My stepmom is hot.  No two ways about it.  There,  I have said it; maybe not out loud or to her face but I told myself so guess that counts for something, I thought to myself as I lay naked on the bed stroking my hard cock, thinking of her.  I know that I should not be lusting after a woman who is not only married to my dad but is old enough to be my mom.  Yeah, after mom died dad did not go bat-shit crazy and marry some chick that would cause dad’s friends to accuse him of robbing the cradle.

When dad first started to date Adele two years ago, I didn’t feel any sexual feelings toward her but then about six months ago, two weeks into their marriage I caught saw her sunning out by our pool in a bikini and that is when I felt my rod immediately wanting to stand up and salute.  I did not act on my feelings except when I was alone or in the shower.  Most nineteen-year-olds have fantasies about some of the newer Hollywood actresses but not me.  No, I had to be abnormal and lust after my stepmom.

I never had any intention of acting on my fantasies until that fateful day she literally and figuratively fell into my arms. Dad was on a weekend fishing trip with some of his buddies and my stepmom and I were alone in the house.  This was the first time we had been alone since she and dad had gotten married.  What started me on the downward spiral to having sex with my stepmom started in the kitchen when she was on a step-ladder attempting to change a burnt-out light bulb.

When I walked into the kitchen and saw her on the step-ladder I said, “Adele, you don’t have to do that. You could have just asked me.”

“I know Jack but I am so used to doing things on my own,” Adele said as she turned to pick up the new bulb on the counter.

What happened next I am not sure but all I can remember is that when I saw her start to fall off the ladder, I reacted. Before you could blink, she was in my arms; what was going through her mind I was not sure but I knew what was going through my mine….and my lower body.  Without thinking I pulled her closer, capturing her lips with mine.  At first, I could feel slight resistance in her body language, and then her arms went around my neck, keeping our lips tight together.

After several minutes of tense, passionate kissing, I felt her hand pushing against my shoulder, breaking the kiss.  I set her on her feet, looking down into her eyes. As I leaned down to kiss her again, Adele put her hands on my shoulders, keeping me at a safe distance.

“Jack, I am married to your dad,” she quietly reminded me.  “This is not right,” as she started to turn away.

“Wait,” I called out, unsure of what to say or do. I felt like an awkward teenager on their first date.  Finally, I said, “I know you are married to dad but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I know you felt something with the way you kissed me back,”

I gave her a few seconds and when she did not say anything or put more distance between us, I stepped closer and leaned down to brush my lips against hers once, then twice, and I slowly pulled her closer, deepening the kiss, my hands moving down to cup her butt.  As we kissed, I squeezed her butt and rubbed myself against her, letting her feel what she was doing to me.  As if her arms had a mind of their own, they wrapped themselves around my neck, her tongue demanding entrance.  Without breaking the kiss, I swooped her up in my arms and started to walk toward my room.

I stood her by the bed, breaking the kiss. When she made no attempt at leaving I reached down to grab the bottom of her tee-shirt, pulling upwards until I had it over her head, tossing it to the floor. I reached behind her, unclasping her bra, slipping it off her shoulders, and sliding the straps down her arms, tossing it in the direction of her tee-shirt.  Adele still stood there, just looking at me.

“I want you, Adele,” I whispered as I leaned down and kissed her neck.

I stepped back and quickly peeled off my tee-shirt before hooking my hands in the waistband of her shorts, tugging them downward along with her panties.  As I pushed them downward, I followed them until I was kneeling in front of her.  I put my arms around her butt, pulling her closer as I buried my face in her pussy, breathing in her scent before I pushed her legs apart, running my tongue up and down her slit, my finger slipping inside.  I felt her body tremor as she gave out a deep sigh.

I continued to run my tongue up and down as I slowly inserted another finger, moving them in and out slowly.  It was not long before I could taste her juices and feel her fingers pulling on my hair.

“Oh Jack,” she moaned pushing herself harder against my face.

I pulled my fingers out and stood up, and then went to lie on my bed.  “Bring that sweet pussy over her Adele,” I said crooking my finger at her. “Straddle my face; give me a taste,”

As if in a trance, Adele climbed on the bed by my head and straddled my face.  I reached up, putting my hands on her hips, pulling her down closer. When she was close enough, I held her in place as I licked her slit, my tongue darting in and out of her.  After a few minutes, I took my right hand off her hip, my fingers searching for her clit. I knew I had found it when I felt her body tense and the loud moan that came out of her mouth.  As my tongue worked its magic, I let my fingers and thumb work on her clit.

“Oh damn, that feels so good,” she said softly, her body tensing slightly.

I stopped for a minute and said, “Don’t fight it Adele; let your body go.  Fill my mouth with your juices,” as I went back to work, helping to build her orgasm until she exploded, a squeal filling the room as she pressed against my face, her entire body twitching.

When it was over, she moved off and made as if to get off the bed when I gently grabbed her thigh.  “You are not going anywhere yet Adele. That was only one of many orgasms I am giving you today,”

I watched as her entire body started to flush and then it hit me; that must have been her first orgasm.  OMG, did I just do something that dad has not been able to do?    I was at a loss of how to handle this situation at first.

Adele did not say a word but managed to pull away and get to her feet.  I immediately got up, trying to adjust myself to make my hard-on less painful in my jeans. When she went to grab her clothes for the floor, I gently grabbed her arm, reaching down to push her head up so I could look into her eyes.

“Adele, was this your first…time…you know to…orgasm?” I finally managed to stammer out.

From the redness of her face, I had my answer. What in the world was wrong with my dad’s generation that they did not know how to make a woman orgasm?  I cannot imagine being in my fifties or sixties and not knowing orgasmic bliss.  Well, I am going to make sure this woman experiences it again…and as many times as she wants to in my bed.

“I need to go, Jack,”

“No, you don’t.” I told her.”I want to make love to you; show you how good it can be so please lie down and let me show you,”

After a moment’s hesitation, Adele went over and laid down on the bed, her body rigid, her eyes tightly closed.  I quickly took off my jeans and under wear and laid down beside her thinking, I have my work cut out for me but oh what fun it is going to be to teach her the joys of sex, as I raised my head, leaning over to kiss her.

At first, Adele laid there, wondering what was going to happen, her body still tingling from what had happened earlier. Mother, you were wrong.  There is nothing dirty or boring about sex, especially with Jack.  Adele knew she should feel guilty about letting things go as far as they did with Jack but she didn’t.  This doesn’t mean that I don’t love Alex but not exactly sure what it means or what was going to happen when he got back from the fishing trip. All I know is that I want to experience that same feeling again…starting now.