“Jade,” Cindy began as soon as she climbed in the car, “can we bake dad some cookies when we get home? I want to bake his favorite, peanut butter with peanut butter chips.”

Jade thought a moment as she looked over to make sure Cindy was buckled in before she eased into traffic with all the other parents who were picking their kids up at school. “We are going to have to stop at the store and pick up some peanut butter chips.  Do you have much homework?”

“I have a page of math problems and a chapter to read so about the same,” she told her.  Cindy was in the third grade at Parkview and was definitely dad’s little girl.  “So can we?”

“Sure and while the cookies are baking you can sit at the breakfast bar and work on your homework. Deal?” Jade asked, a smile crossing her face.

“Yeah,” Cindy said wiggling in the seat.  “Is dad working now or on-call?  Can we take the cookies to him if he is working?  Please! He needs something to eat.”

“Your dad is working until three in the morning and we will see about taking some to him,” Jade said glancing over at Cindy. Seeing her lower lip sticking out, Jade knew that she was sulking.  “Cynthia Diane, stop the sulking right now or we will just go home.  Understand?

“Yes jade,” she mumbled.

When they got to the grocery, Cindy had pretty much got over her little snit and had a big smile on her face, looking forward to getting the stuff to make her dad some cookies…and maybe the nurses in the ER where her dad worked as a trauma doctor.

They got what they needed and headed home. After getting the batter ready, they put the cookies on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven.  Cindy immediately got her homework out of her book bag.  By the time all the cookies were done and sitting on the cooling racks, Cindy had her homework done.  Jade fixed them a quick supper and by seven, they had packed up three containers of cookies and were headed to the hospital.

After parking, Jade pulled out her phone and called Mark, her dad.  When he answered, Jade, said, “Hi, are you really busy, or do you have time for a visit from your little princess?”

“I have time,”

As they walked up to the ER, Cindy spotted her dad outside sitting on a bench.  She squealed and ran toward him.  Mark stood up, catching her in his arms, barely missing getting hit in the face with the container of cookies she had in her hand.

“What do you have there kitten?” he asked kissing her forehead.  “It smells like peanut butter,”

“Jade and I made you and the nurses some of your favorite cookies,”

“What if I want to eat them all myself.  They are my favorite and your dad is starved,”

“No,” Cindy stated, “you always told me to share if I have plenty and you have plenty,”

Jade laughed and then said, “She has you there Mark,”

“Alright, if I have to share I will,” he said with his lower lips sticking out, pretty much as Cindy did earlier.  Looking at Jade he said, “Thank you.  Anything you need?”

“No.  After I drop Cindy off at school I am going to do the weekly shopping.  I will leave it on the breakfast bar so if you think of anything, please write it down.  I also got the menus done for next week if you want to take a look at them,”

“Jade, you know me.  Anything is fine. It is not like I am home all that much to eat anyway. As long as Jade is happy with what you are serving, it is fine,”

“Alright,” Jade said taking a seat on the bench to give them time to visit.  She knew how hard it was to get any time with each other and if she could help give them more time together she did.

Mark sat down on the bench beside her, pulling Cindy down on his left leg.  At first, she let him get in some snuggles and then she pushed him away.  “Dad, I am a big girl,”

Mark laughed as he opened the box, took out one, and took a big bite.  He grabbed at his chest, and said, “Take me to the ER.  I think she poisoned me,”

“Daddy you are so silly,” Cindy said laughing.

“Give dad a hug because this is a school night and you need to get some sleep,”

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Cindy hugged her dad and Jade gave him the other two containers of cookies before they left for home.  During the following week, Jade started to notice a change in Mark. He was more withdrawn and just seemed to be going through the motions of living each day.  Thankfully Cindy was too wrapped up in the thought of a sleepover at her best friend’s house that Friday to notice anything.

Jade had been working for Mark for six months and generally, they kept their conversations friendly but not personal.  She decided that maybe it was time for her to get a bit personal and see if Mark would care to share with her what was bothering him before Cindy noticed.  This Friday would be perfect.  He was due home around five o’clock so she would fix something special for supper.

When he came into the house that Friday evening, he could hear country music softly playing in the background and the smell of something heavenly coming from the kitchen.   He had given her the okay to have friends over as long as his daughter was not neglected so Mark figured that is what she was doing.  Slipping off his shoes, he started to make his way up the stairs to shower and then go out to eat.

“Supper will be ready in about 15 minutes,” Jade hollered from the kitchen. “You have enough time to shower,”

“Okay,” he called back, wondering how in the world she heard him when he was trying to be super quiet.  Poor Cindy doesn’t stand a chance to get in trouble with that kind of hearing.

When Jade had applied to his ad, Mark was hesitant at first because she was so young, only twenty-five, but she and Cindy seemed to hit it off right from the start so he decided to give her a try. It was the best decision he had ever made.  He quickly showered and headed down to the kitchen, his stomach grumbling as the smells hit his nose.

“Something sure smells good in here but then your cooking always does.  Did Cindy get off okay?”

“Yes, Sylvia’s mom picked them both up from school,” she told him putting the meal on the table.  Opening up the refrigerator, Jade took out a beer, opened it, and handed it to Mark.  “You are off tomorrow and not on call, so have a beer and relax,” getting one for herself too.

After supper, Jade put everything away and loaded the dishwasher.  She got them another beer and they headed for the living room, both sitting at opposite ends of the couch.  Jade tucked her feet up under her, trying to figure how to broach the subject without jeopardizing her job.  Finally, she decided to just say what was on her mind and hope for the best.

Mark watched Jade out of the corner of his eye, trying to figure out what was going on in her head.  I hope she is not going to quit. That would devastate Cindy.  Maybe I am not paying her enough for all she does around here.  His thoughts were broken into by Jade clearing her throat.  He waited anxiously to hear what was on her mind; hoping for the best but expecting the worse.

“Ah…Mark, I am not trying to be nosy or get too personal but I have noticed you seem a little off lately and before you ask, no Cindy has not noticed it yet.  I am a good listener if you want to talk,” Jade said looking at him with a sheepish smile.

“Thank you and yes, I realize I have been a little off, as you so nicely put it,” Mark told her.  “Being a trauma doctor for twenty years you would think I would be used to anything but…”

Jade sat there, sipping her beer, patiently waiting for Mark to continue.

“Last Monday two kids around Cindy’s age came into the ER.  They had been beaten and starved and neither made it.”  Mark told her.  “Their mom was charged with murder.  How in the world can a parent do that to their children I have no idea.  They were so young and had their whole lives ahead of them,”

Without thinking, Jade put her beer on the end table and scooted down the couch, wrapping her arms around Mark, holding him close.  For a moment, Mark just sat there, letting her comfort him.  It had been so long since anyone had cared about him.   When she sat back, they looked at each other before they leaned toward each other, their lips meeting at first in a gentle kiss, then with more passion.

When they broke apart, Mark said, “Sorry Jade. I had no right to take advantage of you when you were just trying to comfort me as a friend,”

Jade was quiet for a moment and then said, “Don’t be.  I kissed you back,”

They sat in silence, still looking at each other, both wanting to say something but afraid to do so.  Neither one wanted to make their working relationship uncomfortable if they went down that path and it didn’t work out.

Well do I make the move or not? I am going for it even I get slapped for it.  Mark turned and put his empty bottle on the end table and then reached out, putting his fingers under her chin as he leaned in and kissed her again.

Jade scooted even closer, her arms around his neck as they sat there kissing for several long minutes.  Mark gently pushed her back and stood up, offering her his hand, letting the decision be hers.  Without hesitation, Jade accepted the outstretched hand and let him lead her to the bedroom.  She was not sure just how it would affect her job but at the moment, that was the farthest thing from her mind.

Although Mark was twice her age, she didn’t care. Jade was not sure just when she started to have feelings for him but she just knew that she did.  Jade would never have acted on them because she didn’t want to jeopardize her job but when he offered her what she wanted, Jade did not hesitate to say yes.

Once in the bedroom, they slowly undressed each other.  As he slipped her blouse off her shoulders, Mark leaned down and planted kisses from her earlobe to her shoulder and then down to the swells of her breasts.  He reached behind her, unclasping her bra, letting it drop to the floor as he lifted her breasts in his hands. Leaning down he kissed each one, taking time to suckle her nipples.

Jade moaned and grasp handfuls of his hair, pulling him closer to her.  After several minutes, he back off and pulled his tee-shirt off, and tossed it aside. As he unfastened his jeans Mark saw that she was doing the same to her jeans.

“Are you sure?” Mark asked one last time. He didn’t want her to feel obligated just because he was her employer and he was a bit off-kilter and needed some comforting.

Stepping up to his naked body, Jade dropped to her knees, taking him in hand, kissing him from the head to the base and back before she pulled him between her lips, her tongue working his cock over as he stood there and moaned.  As she licked and sucked on him, her hand reached under him and massaged his balls. Taking him to just the point where she could taste his pre-cum. she stood up, crooking her finger at him as she walked over to the bed, pulling the covers back.

Mark watched her ass sway back and forth as she walked away, his cock twitching at the sight before him.  It had been a long time and he just hoped he would not cum too fast and embarrass himself.  He forced his feet to move and soon joined her in bed.  Pulling her in his arms, they began to kiss and explore each other’s bodies. Mark kissed his way down her body until he was between her legs.

He licked her slit, pushing his tongue as far inside as he could get it before he pushed a couple of fingers inside, moving in and out slowly as his tongue flicked over her clit.  Jade felt her body heating up, her inner core twitching. Jade began to wiggle and moan as he pushed her closer and closer to the edge, finally succeeding.  Jade let out a screech as her juices covered his face. When he finally felt her body relax Mark moved up beside her, pulling her into his arms, hugging her.

As they laid there, it hit him that he was unsure if he had any condoms as it had been so long and if he did, would they be any good.  Shit, this is sure going to ruin things,

“Penny for your thoughts,” Jade said breaking into his thoughts.

“Ah…I am not prepared.  I don’t have any condoms,” he stated.  “I need to get dressed and run to the pharmacy to get some,”

“Okay, I will be waiting so hurry up,”

Mark jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed. Within thirty minutes Mark was back, waving a pack of condoms in the air.  “Damn, that felt a bit weird.  I haven’t had any need for them in several years.”

“Well, neither one planned this,” Jade said, waiting for him to join her.

Mark quickly undressed, put the pack of condoms on the nightstand, and joined her in bed.  As they kissed, Jade reached down and began to stroke him, his hands playing with her nipples.  Pushing him on his back, Jade straddled his face while she leaned down to take his cock in her mouth.  Spreading her lips, Mark began to lick her slit, his tongue rubbing over her clit.

Jade took him as far into her mouth as she could and then move back slowly to the head, repeating it several times, feeling his cock getting harder with each stroke.  What Mark was doing to her pussy almost to the point of distracting her from what she was doing.   Getting to the edge, Jade pulled away and maneuvered herself on the other side of Mark, grabbing the box of condoms, getting one out.

It had been quite a while since she had put one on a man so she hoped that she remembered how.  Opening it, she stretched it over him and then straddled him, teasing just the head with her warm wet pussy.  Mark closed his eyes, moaning at the sensual feeling that was coursing through his body, every nerve ending seeming like it was on fire.  As she sank lower and lower, Mark strained to relax and enjoy the ride and not cum too fast.

Very slowly, Jade began to move, squeezing and releasing his cock with each stroke building both of them to an ultimate release. Increasing the speed of her movements, both of them started to breathe harder and deeper.

“Oh yes,” Mark moaned as his body heated up. Needing more, he reached up, put his hands on her waist, and flipped her to the bed, driving himself in hard and fast. Her legs wrapped themselves around his waist, pulling him in as deep as she could get him.

It was not long before she found herself tumbling over the edge, closing her eyes, feeling the world around her tilting sideways as she covered his cock with her juices.  Getting close, Mark pumped in harder until he let out a low growl, finding his release.

They laid there, joined together as he softened inside of her, sharing little kisses.  Realizing that he must be squishing her, Mark pulled out and rolled to the side, removing the condom, tying it up, and dumping it in the trash can by the nightstand.  Jade laid there, eyes closed, enjoying the way her body was feeling at the moment.

“Jade,” Mark began softly, “are you okay?  Any regrets?”

“I am okay and no regrets,” she assured him, rolling on her side to face him, leaning in to give him a gentle kiss. “That was awesome,”

“Thank you.  See, the old man can still perform,” he teased her.

Jade playfully smacked his stomach and laughed. “Well, I just hope the old man is not a one-trick pony,”

“He is not but he needs some time to rest,” Mark told her as he reached out to pull her closer.

They snuggled down and soon Jade drifted off to sleep but Mark laid there, wide awake as his mind went back over the last few hours.  When he had hired her, it was for Cindy but now it was for him too.  He had no idea how to talk to Cindy about the change in his and Jade’s relationship but he could deal with that tomorrow.  Tonight it was about them and what they wanted and needed.

Pulling her closer, Mark soon joined Jade in a night of restful sleep, for once his mind was clear and he was no longer stressed.