Since my 23rd birthday party, life has never been the same again. As a young man, I had to face a lot of challenges, especially with my education. I was bright at school but that made no difference because I did not have money to proceed. On my birthday, I had called my friends and decided to share with them my story and what I was going through. I told them that I had embarked on full-time weight lifting and bodybuilding because I had no chance to continue with education. All of them sympathized with me and promised to do something sooner or later.

Together with the guests was my adorable neighbor. She was around thirty but she looked like sweet sixteen. She was curvy, with a smooth face, flat tummy, and a thin waist. Nothing big went between us but I felt attracted to her most of the time. However, I refrained from asking her because she was already older than me. I was very composed of her and did not give much attention because I had a lot of friends. At the birthday party that happened at my house, very many things happened and everyone raved.

We ate cake, broiled steak, and grilled chicken. Music was loud enough and alcohol was all over the table. Young men and women got wild and they were very excited about the experience. I also drunk to my fill and was out of this world. It was not easy to handle and I cannot even tell how people left after the party. I had drunk out of control and the only person who was left in the house was my neighbor. She was very caring and wanted to ensure that the compound was clear before she would leave for her house.

The last thing I can remember was that she was the only one left after my friends went home. The following morning was a puzzle to me because I found myself clean with changed clothes on the bed. I was sleeping in bed with clean clothes and I was wondering how it even happened in the first place. As I was trying to reason how it happened, I heard a knock at my door and I rushed to open. It was my neighbor and she was erotically dressed in a manner that was very suggestive. She was wearing a clear dress and nothing else inside. I could see the formation of her thighs and even upper.

I quickly enquired what she wanted and she was there to just inform me that she was the one who had dressed me up last night. I could not believe what was coming from her mouth. How did she even do it and what was the motive. I was very embarrassed because my boxers were even clean and hanging at the cloth line to dry. She was looking very confident and I knew she had seen it all. I asked why she had to go that far but she just laughed.

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I was left wondering what had driven her to that extent but inside, I felt happy. I could not show it outright but I was satisfied that she had unveiled my big uncut dick. I had always been confident about my size and I took advantage of how women felt crazily in love with it. In my mind, I knew the neighbor had seen, touched, and maybe even tried to roll my foreskin. That notwithstanding, I knew that her time would come and I would take full advantage of what had driven her crazy.

Later that day, I decided to fantasize about my bed. I stripped on my dick and started touching it from the base. As soon as I started rolling my foreskin back and forth, I felt aroused. I had started to achieve an erection and then a call came through. It was my neighbor. She called as if it was a coincidence and because I had locked the door, there was no reason for dressing up. I asked what she wanted and she spoke in a very composed but soft voice. She said that there was something she would want to tell me if I did not mind.

She asked whether I had liked the color of boxers she had chosen from the wardrobe. It is as if she wanted to dwell on the topic of dressing and undressing. I was not in the mood of communicating because I was in the middle of jerking. I quickly turned her off by stating that I would call later because I was in the middle of something. She requested that I allow her to hues what I was doing and she would allow me to continue. I promptly agreed and she was right in her guess. I was jerking and she stated categorically that I was jerking.

She was audible enough in the call and I could not believe that she was not peeping. She was in her house and I wondered how she had known. However, I dismissed it but she urged me to continue. She said I had big manhood and that got me even more aroused. she was sounding very funny from the other end I thought to myself that maybe she was also having a similarly good time. True to her prediction, I continued with jerking and finally released. She laughed and applauded me for doing that. How? How could that be?

I felt frightened and confused at the same time. All my life, I had never met someone who so accurate about a guess that I was involved. I used to think that such people only existed in wizard worlds but I was wrong. There was one in my neighborhood. Deep from the inside, I decided that I would give it another trial after I regained energy just be sure whether it was a coincidence or not. On the evening of the same day, I rushed into my bedroom with a very strong urge to jerk. I was doing for the sake of confirmation because she was very accurate the first time.

As soon as I started applying the massage oil on my balls, another call came through. It was her. I was frightened to death and this really got me confused. She told me what I was doing and exactly what I was wearing. I begged to know how she was aware of my moves but she promised to only disclose if I had to do one thing. What was that thing? To allow a video chat with her and it would turn the whole experience. Out of desperation to know what the hell was happening, I agreed to her demands.

I opened the video call and what I saw caught me astonished. She was also naked in bed and was rubbing her thick pussy. I had all along desired to touch and massage her big thighs. She was looking very sexy and that got me very aroused. She had toys on the bed but none of the toys matched my size. She begged that we video sex and that she had been looking forward to that. I agreed and we quickly began to talk dirty. Everyone was making efforts to climax the other as we gave ourselves strokes.

We treated each other from far but it felt like it was just near. I had heard of such instances but this was my very first experience. I enjoyed the way she inserted toys and imitated how I could do it if given the juicy pussy to enjoy. We went on for about seven minutes when she released the first cum and screamed aloud. That alone intensified my arousal and I could not handle it anymore. I quickly released mine and it also came with a loud scream. I was breathing heavily and was very happy. I had been satisfied.

We scheduled a meeting that evening so that we could speak. In that meeting, she promised to tell me what had happened and how the hell she was able to trace my moves. The meeting was conditional and that was agreed that I had to visit her house as the meeting venue. I was waiting for the time was eager to share many more details of what looked like a promising and exciting affair. At the agreed time, I prepared myself and showed up at her door.

When I arrived, the door was still open she responded that I find her in the bedroom when I knocked. I proceeded straight to where the voice was coming from. I could not believe what I saw again because I found sleeping on her bed naked. She was lifting her legs up as if she was in press-up training. That got my erection straight instantly. I was sure that what would follow was wild sex. Even before I could get near her, I saw a large screen on the side of the wall that was showing my bedroom. What? She had already installed a surveillance camera in my bedroom on the day of the birthday party. She had since been monitoring my activities in the bedroom. Even before I could react, she grabbed me by my cock, stripped of the pants, and started sucking it.