My name is Brittany and I am almost 22 years old, am an army wife and been married three years.  In the past three months, we have been uprooted from the army base near where we are from and plunked down in the middle of a new base five hundred miles away from friends and family.  It would not be so bad if Derrick had not gotten emergency orders to ship out within a few weeks of us moving here.  Everyone seems to have their cliques and I am an outsider.

I have a hard time making new friends.  Although the housing we were in was for married couples, right before Derrick shipped out, an older single man moved into the apartment across the hallway.  He only had forty-five days left before he retired so they let him stay there since it was temporary.  We all three had talked and we even had him over for dinner a couple of times but it felt weird being friends with a single man so I just spoke to him when we passed in the hallway or coming and going after Derrick shipped out.

Derrick and I were high school sweethearts and against our parent’s wishes, we got married as soon as we graduated. Things were good when we were on the base near our parents and Derrick was home almost every night but now was a whole different ballgame; no friends we had grown up with, no family, and no Derrick.  That double bed was sure lonely…and so was my body.  I not only missed Derrick but the sex.  He was going to be gone for at least another ten months and though we promised to be faithful, I knew his sex drive and found myself wondering if he was keeping his promise.  I knew I would keep my promise…or at least I planned to but sometimes well-laid plans go awry.  I didn’t count on that night when Jake invited himself into my apartment to cook dinner for me to celebrate my birthday.  But I am getting ahead of myself.

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It was the morning of my 22nd birthday and Derrick managed to get in a Skype call for five minutes before he had to go out on patrol.  I am proud of myself for holding it in until after the call and then I lost it.  I cried off and on most of the day and even the well-wishes calls and cards from friends and family did not seem to help much.  I knew I shouldn’t but fixed myself a drink, looked in the mirror, and toasted myself.  I had just taken a sip when I heard a knock on the front door.

“Delivery,” a male voice called out

A smile crossed my face as I thought about what Derrick could have sent me.  It never crossed my mind that it could be from anyone else.  I grabbed a few ones from my purse to give as a tip and went to answer the door, drink in hand.  When I opened the door, I saw my neighbor coming out of his apartment and a delivery man holding a nice roses bouquet in his hand.

“Thank you,” I said handing him the money and then taking the roses.

“What is the special occasion?” Jake asked, his eyes roaming over my body, the look of lust rampant in his eyes.

“Ah…my birthday,” I said as I started to back into my apartment so I could shut the door with my foot.  I was concentrating so hard on the bouquet in my hand I did not notice the way that Jake was looking at me.  I had no idea that Jake had a thing for young married women and love nothing more to seduce them and add a notch to his bedpost, so to speak.

“Happy birthday Brittany,” Jake told me.  “How about me coming over and fixing supper for you tonight; there is no sense in celebrating alone.  I would invite you to my place but I have the basics since I am leaving soon.”

“Thanks, Jake but I am married, remember?  It would not be right to have supper alone with another man in my apartment.”

“Brittany, come on.  It is just supper.  I would ask Derrick if I had a way of doing so but am sure that he would not mind; just two friends having a celebratory birthday dinner so you are not celebrating alone.”

After a couple of minutes, I said, “Alright, you are right.  It is just a couple of friends enjoying supper.”

“Great, I am heading to the PX so I will knock on your door when I get back.  What would you like for dinner?”

“Burgers is fine with me, maybe a baked potato,” I suggested.  “Let me get you some money.”

“My treat Brittany,” Jake said, thoughts of how to go about seducing her tonight taking hold of his mind, because he was leaving the next day for home and retirement.  He had to have her before he left as he did not want his record broken.

After Jake left, I put the vase of roses on our coffee table and went over to my laptop to send an email to Derrick to let him know that I was having supper with Jake.  I knew he would not mind but still felt like I needed to let him know.  There were no secrets between us…or there wasn’t until that night.  I quickly downed my drink and headed in to grab a quick shower.  I slipped on a pair of jeans and a baggy t-shirt.  By this time I had a light buzz from downing a drink on an empty stomach.

I had just finished brushing my hair and pulling it back into a ponytail when I heard a knock on the door.  I slipped on my sandals and headed for the front door.  Flinging it open, I saw Jake standing there holding a cake in one hand and a small flower bouquet in the other with a bag of groceries at his feet and a case of beer.

“This is for you Brittany,” Jake told me handing me the small cake and flowers.

I stepped back and motioned for him to come in.  Jake grabbed the beer and groceries and followed me inside.  As I went into the kitchen Jake’s eyes were glued to the swaying of my ass, which I was unaware of.  I sat the cake and flowers on the counter and turned around to find Jake and me face to face, very little space between our bodies.  I had no idea that he had been so absorbed in watching me walk that he was unaware that I had stopped.  Before I had a chance to say anything, he leaned down and kissed me, and then he stepped back as if nothing had happened.

Jake put the groceries on the table and then put the beer in the ‘fridge along with a bottle of red wine.  “I was not sure which wine you liked or even if you drank wine but decided to take a chance.  You are welcome to share my beer if you want instead.”

“Thanks but I don’t drink Jake,”

“It is your birthday, you need to have at least one drink, or are you old enough to drink?”

I laughed and told him, “Yes, I am old enough to drink,”

“Now, where are your wine glasses?”

I pointed out the cabinet where I kept them and he got one down, opening the wine, and pouring me a glass.  Jake pulled out a kitchen chair and motioned for me to sit down.  I pointed out where things were and we chatted while he cooked.  It was so nice to have someone to talk to and to cook for me.  During supper, Jake kept topping off my wine glass and by the time we were finished my mind was fuzzy.  When I got up I stumbled, unsteady on my feet.  Jake reached out and took my arm, pulling me against him.

“You are so beautiful Brittany, so sexy,” as he leaned down to kiss me, his tongue brushing across my lips as his one hand worked the band off my ponytail.

I was shocked at first and tried to push him away but it seemed as if all my strength was gone.  Jake held me tighter as he kissed me harder, his tongue delving in my mouth to tangle with mine.  I reached up and pulled his head closer to mine as I returned his kiss.  I knew it was wrong but my mind and body just could not seem to get on the same page.  It had been three weeks since Derrick had shipped out and my body was sex-starved.  My vibrator had become my best friend but it was not the same as being with a man.  I knew it was wrong and that I promised to be faithful to my husband but….

He led me into the living room, sitting down on the couch, pulling me down on his lap, his hand working its way under my tee-shirt.  Jake’s other hand was on the side of my head, pushing me toward his waiting lips.  I put both hands on the side of his face, nipping at his bottom lip.  His hand moved up until he was cupping my breast, his thumb rubbing across my nipple.  I moaned in sheer pleasure as our kisses deepened.  I could feel my nipple pebbling under his touch.  Wiggling around on his lap, his semi-erection pressed against my ass.

I could feel him pushing me back and I immediately thought that he was having second thoughts but he was only trying to get my tee-shirt off.  Once it was off, he skillfully opened the clasp on my bra and it followed my tee-shirt to the end of the couch on the floor.  Cupping my breast in his hand, Jake leaned down and drew my nipple in between his lips, sucking hard as his tongue swirled around the tip.  I could feel the pleasure warming my body as my head fell back, raising my chest some to make it easier for Jake to get access to them.

Jake moved to the other, doing the same to it.  He kept alternating between the two until my panties were wet and I wanted nothing more than to feel him deep inside of me.  Pushing me back until I was pretty much laying on his lap, his hand replaced his mouth, pulling and pinching my nipples while his other hand rubbed up and down the crotch of my jeans.  I tried to reach down to unfasten my jeans to give Jake access to my pussy but he pushed my hand away.

“In due time,” he told me as he continued to torment me and make my juices flow even more.  I rolled on my side and worked my hands under Jake’s tee-shirt, playing with his nipples as he was playing with mine.  I could feel Jake getting harder under me and knew that he must be getting a bit uncomfortable in the confines of his jeans.  My mind was telling me to stop but my body was telling me to go for it, that it needed it.

I felt him nudging my body and I automatically got to my feet, my mind finally clearing a bit.  He got to his feet and pulled me in his arms, kissing me as he squeezed my ass.  Jake broke the kiss and went to the kitchen, leaving me just standing there.  I sank down on the couch, my head in my hands, trying to clear my mind.  I could feel the cool air of the air conditioner flowing over my bare breasts, causing me to shiver.  As I went to reach for my tee-shirt, I felt the couch dip beside me and a hand on my shoulder.

“Here,” Jake said handing me my glass of wine when I looked up at him.  He leaned forward and gently kissed my lips.

I need coffee, not wine.  I need to ask him to go home before it is too late to turn back.  I promised Derrick I would be faithful but my body wants him.  My body needs a man.  Damn it to hell, body shut up, let the brain be in control.

I felt his hand raise my chin and then he leaned in to kiss me again, his hand reaching down to tweak my nipple.  Without another thought, I raised my wine glass and took a big gulp.  I knew then that my brain was no longer in charge but my body was.  Taking my glass from my hand, Jake set it on the coffee table, and then gently pushed me back on the couch.  Jake leaned down, kissing me hard before he started to kiss his way down my neck to my right breast and then left as he licked and sucked on the nipples until he had me wiggling on the couch.  Finally, he stood up, took me by the hand, and led me toward the bedroom.  I followed along with no thoughts of saying no but only of enjoying the night…my birthday present to myself.

Once inside he led me to the bed and then stopped, reaching forward to unfasten my jeans, sliding them and my panties down my legs.  Jake gently pushed me back on the bed, removed my sandals, and tossed them to the side, followed by my jeans and underwear. Jake dropped to his knees and spread my legs, his tongue lapping at my pussy, tasting my juices.  He continued to work his magic with his tongue as his hands reached forward to play with my nipples.

“Oh damn,” I moaned, “that feels so good.  Make me cum,”

In answer to my request, I felt his tongue brush against my clit.  The pressure was so intense that I almost jumped off the bed.  I felt his one hand leave my breast as two fingers found their way inside.  I gripped his fingers tight as my orgasm started to build.  It was not long before my body started to shake and I started to moan as I toppled over the edge, flooding his face with my juices.

“Oh Jake, that was awesome,” I muttered.

“That is just the beginning Brittany,” he told me as he stood up, unfastening his jeans and sliding them over his hips.

It was then I realized that he was commando and nothing was between his jeans and his cock.  When it sprang forward at attention I could not help but stare.  From where I was lying flat on the bed I could not get a good view so I raised myself up on my elbows.  That view was even more impressive.  Jake had to be at least eight inches and on the thick side.

Is his a normal size?  He is going to kill me with that big thing, I thought, Jake being only the second guy whose cock I had ever seen and compared to Derrick’s, he was a monster.  I knew Jake was watching me and with me staring, all I was doing was feeding his ego.  I sat up, scooting toward the edge of the bed, tentatively reaching out my hand to hold him, feeling the same velvety touch that I got when I touched Derrick.

As if my body and mind were on autopilot, I scooted closer to the edge of the bed, dropping to my knees on the carpet.  I lifted him in my hand, my tongue swiping over the head as I stroked him.  I opened my mouth, taking in as much as I could, licking and sucking his shaft while playing with his balls.  I felt his hands entangle themselves in my hair, moaning.  I continued to work on his shaft until I felt his balls tighten and knew it was just a matter of time before he came.

I felt him pull away and then he said, “I need you to lie down.”

As I scrambled up on the bed and lay down, I saw him reach for his jeans, extracting a condom.  At this point, I knew that he had planned this seduction from the beginning.  Part of me wanted to scream at him to leave but I was in too much heat to say no.  I had to have Jake.  Kneeling between my legs, Jake slowly guided himself inside, giving me little time to adjust to his size.  As he buried himself deep, Jake leaned forward, kissing me hard, our tongues dancing to their own music.

I wrapped my legs around his waist, gripping him tight as we started to make love.  Each thrust was deeper than the one before it.  Pulling out, Jake grabbed my legs and put them over his shoulder before he pushed back in.  I felt myself heading for another orgasm.  Both our breathing deepened.  I felt my body start to shake, lights going off behind my closed lids as I came hard, Jake soon following me.  He collapsed on me before he leaned up and kissed me.  Then he rolled off to the side and removed the condom.

“Bathroom,” I said to his unspoken question.

When he returned, he laid down and pulled me back toward his stomach, one hand casually draped over my side while my head used his other arm for a pillow.  Jake kissed my bare shoulder as his hand moved until it was resting on my pussy.

“That was fantastic,” he whispered.  “And there is more to come,”

I was slowly starting to sober up, the gravity of what I had just done starting to crash down on me and I wanted to cry.  No, it cannot happen again.  I had a momentary lapse of judgment.  It was the wine.  I knew I should not have drunk it.  I know how liquor affects me.  You are a dumb ass, Brittany.  Although I was mentally chastising myself for what happened a tiny part of me wanted it to happen again.  I wanted to feel alive.  I wanted to feel sexy and wanted.  I wanted the fire in me to be quenched.  At this time Derrick was the farthest thing from my mind not did it register that I had just had sex with another man in mine and Derrick’s bed.  All I know was that my sexual needs had been temporarily been satisfied.

My mind slowly returned to reality as I felt the tip of his finger rubbing just inside my pussy, close to my clit.  And then he started to kiss my neck, one of my weak spots.  I found myself pushing back against him, wiggling my ass against him, feeling him starting to harden, his semi-erection hard against my ass.  His finger dipped lower, stroking between my lips, slowly igniting the fire down there.  After several long minutes, his hand left down there and glided up toward my breasts.  He captured my right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching and pulling hard.  My hand replaced his on my pussy, doing what he had been doing minutes before.  We lay there for several minutes, working each other up.

Jake shifted around until we were lying side by side in the perfect 69 position.  He buried his face between my pussy as I began to lick and suck on him.  Taking each other to the limits, Jake pulled back, getting another condom from his jean pocket.  I wondered how many more he had hidden in there and would he run out before we were completely sated.  Flipping me on my stomach, he raised me up, the tip at the entrance to my pussy.  Holding my hips, he pushed just the head inside, slowly moving in and out.

“More,” I begged, needing all of him to put out the fire that he had ignited.

He ignored my begging, continuing to take me to new heights slowly and steadily. I gripped the sheets, moaning out loud.  Leaning down, Jake kissed me, nipping my lower lip as his thrusts got harder and deeper, my juices starting to flow, pooling under me.  My body clenched him tight, it started to heat up, until I felt like I could stand no more.  Holding tight to my hips, he began to push harder and deeper until I screamed as I toppled over the edge.  As I slowly settled down, I realized that Jake was still inside, as hard as he had been just a few minutes earlier.  All I wanted to do was collapse on the bed and rest but he started his slow steady thrusts again.

I had never been able to cum more than twice but I knew that tonight I was going to break the record as I felt it building up in me.  I felt Jake stiffen as he buried himself deep in me as his hand reached under me, rubbing my clit until I tumbled over the edge.  We fell to the bed in a tangle of limbs, Jake momentarily moving off the bed to dispose of the condom.  When he came back, we snuggled under the cover sheet and drifted off to sleep.

When I woke the next morning I was alone in the middle of the bed.  I wondered if last night really happened or was it all a dream but when I moved and felt soreness where it should not have been, I knew it was not a dream.  Then the shame hit me.  OMG, I just slept with another man…in my marriage bed.  How am I going to face Derrick when he comes home…or rather when we Skype?  He is going to be able to see on my face something is wrong.  Damn the wine…damn my hormones.  How am I going to face Jake?  Will I be able to resist him if he comes on to me again?  Do I even want to? I turned my face into my pillow and started to cry but after a few minutes, I crawled out of bed and made my way into the tub-shower, turning on the water as hot as I could stand it.

As I stood there, letting the hot water bead over me, I thought I heard footsteps in the apartment but then figured it was just my imagination.  Suddenly the shower curtain was pulled back at the end and Jake stepped into the tub with a big smile on his face.

“Morning,” he said reaching out for me, pulling me into his arms.

I was so caught off guard that I let him grab my ass and hold me tight as he kissed me hard.  Releasing me, he grabbed the bottle of shampoo and started to wash my hair.  Once that was done, he took the loofah, put body wash on it, and began to wash my back, then he turned me around to face him.  As the water rinsed the shampoo from my hair, Jake went to work on the front, gently rubbing the loofah over my nipples, turning them into little hard pebbles.  After the night we had had, I figured there would be nothing left in me that wanted sex but I was wrong.  I worked the water through my hair, getting all the shampoo out as he leaned forward, his fingers replacing the loofah on my nipples, pinching and squeezing them.  Kissing me, we stood there touching and kissing until the water started to run cool.

I wiggled out of his arms, turning around and bending over to turn off the water.  As I did, I felt him grab my hips, pulling me tight against his erection, pushing it hard against my ass.  Jake gently maneuvered me around until I was facing the back of the shower.  Holding me there, he took his cock in hand and rubbed it against the slit of my pussy, the head just barely inching in.

“No Jake, not without a condom,” I told him.  I was on birth control pills but still did not want to take a chance on getting pregnant nor did I want to ‘catch’ anything.

“Do not move,” he told me as he stepped out on the bathmat.  Within a minute he was back and his fingers were between my legs, stroking me and playing with my clit.  Very slowly he pushed his way inside, his one hand working my clit as the other tweaked and played with my nipples.  I immediately felt my orgasm building, although I was not sure how I had any sexual desire left inside.  I braced myself against the wall, hoping that our feet would not slip in the wet tub.  Pinching my nipple hard, he slammed himself deep in me.  He continued to take me roughly, building me up until I let out a loud moan as I gripped him tight, my juices covering him and dripping into the tub.

Moving his hand from my clit, he grabbed both my nipples, pinching and pulling hard until he reached his release, my own body tingling from another small orgasm.  Pulling out, he dropped to his knees, his tongue lapping up my juices as my body twitched and jerked from the last small orgasm.  When it was over, I felt like my legs were not going to be able to hold me up.  Jake stood up and stepped out of the tub, helping me out.  As we made our way to the bedroom, he threw the condom into the waste can.  Although we were still wet, we just tumbled into the bed, wrapping ourselves in each other's arms, kissing gently.

“Wow,” I said softly.  “I believe I have had enough sex to last me a few months,”

“I think you have one more left in you,” he told me lightly rubbing the palm of his hand across my still damp, swollen pussy.  “We are going to rest for a bit, have some breakfast, and then have one for the road.”

“What do you mean one for the road?”  I asked.

“I received my discharge papers yesterday and I am flying out later this afternoon,” Jake told me as he lightly kissed me.  “And you have given me a great send-off babe.  I will never forget it…or you.”

Then it hit me, I was just a conquest to him and I let him make me that.  A part of me was mad as hell at him because I realized that he had planned this seduction last night and it being my birthday made it easier for him to work his way into my apartment and into my panties…several times.  The sad thing is that I enjoyed it and if I should be mad at anyone it should be me, not him.  I wanted so much to slap his face but then another part of me wanted ‘one for the road’ to help missing Derrick a little less painful.  How I would handle it when he came home I would deal with then?  I figured that since I let him seduce me, and no matter what, nothing would change it, I might as well take advantage of it.

For the rest of the day, we spent it together in bed, having not one but two more for the road.  When it was time for him to leave I walked him to the door, kissing him softly on the lips.

“You know Jake you are nothing more than a scoundrel, seducing vulnerable young women.  I am sure I am not the first nor will I be the last.  You will always do it as long as your cock works.  You took advantage of me but I could have stopped it before it even started.  Thanks for a great time. Have a safe flight home Jake,” I said as I kissed him.

“I may be a scoundrel but I am damn good between the sheets and in the shower, and you are right, I love to seduce younger women.  You all are what keeps my cock working.”  Jake said as he gave me a mock salute and walked over to his apartment to get his stuff ready to go.

I shut the door and went over to sink down on the couch, my body sated but aching.  I knew that at some point I would have to tell Derrick but not while he was deployed.  I laid back, drifting off when the laptop pinged, indicating I had a Skype call coming in.  I jumped up, plastered a smile on my face, expecting it to be one of my friends who had forgotten that yesterday was my birthday and was calling to wish me a belated birthday.  To my surprise it was Derrick.

“Derrick, what a surprise,” I said, glad that Jake had already left.  “I love you,”

“I love you too babe.  Sorry, I was not there to celebrate your birthday with you but we will make up for that when I get home.”  Derrick said.  “I got a little free time so wanted to touch base with you and let you know that you are my mind.  Did you enjoy dinner with Jake?”

“It was great but would have been better with you.”

We talked a few minutes more and then signed off.  I sighed and took a deep breath that I was able to pull it off and not break down and confess my unfaithfulness to Derrick.  He had enough to worry about without that on his mind.  I decided to grab my purse and go out to get some supper.

As Derrick clicked off Skype, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and a soft sexy voice asks, “Is everything, okay babe?  Are you ready to come back to bed?”

Derrick stood up, and stripped off, glad that he was able to fool Brittany and not have her ask any questions about him doing a SKYPE call from a different location.  He felt bad about breaking his promise but after all, he was a man with sexual needs.