As we got to the bathroom door, I stopped and turned to stare at Gill, so many thoughts running through my head.  I have never showered with a man before.  How do I know if he wants to shower with me or would he prefer to shower alone?  I felt a light touch on my arm, bringing me out of my thoughts.

When I looked at him, Gill asked, “Do you want to shower alone?  I am sorry but presumed you would be okay showering together…you know, kind of playing also.”

I laughed and told him, “I am not laughing at you Gill but it is funny that I was sort of thinking the same thing.  I was wondering if you wanted to shower alone.”

“I love to shower with a woman after sex. Gets you ready for round two,” he told me grinning mischievously as reached out and tweaked my nipple.

I felt my face flushing so I quickly turned my back to him and stepped into the bathroom.  Evelyn Marie Richards, you know Gill is at least ten years younger than you.  His sex drive is going to be more active than Brads and probably more adventurous.  So girl, either get with the program or get dressed and leave.

Gill must have sensed my hesitation because he took his hand off my shoulder and stood there silently, his thoughts rushing through his mind.  Shit, have I come on too strong?  Am I scaring her?  Damn, she is so sexy I cannot help myself.

Suddenly Gill heard the shower start up and a voice call out, “Are you joining me or not?”

I stepped back and soon he was in the shower with me, pulling me close as his lips claimed mine, his hardness pressing against me. Pushing me gently against the shower wall, he ground his pelvis against mine, his one hand finding my breast, tweaking my nipple.  After several minutes of kissing, Gill stepped back some and leaned down, sucking my nipple into his mouth while his fingers played with the other one.

After a few moments, Gill reached around, grabbed the bar of soap and a washcloth.  Once it was soapy, he started to wash my body, starting with my back. As his arms went around me, his hands cupped my breasts, his fingers rubbing over my nipples until they were hard little pebbles, earning a loud moan from as my juices started to flow. I leaned into him, enjoying the sensations flowing through me. I could feel my body heating up.  Just as I was reaching that peak, Gill stopped and finished washing the rest of my body.

Gill dropped the washcloth, grabbed another one, and handed it to me along with the soap.  “Your turn,”

I soaped the cloth and prepared to wash him, paying particular attention to his nipples and his cock.  After he was washed, we rinsed off and resumed our kissing and touching.  I knelt and took him in hand, stroking him as I licked and sucked on the head, enjoying hearing the moans from him as he got bigger and harder in my hand.  Slowly I took more and more of him in my mouth as my hands massaged his balls.

The water soon turned from hot to lukewarm and I could taste his pre-cum on my tongue so I released him and got to my feet. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him down so I could kiss him.

“Think it is time we take this back to bed,” Gill suggested releasing me to turn the water off.

He stepped out of the shower and grabbed two towels, handing me one.  We quickly dried off and hurried back to bed.  I quickly pulled the covers back and crawled under the top sheet, Gil soon joining me.  We turned toward each other, our hands all over each other as we started to kiss again, our tongues darting in and out, nipping at each other’s bottom lip. Finally, Gill broke off the kisses and started to make his way down my body, licking and kissing almost every inch, paying special attention to my nipples as he sucked on them hard.  His hand moved down and began to play with my pussy, two fingers sliding in and out, his thumb caressing my clit.

Rolling to his back, Gill brought me on top of him. His arms went around me, holding me tight against him. I could feel his hardness trapped between our bodies so I began to move up and down.  Readjusting myself, I maneuvered his cock between my pussy lips, rubbing the wetness against him as we kissed hard.  Sitting up on my knees, I took him in hand, guiding him inside.  Balancing myself, I slowly squeezed and rubbed against the head, slowly taking more and more of him inside of me until he was all in, my body tight against his pelvis.

I began to move up and down, my muscles clenching and unclenching his cock as loud moans came from his mouth, his hands gripping the bed sheets tightly.  I slowly increased my speed until I was riding him hard and deep.  Gill unclenched his fists and reached up to play with my nipples while my hand worked between us rubbing my clit.  I tried hard to control the speed but to no avail as I rode him hard.  Gill began to pinch and pull hard on my nipples, sending pleasurable shockwaves throughout my body.

“Oh yes,” Gill moaned.  “So good; make me cum baby.  I want to fill you with my seed,”

I could feel my body starting to heat up, a light red flush covering my entire body.  My juices poured out of me as I tumbled over the edge, my entire body shaking and convulsing as my orgasm erupted inside of me.  As I started to come down, I felt Gill’s hands on my hips, raising me up and down.  I then realized that Gill still had not found his release so I began to move up and down, squeezing his cock with my inner muscles.  Soon I felt his body tense, his hands on my hips holding me tight against his body as he found his release.  When I felt him becoming soft inside of me, I rolled off to the side, curling up next to his body, his arm around me as his hand gently caressed my upper arm.  I turned my head and Gill leaned down to kiss me, our lips meeting softly.

“That was amazing Evelyn,” Gill whispered against my hair.

“It was,” I answered sleepily, my eyes ready to close but a part of me knew that I should get dressed and go back to my cabin but my body refused to move.  Soft snores could soon be heard from both of us.

Sometime later, I went to roll over and felt a man’s arm holding me tight against his body, my body slightly chilled from no covers or a light sheet over me.  At first, I almost had a panic attack because I was not sure where I was or who I was with but then it dawned on me.  The man in bed with me was Gill and we had just had wonderful sex for the second time. Two times; even Brad and I didn’t have sex that often; not even when we were first married.

I knew that I need to get up and get dressed and sneak back to my cabin.  We were not told not to hook up but knew that we really should concentrate on getting our lives back together after a divorce and how to cope.  We should not be jumping the bones of the first person we meet; or anyone at the retreat for that matter.

But it felt so freaking amazing and we both needed it, or at least I did, I reasoned to myself as I tried to inch my way out of his arms and get to my feet. As my feet touched the floor, I heard Gill mumble something and then a soft snore so I knew I had not woken him up. I quickly dressed, slipping my feet into my sandals.  I checked to make sure that my key card was still in the back pocket of my jeans before I let myself out.

As I walked the short distance to my cabin my flight or fight mode kicked in.  Part of me wanted to stay and just enjoy Gill’s company and the other part of me was almost in a panic mode about I should act when we saw each other.  I figured that this was a one-off thing.  He needed to get off and so did I so we hooked up and accomplished our goals. Now, is it going to seem weird when we run into each other over the next couple of days?  Maybe I should just pack up and leave; save us both some embarrassment.

I knew it was the coward’s way out but once in my cabin, I packed and quietly left the retreat with some great memories and awesome sex.