I just turned fifty years old on Wednesday and was kind of down so I decided to go to the local watering hole to have a few drinks and celebrate my birthday…alone as I have been since my divorce three years ago.  My ex-wife Cathy and I were high school sweethearts and married right after we graduated.  We put each other through college, had three beautiful children, and once they were grown and out of the house, Cathy decided she was not happy and wanted a divorce.

I had just sat down at the bar and ordered me a draft when a sexy southern drawl said, “That looks good mister so how about buying me one?”

I turned my head and found myself staring at a beautiful brunette with brown eyes flecked with gold and a gorgeous smile.  From our seated positions, I could not tell how tall she was but I could see that she had curves in all the right places and a fantastic set of boobs that made my cock twitch.  I caught the bartender’s eye and made a motion to give the lady a draft.

Once it was placed in front of her, she stuck out her hand and said, “Hi, my name is Molly.  Thank you for the beer.”

“I’m Jack,” I answered back shaking her hand. “And you are welcome.”

“I have not seen you in before and I am here every weekend,” she said trying to make conversation.

“I am not a regular here,”

“Then what brings you in here tonight Jack?”

Without thinking, I told her, “Celebrating my birthday.”

“Happy Birthday,” Molly said raising her glass of beer in a toast to me.  “What are you, thirty-five, or forty years young?”

Laughing I said, “I wish, but I am old enough to be your daddy.  I am fifty years old.”

“I like older men,” Molly told me as she placed her hand on my thigh, giving it a little squeeze.

I was shocked at her boldness and was not sure what to say so I just sat there, silently taking a sip of my beer.  Here I was, having a young woman probably close to my youngest daughter’s age flirting with me.  On one hand, it felt wrong but on the other hand, it really boosted my ego

“Will you dance with me?” Molly asked interrupting my thoughts as the band started to play a slow song.

I let her take my hand and lead me to the dance floor.  I took her left hand in my right one, my other hand lightly on her waist, keeping the proper distance between us but she was having none of that. Pulling her hand from mine, she wrapped both hands around my neck, plastering her body against mine. The band played another slow song after that one so we stayed on the dance floor.  After that song, we went back to the bar and sat down.

“So, what type of work do you do?” she asked leaning in close as the band started up with a fast loud number.

“I work for the government,” I told her, not bothering to elaborate.  “What type of work do you do?”

“I own a small antique store in the tourist section of town,” Molly said

I noticed her beer was almost gone and asked, “Would you like another one?”

She nodded her head yes, so I had the bartender bring us both one.  We sat there in quiet silence for several minutes listening to the band.  I was hoping she would get bored and move on to someone closer to her age but she seemed content to sit there beside me and drink her beer.

As I drained my glass, I decided this was not for me so I said, “It was nice to meet you Molly but it is time for me to go.”

Giving me a little pouty face, Molly said, “Should have figured that someone as good looking as you would have a wife or girlfriend waiting for them at home.”

Why I told her I am not sure but I said, “No wife or girlfriend waiting on me Molly. I am divorced.”

“Why don’t we have another beer since you don’t have anyone waiting for you at home?”

“Thanks, but I need to go,”

“In that case, I will come home with you,” Molly said quickly finishing the rest of her beer, making a move to get off the barstool.

“Thanks, but you should stay here and find you some young cowboy,” as I put some money on the bar and left.

When I stepped out into the night and started across the parking lot, I heard her behind me.

Stopping, I turned and said firmly, “Molly, go back to the bar and find you some young stud.  I am not buying your ass for the night.  I do not pay for sex at all.”

Molly continued to walk toward me, saying angrily, “I am not a hooker.  I am me, Molly, owner of a small antique shop who happens to like older men and wants to have sex with you, plain and simple,” as she reached out and grabbed my cock through my pants.  “And I originally planned to have a beer or two, dance, and go home alone but when I saw you, I changed my mind.  I find you very sexy.”

Although I was you had to be over the age of twenty-one to get into the bar I also knew that it was possible to get fake ID’s so I said, “Let me see your ID,” and held out my hand.  She dug out her ID and handed it to me.  I used the flashlight on my cell phone to look at it and saw it was her legal driver’s license.

“Satisfied that I am of legal age or do you think it is a fake?” as she put it away.

“No, it is real because I work in that department,” I told her looking at her up and down, trying to decide what to do. Although in the past four years I had had some one-night stands and a couple of affairs it had been a while since I got laid.  I know that my brother the playboy would tell me I was stupid if I turned down a hot piece of ass so I took her by the hand and led her to my car.  “What about your car?”

“I took a taxi here like I do every weekend,” Molly told me.  “I don’t drink and drive,”

I opened the door for her and helped her slide into the seat.  As we headed out of the parking lot, her hand was again on my cock. This time she was trying to unzip my pants so she could slide her hand inside but I stopped her and moved her hand back to her lap.

“I do not like to be distracted when I drive,” I told her firmly.

Molly started to argue but then sat there, keeping her mouth shut.  When we arrived at my condominium, I could hear a little gasp from her.  I had bought it after my divorce.

“Nice place,” Molly said as she climbed out of the car, looking around.  “Wish I lived in something this nice.  I live above my antique shop.”

I took her hand and led her inside and up the stairs to my second-floor condominium.

Once inside I asked, “Would you like something to drink?  I have soft drinks, tea, beer, or water?”

“Nothing, thank you,” Molly said as she kicked off her heels, laying her purse on the entranceway table. “This carpet feels so nice on my feet.”

Before I had time to react, Molly had her arms around my neck, her body plastered to mine, and kissing me hard, her tongue seeking entrance.  I was no novice when it came to sex but I was a firm believer in the fact that men, not women, should be the aggressor and initiate sex but not according to Molly.

I gently peeled her from my body and said, “Slow down Molly.  This is not a marathon.  We have all night unless you have to be somewhere in the next hour or so.”

Molly laughed and said, “You are so damn hot and sexy I just want to jump your bones and feel you deep inside of me.”

At that moment I started to wonder if I had made a mistake bringing her home with me, as she seemed to be a little too aggressive for my sexual tastes.  I decided that I would call her a cab and send her on her way.  As I pulled out my cell phone to make the call, Molly reached over, took my phone out of my hand, and punched the off button.

“Okay, Jack, what is going on?” Molly asked. “Did you change your mind all of a sudden?”

Instead of breaking it to her gently, I blurted out, “You are too aggressive for me sexually Molly.”

Molly looked at me and tried not to laugh.  “I am too sexually aggressive?  You are kidding me, right?”

“No, I am not,” he said.  “Women are not supposed to be sexually aggressive, just the men are.”

At that statement, Molly could not help laughing, finally managing to get out, “Oh my goodness.  I landed me a caveman.  Are you going to knock me on the head with your stick and drag me to your cave by the hair?”

“I will show you, caveman,” I said as I slung her over my shoulder and carried her to the bedroom, dumping her on the middle of the bed, her dress riding up past her mid-thigh, giving me a glimpse of her pink thong.

Straddling her, I pinned her arms above her head, kissing her hard, my tongue plunging into her mouth as I used my free hand to caress her breast through her dress.    Just as suddenly as my caveman attitude had exploded, it dissipated, and I let go of her arms and got off the bed.

“I am sorry,” he apologized.  “I am not usually that rough.”

Molly crawled across the bed and got behind me, wrapping her arms around me.  “Jack, undress and come to bed.  Let me give you a birthday present you will not forget,” she whispered, nipping and licking his ear. “I want you in my mouth and my pussy.”

I thought a few minutes and thought ‘Why not’ as I stood up and started to get undressed.

Seeing Jack getting undress, Molly quickly got off the bed and undressed, leaving her clothes in a chair by the window.  When I turned around Molly was sitting in the middle of the bed, naked as the day she was born.  I had a moment’s hesitation when I thought of her age but the hesitation went out the window when she came to me and took my semi-erection in her hand.

Very gently, she touched the tip of her tongue to the head of my penis, tonguing the little hole, sending a wave of pleasure up and down my spine.  Soon her lips engulfed the head as she stroked me with her hand, her nails lightly scratching the shaft.  My ex- would occasionally give me head but it was nothing like what Molly was doing.  Molly’s mouth and hands seemed to be making love to my cock, not just sucking it to get it hard enough to put in her.

Molly took my hand and pulled me onto the bed, telling me, “lie down and get comfortable Jack.  You are about to be taken for a wild ride.”

I straightened out and Molly leaned down to kiss me, nibbling, sucking, on my bottom lip, her tongue doing a mating dance with mine.  After a few minutes of kissing, she began to make her way down my body, stopping at my nipples, playing with them, and sucking them until they were hard little nubs.  I never knew my nipples were so sensitive until Molly’s touch showed me, causing me to moan in ecstasy.  By this time, I was ready for action but she was not done yet sexually tormenting me as my stomach and belly button was the next to feel the touch of her magical tongue.

My cock was so hard by this time that I felt like I could explode at any moment but managed to keep things under control.  Eventually, she made it to my cock, but it did not receive the attention I thought it would. Molly went straight to my balls, taking each one in her mouth sucking hard on them.

“Molly, I need to take you…now,” I said as I tried to move her off me but without any luck.

“No,” she said firmly. “I am not finished,” as she proceeded to lick my shaft from tip to base, finally taking me inch by inch into her mouth, until she had all six inches of firm thickness in her mouth.

I was experiencing waves of pleasure that I had never felt before and known it was only a matter of time before I cum.  Molly continued to lavish attention to my shaft until I felt my balls start to tighten.

“Molly, stop, or I am going to cum in your mouth,” I warned but she continued, her lips gripping me hard as she played with my balls.

Finally, I could hold back no longer and shot my load down her throat.  Molly managed to swallow almost all of it, a little bit slipping out the side of her mouth as she drained me dried.  I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, my entire body felt electrified as jets of cum shot out.  Afterward, I lay there, catching my breath as Molly scooted up beside me and kissed me hard, her tongue dipping into my mouth, giving me a taste of myself.  Without thinking, I was kissing her back, not minding the salty taste of me on her tongue and lips.

“When you recover my pussy needs your tongue and so does my clit,” she whispered in my ear.

I turned my head and looked at her in a combination of amazement and shock, and then reminded myself she was from a different generation than my ex and I was. Our generation did not talk about sex; much less, what we wanted the other to do to them.  In my generation, the man was in charge and the woman complied.  Suddenly it hit me that maybe that was why Cathy left me.  She was tired of the man being in charge and a younger stud let her be expressive of her needs.  The only way I would find out would have been to ask her…but we are not talking to each other.

“Jack,” Molly said breaking into my thoughts, “where did you just zone out too?”

“Ah,” I began, “just thinking, and recuperating is all,” not wanting her to know that I was thinking of my ex and why she left me when Molly had just given me an amazing blowjob and was expecting me to return the favor.

I rolled over to face her and kissed her before I latched onto her nipple, sucking it in hard, causing her to moan.  After a few minutes, I moved to the other one, alternating back and forth until she was moaning and wiggling on the bed.  Slowly I moved my way down her body like she did mine until I got to her pussy.  I bypassed her pussy, kissing down one thigh and up the other.  Suddenly I started to have doubts if I would be able to satisfy her as Cathy was not really into oral sex and preferred to just do it…or did she. ‘Damn,’ I thought to myself, ‘I need to get her out of my mind and enjoy this piece of young ass in front of me.’

I knelt between her legs, parting her pussy lips, and gently ran my tongue over her lips and just inside her pussy, causing her to squeal and almost jump off the bed. I started to push my tongue in as far as it would go, searching for her clit, even though I admit I had no idea what I was searching for but was not going to admit my ignorance and ask her.

“Damn, Jack,” Molly moaned, “suck it, lick it,” as she pushed my head against her pussy.

It was at that point I realized I must have found it because she was going crazy underneath me, her juices starting to flow as I slowly inserted two fingers inside, fingering her as she clamped her thighs around my head, almost causing me to suffocate from the tight grip she had on my head.  Molly screamed as she came hard, her juices flowing over my face. Slowly she relaxed her grip on my head, allowing me to get some air.  I continued to lick her juices as her breathing calmed down.

By this time, I was hard again and was ready to make love to her but Molly had other ideas.

“Lay back,” she instructed, “because I want to ride your magnificent cock.”

Before I could argue and tell her women did not do that I found myself on my back and she was lowering herself on the head of my cock.  Her pussy gripped the head as she slowly rode the head while playing with her nipples.  I could only lie there, watching her pleasuring herself as I had never seen a woman do that before but she was not done.  As she rode my cock head, one hand dipped down to play with what I assumed was her clit.

Very slowly she took me inside her pussy until I was buried deep inside of her. Raising herself until I was almost out, she quickly sat back down on my cock.  Molly continued to pleasure herself while doing this, her pussy muscles gripping my shaft tight.  It had been a long time since I had felt anything this tight around it.  I reached out and grabbed her by the hips moving her up and down faster as I built toward a climax.  From the change in her breathing, I knew she must be close herself.

“Cum with me,” she moaned as her body started to shudder and shake, her pussy squeezing my cum out.

I could once again feel my balls tightening and my cock getting harder.  As her juices started to flow over it, it set off my climax, shooting deep inside of her as we came together, her scream just as loud as the first time.  All I could do was hope that we were not disturbing the neighbors but at the moment, I did not care.

Molly collapsed on top of me, kissing me hard. “Damn, that was so awesome.  Best I have had in a long time.  You older men really know how to pleasure a girl.”

I just smiled and kissed her again.  Molly rolled off me, curled against my side, and started to doze off.  I started to tell her to get dressed and I would call her a taxi or take her home but then decided to let her stay.  After all, I might just get lucky again.  I soon dozed off, my dreams of wild sex giving me a semi-erection.  I thought it was a dream but it seemed too real to be one. Opening my eyes, I could barely make out Molly in the dim moonlight down between my legs, my cock in her mouth and her finger in my little-puckered hole.

Realizing where her finger was, I became awake quite fasts, asking Molly, “What in the hell are you doing?

“Stimulating you Jack,” she told me as she moved her finger in and out.

I immediately moved away from her and flipped on the bedside light.  “Sorry Molly but I am straight,” I told her as I regrouped my thoughts.

“Figured as much,” Molly answered back.  “If you would just relax and quit being a prude you might learn something new that is pleasurable to you.”

“But,” I began

Molly snapped back, “But nothing damn it, Jack.  You are living in the dark ages.  This is the twentieth century.  Having sex is not the same now as it was in your day.  I cannot begin to count on my fingers the number of older men I have had to bring into this century and out of the dark ages.  Most of them actually thanked me and told me that was the best sex they had,” as she crawled out of bed and started to get dressed.  “Call me a taxi Jack.  I don’t want you to take me home.”

“Molly, wait a minute,” I told her

She stopped after putting her bra on and looked at me, waiting to see what I was going to say.  When I didn’t say anything, she resumed getting dressed.  “I will say you eat pussy pretty good even though you had no idea where my clit was or even what it was.”

Realizing she was on to me I felt my face becoming red and admitted, “Okay, you are right.  I did not know what or where it was.  My ex-was not into oral sex. Will you please stay and let’s try it again?”

Molly thought a moment and then asked, “Are you going to crawl out of the dark ages?”

Swallowing hard, I said. “Yes, now come back to bed.”

She undressed and crawled back in bed next to me.  “Now where were we?” she asked as she reached for my shaft, stroking it.

Before I could blink, Molly was on top of me, her pussy in my face, her mouth engulfing my cock.  Taking her by the hips, I pulled her closer and began to lick and suck on her pussy, my finger rubbing her clit.  I heard her moan around her mouthful of my shaft.  Deciding to give Molly a bit of her own medicine, I lubricated a finger in her pussy juice and then slowly inserted it into her little puckered hole to see just how she liked to.  Almost if my fingers had a mind of their own, they began to finger both holes together.  Molly began to whimper and wiggle on my chest so I increased the pressure and fastness of the fingers.  Her pussy tightened around my fingers just as they had around my tongue and cock.

Her entire body tensed up then began to shiver and shake as she rubbed her pussy all over my face.  As her orgasm began to quiet down, she slipped her finger back into my little puckered hole as deep as she could get it moving it in and out fast as my shaft started to swell and become harder.

Just as I was ready to cum, Molly moved off me and got on her knees, presenting her ass and pussy toward me. “Give it to me Jack,” Molly told me, wiggling her ass at me.

I kneeled behind her and guided my cock into her wet pussy, and then grabbed her by the hips, shoving it in deep as I could, earning a gasp, and then a moan from Molly.  I slowly began to move in and out, my thrusts hard and deep.  As we built toward our orgasms, my thrusts became faster.  I reached under her and found her clit, rubbing it hard as her breathing quickened.  I could feel her pussy gripping my cock like a vise grip as she worked my cum out

“Harder Jack!” she screamed.

I began to thrust harder, my balls banging against her ass as her body began to twitch and shake, her moaning louder until she screamed, soaking me with her juices. Within a minute, I shot my load deep into her, coming harder than I had ever had before.  Molly flopped belly first on the bed, me on top of her.

“Damn,” she muttered.

I moved her hair out of the way, nuzzling her neck, my flaccid shaft slowly slipping out of her.  I rolled off onto the side of the bed, laying on my back trying to get my breathing back. I felt Molly reach out and grasped my hand, squeezing it.

“I am totally spent,” Molly told me.  “I think my orgasm meter is empty.”

I laughed and said,” I am glad I brought you home with me but will admit that my first thought when you come on to me was to take you over my knee and paddle your ass because you are the same age as my youngest.  That is what I would have done to her if I caught her putting the make on an older guy.”

“If I had an orgasm left in me I would tell you to go for it.”

Turning my head, I just looked at her in shock.  I could not believe that she had just told me in a roundabout way that she was turned on by spanking.  “Spanking turns you on?” I asked in a questionable tone of voice.

Molly blushed and said quietly, “Yes, but you are the first I admitted that too.”

“So if I turn you over my knee, and spanked you, you would get off?” I asked. “Spanking is supposed to be a punishment, not used for pleasure.”

“What can I say,” Molly said sitting up and shrugging her shoulders.

I just lay there, pondering what she had just said and suddenly she was across my lap. “Let’s see if you have one more orgasm in that meter of yours,” as my hand came down on her ass, leaving a handprint.

Molly squealed loudly as I delivered several more smacks to her ass, and then I shoved two fingers into her pussy, finding it very wet.  I had no trouble finding her clit this time, and within seconds, she was screaming out with another orgasm. her pussy squeezing my hand tight.

“I see you did have one more in the meter,” I teased her as I let her up and then pulled her on my lap kissing her deeply.  “Do you have open your shop tomorrow”

“Yes, why do you ask?”

“I want to spend the weekend with you and have you teach me how not to live in the dark ages.”

“You have a deal,” Molly said as we snuggled down and went to sleep.

I laid there in the dark, thanking my lucky stars that I had gone out for a drink tonight to celebrate my birthday.  As a result, I got the best birthday present any man could want.