It was our fortieth wedding anniversary and I knew that Rich was planning something special. When I got home from work, he was already there, sitting on the couch sipping a beer with a big smile on his face.

“Hey babe, go change into the jeans and shirt I left on the bed along with your tennis shoes,” he told me when I stopped at the doorway. “I have already packed your bag and everything is packed in the truck.”

I was shocked to hear what he had laid out for me to wear.  I had expected to wear a dress but he was telling me to put on the jeans and tee-shirt he had picked out instead.  I gave him a quizzical look.  “What?  Are we going out to a fast-food restaurant?” I asked, bending down to remove my heels, giving out a sigh of relief.  Working in a law office all day required skirts or dresses and heels and at the end of the day, my feet were aching.

“I will tell you this; yes we are going out for supper at your favorite fast-food restaurant but that is all I am going to tell you.  Now hurry up, time is a wasting,”

I shook my head, knowing that I had gotten all the information out of him that I could.  Rich loved to surprise me with various weekend getaways throughout our marriage.  I could not wait to find out what this one would be.  Within ten minutes we were heading out the door.  He had the topper on the truck so I could not see what he had inside.  When I tried to look in the small window he hurried me to the door and helped me inside.

“No peeking little lady.  I guarantee you will love our weekend getaway,” as he backed the truck out of the driveway.

We stopped at our favorite fast food restaurant and got our meals to go.  Within a couple of hours, as the sun was slowly setting in the sky, Rich turned off the two-lane road we had been traveling on for the past hour onto what looked like a one-lane country road.  After a mile or so we came to a locked gate with fences on both sides and I turned in my seat, looking at Rich, waiting for an explanation.

“Just a little extra privacy protection,” he said jumping out of the truck and going over to unlock it.  He drove through it and then stopped to lock it back.  Another couple of miles and we drove into a clearing that was surrounded by trees and a lake but no cabin or anything.

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“Where are we sleeping?  Do you expect me to sleep on the ground or in the back of the truck?” I asked for the first time I was not happy with his choice of a weekend getaway.

“I have a tent and air mattress babe,” Rich assured me.  “This weekend is about us.  I will do all the cooking and everything.  Relax, enjoy getting back with nature.  And it is a clothes optional weekend,”

Before I could wrap my head around what Rich had just told me he was already out of the truck and pulling things out of the back.  I knew now why he wanted me to wear what he had picked out for me.  I was not sure about this entire ‘back to nature’ getaway but would give it a shot.

I got out of the truck and went around to the back asking, “What do you want me to do?”

“Nothing sweetheart; I know you have been helping the lawyers all week to get ready for the trial next week so this is your time to just relax and unwind.”

Rich took my hand and led me over to where he had already set up a chair and gently pushed me down into it.  He then reached into the cooler and handed me a beer after opening it.  After a half-hour, he had the tent set up, and the air mattress was blown up and inside the tent.

“Whose place is this and where did you get all this stuff?” I asked as he leaned down and kissed me.

“I bought all this stuff today and this place belonged to Jeff’s parents before they passed away and he inherited it.  It is ours for the weekend and we can use it when he is not using it,” Rich told me as he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside.

“Hold up Rich,” I said as he started to reach for the zipper on his jeans.  “What are you doing?”

Looking down, he answered, “I believe this is calling unzipping your jeans.”

I laughed and said, “I know but why?”

“As I told you, this is clothing optional weekend and I am going to take advantage of that so get that sexy body of yours undressed and let's go skinny dipping.  I have never done that but it sounds fun with my wife,”

Although I was still in pretty good shape, I no longer had the body of a twenty-year-old.  I was a little droopy but not much and I had put on a few pounds so I was not sure I wanted to run around naked all weekend.  I felt a hand on my shoulder and looked up to see Rich standing there in all his glory.  I could feel my heart start to race and my panties getting wet.  Even though he was sixty-three, he still had the same body he had in high school but with grey hair.  Working in construction all these years kept him in shape.

“Come on woman, shed those clothes and join me in the lake,”

After thinking a moment, I stood up and took off my clothes, putting them in the chair.  Rich took my hand and led me down to the lake where his friend’s parents had made a small beach.  As soon as my toes hit the coolness of the water, I stopped, trying to decide if I wanted to continue or not.  Rich gave a tug on my hand, wanting me to come with him so I took a deep breath, bracing myself for the cold water.  Letting go of my hand, Rich dove in and came up sputtering a few minutes later.

“Not bad once you get used to it,” he said motioning me closer.

I took another deep breath and followed Rich’s lead.  The coldness of the water almost took my breath away.  When I resurfaced, Rich pulled me into his arms, kissing me passionately, his hands stroking my back.  I wrapped my arms around his neck, pushing myself against him.  I could feel his cock pushing against me, begging me to take him in but I had no idea how we would do that when the only way we did it was lying down.

Oh well, maybe it is time for a change, as I kissed him hard, my hand slipping between us to grab his cock, squeezing gently as I stroked him.

Rich gasped when he felt my  hand on him as I had never taken the initiative before.  His hand went to my breast, pulling and tweaking my nipple.  Rich pushed me back a little so he could feast on my nipples.  I threw my head back, letting out a moan as his lips sucked on my nipples, his tongue flicking them.  It felt so damn erotic that I felt I could almost cum from just this but wanted more.  I could feel Rich moving us out to a deeper part of the lake.  Grabbing my ass, Rich raised me up a little, his cock brushing against me.

“Legs around my waist,” he ordered.  “I need you,”

I just knew if I did that we would tumble into the lake but the sane part of my mind went away, allowing my other part to do as he said.  As my legs went around his waist, I felt his cock slip inside of me.  Holding me tightly against him he began to slowly move in and out, my muscles gripping him tightly.  Our lips met, our tongues dancing as we slowly made love.  I had never felt anything so good.

Holding me tightly, Rich walked out of the lake and carried me over to a blanket he had laid out before we went into the lake.  As he laid me down, we did not break contact.  He continued his slow thrusts in and out before he rolled us over to where I was on top.  I speeded my movements, riding him hard, taking him as deep inside of me as I could.  Getting to the peak, Rich rolled me to my back and put my legs over his shoulders.

Rich began to thrust in and out hard, taking me to the brink, my entire body feeling like it was going to explode.

“Oh fuck!” I screamed as my body started to shake and twist, my body flush, lights flashing behind my eyes as I came hard.  As Rich found his release, he gave out a loud howl.  Afterward, we lay wrapped in each other’s arms, relaxing and regrouping for the next wild session.  I like this getaway and hope we can have a few more of these over the summer as I leaned over and kissed Rich both of us sated for the time being.