She felt his lips gently press against hers and his fingers lightly brush across her breasts, sending a shiver up her spine. And then kisses down her neck until his lips attached themselves to her breasts, his tongue swirling over her nipples.

“Adele, open your eyes and look at me,” I said softly. “There is no reason for you to have your eyes shut.  Making love is a beautiful thing.

I lay down beside her, pulling her closer. As I kissed her, I took her hand and placed it on my semi-hard-on.  Almost immediately Adele pulled her hand back like she had touched something hot, her eyes flying open.

“It is not going to bite and it feels good when you touch me there,” I told her, trying to place her hand back there.  Man, the women of her generation have really missed out on a lot.

I did not want to force her to do something she was not comfortable doing so I left her hand alone when I felt her resistance. I continued to play with her breasts and plant kisses on her neck.  I wanted to mark her but forced myself not to. This was our secret and the least dad knew the better.  I reached down and drew my fingers lightly over her mound. I could feel her body starting to relax so I looked over at her, surprised to see her eyes still open.  Then I felt it; the tips of her fingertips caressing my cock.

When I moaned in pleasure, Adele quickly pulled her hand back. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” she apologized

“That was not a moan of pain but a moan of pleasure,” I assured her. “My body is yours so feel free to experiment.”

I lay back on the bed, my hands clasped under my head.  After a few moments, she tentatively reached out again and gripped it gently, moving her hand up and down.  Scooting down Adele brushed her tongue over the head. It felt so good I could not hold back the moan that escaped from my lips.  I waited for her to move back but instead, she took more of me inside of her mouth.  She continued to stroke me as her lips and tongue also worked on my cock.  I could feel my balls tightening and knew it was inventible that I was on the verge of cumming.

“Adele, I am on the edge so unless you want me to cum in your mouth, you need to stop,” I warned her

“How long will it take you to recover if I do what you are warning me about?” she asked, sitting back on her heels, her hand still stroking me, pre-cum dripping down on her hand.

Her question caught me off guard and I was not sure how to answer her so I simply said, “Adele, you are such a sexy woman it will take no time before I am ready to go again,”

Adele smiled, thinking, Yeah right Jack.  I am 55 years old and I have a little paunch and my breasts are not as perky as they once were and there is a bit more junk in the trunk, as she leaned down to take me back into her mouth.

“Adele,” I began, “if you do not like the taste it is okay to pull back and let it finish on my stomach,”

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As she bobbed up and down on my cock, she reached down and gently squeezed my balls.  I tried to hold on as long as I could but then I let out a low growl, spilling my cum into her mouth, stream after stream.  When I finished, I just laid there, taking in big gulps of air.  From my understanding, Adele had never done that before but damn, she was good at it.  It was not my first blow job but it was one of the most mind-blowing ones I have ever had.  I felt her come up and nestle against my body, her head resting on my shoulder.  I gave her a one-arm hug.

“Was that okay?” she inquired softly.  “It was my first time,”

“That was better than okay,” I assured her. “Now give me a few minutes to recuperate and I will show you what else it can do,” as I kissed her.

As we laid there I scooted down and began to suck and play with her nipples, slowly making my way down her body. Spreading her legs wide, I buried my face against her pussy, my tongue working its magic. Finding her clit, I moved my tongue back and forth over it.  Adele’s body began to wiggle on the bed and I could hear little mew sounds coming from her mouth.  I continued along with pushing two fingers inside.

Soon I could taste her juices as she bounced on the bed, her moans and mews getting louder and louder until she let out a scream and clamped her legs together, trapping my head between them.  As her body convulsed and shook I continued to lap up her juices.  Adele had never felt such feelings before as her entire body felt like it was on fire, fireworks flashing behind her eyes until she felt like her entire being exploded into a thousand pieces as her orgasm took over.  After several minutes, I could feel her body start to relax and the grip on my head was released.

I raised up, sitting on my heels, licking my lips, saying, “That was the appetizer and now it is time to serve the main course,” leaning forward to kiss her.

As I moved over to grab a condom out of my bedside table drawer I heard Adele ask, “Do you have to wear one?  I have nothing I can transmit and I assume you don’t either. Also, I cannot get pregnant.  I want to feel you, naked, inside of me.”

“Yes I am clean and if you are sure, yeah we can go commando,” I agreed moving back so I could kiss her, sucking her tongue deep in my mouth.  We kissed for several minutes, each tasting the other on our lips and tongue.

Breaking away I moved between her legs, ready to guide myself inside when I decided to do something different.  Rolling on my back I said, “Come, woman, ride the stallion,”

She raised up on her elbow to look at me with a quizzical look on her face. It was then that I knew I had made the right decision. She was probably used to missionary sex. Well, tonight it was going to be something different.

“What…what…what…do you mean?” Adele stammered out.

“What I mean is that you are going to straddle my hips like you would a horse’s back but the only difference is that you are going to sink down on my cock instead of sitting on a saddle.  You are in charge,”

Very slowly she got up and moved down toward my hips.  Adele put her leg over me, positioning herself right above my cock before slowly sinking down on it.  I could hear her moans as more and more of me filled her.  I was not a large man in that department but was adequate enough to give a woman a good ride; I was about six inches long but made up for it in width.

Once all the way in, she sat there on my pelvis for several seconds and then moved up until just the head was inside.  After a few minutes, Adele had her rhythm going and I could feel her muscles squeezing and releasing me as she moved up and down.  It was not long before I could feel my balls tightening, ready to explode inside of her.

“Oh Jack,” she moaned as she began to move faster, each move a little harder and deeper than the last one

I reached up and began to play with her nipples, pinching and pulling.  Her cries were getting louder; I could feel her juices covering my cock, making it easier to slide up and down inside of her.  I continued to play with her nipples with one hand while I moved the other one down, slipping two fingers between us, finding her clit.  When my fingers touched her there, she let out a scream.  I continued rubbing her clit and playing with her nipples until I felt her muscles tighten around my cock, a flood of juices pouring out of her as she came hard.  Her head was thrown back, her mouth open as she breathed deeply.

I found my release almost at the same time, a growl coming from my mouth.  I grabbed her hips, holding her tight against me as I emptied myself inside of her.

“Damn,” she muttered as she collapsed on my chest, my softening cock slipping out of her.

“Are you okay?”  I asked as I stroked her hair.

“I think I have died and gone to heaven…or hell,” Adele told me, raising her head and kissing me lightly.  “I have never felt anything like that,”

“Well we have the rest of the day and tonight so I am going to make sure that you experience this several more times,” I promised her.

She rolled off and snuggled in my arms, drifting off into a light sleep while I laid there, holding her and plotting ways to give her more orgasmic bliss.