As the sun rose in the East, Wyatt crawled out of his small tent and stretched, breathing in the cool morning air as he watched the sunrise.

“Hey lazy bones, you are missing a great sunrise,” he hollered at Alex, who was still in his tent.

“You’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all,” he answered back sleepily.  “Call me when you have the coffee ready.”

Wyatt shook his head and went to turn on their little gas stove.  Once he had it going, he put on a pot of water for instant coffee.  It was not something either of them liked to drink but it would do for a weekend of roughing it, as Alex called it.  Alex and his mom moved from the big city to his small country town to live with Alex’s grandmother after his father died. Wyatt’s family lived next door to Alex’s grandmother and the two boys soon became fast friends.

Once the water was boiling, Wyatt fixed them each a cup of coffee and then yelled, “Coffee is on,” as he sat down in one of the camp chairs after putting the coffees and a box of doughnuts on a small table between the chairs.  A few minutes later, Alex crawled out of his tent, stretching and yawning.

Wyatt sat there, looking at Alex, wishing that he had the balls to tell his best friend what was on his mind but he did not want to ruin their friendship.  Yes, Wyatt knew that Alex was gay; in fact, he was the one that Alex first came out to in twelfth grade before he told his mom and grandmother.

“Man, this is not the time or place to be so deep in thought,” Alex said sitting down in the chair.  “You know we agreed that all thoughts of business or other serious stuff were left at home,”

“I know but was thinking of the trail we choose to hike today,” Wyatt lied.

“Are you chickening out?” Alex asked, grabbing him a chocolate doughnut.  “Don’t forget, I am the city boy here.  I should be the one doing that,”

“No, I am not chickening out,” Wyatt assured him. “I am just wondering how far I will have to carry you to the lookout so you can rest up to come back down,”

“Shit,” Alex said as he threw a piece of doughnut at Wyatt.  “This coffee is pretty good all things considering.  You are going to make the perfect wife someday,”

Wyatt looked at him and just laughed.  “Doubt if I will ever marry but I know mom and dad are hoping otherwise because they want grandkids from me and Jenny,”

Alex turned and looked at Wyatt, studying him as he sipped on his coffee. I wonder….no that is not possible.  If he was he would have come out…at least to me.

“Hey, Earth to Alex,” Wyatt said breaking into his thoughts.  “Guess we should think about getting started if we want to reach the lookout at a reasonable hour,”

Alex finished his coffee, snagged another doughnut, and went to his tent to get his backpack while Wyatt turned off the stove and got his backpack.  In fifteen minutes, their camp was secure and they were heading up the trail, Wyatt leading the way.  As they walked single file up the trail, Alex found himself watching Wyatt’s ass slightly sway from side to side.  The longer he watched him, the more his cock hardened.  Alex knew he should not feel this way toward his straight friend but he couldn’t help himself.  He knew he was attracted to Wyatt from the first day they met but as far as he was concerned, his attraction would remain his secret.

They stopped several times on their way to the lookout to drink some water and catch their breath.

“Damn, I knew this was a steep path but never realized it was this steep and rocky,” Alex commented, drawing in deep breaths of air. “No wonder it is not a popular trail to hike,”

“Wuss,” Wyatt teased.  “Should not be that much farther to the top,”

Both took another drink of water and then pushed on; this time it was Alex who took the lead.  Within ten minutes, they were at the lookout, which looked out over the forest below them.

“Wow, the view is spectacular,” Alex said as he looked around.  “Well worth the hike.  The solitude is awesome.”

“Great place to get your freak on if you are into outdoor sex,” Wyatt commented without thinking.

Hearing him say that, Alex just looked at him, feeling his cock give a little jerk as the image of Wyatt’s lips wrapped around his cock or his around Wyatt’s flashed through his mind.  Quickly he shook his head trying to get rid of the image before he did something rash and screwed up their friendship.  Little did he know that Wyatt was thinking along the same tracks but like Alex, he was afraid of saying anything and possibly being rejected or messing up a long friendship if things did not work out.

They both stood there in silence, lost in their own thoughts, enjoying the view around them.  Suddenly, as if one mind, they turned toward each other, both speaking at the same time, causing them to laugh.

“Go ahead, Wyatt.  Age before beauty,” Alex teased.

Wyatt took a deep breath, thinking, it is now or never.  I have kept this in long enough and it is killing me to keep this to myself.  Deciding actions spoke louder than words, he walked over to Alex and turned him to face him. Putting his hands on his shoulders, he leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips, then stepped back.

Alex reached out and pulled Wyatt back, his lips claiming his in a deep kiss, his arm hooking around Wyatt’s waist as he rubbed himself against him.  Surprised by Alex’s aggressive kiss at first, Wyatt did not return the kiss but then he was kissing him back just as hard, both their tongues doing a frenzied dance. All the pent up passion they had both been holding back for each other came out in that kiss.

Wyatt managed to get his arms around Alex, squeezing his ass as he ground himself against Alex.  Finally, they broke apart, staring at each other, neither one knowing what to say.  Taking Wyatt by the hand, Alex led him off the path to a small patch of grass near the edge of the lookout.  He sat down, pulling Wyatt with him.

They took their backpacks off and laid them aside. They came together again, kissing and undressing each other, the air cool on their sexually heated bodies as they tossed their clothes to the side.  Once naked, Wyatt reached between them and began to stroke Alex, feeling him getting harder with each stroke.

Alex pulled away and pushed Wyatt on his back. Leaning over him, he swirled his tongue over his cock, and then blew hot air over it, causing Wyatt to moan, his cock standing at attention.  Taking just the head in his mouth, he licked and sucked his way to the base and back up again, his hands massaging Wyatt’s balls.  Wyatt reached out and started to pump Alex’s cock like he would his own.

Taking Wyatt to the edge, he stopped and laid back, his hand replacing his mouth.  For a few minutes, they laid there, just stroking each other off.  Wyatt then moved to his knees, his mouth encircling Alex’s cock, trying to imitate what Alex had been doing to him.  Although Alex sensed this was Wyatt’s first time, his mouth was magical and within a few minutes, he could feel his balls tightening.

“Wyatt, I am ready to cum,” Alex warned him.  “If you don’t want to swallow, pump me off,”

Wyatt could taste the saltiness of his pre-cum and continued what he was doing.

“I want your cock,” Alex moaned.

They maneuvered around to where they were both on their sides in the 69 position.  Alex took Wyatt’s cock in his mouth, his hands going to his balls while Wyatt did the same to Alex.  Soon they could feel their balls tightening.  Alex tightened his lips around Wyatt’s cock, sucking hard, and soon he was rewarded by Wyatt shooting down his throat.  Soon Alex was giving Wyatt the same reward.

When they had drained each other, Wyatt turned around and they laid there in silence staring up at the sky.  Alex reached out, found Wyatt’s hand, squeezing it.

“I have no regrets and hope you don’t either. I have been attracted to you for years,”

“I have only one regret and that is not telling you sooner,” Wyatt said.

They got up, got dressed, and started back to their camp to continue what was started at the lookout on their comfortable air mattresses in one of their tents.