tell fake ID’s and could tell that hers was not a fake.  He knew that what he was doing was wrong and if she had said no, he would have arrested her.

“You know, that could be a fake ID,” Charity commented although after say it, she wished that she had kept her mouth shut.

“It might be,” he told her, “but it says you are 18 so that is what I believe.  My name is Stan by the way.  What is your name?  I like to know the name of the girl who is giving me head,”

Charity thought about giving him a fake name but then decided not to.  “Charity,”

“Stand over there and enjoy the candy bars you stole while I lock up,”

Charity moved over by the counter, watching him while he locked the door and lowered the bars on the door and windows.  He then went behind the register and ran a report and put the money in a bag, which he took to the office and locked in the safe.

“Charity,” he called from the office.

She slowly walked back the way she had seen him go.  When she walked into the small office, all she could do was stare.  Stan was standing beside the desk, the zipper of his jeans down, his cock in his hand stroking it.  Charity was no virgin and had not been one since she was sixteen but what he was stroking was huge.  From what she could see, he was at least six inches and he was only semi-hard and at least three inches round.

Not even thinking, Charity mouthed the word, “WOW!”

Stan chuckled and said, “I take it you like what you see.  Want to taste it?”  As she walked over to him, he said, “Take your hoody off.  I want to see what is under it,”

Charity pulled it off, being careful not to let anything fall out of her pocket as she folded it and laid it on the chair.  Dropping to her knees in front of him Charity could smell the scent of a man in heat and it made her panties wet.  Replacing her hand with his, Charity leaned forward and lightly moved her tongue around the head as she tightened her grip on his shaft, pulling the skin taut.  She gradually made her way around the mushroom head down and underneath the rim.

Take the head between her lips, she sucked gently as she started to stroke him.  Taking him out of her mouth, she just held him in her hand as the tip of her tongue darted in and out of the slit and around the head and under the rim.  She felt his hands in her hair, pulling softly, low moans coming from his throat.  Charity started to stroke him again, as she gradually swallowed him until he touched the back of her throat, only about three-fourths of the way in.

Very slowly she worked her way back to the head, and then she repeated herself, letting her hand drop down to his balls, giving them a light squeeze.  For a moment, the thought flashed through her mind of squeezing him so hard he would drop to his knees and she could leave but the front doors were locked and she figured that the back door was locked. She did not know where the keys were and would not have time to look so Charity threw that idea out of the window.

Her lips tightened around his shaft, drawing his skin taut each time she took him to the edge of his cock before she worked her way toward the bottom.  As Charity worked her magic, Stan’s moans became a little louder and the tugs on her hair a bit stronger.  Soon she could taste his pre-cum on the tip of her tongue so she slowed down, taking some of the edge off, and then started back again.  Charity did this three times before, she began to lick and suck his cock faster, her tongue swirling all over it, her hand squeezing his balls.

Grabbing her hair in his hands, Stan could hold back no longer and pushed himself as far in her mouth as he could as he unloaded streams of cum down her throat.  When he finished, Charity had some dripping out the side of her mouth.  Pulling her tee-shirt up, she wiped her mouth and stood up.  Charity was so horny she knew that she was going to have to find Mitch or one of his friends and hook up to take the edge off the way she was feeling.

“Ready to let me out now?” she asked as she watched Stan tuck himself back inside of his jeans and zip up.  “I think that more than paid for the candy bars you accused me of stealing Stan,”

“Stole,” he told her as he moved and snatched up her hoody, feeling in her kangaroo pocket.

“Give me that!” she yelled.  “That is mine,”

Stand held it just out of her reach and pulled his hand from the pocket, revealing two candy bars. “No more speculation Charity. I have the proof right here,”

“So they are two candy bars. No proof they are from your store.  And for your information, I had them in my pocket when I came in,”

Stan rolled his eyes, knowing that she was not telling the truth.  That girl needs some serious discipline or she is going to move onto bigger things to steal and land up in prison. Oh well, I am just a lowly homicide detective so what do I know.

Dropping her hoody on the desk, he reached out his free arm and hooked it around her waist, drawing her closer so he could kiss her.  Charity was caught off guard and it did not register to shove him back and say no; instead, she kissed him back.

Finally, she pushed out of his arms and said, “Sex was not part of the deal mister,”

“Maybe not but something tells me you would not be opposed to it,” Stan said,

At the moment Stan was torn between two issues, neither of them being part of the original deal but now wish they were.  He would love to set her ass on fire and then fuck her brains out bent over the desk. That would show her I am not an old man.

At the same time, his thoughts were going around in his mind, Charity found herself wondering what it would feel like to have that monster of his pushed deep inside of her.  Could she even stretch far enough to accommodate him?  Only one way to find out, she thought as she grabbed the two candy bars and pitched them over her shoulder, not caring where they landed.  Standing on the tips of her toes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling his head down so she could kiss him.

Grabbing her by the ass, Stan picked her up and she automatically wrapped her legs around his waist, grinding herself against him.  Carrying her toward the door, Stan pushed it shut with his foot and pushed her against it as they kissed and ground their bodies together.  Charity could feel him pressing against her, surprising her that he could get hard again so fast.  Just the thought of having him inside of her made her juices start to flow.  They finally broke apart, both gulping in breaths of fresh air, their heartbeats erratic.

“Do you want this?” Stan asked, mirroring the question in her mind that she was too afraid to ask.

After only a moment’s hesitation Charity whispered in his ear, “Yes.”

Stan put her on her feet and stepped back, pulling his tight tee-shirt over his head, dropping it to the floor.  He knew that what he was doing was wrong; that he should have arrested her for stealing two candy bars, not getting ready to have sex with her.  Stan mentally turned off his police persona and let the regular Stan take over; the Stan that screwed most anything that was willing and offered themselves to him.

Stan toed off his sneakers, unfastened his jeans, and pushed them down along with his underwear, and stepped out of them.  He then pulled off his socks and looked at Charity. She was just starting to wiggle out her jeans and underwear so he stood there and watched.  When she was undressed, Stan picked her up and carried her over to the desk.  He spread out her hoody with one hand and laid her down.

Getting between her legs, he swiped his fingers up and down her slit as he leaned forward, latching onto one and then the other nipple, tugging on them as his tongue flicked over the tips.  He continued lavishing her nipples while he teased her pussy by just barely putting his fingers inside before pulling them back out and stroking her slit.

Stan gradually kissed his way down until he reached her pussy.  Kneeling, he pulled her a little closer to the edge.  Spreading her wide, he put her feet on his shoulders and leaned forward, planting kisses all over down there.  When his tongue finally touched her dripping slit, Charity almost came off the desk the sexual feeling so intense.  Stan alternated between kisses and licks until she was digging her heels into his shoulder blade, her ass bouncing on the desk.

When Stan’s tongue touched her clit, Charity almost became unglued as her juices started to flow.  As he worked her clit with his tongue, he slid three fingers inside of her, moving in sync until he could hear her panting and taste her on his tongue.  Charity could feel the heat starting in her inner core; unlike any heat, she had felt before.  It felt as if it was slowly consuming her from the inside out.

Without much warning, her body began to twitch, her legs, tight around his head holding him in place as her orgasm rocked her to her very core.  Charity let out a scream as her juices flooded his face, her body tensing and then wiggling all over the desk.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, lights flashing as the intense orgasm took over her body.  When she finally became conscious of where she was, Charity released her hold on his head.  As he removed her feet from his shoulders and stood up, Charity used her hands to push herself back on the desk.

“Be right back.  Don’t move,” he told her as he disappeared out of the office. He came back in a few minutes later with a condom pack in his hand.

“So now you are stealing from the store,” Charity teased him.

“I own the store so I can use whatever I want,” he told her, not bothering to say it was his father who owned the store.  That was a story that would be sure to ruin what was about to happen so he kept quiet. Stan opened it and put it on, then walked over to her.  “Are you sure?”

When she put her feet on the edge of the desk and spread her legs, Stan took that for a yes.  Grabbing her legs, he put them over his shoulders and rubbed his cock against her wet pussy before slowly eased inside.  Stan knew he was thicker than most men so wanted to stretch her before the sex got hot and heavy.  Charity gave out a little gasp as she felt him enter her so she forced her body to relax.  With each thrust, Stan went deeper and harder until he was fucking her hard and deep, her body sliding back and forth on the hoody.  Stan reached under her ass, lifting her up to give him a better angle to get in as deep as he could.

Her muscles started to work on his shaft, squeezing and releasing in sync with his thrusts.  Soon the room was filled with the grunts, moans, flesh slapping against one another, and the scent of sex.  Stan knew it was only a matter of time before he exploded so he increased the speed and depth of his thrust, trying to get Charity to the finish line before him.

Charity felt so hot she was afraid she was going to melt; every nerve ending hitting on all cylinders as she rushed to the edge.  Charity screamed and clamped her muscles tight around his cock as she came hard, her juices gushing out.  As she came down, Charity could feel her pussy still throbbing, her body warm and flushed.

Stan soon followed as he let out a guttural scream, his orgasm rocking him to his toes.  He collapsed on top of her as their breathing soon leveled out.  Finally, they got themselves under control as Stan slowly pulled out, leaving her feeling empty but satisfied.  John pulled off the condom and tossed it in the trash, mentally reminding himself to throw the trash sack out with the rest of the garbage.  He didn’t want his father to see it.

Stan moved closer to the desk as she sat up.  Leaning in, he put both hands on the sides of her face and kissed her gently for a few seconds.  Without saying a word, Charity softly moved him back so she could get off the desk.

As she went to grab her clothes from the floor to get dressed so she could leave Stan uttered one word, “Wait,”

Charity stopped what she was doing, her shirt in her right hand.  She looked at him, waiting to see what else he was going to say.

“There is one more thing that needs to happen to atone for your stealing,” Stan began.

“Are you kidding me?” Charity asked groaning.  “The deal was a blow job only but we had sex too and now you want to add a third thing.  Hellfire, I didn’t steal anything. I would hate to see the deal if I really did steal something,”

“This should have been part of the original deal,” Stan said coming toward her.

Automatically she took a step back, holding her shirt in front of her as if it would protect her.  “What…what…are you…talking…about?” she asked, sure that she was not going to like what he was going to say.

“If my children stole anything no matter their age, as long as they lived under my roof, would be across my knee getting a much-deserved spanking,”

“Thank you for that piece of knowledge but it really has nothing to do with the situation,” Charity said as she pulled the tee-shirt over her head.

“True, you are not my child but if your parents had disciplined you like that you probably would not have come into the store and stole candy bars,” Stan explained. “So since your parents fell short in the discipline department, it is my duty to give you what they should have when you first stole something,” as he reached out and grabbed her wrist, pulling her with him over to the armless office chair.  In one fluid motion, he sat in the chair, pulling her over one knee, trapping her legs between his.

“Very funny,” Charity said.  “You have made your point.  Although I did not steal, for the sake of arguing, I will say I stole the two candy bars so you can let me up now,” as she struggled to get up but was unable to.  “Let me up,”

“I will,” he said, “when I am done,” as he brought his hand down hard on first one and then the other cheek, earning a shriek out of Charity.

She tried to get her hand behind her to cover her ass but he grabbed it and held it against her back as he delivered two more smacks, a little harder than the first two.  He could faintly see the outline of his handprints on her ass before he delivered four more in quick succession as she wiggled against his leg, letting out shrieks of protest.  As he finished delivering another four, he felt something wet on his leg.

“This turned you on.  You just cum,” he stated matter-of-factly.

“You are delusional,”

“Really?” as he moved his legs apart just enough to reach down and run his fingers over her slit, her juices coating his fingers.  “Feels like it to me,” as he gave her two more smacks and then let her up.

Charity reached behind her, rubbing her ass as she glared at Stan, wanting to say something but was unsure what she wanted to say.  The one thing she knew she was not to go to say was that he was right, that the spanking had turned her on and gave her an orgasm.  There was no way she was going to admit that to him.  He already thought he was better than she was so no sense feeding his ego.

“Charity, be forewarned, if you come back in here and try to steal anything ever again, you will get the same treatment…a spanking but no sex,” he told her. “It is wrong to reward someone with bad behavior.”

As he grabbed his jeans and underwear, Charity stood there, watching him and fuming.  As he pulled up his underwear, Charity took a step forward and delivered a stinging blow to his right cheek.

“You are a stubborn, arrogant asshole.  I don’t know what else I can say to convince you I do not steal,”

Stan rubbed his still stinging cheek as he looked at her before saying, “Wow, I never knew a woman could orgasm so much in so little time as you Charity,”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You are trying to push me into spanking you again so you can have another orgasm,” Stan said smiling,  “And I am just the type of man who does not like to turn a woman down and not give them what they want,”

Before she had a chance to move, Charity found herself tucked tightly under his left arm, his right hand coming down rapidly six times.  Holding her under his arm like a football, he carried her over to the desk and laid her down, quickly spreading her legs and burying his face in her pussy, as his hands reached up to find her nipples under her tee-shirt.  Taking them between his index finger and thumb, he pinched them hard and then began to pinch and pull them as his tongue went to work on her pussy.

Catching her clit between his lips he flicked his tongue back and forth across it.  Charity tried to block the sexual sensations from her brain because she wanted to prove him wrong but she couldn’t as she felt her body betraying her by stating to wiggle on the desk.  Charity began to make little mew sounds as she arched herself upwards.  Using one hand to alternate between her nipples, Stan took the other one and pushed them deep inside of her, moving his fingers until he found her G-spot.

That was all it took for her body to heat up, a light rash starting to cover her as she went over the edge, letting out a loud moan as she squirted and dripped juices all over his hand and tongue.  As her body started to relax, Stan pulled his fingers out and stood up.  Before she could get up, his lips started to ravish hers, his tongue dating inside, giving her a taste of herself.

“Do you need a ride home?” he asked as he finished getting dressed.  “You have to not mind riding my Harley,”

As much as she wanted to ride his Harley, feeling the vibrations against her pussy, turning her on once more, she said, “Thanks but have my ride out in the parking lot,” as she started getting dressed.

“Then let me walk you to the car.”

Slipping her hoody on, she looked at him.  “Front door or what?”

“No, we will go out of the storage room door to the alley and then over to the parking lot.”  As they started out of the office, Stan picked up the two candy bars and held them out to her.  “You deserve these but remember, do not come back in this store with the intent of stealing,”

She grabbed the candy bars and put them in her kangaroo pocket saying, “If you insist on giving them to me but I didn’t steal them,”

Stan walked her to the car and watched her drive off wondering if he would ever see her again.