After my graduation, I went direct to the city to look for work. Men of my age were not supposed to stay at home and expect food from their mothers. As a man, I had been trained from childhood to value work and be responsible. That was the greatest trigger of motivation in my life. I studied construction engineering but I have a deep passion for plumbing. As soon as I graduated, I produced business cards that would attract prospects. I don’t know what drove me into putting a sexy photo on the business card and that got me many calls especially from women. There was no way they could resist a masculine man like me.

On one occasion, I run into the unexpected. The call came around 4 am in the morning and I did not receive it. It rang again and something told that it could be an emergency. As soon as I picked, a sweet soft voice from the other side greeted me. The woman identified herself as Lucile and that she had come across my contacts through referral. She complained that the bathroom and kitchen sinks were leaking plus other minor repairs that needed urgent attention. She begged that I show up at her place because she was really in need.

As it was my custom, I wrote down the address and agreed to show up at her place before noon on the same day. She asked me to come with all the repair equipment because she was a single mom and did not have them. I don’t know why she told me of her marital status but something suggested that I had the freedom of expression. As a matter of fact, I arrived ahead of time and called her to open the door. What surprised me was the dress she was wearing and how sexy she looked.

Although it was the beginning of my self-proclaimed plumbing career, the lust that came with that encounter was on another level. She was wearing a sleeping lobe and a very clear dress. In fact, I could see her nipples pointing at me and her round beautiful curves shaping the sexy transparent dress. She intentionally allowed me to see but I pretended not to be interested. I wished to get a chance and I would devour her beauty without a second thought. After casual greetings and a sexy welcome, I was allowed into the house and was directed to the kitchen.

The kitchen door was directly opposite the bedroom and there was a distance of about two meters. As soon as she took me through the units that needed repair, she went to the bedroom. She said with a weak voice that if I needed to ask anything, I should call her from that room. Deep inside, I knew she wanted me to take the lead and initiate something. I reached out to my bag but I could not find my pliers. Sure enough, I had confirmed before leaving my house that everything was intact. I searched for it all over the place but I could not find it.

Since I knew the motives of Lucile, I decided to ask her. I went tip-toeing to the bedroom and I could not believe my eyes. The sexy woman was lying on the bed without clothes on. She was actually masturbating. I took a deep breath and watched the live porn as she passionately rubbed her thick pussy. She was well built, beautiful, and curvy. She was concentrating on achieving an orgasm and I could not help but get my dick out. I also started masturbating because the temptation was really great. She was a sexy woman and I could have done everything to enter her pussy.

My dick was very hard and I was also aiming at giving the scene a shot of my cum I wanted her to lift her head up and see me jerking. As if the dream had come true, she raised her head and acted surprised. She quickly took the bedsheet and covered herself as if she was not the one who left the bedroom door open. I also stopped jerking and put my penis inside my boxers. She slapped me and asked what the hell I was doing in her house.

She dragged me on the bed and stripped me off. I thought it was going to be friendly and wild sex but I was mistaken. She immediately tied my legs and hands apart as I watched. She looked like an alpha female and I waited to see what she wanted. The courage in her eyes made her even sexier. As helpless as I was, she went and shut the door. She advised that I was about to be fucked like never before. Fucked? I thought to myself. She came with massage oil and poured it on her body. She brought her pussy next to my mouth and I was ordered to suck and eat.

I passionately did it and she was mourning all over the place. I did it so well that she climaxed thrice consecutively. All that time, I was tied and my dick was standing tall. I begged her to allow me to fuck her. She declined. She responded by informing me that she was a lesbian and that only women could fuck her. All that time, my dick was begging to be allowed a chance to eat the sexy pussy of that gorgeous woman. She informed me that it was my turn and I wondered the turn to do what.

As if in a dream, she reached out to her toys and I thought that maybe she wanted me to fuck her with them. They were toys of all sizes and vibration modes. I wondered how she wanted me to do that while my hands were still tied. She kept the silence and I watched as she went down to my balls. She licked my balls and rolled the foreskin of my dick. She was doing it in a back and forth momentum. I was feeling so good but she was very rough. It was painful and sweet at the same time. I did not want her to stop. She climbed on top and I thought she wanted me to insert it in her pussy. I was wrong; she wanted it in her ass.

I fucked her ass and the thrusts were moving thick and fast. She noted that I was about to cum and did not allow it to happen. She quickly removed the ass and went back to the side of the bed. She reached the shaft of my thick dick and held it strongly. Were it not for that, cum was on its way coming. After the pause, she reached out to the massage oil and started smearing it around my anus. I started to feel sweet but little did I know that she actually wanted to fuck me. She took the toys as I watched and I tried to protest. I was tied and I had to wait for the queen to fuck my ass.

It was hell disgusting when the dildo started vibrating next to my ass. I was feeling wield and good at the same time. She took the vibrator and its warm sensation started to massage my ass. It was really thick and I could not imagine that I was about to be fucked. Just like that, she started inserting the vibrator in my ass. She did so well and although I could feel some pain, I was enjoying every moment. This alpha woman was admirable because she would stroke my firm dick with an occasional slap. She would kick the balls with a little pressure and you could tell that she was actually in control. I could not believe that a woman was dominating me.

I tried to beg for her release but my cry fell on deaf ears. She was all through silent and I waited in panic and I did not know the depth with which she would insert the vibrator. As I waited, I heard the drill in my ass and I let out a loud scream. By then, she had grabbed the shaft of my dick and was rolling the foreskins as she was fucking my ass with the toy. The vibrations of the toy brought a very sexy sensation and I felt that it was like a new whole experience. She promised me to cum and I was surely feeling it. I had a tendency of rolling my foreskin back and forth during personal strokes but her touch gave it a whole new meaning.

She would roll the skin completely leaving the dick tip wet and naked. She would then kiss the tip and suck the neck and I couldn’t help more. She increased the thrusts of the vibrator and with a loud thud, I released cum. I screamed at the top of my lungs as that was the sweetest thing I had experienced under the sun. I released the heaviest cum since I lost my virginity and was dominated throughout. As she untied me, I felt like a woman for the first time and was fine in the presence of such a dominant female. I stood up, gave her a deep passionate kiss, and begged to continue but she rejected. I did not even know where to start from there.