Karen took yet another deep breath, trying to steel herself for the upcoming ordeal and failing miserably. All she had to do was knock on the door in front of her. It should have been so damn easy, yet she found herself trembling.

For the dozenth time, she looked herself over. To say her dress was cut low would have been an understatement, but the more she could show off, the better. Todd had said it was his favorite outfit of hers, showing off every asset she had to offer. God, how she wished she was just getting ready for a dinner date with her husband and not fixing another one of his stupid mistakes.

She knew she was beautiful, but she also knew that was all that stood between them and a fate worse than being penniless. When you borrowed money from the wrong kind of people, anyone smart made sure that they paid back every cent, right on time. Unfortunately, Todd had been anything but smart with his foolish investments.

One more deep breath to steady herself, then Karen reached out and knocked, hoping that the shaking of her hand wasn’t immediately obvious.

The very second she pulled away, the door swung open, as if the occupant had been watching and waiting on the other side. Her cheeks burned as she realized that there could very well have been a peephole hidden on the door. She needed to be smarter than that, needed to be smarter than her husband, if she wanted to get out of this intact.

Unfortunately, the man that stood in the door and looked her up and down was exactly the sort of creep that she had imagined. He looked her up and down with a crooked grin, his hair a greasy mess. If somehow had asked her to imagine the seediest, most disreputable loan shark she could imagine, then his face is exactly what would have come to mind.

Then, he took things to an entirely new level by licking his lips and nodding appreciatively. For the first time, Karen seriously entertained the notion that even the worst rumors about him were true. God, anything but that…

Of course, being a loyal and faithful wife that didn’t revel in such attention, she shuddered at the pointed look he was giving her cleavage. If anything, that seemed to make him grin even wider.

She cleared her throat, pulling his eyes up to her face, but one of his eyebrows rose with it.

“What, you don’t want guys to look? Then why dress like that?”

She opened her mouth to snap at him, then thought better of it. This was going to be one of the worst experiences of her life already, coming to grovel for a little extra time to repay their loan. No need to make it even worse.

As such, she instead plastered her fakest smile on her face and waited for him to get down to business.

However, it seemed that he was ready and willing to wait her out. Leaning against the doorframe of the dingy apartment complex, he just stared right back at her, making no secret of his occasional glimpses downward. More often than not, he rudely lingered.

Damn him, he knew what she was there for. Why wouldn’t he just come out and get down to business? But as much as Karen thought that her indignation and anger would fuel her efforts to outlast him, she quickly found that shame and fear were working just as hard against her.

“You know why I’m here,” she said at last, unable to meet his gaze. “Let’s get this over with.”

“Not sure what you mean. What are you here for?”

Her gaze snapped up to his face. She knew her cheeks were on fire, but she also knew that he was taking a perverse amount of pleasure in her distress.

“The debt,” she said under her breath, then lowered her voice even more, as if that would somehow make her husband seem like less of an idiot. “Two thousand.”

“Hm,” the bastard said, rubbing his jaw and making another show of mentally undressing her. “Not sure if that narrows it down much. Lots of guys owe me money and send their girlfriends or wives to come beg a little leniency. Or…” He smiled and shifted, putting a hand down to emphasize something in his pants that she definitely refused to look at. “They sometimes try to find alternative repayment plans.”

Karen closed her eyes, sure that she would lose her temper if she had to look at the lecherous asshole for another second. His stare felt like a disgusting grope, but if she was being truly honest with herself, he wasn’t an unattractive man. Somehow, that made this far more filthy and unreal.

“We just need a little extra time,” she said, her voice cracking. Still, she refused to open her eyes and give him the satisfaction of what felt like tears.


She couldn’t help it. Her eyes opened in disbelief. That’s all it took? Why had she been blowing this all out of proportion in her head? Maybe the guy looked a little sleazy, but clearly-

“If you suck my cock,” he said, watching with a confident, lusty look in his eyes as her face shot from hope to absolute despair in a single second. He drank in every detail of her absolute humiliation.

“No,” Karen said once she found her tongue, backing away and swallowing the bile rising in her throat. “No, we’ll just have to figure something else out, sorry.”

But she didn’t get more than a step away before his hand darted out to grab her wrist. He didn’t hold her tightly, but he certainly didn’t let her leave. Moreover, she got the distinct impression that he was feeling her pulse, reveling in just how hard and fast he made her heart pound in terror.

“I don’t think you have that luxury.” His tone was the peak of pleasantry, but there was a hunger in his eyes that made Karen want to cower and run away. He definitely wasn’t looking at her with more passion and interest than her husband had in years. Certainly not. And even if he was…

“I think I’ll take my chances and go,” she said, but the words felt weak in her ears. She knew what happened to people who borrowed from this kind of man and didn’t pay back on time. She knew what would happen to her husband.

“I promise it won’t take long,” he said, gesturing with his free hand to her whole body. “Not with a woman as beautiful as you.”

“No, I don’t think I…” Karen trailed off, but he was pulling on her wrist, and, to her absolute shock, she was following.

The inside of his apartment was tidier than she would have expected. Of course, she didn’t see much as he closed the door behind her and pressed her gently against the wall. It wasn’t a close, passionate embrace, just pressure of a hand on her shoulder that told her where her place was. He was in control here. She would stand where he ordered, go to her knees when he gave the signal, and do exactly what he said.

Her own traitorous body found this idea endlessly fascinating. It didn’t resist at all as he pushed her down to the ground, staring down with a leer that spoke of a man inches away from losing all control and fucking her senseless, just to prove that he could.

But once she was down on her knees, staring up into those eyes, Karen found her gaze drawn to the thick outline in his pants. Earlier, he hadn’t just been making a lewd suggestion, he’d been pointing out the clearly visible.

“Suck my cock for your husband,” he ordered.

Obediently, Karen unzipped his jeans, mechanically reaching in and maneuvering his cock for easy access while trying very hard not to think about what she was doing. It was a lot more difficult than her usual adventures with her husband, but that made sense, considering the enormous size of this member. If anything, the difficulty made it easier, since she could focus on tackling a challenge instead of pondering the absolute betrayal she was about to participate in.

Then, she was staring right at his cock. It must have been twice as big as her husband’s. Suddenly, all those times she had wished he was a little bigger had come back to haunt her. She heard all of them thrown back in her face, as though she deserved this for not being loyal to her mate.

Closing her eyes and groping for his cock, she tried very, very hard to not think about the taste or feeling. She tried to block out his groans of pleasure, along with the gentle touch of his fingertips on her head. She tried particularly hard to ignore the pangs in her own body, the yearning desire to be split open and filled with such a cock.

To her surprise and dismay, but true to his word, he was soon erupting down her throat, which she greedily drank. She had hoped that the disgusting taste would help reinforce her own self-loathing, but she found that she didn’t mind his taste nearly as much as her husband’s.

When the shaking in his hips finally subsided, she opened her eyes to find that tears were freely falling down her face. She pulled away from his cock, only partially by choice. His fingers cupped her chin and turned her face up to nearly meet his as he bent over.

“How long did that earn?” she asked, her voice hoarse less from emotion than abuse.

“Two weeks,” the loan shark said with a shrug. “Will that be enough?”

She tried to cover her reaction, but knew that it was no use. There was no way Todd could come up with the money in two months, much less two weeks.

Thoughtfully, the loan shark held out a hand and lifted her to her feet. He brought her a little further into the apartment and gestured to a bedroom, where camera equipment was set up. There was no way it was a porn shoot… right?

“Wanna earn a few more months?”

And then came the greatest betrayal of all. Karen had thought that perhaps some small measure of her would have wanted it, but that the majority and good sense would have won out. Instead, she found that not a single bit of her wanted to say no. She wanted that cock, she wanted to earn a little extra time for her husband, she wanted to punish her husband, and she wanted to be recorded so that disgusting men could jerk off to videos of her being fucked.

Karen nodded and began to strip.