James and I had been managing the Jacob pyrethrum farm for more than six years. He was a great colleague whose charming personality and sense of humour attracted people. He was in his mid-thirties and I had been looking upon him for inspiration. He was the second most powerful manager on the farm. I was just 7 years younger than him and the inspiration was real. I took after every step he took and I was sure that I would finally end up where he was. It was no doubt that James would finally rank as the most powerful man on the farm, the senior manager.

Time passed by and James kept on eyeing the biggest seat. His performance was absolutely satisfactory and he wanted seemed to manifest sooner than later. Women loved his charming nature and you could tell they were doing their best to please. On several occasions, I had caught him red-handed winking at women but he just pretended to be blinking. It was not long before I realized how women loved him with a passion. He was devoted and committed to the job but there was more than just meets the eye.

In most cases, his office was flooded with ladies who made appointments with him. All of them were beautiful and they took time any time they were in his office. I started becoming suspicious about James and what the ladies were doing in his office. I asked Lucile one of our colleagues to help me with the assessment of the case. She also confirmed to be part of the people who had noticed the unusual attention that women gave James. We organized and the plan was to sneak into his office with a video recorder. In that way, we could clear the doubts once and for all.

As soon as we resumed the new week, we agreed that it be upon us to spy and get the right opportunity. I had chatted with Lucile over the weekend and she too was of the belief that maybe there was a sexual affair. She asked me what we would do if it was and I responded with a naughty tone that we would also join. She seemed to be interested but I knew that I would maybe get a chance to lure her sexually. The day finally came and we were ready to start our spy mission.

Early that Monday when people were preparing for work, Lucile pretended to be a janitor and she opened the office. She was hiding behind the boxes and was ready to set the camera on. As soon as she left the door open, sneaked in and we were waiting for James to show up. Just like expected, he entered whistling and started to make random calls. From behind the boxes, we could see him through the crates from the other side. There was no reason for him to suspect anything. After all, we did everything possible not to be suspected including switching our phones off.

After half an hour, there was a knock at his door. Lucille signalled me that it was about time and we set on the camera recording. We could see everything clearly as a young curvy woman showed up. She greeted him and he responded by asking her to take a seat. They spoke about how their meeting had been distorted the previous week but they were thankful that time had finally come. The young woman declared how she had longed for that chance. James also responded that the feeling was mutual and just as in a dream; the lady woke up from where she was and went to his desk.

He also woke from where he was seated and they started to pray. What? It was not what we had been thinking about. So he had been a great leader all along and he was inspiring employees for greatness. They never even kissed leave alone touching each other’s felt stupid from where I was and I could tell that Lucille was feeling the same. I asked her about how she felt and there was no response. I thought about it for a minute and gathered enough courage to tell her something I had always wanted to say.

I asked whether we could have some quick sex instead of wasting the whole experience. She refused through words but I could tell that she was also interested. After all, why should she show up in a scene we were about to watch and record live sex if she was not interested? I quickly grabbed her slowly and dragged her to the inner room so that we could have some time together. In the inner room, there were only generators that made an automated power restoration in case there was a power outage.

From there, we could make love and would not be heard because of the noises that were coming from the inside. From there, I was able to kiss her in a very passionate way. I could tell she was also interested because of the way she kissed back. I felt very aroused and since I joined that job, I had always been looking for an opportunity to love the girl. She was the shy type but I had to make the leads and she would follow through. All my life, she was the greatest crush and a dream come true. I could even not believe that I was actually kissing her.

The arousal got the better of us and she quickly reached out to my pants. She got my dick out and it was massive as usual. She was smiling at it and I could tell that she was in the mood. As she gave me a hand job, I stayed there mourning and knowing that climax was seconds away if not minutes. Her beauty would not entertain me enough before spilling if she was to continue. If she was to keep on massaging it that way, I was surely going to release it. She felt my mourning and started gaining confidence. For all that time, I had even started touching her apart from the warm intense kisses.

My guess was that maybe she was wet but I had to confirm for myself. I reached out to her dress, lifted it up and I landed my hand in the Promised Land. It was all wet and warm and I desired to keep the fingers in. As soon as I started, she was distracted by the touch. She started to enjoy it and I could tell that we were in for a very great experience. We even forgot whether or not we were in the office of James. I could not tell what was going on because I was in a completely different world.

I was ready to stripe her off and she was also ready to be drilled. As soon as I heard her mourn several times, I knew she had climaxed and I was also very far from release. She gave the best position to my comfort and I started teasing. Teasing it in and out made her moan and I realized that I was perfectly doing it. At that moment, my heart was pounding and I wanted to throw a full thrust in order to satisfy her. I remember every clearly throwing the first deep thrust and she opened her mouth wide and her eyes open. It was the first deep and wide thrust that she had received so far.

I knew my ability to drill was not compromised and was ready to make the show interesting, enjoyable, and unforgettable. The kind of screams she was responding with brought pride and dignity to me, thanks to the generator room. I was dominating the show like an alpha male. My girl could rely on me for satisfaction. I thought it was just fun but as I continued to throw the thrusts faster, I heard another loud scream as she released another thick cream. It was her day and it was still mine. I wanted to continue but the imagination of what I was devouring could not allow me to continue.

I quickly turned her back and began to do it from a bending angle. I was very serious about the experience but I knew it could not last long. The curvy and juicy ass at my disposal could not allow me to continue throwing. After a few seconds, I could not even hold my breath. I was releasing cum and it thick and plenty. She quickly pulled herself from the side and bent down facing upwards. She was actually receiving it from her cleavage. All of it, she collected and helped me to milk dry the remaining residue from the tip.

As soon as it was over, we came back to our senses and started dressing up. She pulled everything together but her hair was already distorted. An hour had already passed by and it was time for James to take tea. We tiptoed back to his office only to find out that he had left. Fortunately, the door was not locked and I asked Lucile to creep out first and fast without being noticed. After a few minutes, I also walked out like I had come to check him unsuccessfully. As I walked into the corridor of my office, I was happy but I knew I had left my camera recording.