Lisa was the best nurse that I ever encountered my whole life. My childhood life was spent in the hospital until I was the age of fifteen. I had several severe conditions that needed the constant attention of medical practitioners. When I attained the age of 14, I was disappointed because the doctors said I could not be circumcised. I had a very low ability to heal and used to bleed continuously. I had received donated blood more than twenty times in 12 years. When I enquired, I was told that it was in the genetic make-up and that nothing could have been done about it.

At the age of twenty, I went back to the hospital as I was admitted because of a serious dementia problem. It did not go far before I got a very good nurse. The nurse was indeed helpful and everything she did for me was highly appreciated. I was able to share about my past conditions and the experiences that I had gone through my entire life. Having been born and brought up in abject poverty, I felt incomplete. The condition was even made worse by the fact that I had spent many years hospitalized.

I found solace in this nurse because she used to take her time and listen to me without interrupting. I was always happy when she was around because I could pour out my heart to her. It happened that I shared with her the story of not being circumcised like the boys of my age. I really felt that something big was really missing in my life. I had even developed several cases of recurrent dementia but never forgot the fact that I was not circumcised. When she had heard enough of my cut stories, she decided to advise me accordingly.

At the age of twenty, I was an adult and she had to tell it to me straight in my eyes. She was maybe thirty and I looked younger. She was fond of asking me whether I had had a girlfriend before and my response was always no. I had crushed for many girls but I was dead sure that none of them would fall for a sickly weak man. I knew that and I had no problem. When I found ladies like the nurse who was ready to listen to me, I was always grateful. I took it as an opportunity to explore greatness which I perceived to be the opposite sex.

I had had several instances of wet dreams and I kept on the longing that they would happen again. One day, I decided to ask the nurse what it was all about and the response was equally shocking. He asked me whether I was involved in any sexual affair and obvious the answer was no. I had not encountered women but it was because I did not even have a chance. If I had one, I would surely have explored it accordingly. I was very happy about communicating with her because she promised that she would help me out.

From that week, she started reporting to work wearing erotically especially when she was attending to me. I felt as something had changed and I was more attracted to her. I did not even know whether I had fallen in love with her. She would allow me to see her cleavage was suggestive. Other times, she would bend as if she was looking for something and I could see her panty from the lifted short skirts. It made me more interested in her but I was not even sure about what was happening. It was just an intense feeling that came.

Any time she would allow me to see the cleavage; I realized that I started to feel something close to what I had experienced in the wet dream. One day, I reached out to my penis and realized that it had become hard and erect. I quickly called the nurse and thought that maybe there was a problem. My biggest concern was that nothing worthwhile had transpired to what I was thinking to be another medical issue. I felt relieved when the nurse explained to me that it was actually an erection and not a sickness. She assured me that there was no need to raise an alarm because it was normal.

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That alone made me feel great and more especially when she explained to me that it was sexual excitement. She informed me that I was ready for a sexual encounter because I had already attained the age of maturity. The more she explained, the more I saw like a goddess. She was not mean with information and I knew that something great would come out of that connection. As soon as she explained, I asked her whether she would want to see it and she looked shy. She promised that she would look at it the following day and that she found it necessary, she would even give me a massage.

I did not sleep that evening as I fantasized about what I was going to encounter the following day. My goddess the nurse was going to take care of me. I felt very encouraged and I knew that something great was going to take place. Early the next morning, I took a warm shower and went back to bed. I was clean and ready for inspection and examination from the nurse. As soon as she arrived, she asked me to stripe off because the examination was going to take about half an hour. I did it fast without questioning and it was a breathtaking moment.

As usual, she was wearing a very short skirt and whenever she bent down, I could even see her red panty. Again, she had not buttoned the three top buttons of her blouse. That gave me a very nice view of her big teats and I felt very excited. I was very excited and she knew I was. As long as I can remember, no one had seen my dick. In fact, I was embarrassed from time to time especially by the thought of having an intact one. To me, I preferred to see it cut as those of my age mates.

When I finished stripping, I went back to bed immediately and the nurse asked me to use a light to cover myself. Even after covering myself, I could still see my dick rising as if it wanted to take the sheet if. The nurse realized that I already was erect but ignored it. She constantly encouraged me to be calm and that there was nothing to be embarrassed about. She was mixing a series of chemicals and that made it look like it was a procedure.

After she was through, she took off the gloves and rubbed her hands against each other. She applied some jelly on her hands and continued to rub until the hands were warm. She then took a bottle of oil and poured a little on the palm of her hands. All that time, I was waiting with anxiety because I was not sure how she was going to examine it. I was in fact losing my patient. Even before I said something, she came closer to the bed and covered it all around with curtains. She then took the oil and the jelly then placed them next to the bed.

It was a very intense moment for me and I was indeed breathing heavily. She asked me to lie flat on my belly and cautioned that I had to be keen on the instructions she was giving. I agreed and that was the beginning of a very fulfilling experience. She quickly reached out to my dick and cleared it off the sheet. She could see it standing firm facing upwards. I would have traded anything to have such an experience and I was grateful that the time had come. The nurse reached out to my dick and I could feel her soft hands on it.

There was a clear fluid coming from the tip of my dick. He applied some oil and started giving me a massage. She was rolling my foreskin and I was all along with mourning. I was feeling great and she could tell that I was really enjoying it. My skin rolled and I felt very aroused. it was like she had done it so many times. My heart was pounding harder and harder as she continued. She was a mistress in the game and the whole thing turned out great. I was really impressed by the way she was moving her hands up and down.

After a few strokes of jerking me, I started feeling a vibration for far. I was actually vibrating and I felt like I was about to fly. My skin became numb and I started breathing faster. My heart was beating even faster and I could not understand what was happening. It was like she had injected me with something out of this world. I suddenly felt power leaving me and a cream liquid spilled from my dick. It was exactly the way I had felt sometimes back in a wet dream but this time in a better version.