Abigail sat at her dressing table, staring at herself in the mirror.  As she rubbed her hand gently over her cheeks she found her mind wandering.  Who is this old woman staring back at me?  Where did she come from? Is this why Charles is always whoring around with younger women?  I  am not attractive enough to want to have sex with.

“Abigail, are you about ready?  We have to leave in ten minutes. You know we cannot be late, “Charles yelled up the stairs.

“I will be there in five minutes,” as she hurriedly applied her makeup. He is not worried so much about us being late.  He is worried about keeping his latest whore waiting.  He is afraid she will find someone else.  Abigail applied her lipstick, took one last look, and stood up, smoothing down the hem of her dress.

When she made her way down the stairs, she saw him anxiously pacing the entryway at the bottom of the stairs.  Hearing her footsteps, he stopped and looked up with a scowl on his face.

“It is about time Abigail,” he stated.  “I do not know why you insist on us being late to these dinners,”

“Relax Charles, your little whore will still be there when we get there,” Abigail commented as she walked by him.

“Abigail, we have been over this time and again, you are the only woman in my life,” he said following her out.

“Whatever,” she replied, settling down in the front seat.

They drove to the fundraiser in silence; the same way that the past few years had been…silent and only talking when necessary.  She knew deep down she should end this farce of marriage but could not take that first step.  When they arrived at the hotel convention center, Abigail allowed him to take her arm and escort her into the room.  It was all the same as the hundreds of fundraisers they had attended throughout their twenty-year marriage.  They were just raising money for a different cause.  You go in, smile, eat a tasteless dinner, socialize, dance, and then go home.  Abigail could almost do the in her sleep.

Almost as soon as they stepped into the room, Charles abandoned her.  She knew he was searching for his latest whore.  Abigail used to discreetly follow him to get a glimpse of his latest one but had stopped doing that a couple of years ago.  She let him have his fun as long as the money kept flowing in to keep her happy.  As she glanced around the room to find someone she knew to talk to, Abigail had the sense that someone was watching her.  Glancing around again, she saw a young man she had not seen before looking in her direction.  I raised my glass of champagne and smiled.  She smiled back as she snagged a glass of champagne from a passing waiter.

She moved farther into the room and when she looked up again, I was still watching her. I could tell that beautiful creature knew that I was watching her by her body language and the way she would glance over her shoulder.  I slowly made my way toward her. I just had to get to know her.

Abigail knew that she should ignore this stranger’s blatant staring but she found it exciting.  It had been a while since a man had stared at her so boldly.  She continued to move around the room talking to her friends, wishing the night was over with.  Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted Charles talking to a woman.  When she looked in his direction, Abigail noticed how he had his hand on her hip.  That is his latest whore.  Can he not be so obvious?  From out of nowhere, the urge to go over and slap both of them reared its ugly head.

“Hello pretty lady, you look like you are ready for another glass of champagne,” I said taking the empty from her hand and replacing it with a full one.

Not bothering to say thank you, Abigail quickly downed it, looking for the waiter to get another one.  Putting her empty glass on a passing waiter’s tray, she grabbed a fresh one, drinking half of it in one drink.

Finally, getting the urge to slap her husband and his whore under control, she looked up at the man who had brought her the first one and realized it was the stranger who had been watching her.  “Thank you,”\

“You are welcome,” I said looking down at her, especially her left hand.  I did not do single women as they were more trouble than they were worth.  Unhappily married women were ideal for a one-night stand and from the look on her face, she fit the criteria perfectly.

We stood there exchanging small talk until dinner was served.  After dinner, I roamed the room until I spotted her standing off by herself, staring across the room at an older man and a younger woman.  I wonder if they are the ones responsible for the scowl on her face.  Now is the time to strike.

I walked up and whispered in her ear, “I have a room here at the hotel.  Would you like to see it?”

She stared at me for a few seconds and then said, “Sure, let’s go.  Lead the way,” figuring if Charles was getting some on the side it was high time for her to do the same.  Abigail did not take into consideration that she was half-drunk and not thinking clearly but a handsome man was wanting to have sex with her and that is all that mattered.

We quietly walked out of the fundraiser and I led her to my room on the sixth floor.  Once inside, before I had a chance to make my move, she launched herself at me.  I caught her in my arms as she wrapped her legs around my waist, her lips tight against mind.  I held her close, kissing her as hard as she was kissing me.  I walked to the bed, carrying her, my hands squeezing her ass.  I dumped her on the bed and joined her.  We laid there for a few minutes, kissing and touching.

She gently pushed me away and scrambled off the bed.  She pulled off her clothes and dropped them on the floor.  Seeing me still laying there, she said, “Kind of hard to fuck with your cock still covered,” as she crawled back into bed.

I smiled and got up, shedding my clothes slowly while watching her rub her nipples, her tongue licking her lips.  I got back into bed and grabbed a nipple between my lips, tugging gently while my hand rubbed her mound.  I could feel just how wet she was already and it only made me harder.  Pushing her back on the bed, I kissed and licked my way down her body to her toes and then back up to her opening.  I spread her legs and ran my tongue up her slit. She jerked and almost came off the bed.

I slowly inserted two fingers inside of her, my tongue lapping at her clit.  I could hear soft moans coming from her mouth as she wiggled on the bed.  I continued what I was doing, working two more fingers deep inside of her.  I felt her body go rigid, and then she covered my face with her juices.  After what seemed like an eternity, her body went slack so I moved over to lean down and get a condom out of my pocket.  After I put it on, I moved back between her legs, rubbing it up and down against her pussy.

I leaned forward, claiming her lips before I moved my head down, licking her nipples, biting at them, sucking them as I continued to rub against her.

“I need you inside of me now,” she whispered as she pushed herself against me.

I guided myself inside of her, feeling her tightness surrounding my cock.  I began to slowly move in and out, each thrust inside a little harder than the last, her legs around my waist.  Abigail grabbed the cover in both fists, moaning as her orgasm built up inside of her.

Damn, it has been too long.  This feels so good.  Looking up at him, she said, “Harder, Fuck me harder,”

I pulled out and flipped her over, pulling her up to her knees.  Before she had the time to react, I was buried deep inside of her again,  I grabbed her ass, squeezing as I slammed in and out of her hard, pushing her upper body down against the bed.  I could feel her tighten around my cock and I slowed down, hearing her moan.  When she had calmed some, I started in again, taking her to just the edge, and then slowing down until I could hear her panting and begging me to let her cum.

I smacked her ass and started again, this time not stopping until I could hear her muffled scream after she buried her face in the pillow.  Her entire body was shaking and we were both covered in sweat, her juices flowing down her thighs.  I gave two more hard thrusts and found my release, pushing her down into the mattress.

After catching my breath, I rolled off her and lay on my back.  I took the condom off and dumped it in the trash without saying a word.  Abigail rolled on her side, kissing me.

“I am going to take a shower, get dressed, and go back to the fundraiser.  If you return, do not look at me or act like you know me.  This was just about sex,”

“Ah…sure,” I agreed.

Abigail gathered her clothes and went to take a shower.  After ten minutes, she came back out dressed.  Grabbing her purse, she opened and took out some money, throwing it on the bed.

“This is for your services,” as she headed for the door, quietly exiting.

I looked at the money on the bed, shocked to see five hundred dollars.  Smiling to myself, I thought, I think I have found my new profession.