I could not believe that my mother would just blow me off like this; calling me jealous and to get over it.  Two months ago she had eloped to Las Vegas and married a man who had come in to work on the computers where she worked.  Don’t get me wrong; I have no problem with mom getting married.  I have a problem that he is a gold digger or whatever you call men like him.  My mom is 50 years and he is 35 so what does a man that age see in a woman who is almost old enough to be his mom.  Mom is not rich but she does have a house, a nice car, and money dad left her so she has some wealth.

When I tried to express my concerns about why he married her, she took offense and thought I was saying she was too ugly to catch a man his age.  Well, mom, you leave me no choice.  I hate to do this but I need you to see what type of man you married to.  Today would the perfect opportunity to put my plan in play.  Evan, my new stepdad, works at home unless he has to go repair computers and mom always came home for lunch so I had to time it perfectly.

I looked at myself in the mirror and decided my Daisy Duke shorts and tank top should excite him.  I know it did my boyfriend; seemed every time I wore it he scored a home run.  I padded downstairs ready to entice and seduce Evan.  When I walked into the kitchen, he was sitting there drinking a cup of coffee at the bar and looking at his computer.

“Looking at porn Evan?”  I asked as I got a cup of coffee.

He looked up at me, a frown on his face before saying, “That is not an appropriate question to ask me,”

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell mom you are looking at all those young hot women on those sites.  It will be our secret,” I told him smiling. “You know what Evan, you really don’t have to look at them when you have a hot young thing here.  Just think of the fun we could have while mom is at work,” as I walked around the end of the bar, placing my hand on his shoulder, rubbing my boobs against his biceps.

“Marie,” he said sternly, “I do not rob the cradle and I will not cheat on your mom.  Now go get something decent on,”

“So you don’t rob the cradle but you don’t mind preying on rich widows,” I commented as I stepped back and pulled my top over my head and threw it at him.  “Sure you would not rather play with a set of nice perky tits?” as I rubbed the palm of my hands over my nipples and then pulled on them.”Come on, you know you want to?”  I reached out and gently cupped his crotch, feeling evidence that I was exciting him.  I had to force myself not to smile.

Swallowing hard, Evan finally pushed my hand away and turned back to his coffee, silence filling the room. I guess he thought if he was quiet and didn’t engage me in a conversation I would just quietly go away.  I decided that if he saw the entire package there would be no turning back.  I stepped back and shimmied out of my shorts and thong.  Walking up behind Evan I wrapped my arms around his neck and leaned into him as I kissed and nibbled on his neck, my hands moving down and under his shirt.

“What the hell do you think you are doing?” he yelled, quickly moving off the barstool before turning around to see me standing there naked.  Evan was so shocked that all he could do was stare at me, his mouth slightly opened.

“My body is sure better and younger than mom’s right?”  I asked moving toward him.

Evan took a step back, finding his back against the bar and as he tried to scoot to the side, I stepped in front of him, grabbing his head and drawing it toward me. I kissed him hard as I rubbed against him.  Despite his saying no, his body was saying something different as his cock started to push against his jeans.  At first, I felt no resistance on his part so I pushed against him more, my tongue demanding entrance.

Suddenly I felt his arms go around my waist, and he was kissing me back, our tongues dancing.  We stood there kissing, our bodies withering together.  I moved my hands between us, fighting to get his jeans unsnapped and his zipper down.

“Stop,” he said picking me up in his arms.” I do not want to trip over my jeans,” as he carried me to my room.  Putting me on my bed, he left the room.

I was not sure what was going on so I decided if he did not show back up in a few minutes I was going to find him.  Just as I was going to go in search of him, Evan came back into the bedroom.

“Had to grab a condom,” Evan told me holding up the foil packet while looking at the bed.  “Think it is about time you graduated to a full-size bed,” as he put the packet on my nightstand and moved down to between my legs, spreading them.

After some maneuvering, he was between my legs, leaning forward to kiss me before he started to kiss down my body stopping at my nipples, sucking each one in between his lips, pulling hard.  His hand moved between our bodies finding my slit as he inserted two fingers inside, his thumb brushing against my clit, causing me to moan.

Without warning, Evan rolled off me and stood up, “Marie, we cannot do this.  I am married to your mom and besides…I will not be the one to take you…you know,”

I started to laugh, finally able to tell him, “I lost that about five years ago when I was fifteen so you are not taking anything I do not want to give you.  And mom is not going to find out unless you tell her.  Just think Evan, you will have two pussies to mess with if you are any good in the sack,” giving him a half-smile, my hand dipping down between my bended knees to rub myself.

I continued to do this while watching Evan, his cock seeming to come to life just watching me.

“Oh hell,” he moaned as he moved between my bent knees, his tongue replacing my hand.

After a few minutes, I moaned, “Turn around.  I want to taste you,”

We managed to lie on our sides, my leg over his side as he resumed what he had been doing.  I took him in my hand, my tongue swirling around the head, down the back, and up the front, feeling him jerk in my hand.  I took him inch by inch in my mouth, my lips tight around him, pulling his skin-tight as I moved to the head of his cock. It was not long before I could taste his pre-cum so I moved back to playing with his balls and licking him.

I could feel the heat rising in me, hotter than any of the boys I had sex with made me.  My body started to twitch, twist as I rushed to the peak of no return   I let him slip from my mouth as I let out a low squeal as the juices rushed from my pussy, covering his face.

Moving from between my legs, Evan sat up and grabbed the foil packet, ripping it open and sheathing himself. Lining himself up with my slit, he put my legs over his shoulder and eased his cock inside of me, giving me time to adjust to his width.  Evan pulled almost all the way out and then shoved himself back in as deep as he could get.

With each thrust, he moved faster and deeper until the bed started to move under us.  I could feel my orgasm building up, a flush covering my body, sweat starting to sheen on both of us.  Without thinking, Evan leaned down and bit me right above my boob, which I knew was going to leave a mark.

I worked my muscles against him, working his orgasm out of his body.  Just as my orgasm rushed over me I felt Evan stiffen before he leaned down and kissed me hard. I could feel him pulsating inside of me as he found his relief.  Letting out a huge sigh of content, he rolled over on his side, pulling me closer kissing me gently, before he wiggled out of my narrow bed and stood up, pulling the condom off, looking around as to where he should dispose of it.

“Put it in the trash can.  I clean my room so mom won’t find out,” I told him, completely throwing my idea of telling mom out of my mind.  I liked what happened and wanted more so mom was just going to have to learn to share.

Walking over, Evan kissed me gently, quickly dressed, and headed to their master bathroom to shower and get ready to greet mom when she came home from lunch.  Suddenly I remembered my clothes were still in the kitchen so I jumped up, and hurried to get them before mom got home.  As I got ready to shower I thought to myself, Damn, I am glad mom married him now.