As Jenna sat on the bed in her hotel room, she once again began to wonder why in the world she came.  When she left town right after her high school graduation for college, she swore she would never return.  Her foster parents had retired to Florida so there was no one left.  Being an overweight, nerdy type girl who did not have the latest fashions to wear Jenna did not have many friends in high school. The only reason she decided to attend the twenty-fifth-class reunion was because her one friend that she had stayed in touch with begged her to come home for the reunion.

Well, at least the overweight nerdy girl is gone now, as she stood up and looked at herself in the full-length mirror on the bathroom door. Over the years, Jenna had managed to lose the extra weight, gain confidence, and start a computer software company.  I wonder if Alex will be there and what he looks like now?  Probably fat and bald, married to Sally the prom queen who still has not lost the baby fat from the three kids they have.  Seeing that picture in her mind caused her to laugh. That would be karma for the way they both treated me in high school.

She took one more last look in the mirror, satisfied that the burgundy dress with spaghetti straps hugged her body in all the right places.  She slipped on her three-inch heels and made her way to the registration desk to have them call her a taxi to take her to the convention center where the reunion was held.

Once they arrived, Jenna paid the driver and stepped out of the taxi.  Jenna took a deep breath and walked into the convention center.  As she walked in, she saw a sign pointing the way to the room where the reunion was being held.

Walking up to the room, Jenna heard a squeal and then arms were hugging her, almost knocking her off her feet.   “Wow Jenna, you actually came,” her friend Allison said looking her over.  “I cannot believe it has been twenty-five years since we graduated.”

“I told you I would come so here I am,”

“You said that when we had our tenth reunion and you did not show,” Allison countered. “I wished you would have let me pick you up,”

“Business dictated at the time that I was needed there,” Jenna explained.  “I told you that.  And it was easier for me to grab a taxi than take you out of your way,”

“I think it was because you were afraid of running into Alex,” teased Allison.  “You could have stayed with me.”

Jenna shot her a look and said, “Alex is a thing of the past.  I realize now that he was an egotistical ass and was only concerned about himself and his image.  That is why he made sure to have the prom queen on his arm.  He wanted to make sure that his girlfriend was a knockout.  I was just good enough to tutor him to get him to pass his classes,”

“And put out,”

“Allison, you do not know that.  You know how rumors flew around the halls,” Jenna said, remembering the one that had started when she had made the mistake of dating Ben, one of the football players, and when she would not put out, he started to spread rumors that she had. Shaking her head, she turned and signed in, got her name tag, and followed Allison into the large room.

The room was set up with large round tables that could seat eight and in the front was a large dance floor.  To the side was a cash bar.  They went over and got themselves each a soda and then looked around the room, trying to decide where to sit.

Finding a table that currently had no one sitting at it, they headed for it.  Just as they sat down, Allison leaned over, asking in a soft voice, “Is that Alex?” giving a nod in the direction of three tables over.

Jenna looked and she felt her mouth drop open slightly.  Alex did not look like she had envisioned him.  In fact, he was still as pumped as he was in high school with the only difference being that his once dark brown hair now had streaks of grey in it, especially around the temples.  She looked quickly but did not spot Sally by his side.  He appeared to be alone.  As if he could sense someone looking at him, he turned in their direction. Jenna quickly lowered her eyes, hoping that he had not seen her staring.

“Who is that redhead?” he asked Ben.  “I swear if she was in our class, I would have remembered her.”

“Maybe she is someone’s wife, girlfriend, or something,” Ben suggested as he looked in Jenna’s direction.  “I’ll be damn.  I think that the woman sitting with that redhead is Allison Greyson, the one that was friends with that nerdy girl who tutored you.  You remember, I dated her.  So easy to get her to put out,”

“Was Allison a lesbian?” Alex asked.

“I have no clue,” he replied.  “Hell, that long ago that was a taboo subject.  Do you think that redhead is her girlfriend or something?”

“I am going over to find out.  Want to come with me?  Maybe we can convert them if they are lesbians,” Alex said laughing as they headed in their direction.

“Don’t look now but he is coming this way and I think that is Ben with him.  You know that those two were thicker than thieves when we were in school,” Allison told Jenna.

Walking up to the table, Alex looked down at Allison’s name tag, a smile coming over his face when he realized that Ben was right.  “Well, hello, Allison.  How are you doing?  Still teaching school?”

“Yes, I am,” she snapped.  “Are you still in real estate or did you move on to being a gigolo for rich old ladies?”

Both the men laughed and Ben asked, “Who is your friend? Is she your girlfriend?”

Before Allison could say a word, Jenna stood up and faced both, a slight smile on her face, “Hello boys,”

Alex and Ben looked at her, shocked at who it was.  They eyed her up and down, not believing that she was the same nerdy girl from high school that was no longer overweight but drop-dead gorgeous.

“Jenna?” Alex asked, finally finding his voice.  “Wow, I didn’t recognize you,”

“Obviously,” she snapped.

“Ah…can we join you?” Ben asked.

Jenna and Allison looked at each other before Allison said, “Sure, have a seat.”

They sat down, all four waiting for someone to break the silence.  Finally, Alex asked, “So what have you been up to since we graduated Jenna?”

“I work in computer software,” she said, not bothering to say she owned her own company.

“What type of software?” Ben asked, figuring it was some type of fashion or girly software.

“Security systems,”

“I am impressed,” Alex told her.  “Ben and I were in real estate development but now we are partners in The Paradise Resort just out of town.  It was something we designed and developed.”

Jenna knew all about the resort because it was her company that had installed the security system, but she did not say anything.  They continued to talk all through the meal and when the band took the floor Ben asked Allison to dance with him.

“Care to take a turn around the dance floor?” Alex asked Jenna standing up.

She stood up and allowed him to lead her to the dance floor.  Alex took her right hand in his as his left arm encircled her waist, making sure that he did not hold her too tight.  They danced to several slow songs, both lost in their thoughts.  With each song, both seem to draw closer to each other until his arms were around her waist, holding her close to his body while her arms were around his neck.  As the fifth slow song ended, Alex leaned down and kissed her, sending thrills up and down her spine.  It was like a dream come true, something she had wanted when they were back in high school.

Deep down she knew that if she were that same overweight nerdy girl today, she would not be dancing with Alex but at the moment she didn’t care.  Jenna knew that after tonight they would never see each other again so she decided to make the most of it…even as far as getting him in her bed.  She wanted the memories of what could have been back then if only she looked like she did now.  As they walked back to the table, Jenna decided to be bold and reached behind him to grab his ass, giving it a little squeeze.  Surprised by her bold move, Alex jerked and looked over at her, seeing the slight smirk on her face.

“Nice ass,” Jenna said quietly.  “Wonder what the front part feels and looks like?”

“We could go back to your room and I would be glad to show you.  Maybe even give you a demonstration,” he told her wickedly.

“I will think about it,” Jenna told him playing him along although she had already made up her mind.

As the reunion wound down around midnight, they got ready to say their goodbyes.

“Will you let me give you a ride back to the hotel?” Allison asked Jenna as they walked outside.

“I will take a taxi.  You need to get home to Tom and the little ones.  Tomorrow we will get together before I fly out, okay?”

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, but I don’t mind giving you a ride back to your hotel,” Alex told her.

Thinking on it a moment Jenna said, “Okay if you are sure it is not out of your way,”

“Not at all,” he said as he offered her his arm.

They walked over to the parking lot to his car.  Opening the door, he helped her inside and then went around to the other side.

“I am staying at The Hampton,” she told him.  “Want to come up with me?”

“Love to,”

Once they were parked, they walked into the hotel holding hands and up to her room, which was a suite on the seventh floor.  Walking in the room, Alex closed the door, grabbed Jenna, and pushed her against it, his body pressed close to hers as his lips claimed hers.  Jenna rubbed her body against his as they devoured each other’s mouth, their tongues doing a sensual mating dance.  Finally breaking apart, both breathing heavily, Jenna walked over to the dresser, laid her clutch on it, and then kicked off her shoes.

Turning her back toward Alex, she said, “Unzip me,” as she raised her hair.

Once the zipper was down, Jenna wiggled out of the dress, letting it pool on the carpet. She stood in front of him wearing a burgundy lacey bra and matching thong and thigh-high stockings.  Very slowly she reached the clasp on the front of her bra and undid it, letting it slide seductively off her shoulders. Jenna walked over to the bed and sat on the end, slowly rolling her stockings down her legs before pitching them toward the chair by the sliding glass doors.

Alex stood there with one hip leaning against the wall, watching her intently. With each piece of clothing she removed, his cock became a bit harder, putting a strain on the zipper.  Still watching her, he moved enough to take off his jacket and put it on the luggage rack by the dresser.  He also toed off his shoes.

“I think you have too many clothes on,” Jenna told him as she removed her thong and pulled the covers back on the bed before laying down, propping herself up with pillows behind her back.

Alex unfastened his belt, slid down his zipper, and stepped out of his trousers before unbuttoning his shirt and removing it.  Next, he removed his socks, and then finally his underwear.  As his cock sprang free, Jenna let out a low moan as she took in the length and width of him.  He walked over to her and crawled up from the end of the bed, grabbing her by the legs to pull her down flush with the mattress, covering her body with his.

He captured her lips with his, sucking softly on her bottom lip while his fingers cupped her breast, pinching the nipple as he rubbed against her.  Alex pulled away and began to kiss his way down her body, paying special attention to her pert nipples, sucking, and licking each one in turn.  As he kissed his way down, he made sure to tongue her belly button, then he spread her legs, kissing, and nipping each thigh before he swiped his tongue up and down her slit, almost causing her to jump off the bed.

Finding her clit, he sucked it into his mouth before going back to lick between her lips, tasting her sweet juices on his tongue.  As he continued to lick her, Alex inserted one, then two fingers deep inside of her, curving slightly to reach her G-spot.  Jenna fisted the sheet in both hands, soft mewing sound coming from her lips as she found her orgasm building.

Alex moved his one hand so that his thumb was pushing against her clit, sending chills up and down her spine.  Soon she was spiraling out of control as her body ignited.  Her breathing deepened as she began to moan and call out his name. Rubbing her clit harder, Alex sent her over the edge.  Jenna bit back a scream as her legs came together, trapping his head between them as her juices covered his face, her body spasming with waves of pleasure.

Finally, she was able to relax and released Alex from the death grip she had on his head, her body still twitching from the aftermath of her intense orgasm.  Alex rolled off the bed and went to his pants, taking out a condom.  He opened it and slid it on before moving back between her legs.  Raising her legs to rest on his shoulders, almost bending her in half, he pushed himself inside.  Jenna could feel him stretching her to accommodate his width but soon there was nothing but pleasure.

Gradually he began to move in and out, pulling almost all the way out before he pushed back inside.

“You feel so good,” he whispered as he leaned forward to kiss her.  Suddenly he pulled out and moved up beside her before pulling her on top of him.  “Ride me, baby,”

Straddling him, she took just the head inside her, her inner muscles, squeezing and releasing just the head before she lowered herself to take more of him inside. Once he was buried deep inside, Jenna started to move up and down slowly.  Alex reached down and began to rub her clit as she speeded up her movements. Soon they were both on the brink of their orgasm when Alex flipped her off.

“On your knees,” he told her as he got behind her.

Once she was in position, he pushed hard inside of her.  He squeezed her cheeks before holding her by the hips, pounding her so hard, he pushed her body almost down into the mattress.  Reaching the point of no return, Alex gripped her tight as he held himself deep inside, filling the condom with his cum, setting off her second orgasm.

Alex slowly pulled out and headed to the bathroom to dispose of the condom.  When he came back to the bed Jenna had moved to one side.  She patted the space beside her so he laid down and gathered her into his arms, kissing her lightly.

“That was awesome,” she muttered, as she reached down to stroke his cock.

“I think you killed him,” he teased.  “Might be a bit before he can rally,”

“We will see about that,” as she pushed him back and moved between his legs, wrapping her lips around his soft cock, while her hands massaged his balls.  To his surprise, he could feel himself getting hard again, something that happened so quickly since high school.  She continued to guide her lips up and down his shaft. As he got nearer the edge, Alex’s breath began to deepen, and he started to moan.  Finally, he lost control and coated her mouth and throat with his cum. Sitting up between his legs, Jenna licked her lips before she leaned forward to kiss him.

Moving beside him, they snuggled and drifted off to sleep.  When she woke the next morning, Alex was gone but he had left a note stating that he had to go to the resort to solve an issue, but he would be back in time to take her to lunch.  Jenna quickly got up, showered, dressed, and packed.  What she and Alex had shared the night before was all that was going to be.  She did not want a relationship.  All she wanted was what she had been denied in high school.  Jenna knew that if she were that same overweight nerdy girl she had been in high school that the wonderful time they had spent in bed would never have happened.

Taking one last look around the room, Jenna headed to check out and to visit her friend before she flew back to her home.  The memories she had were enough to last until the next reunion where a repeat performance of the previous night might or might not be possible.