Lisa wanted to change her job so bad. The company she was working for had drastically reduced her earnings over the past three months and that was why she wanted to find a better paying job.

She had submitted her resume to many companies but had never qualified to an interview.

On top of her low salary, she could not stand her tyrannical boss- James Walter.

James was by far the meanest person in the world according to Lisa. He had refused to increase her pay even after Lisa had pleaded with him emotionally. She had even threatened to quit on her last attempt to get James to raise her pay.

“I do not give a damn even if you decide to quit. Quit now if you want. I will not raise even a single penny of your pay and you know why, because I am in charge and what I say is final! It is either you play by my rules or you get out and I am pretty sure you are familiar with my terms. Aren’t you Lisa?” He angrily shouted at Lisa that day in his office.

Lisa bitterly stormed out of his office and went straight to the lady’s washroom to cry. Sitting on the toilet, she angrily wept.

“Why is James so mean towards me?  Why can’t he just raise my pay even if it by a small fraction? Do I have to sleep with him?

I will submit my resignation tomorrow and go for a job hunt. I cannot allow myself to be treated like a worthless person and yet I have a degree from Harvard Business School. I will not.” She made up her mind.

In the midst of all of this, James had surprisingly allowed her to continue working at the company until she found another job.

On this night, Lisa was working overtime.

Head deeply buried in the computer, she did not notice her boss standing over her desk at the working station.

“Can I have a word with you in my office?” A voice called out.

Surprised, Lisa looked up only to find James looking down at her.

“Yes. Sure.” She said in a confused tone.

“Follow me.” He said as he started leading the way.

James is so arrogant. How can he just demand he wants to see me after everything he put me through? These rich people usually think they can control and manipulate everyone. May he rot in hell.

Facing his back as they were silently walking to James’ office, Lisa could not help it but admire his muscular body. She badly wanted to dig her fingers into that sexy back then run them through his hair. He had the sexiest framework and his shaggy dark hair made him look even more divine.

James was about 6’1 tall; he had the finest jaw line and large blue eyes.

During lunch breaks, her female colleagues would talk about how they badly wanted James inside their pants. Some would even go a notch higher to masturbate with his pictures inside the washrooms.

Lisa was not among them. She had a repulsive attitude towards James. She saw him as this high school bully who wanted to terrorize the weaklings in the school. She even had several nightmares where James was chasing her with a knife.

The thought of the nightmare made her slightly giggle under her breath.

“Do you want to share the joke with me?” He sternly asked facing Lisa.

“No it is nothing sir. Forgive me. I just recalled something funny.” She said as she looked down in embarrassment.

When they reached the office, he motioned her to sit down.

“You are probably wondering why I summoned you here.” He began while standing in front of his desk staring right into Lisa’s eyes.

Lisa felt small and insecure under his presence.

It was now that she realized just how sexy and dangerous he looked at the same time. His muscles flexed each time he was speaking. She could not control herself;her pussy was slightly throbbing as James continued staring at her.

“I want to know what is up with you. Why are you so tough and cruel? Tell me what can I do to have you?”

That statement shook Lisa. She was not expecting that to come from a man she detested with everything she had.

Does that mean he likes me or thinks that I am pretty? Why would he call me to his office to tell me this? I am literally sweating. What is happening right now?

“Um, I do not quite understand what you mean by that sir. Kindly explain what you mean.” She managed to ask amid mixed emotions.

“Don’t act damn with me. You know what I exactly mean.” He said in an irritated tone as though he wanted to pounce on her.

Feeling threatened and afraid, Lisa moved back in her chair as she tried to find her composure. Panic written all over her face, she cleared her voice and spoke in the most frightened way possible, “I am not pretending. I do not actually know what you are talking about.”

Relaxing a little bit, James started walking around the office as though he was pitching an idea to a group of board members.

“I know I am an attractive man.” He began.

Show off! Lisa’s thought screamed.

“I have many women falling at my feet. Female workers of this company come to me for promotions and salary raise and offer me sex in return. Of course, being the man I am I can never say no?

But you, you have never done so. You have even threatened to quit and have actually submitted your resignation. You are a very sexy woman and I have wanted to have you for the longest time. I even stopped sleeping around with women because of you but it seems you are immune to my charm. What is it with you Lisa? What is it?” He said while looking out of the window back facing Lisa.

What just happened? Has my boss confessed that he likes me or I’m I the one dreaming? This cannot be happening. What do I say? How do I react to this? I find him attractive but I have learned how to block his from my mind. Why do I suddenly want him now? Is it because he is at a place of vulnerability? Whatever it is I don’t care.

“It is so nice to hear the mighty James let out his feelings.” She said as she stood up and slowly walked to where he was standing.

Her mind was blown away and she had forgotten just how bad he always treated her. Her pussy was the one which was thinking on her behalf and all it wanted was his big cock at the moment.

Turning back to face her, his eyes searched her beautiful face and let out a cocky smile.

“Tonight, let me show you what you have been missing James.” She said in a small seductive voice as she dug her hands into his trousers almost reaching his groin area.

“Go lock the door.” She said as she slowly removed her clothes.

I cannot believe this is happening. I will give her the best night of her life.

Coming back, he held her waist, pulled her so close and kissed her with all of his strength. Using his left hand, he cupped her right inner thigh and stared to massage it softly.

Using two fingers, he reached where her clitoris was and stared to rub it gently in circles. With the other hand, he was teasingly playing with her nipples. When she began letting out small moans, he lifted her using her butt cheeks and spread her on the desk. Unzipping his trousers he quickly took a condom and strapped it on.

She was already slightly wet but he wanted more. Cupping her breasts he started leaving saliva traces on her abdomen until he got to where her pussy was.

Using his tongue, he entered into her flesh until his root was deeply buried inside.

Lisa could not help it but scream so loudly. Her body was shaking so much and she could not feel her head.

Where did he learn all of this? Is it because he has been with so many women in the past? He is so damn good.

Without thinking twice, James carried his prisoner to where the sofa was so as to go finish the job there. Spreading her legs, he began kissing her inner thighs as she let out small moans.

Soon enough, he penetrated his full, erect meat into her and rocked gently.

She moaned his name while whispering some other unknown things.

“Yes say my name baby. Say it loud.”

Swiftly plunging into her, he began increasing his pace so as to satisfy her completely.

Within minutes, they had both had an orgasm and were lying on the sofa feeling burned out.

“That was really great Lisa. You did it in your own accord. Tomorrow first thing in the morning, you will get your promotion and salary raise.”