“Ella, you are ridiculous.  Sex in the backseat at your age?” he roared as he slammed his glass down on the table.

I sat up straight in my chair, glaring at my husband, taking deep breaths, trying to control the anger that I felt. “Are you calling me old Randall?” shocked at the sudden burst of anger out of him.  He knows better than to act that way.

“No Ella, I was just saying…”

“Never mind,” I said interrupting him.  “We leave at eight o’clock.  No more arguments or complaints or you will be driving wearing a cock cage.  Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes dear,” Randall said, picking up his fork, stabbing it in his meatloaf before bringing a bite to his mouth, his demeanor back to the way it should be.

Standing up, I shot him a look and went upstairs, calling over my shoulder, “I need my back washed and then I want my red mini skirt and red tube top laid out, no underwear.”

Yes, I know I should act my age but just exactly how does a 60-year-old act? Does he expect me to just quit enjoying sex because I turned 60 two days ago?  Am I now supposed to wear sensible bras, granny panties, and house dresses? I went into the master bathroom and stripped off, admiring my body in the full-length mirror.  I may be 60 but all the parts are original and nothing droops.

As I was looking at myself in the mirror from different angles, I saw Randall appear in the bedroom.  I heard the closet door open, then the sound of hangers being moved around, and then the door closed.

“Do you want me to start your shower, Ella?”

Turning to him I said, “No, I want you to piss on me and call it a golden shower.  Of course, I want the water turned on.  Hurry up.  What in the hell is wrong with you?  Questioning my every move and arguing.  You know that is not going to earn you any favors,”

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“Yes, dear.  Sorry,” he said quietly

Within a few minutes, I was in the shower soaping up and washing my hair.  I handed Randall the Loofah and turned my back to him.  A few seconds later I felt the soft touch of the Loofah on my back.  After my shower, I blow-dried my hair and went in to get dressed.  I made Randall help me with my dress and to put on my heels.  I quickly did my make-up and then I was ready to go.

“Get the car,” I demanded.  “I have a pussy that needs a strong hard cock,”

When we got to the car, he opened the door and helped me in.  We had only been married five years; both of us had lost our spouses and we met at one of those grieving meetings.  When we first got together he wanted to be the strong one but I soon had him seeing things my way.  When we arrived at our destination, Ken was waiting out at the edge of his drive.

I scooted over in the backseat, the hem of my dress sliding upward until you could almost see the edge of my pussy.  Ken opened the door and slid into the back seat, leaning over to kiss me hard, his tongue tangling with mine.  When we broke apart, I glanced toward the front and saw Randall watching us in the rearview mirror.  I just smiled and licked my lips.  I heard the backdoor click shut and he pulled away from the curb, heading for one of many dark country back roads that had little to no traffic on them at this time of night.

Ken scooted closer, his hand resting on my thigh, as he leaned in to kiss me.  As we drove along, his hand kept creeping farther up my thigh until I felt his fingers lightly touch my pussy.  I came out a light moan as I worked my skirt up to my thighs until it was almost around my waist.  He scooted over toward the other door, pulling my legs toward him; my right leg on the seat, my left one on the floor, and my knees bent.  Pushing my legs as far apart as he could, Ken maneuvered his body until he had his face buried deep in my pussy.  I leaned back against the door frame letting my body relax as his tongue swept up and down my slit.

Ken alternated between nipping at my lips and running his tongue up my slit causing me to moan and wiggle on the seat.  I felt one, then to fingers dipping into my pussy.  When the tip of his tongue touched my clit, I almost came off the seat.  Ken began to move his fingers in and out of my pussy harder and faster, his lips pulling at my clit, his tongue flicking against it. I began to buck my hips up and down as my orgasm built up inside of me, burning hotter and hotter.  As it hit, I could feel my legs tighten as I slipped over the edge, letting out a scream as my juices squirted out, drenching his face.

After a few minutes, Ken moved back to his side of the car, licking his lips, “Each time you taste sweeter and sweeter kitten,”

“You hear that Randall?  He said I taste sweet.  At least someone doesn’t think I am too old to for oral sex” I screeched at Randall.  “Here, taste and find out for yourself,” as I reached down and collected some of my juice on my finger.  I sat up and leaned over the seat, rubbing my finger over his lips.  “Bet you wish you were you were back her enjoying my pussy,”

I let out a little squeal as I felt Ken grab my ass, giving it a squeeze.  Randall kept his eyes on the road, trying to ignore the shenanigans going on in the back seat of the car.    I turned around to find that Ken already had his zipper down, his cock standing at attention as he lightly fisted it.  I crawled on the seat and leaned down to run my tongue over his shaft.  I opened my mouth, slowly taking him in as I licked and sucked him.  I cupped his balls through his pants as I bobbed up and down on his cock.  When I tasted his pre-cum I knew it was time to go for a ride.

I moved closer to the door while Ken scooted over to the middle.  Once he was settled, I straddled him, taking just the head of his cock inside.  Bracing my hands on the back of the seat I was able to control my movements and how much of his cock I wanted to take inside at one time.  Ken reached up and yanked my tube top down, exposing my breasts.  He took them in his hands, thumbs rubbing over the nipples before he leaned forward.  Latching on to one nipple, he sucked hard, and then did the same thing to the other.  I moaned and lower myself a little more.  We continued this until he was buried deep inside of me, my nipples hard as pebbles.

I began to make little mew sounds as I sat there, cock buried deep as I worked my muscles, making Ken groan.  Although I could not see what Randall was doing besides driving,  I could sense him glancing up in the mirror occasionally to see what was going on in the backseat. I slowly began to move up and down, my muscles squeezing him tight with each movement.  Ken took my nipples between his thumb and finger, pinching and pulling on them.  I leaned in and captured his lips, out tongues mating as our bodies were doing.

As it was building up in both of us, his pinches got harder and I began to move faster and harder, our moans and growls getting louder.  Finally, I felt my body tense, warm all over, my juices flowing as my orgasm slammed into me.  I threw my head back, letting out a scream.  Ken grabbed my hips and continued to thrust into me until he found his release, letting out a primal growl.  We leaned into each other, kissing gently.  I laid my head against his shoulder, trying to get my breathing under control.  I could feel his heart beating hard against mine, his chest heaving in and out.

Slowly I raised up and moved over to the other side of the back seat.  After a few seconds, I leaned down and took his cock in my mouth, licking both of our juices from it until he was clean.  Sitting back, I pulled my tube top up and wiggled my skirt down; Ken tucked himself back in his pants.

“Randall, Ken is ready to go home now,” I said.  “And since you were such a good man, I will let you have sex with me; sloppy seconds.  I know you are hard….or are you too old to get hard-ons?”

Randall glanced up in the rearview mirror and said, “Thank you.  That would be nice,’ as he headed to Ken’s house to drop him off before we headed back to our place.