My name is Evelyn; I am 55 years old, and recently divorced; 6 months and when Brad asked me for a divorce I was in shock. I had no clue anything was wrong with our marriage.  Brad was a partner in a law firm; we had been married for thirty years and were the parents of two daughters.  Our youngest had just started college.  My best friend had just been through a divorce a year ago and she suggested that I attend the weekend retreat she had attended after her divorce so I decided it could not hurt.

I was not into going to church every Sunday but Melanie said the retreat was not all about religion but was more of a weekend away in a nice cabin getting back with nature, meditating, and group and individual sessions we could attend to help us with the issues divorce can cause. So here I am; in the middle of a forest waiting in a lodge to get my assignment for my cabin.

From the brochure, each cabin was more like a sleeping room; one room with a queen-size bed, dresser, and bathroom.  The meals were served in the lodge as were all the other activities.  There were also paths we could take to get alone and be one with nature.  I glanced around the lodge, looking at the other participants in this weekend retreat.  There were a variety of ages from young to one elderly gentleman who appeared to be in his eighties.  All total there were about twenty people, not counting the staff.

Finally reaching the check-in desk I gave my name, “Evelyn Richards,”

“Cabin 5,” the receptionist said handing me a key card.  “We have coffee and pastries and lunch will be served at noon with dinner at six o’clock. Here is a brochure of the sessions and activities we offer,”

I took everything she offered in one hand, grabbed my roll-on with the other, turning around only to find myself running into a very hard muscular chest.  His arms reached out, grabbing my shoulders to help steady me.

“Sorry,” he apologized, his voice giving off a rich southern drawl.  “I was daydreaming and stepped forward when I should have stayed still.  I am Gill, by the way,” taking his hands from my shoulders and offering me his right hand.

“I am Evelyn,” I said shaking his hand. “And no harm.  I wasn’t looking either,”

“Name sir?” the receptionist asked interrupting our conversation.

“Gilbert Hensley,” he said. “Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee when you are settled in?  We can change war stories,”

I laughed and said, “I never thought of them as war stories but would love to have a cup of coffee with you,”

The receptionist gave him the same speech she had given me and along with his key card and brochure.

“Cabin 6,” he commented.  “See you in ten minutes,”

As we walked out of the lodge, we shared some chit chat.  I found out he was a preacher and had just been divorced a month ago.  I told him I had been a housewife and was an inspiring writer and been divorced six months.  We found out we lived about three hours from each other.

“Guess we are sort of neighbors for the weekend,” I told Gill when I saw him walk up to Cabin 6.

“Looks like it.  If I may be so bold, may I walk you back to the lodge?” Gill asked

“I would like that,” I said as I went into my cabin.  I looked around the small, well-kept room before I stepped into the bathroom to splash some water on my face and then I unpacked.

As Gill walked into his cabin, his mind turned to Evelyn and how sexy and attractive she was.  Gilbert James Hensley, you have only been divorced a month.  You are here to get back with nature, not for a wild sex-filled weekend.  You just miss Bethany and the great sex life you had or rather thought you had until she left you.  Gill put his suitcase on the bed and hurried out to meet Evelyn.

When he came out of his cabin I was sitting in one of the chairs on the porch, my head back, eyes closed, listening to the wind and the birds; such relaxing sounds. I heard him walk up to the cabin and opened my eyes before standing up.

“I feel so relaxed already.  Melanie was right; this is the perfect getaway to regroup and refresh.”

“Are you ready to go?  I need a sugar fix and coffee,”

I stepped off the porch and we walked to the lodge.  After we got our coffee and pastry we joined some others at the long table and soon we were talking like old friends.  Later that morning we all took a nature walk and then went to a couple of sessions in the afternoon.  After supper, we both decided to join a card game.

Around 10 pm, I stood up and said, “Well it is has been a long day so I am going to call it a night.  See everyone tomorrow,”

Everyone called out goodnight and as I headed out the door, Gill got up and followed me.  We walked across the yard to the cabins, both silent.

“Thanks for walking me to my cabin but you didn’t have to,” I told him, turning to face him in the shadows of the trees.

Without warning, Gill leaned down and kissed me, his arms going around my waist, pulling me closer.  Part of me was saying to push him away; that you did not need this but the part that was the strongest had me putting my arms around his neck, kissing him back.  I reasoned that this was a weekend retreat and we were consenting adults so if something happened, it was nothing but pure sex.  We stood there in the shadows kissing for several minutes, our tongues intertwining with the other, our kisses hard and deep.  Finally, I gently pushed him back, trying to catch my breath.

“I am sorry,” Gill apologized.  “You are just so damn sexy…”

“And you miss the touch of a woman like I miss the touch of a man and the sex that goes with it,” I finished for him as I reached out and touched his face before kissing his lips gently.

Gill reached out his hand, letting me make the final decision.  I thought for a minute and then placed my hand in his, indicating I had made my decision. We walked hand in hand to his cabin, with no words needed.  We both knew that this was just a means to an end; both of us were divorced and we missed sex so being two consenting adults we were taking care of that problem tonight.

Once in his cabin, the door shut and locked behind us we stood there just looking at each other, waiting for the other one to make the next move.  I reached down, grabbed the hem of my tee-shirt, and pulled it up and over my head, dropping it on the floor.  I then reached behind me, unhooked my bra, and added it to my shirt.

Smiling, I said softly, “Your turn Gill,”

I looked at him, watching a smile cross his face as he grabbed his tee-shirt and yanked it over his head, dropping it on top of my clothes.  As if one mind, we reached out and started to undress each other as we kissed.  Once we were both nude, Gill swung me up in his arms and carried me to the bed.  We lay next to each other, kissing, our hands exploring each other’s body.  When my hand lightly brushed his cock, I could feel it starting to harden, giving a little jerk.  I wrapped my hand around him, moving it up and down as his hands found my nipples, pinching and pulling as our tongues danced.

I slowly scooted down the bed, kissing his body as I went until I was able to wrap my lips around his cock, my tongue swirling around the head as I gently squeezed his balls.  I felt his hands entangle them in my hair as he moaned and raised his hips to push himself deeper into my mouth.  Without taking my lips from him, I turned around, offering myself to him.  I felt him spread my legs and run his tongue between my lips, as his fingers found their way inside of me.  I felt his thumb graze over my clit, sending a shiver up my body.

I continued to stroke him as my mouth sucked in one and then the other ball, my tongue licking each one.  I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me as his fingers and tongue worked my pussy over.  I could feel my juices starting to flow as I climbed higher and higher.  I pushed myself against his mouth, rubbing against him as I tumbled over the edge, covering his face with my juices.

Rolling me off him, Gill moved around, guiding himself inside of me.  As he slowly moved in and out Gill kissed me, letting me taste myself on his lips.  I wrapped my legs around his waist pulling him in deep as I raised my hips to meet his thrust.   As we worked closer to our release, his thrusts became harder and deeper until we both tumbled over the edge, our moans and cries filling the room. We lay there for several minutes and then got up to take a shower, our night just beginning.