Jane never believed in love or soul mates. She belonged to a mafia family that was well known in the whole of Milan.  Her father, Mr. Robinson was now 79 years and was about to retire. Jane, being the only child was going to inherit the family’s company and continue the legacy. She, therefore, had to toughen her skin and be cold both inside and outside.

She was 26 years old, had straight long brown hair, deep blue eyes, a small waist, and round large hips.

Ever since she was a small girl, her father had trained her how to never let anyone or anything gets into her head. That was why she never believed in love or soul mates.

“Ms. Jane, sorry to disturb you but there is someone who urgently needs to talk to you.” The butler said pulling her thoughts back to reality.

She was sitting beside the pool in her bikini while sipping some ice-cold margarita.

“Who is it?” She asked while she stared into space.

“He goes by the name Allan Santos. He says he is from Helly Inc and he has been instructed to come and convey a message to you.” The butler said.

“Tell him I will be with him shortly.” She said and dismissed the butler.

Getting up, she wore her velvet robe, slid her sunglasses down, and went to meet her visitor in the living room.

Slowly walking in, she was slowly absorbing this hunk of a man that was sitting on the sofa. He had small chocolate chip brown eyes, long blonde hair, a well-sculpted jawline, and by far the most perfectly built biceps.

Jane could not help it but bite her lower lip at the very sight of this man.

When he saw her, he eyed her from head to toe, stood up, and put out his hand to greet her.

“Allan Santos, soon to be CEO of Hilly Inc? I come here on official business matters if it okay with you madam.”

Taking his hand and staring him right in his eyes, she answered, “Jane Wendell soon to be CEO of Blooming LTD, nice to meet you, Mr. Santos. How may I help you?” She said as she broadly smiled.

“I have come to discuss formal issues with you. Your company and mine have a lot of similarities. We both come from well known and feared families in the whole of Milan. I am sure we can benefit from each other tremendously. What do you say?”

“Well, I will first have to hear your proposal.” She answered and signaled him to follow her to her study room so that they could discuss this issue in depth.

Jane and Allan were in the study room for about 2 hours talking about how they can be temporary partners in order for them to continue being the leading companies in the whole region.

“I have heard so much about your father and his legacy. To be honest I thought to myself that when I was coming to meet you, I would find some tough no-nonsense woman who does not smile. Let me just take this opportunity to say how much it has been so lovely talking to you and spending some time with you. You are a phenomenal woman Jane. You have both beauty and brains, I am more than intrigued.” He said as he closed the gap between them.

Jane felt her heart sinking. Never in her life had anyone (who was not her father) tell her such nice things. Butterflies started playing in her stomach when Allan neared her; he was close enough for her to hear his breathing.

Why can’t I feel my head right now? I should tell him to go. Why does my mouth feel so patched? Why is he so close to me?

“Thanks, Allan. Thank you for your time and insight.” She managed to say while looking at his plum red lips.

“Do you want me to leave or do you want me to stay a little longer and make you feel wild?” He asked as he put his hands around her waist and started breathing on her neck slowly removing her robe.

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“I think it would be best if you leave Allan. I do not want anything to happen.” She said in a whisper, eyes closed.

“Are you sure about that baby girl? It seems your body wants me to stay.” He said as he cupped her but cheeks and rubbed them together.

Jane! Tell him to leave right now. Remember that no man should ever have you. Do it! Stop him before he goes past this.

Too late! Allan had managed to unhook her bikini bra and was now slowly playing with her nipples.

Jane had stayed for more than 3 years without getting physical with a man. She always often used her sex toys for satisfaction but now her body demanded more. It demanded a real man and there was nothing she could do about it.

Allan’s hands slid down her stomach as he gave her a passionately heated kiss. She tried to resist but her lust overpowered her senses. Her breasts were now heavy and nipples erect under his touch.

Using his perfectly manicured fingers, he began rounding her curved ass as he slid down her panties with sheer dexterity. Breaking the kiss, he managed to look her straight in the eye.

“I can stop this if you want.” He said.

Is he asking for consent? I cannot say no and let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass me by. It is going to be a one-night stand nothing else.

Eyes half-closed, she parted her lips signaling him to continue.

He intensified the grip on her and she could feel his massive erection on her stomach. Unzipping his trousers, she could see how his manhood was harshly throbbing. She wanted it with so much urgency that she helped him strip completely naked.

His tongue on her neck, he started placing hickeys all over her. With his left hand, he began massaging her breasts once more then moved down to her stomach.

With two fingers, he managed to find her clit hood and motion it to come out by slowly massaging it.

Jane could hardly breathe, she was gasping for air as Allan slowly rubbed her clit in the most astonishing way.

“What are you doing to me?” She asked while heavy breathing.

“I am taking you where you have never been. I want to revive you until you have nothing to say.” He said in a creepy sexy voice.

Going down on her slowly, he parted her legs so that they could leave some room for his head to perfectly fitting.Using his tongue, he slowly started manipulating her sensitive areas until she could not tell what was happening.

Jane held onto his head as she dug her fingers into his long hair.

“Yes Jane, I want you to let it out inside my mouth. Let me taste your juices, let me have it, Jane.’ He said amid giving her the best head she had ever received.

Electric shocks were taking over her body, she was about to have an orgasm. Moaning out loudly, she let it all out into his mouth.

Allan swallowed it all and went back to it again.

“Stick it in right now Allan.” She cried in desperation.

“Okay baby girl, I hope you are on the pill because I do not have any protection.” He said.

“Yes I am on the pill, just do it already!”

Cupping her butt cheeks once again, he managed to lift her up to where the study table was. Parting her legs once more, he looked at her straight in the eye and began thrusting into her.

He first went slowly, giving her time to appreciate and adjust to his size then after a while, he adapted a faster pace.

“Yes call out my name sweetheart. Shout it loud enough Jane dear.”

Jane was having the time of her life.

Who thought his father’s study room would make such a great brothel?

“Go harder, Allan. Give me your A-game.” She cried out as Allan went in further into her.

Her head was spinning so hard, she could not even feel her legs. They were swinging above the floor.

“Brace yourself, honey, I am about to release,” Allan said.

No sooner was he about to let out than the door of the study room opened.

Mr. Robinson stood at the door angrily looking at the shenanigans that were before him.

Even before he could let out a word, Allan released on the floor of the study room.

“I cannot believe that you would come to my house and fuck my daughter in my study room. Have you no shame?” He angrily asked while staring at Allan.

Jane had managed to gather up some of her clothes and cover up her body to shield her from embarrassment.

“Get out of my house right now you son of a bitch! And you Jane put on your clothes and come to the dining room now!”