I stood in the kitchen, a cup of coffee in my hand, staring out the window at my garden plot.  Some of the plants I had planted a few weeks ago were starting to poke their heads out of the ground.  Behind me, on the table, were the remnants of breakfast; dirty plates, Bob’s half-full coffee cup, butter, and jelly. On the stove was the baking tray I used to bake the biscuits and a frying pan I had fried eggs and bacon in.  The sink had the bowl I used to make biscuits.  This was an everyday occurrence and had been for 25 years.  Bob was the old fashion type that wanted two home-cooked meals during the week and three on weekends.  He had a successful farm and every summer he hired a couple of more farmhands to help with putting in and harvesting the crops.  They usually worked from May thru September.  When they arrived, that was the highlight of my year.

I had married Bob when I turned eighteen.  My parents had died in a head-on crash and left me the farm, which he now ran.  Bob was one of dad’s farmhands, 20 years older than me, and just before dad died he asked Bob to take care of me and help me run the farm.  When he asked me to marry him I agreed because at the time I didn’t know what to do except save the farm mom and dad had built.  For the first five years of the marriage, things were good, and then Bob lost interest in sex and if we did it once a week I was lucky.  This is why the arrival of the farmhands was so important.  One or more of them gave me the sex I craved.

I had just finished cleaning the kitchen when I heard a light knock on the front door. I wiped my hands on my apron as I made my way to the door.  As I approached the screen door I could feel my heart skip a beat at the sight of the Greek Adonis standing on the other side.  He stood about six feet tall, sandy blonde hair that just reached his shoulders and a radiant smile. Both his tee shirt and jeans hugged a body that I would not mind getting naked with.  I could feel my panties dampening just at the thought of him being naked.

“Good morning,” I said when I reached the screen door.”Are you one of the new farmhands?”

“Yes I am,” he told me removing his cowboy hat and holding it at his side. “My name is Tucker McKinney but you can call me Tuck.”

“My husband is in the barn.  Right out back is the bunkhouse where you will be staying,”

“Great, I will just park my pickup back there and then go to the barn to see your husband,” he said turning and going back to his truck.

I watched him walk away and knew that by the end of the weekend, I would be screwing his brains out.

Just as he pulled away I saw dust blowing up on the lane that led to the farm.  When he pulled to a stop I was a bit disappointed that this was not another hunk but instead was around 55, my husband’s age.  I told him the same thing I told Tuck and then went back into the house.

For the rest of the weekend, I kept making subtle hints to Tuck about my interest in him but it all seemed to fall on deaf ears.  Unfortunately, the older man, Todd, noticed and kept trying to flirt with me.  No way in hell was I going to have sex with him.  It would be too much like screwing my old man.  Nope, I was going to have me some young meat or not at all.

Then on Tuesday, the perfect opportunity presented itself.  Bob had to go out of town to pick up some special seed or something and asked Todd to go with him.  It was almost like Bob permitting me to cheat on him. Right after breakfast Bob and Todd left after telling me they would be back in time for supper.

After they left, Tuck hurriedly finished his coffee and the last piece of bacon.  Standing up, he plopped his hat on and said, “Bob told me to help you with the garden today if you want me to,”

I dried my hands on a kitchen towel and walked over to him.  I stood on my tiptoes, wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his head down so I could kiss him.  “I want your body.  The garden can wait,”

“Ah…you are married,” Tuck said trying to move away.  “And I like my job.”

“Bob does not care,” I told him as I attempted to rub my body against his.

“He knows?”

“Well not exactly but he suspects it and doesn’t seem to give a shit,” I explained.  “Let’s go to the bunkhouse.  Time is wasting,” as I took his hand, pulling him toward the back door.

At first, he hesitated but then gave up and let me lead him to the bunkhouse. Once inside, he locked the door and we both quickly undressed.  Tuck picked me up in his arms and carried me to his bed.  Laying me down, I turned on my side to make sure he had enough room as the beds were twin size and made for one person.  Pulling me close, he kissed me, his tongue slipping into my mouth.  As we kissed, our hands began to explore each other’s bodies.  When my hand reached his cock, I was a bit surprised at the width; I could barely get my hand around it.  Scooting down some, Todd ran his tongue over my nipple before drawing it into his mouth while his fingers found their way inside of me.  I moaned as he stroked me while I ran the tips of my fingers up and down his shaft.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled back, “Sorry but we have to stop because I have no condoms,”

“I have a couple in my apron pocket,” I told him. “I put them there this morning,”

Tuck got out of bed and pulled one out of my pocket and brought it back to the bed.  Putting it on the floor, Tuck said, “First I need a taste,” as he positioned himself on the bed with his face near my pussy, his cock by my face.

I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around him, pulling him in, my tongue swirling all around him.  The moment his tongue touched me, it seemed like he opened a faucet as my juices started to slowly flow.  I continued to work my lips and tongue around him feeling him growing harder with each squeeze of my lips.  I could feel my orgasm building.  When his tongue touched my clit I was about ready to jump off the cot.

“Oh Tuck, that feels so good,” I moaned as I let him slip from my mouth, grasping him with my hand stroking up and down, feeling his pre-cum on my fingers.

Pulling away, he got up and sheathed himself.  Getting between my legs he spread me wide before he pushed himself deep inside.  Pulling almost out, he pushed back in.  He continued his movements and then he pulled out.

“Switch places.  Ride me,”

We maneuvered our bodies around until I was on top. As I move up and down, he reached out and started to rub his finger over my clit.  Soon our breathing started to become faster and deeper, our moans filling the air around us.  I could feel the heat working its way up my body as I teetered on the edge.  Gripping him tight I sped up my movements, letting out a loud moan, my juices covering him as I came hard.  Tuck held me close to him as he found his release.  I leaned down, kissing him before I moved off him.

Tuck took the condom off, tied it up, and laid it on the floor.  We snuggled together, kissing and relaxing. Finally, I got up and got dressed while Tuck laid there and watched me.

“That was awesome,” Tuck told me.

“Awesome enough to repeat it when we get some time together?” I asked as I leaned down to kiss him.

“Sure thing,” he told me.

“Bob sleeps like a log so I can sneak out at night and meet you in the barn”

“Great, I look forward to that,” Tuck said getting up and getting dressed.  “Guess I had better get on what he told me to do so he does not become suspicious.”

I picked up the used condom and handed him the unused one.  “Put this with your stuff so we will have it next time,”

We hugged and kissed one more time before I slipped out of the bunkhouse and headed to the kitchen to start supper.  Once in the house I buried the used condom in the trash and went to take a shower, sexually satisfied for the time being.