When Maggie first made out with her roommate Alyssa, she thought it was a one-time thing and that it will never happen again. But when things started being freaky between them, they each could not deny that there was something they had for each other.

“I cannot believe I kissed Alyssa yesterday. It was a mistake. She was drunk, vulnerable, and was looking at me with her pretty puppy eyes. What have I done? I hope that the alcohol will make her forget what happened.” Maggie silently thought.

She and Alyssa were roommates at The University of Lakehead for two years now. Alyssa was more of a party girl who liked exploring new territories and socializing but Maggie was more conserved and nerdish.

That night when the kissing happened, Alyssa had come from a late-night party at 1 am and found Maggie still awake and buried in a book at the study table.

“Wow Maggie, were you up all night waiting for me to come back?” Alyssa asked in a half-drunk tone.

“No sweetie. I am reading for a test I have tomorrow.” She answered.

“Oh, I thought you were waiting for me.”

“Why would I wait on you and yet on the other nights when you come late you always find me asleep Alyssa,” Maggie said with a chuckle. “Are you feeling okay? You seem rather off.”

Alyssa went and sat on her bed and faced Maggie.

“You know I have never had anyone care for me in my whole life. When I came and saw you still awake, I thought that you wanted to make sure I am okay by staying up to make sure I came back safe. But now I know that you also don’t care about me.” Alyssa said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“No, don’t say that Al. I care about you. I love you so much. You are only saying that because you are drunk right now.” Maggie said as she got up to go as comfort Alyssa.

She placed her arm around her and started massaging her shoulder softly as she made her calm down with soothing words.

“If you really care about me, you would not be making me feel worthless every time Maggie.”

“What do you mean by saying I make you feel worthless Alyssa dear? Ever since I met you I have never done anything to make you feel worthless. What can I do or say that will make you feel better.”

Alyssa looked at her straight in the eye and boldly said, “Kiss me Maggie. I know you are not straight so kiss me so that I know I am not worthless to you.”

“Alyssa you are more than drunk tonight! And for goodness sake you have a boyfriend. I cannot kiss you; it will be making a huge mistake.”

“You see, nobody cares about me. Brandon just broke up with me today and you think I am ugly and that is why you cannot even kiss me. Why does everyone hate me?” She said while bitterly crying.

“I am sorry Alyssa; I did not know that Brandon broke up with you. And for the record, I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world. If it is a kiss that will make you feel loved then that is what I am going to give you.” Maggie said softly.

Cupping her left cheek, she rubbed her lower lip gently using her thumb and leaned over to kiss her. Maggie made sure she explored every part of her mouth with so much intensity and passion.

“You should now go to sleep.” Maggie said after she had broken the kiss.

Smiling at her, Alyssa said, “Thanks Maggie. Thank you for everything you have done tonight. You are truly a good friend to me.” She said as she entered her bed and slept with her party clothes.

As Maggie had demanding activities of the previous night, Alyssa woke up.

“What the fuck happened yesterday? Why I’m I wearing these tight clothes? And why on earth is my head aching so badly?” She asked while lazily getting out of bed.

“Are you telling me you do not remember anything that happened last night?” Maggie asked her as she handed her a cup of coffee. “Here’s some coffee. It will make you feel better.” She said in a motherly calm tone.

“Thank you, Maggie.” She said as she took the coffee. “What happened? I only remember going to a party and coming back home late.” Alyssa said.

“Maybe you should go take a shower and clear your head as you try to recall what you did last night.”

“Yeah, you are right,” Alyssa said while heading for the bathroom.

“You know what Maggie; I think you should come to the bathroom with me. I can forget everything that happened last night but I cannot forget the amazing kiss we shared.” She said in an aroused tone as she led the way.

Maggie could not control herself; she wanted her so bad at that moment. Removing her clothes, she followed Alyssa to the bathroom and shut the door.

As Alyssa was opening the shower to let out water, Maggie was busy caressing her butt cheeks and her lower abdomen.

“Do you like it?” Maggie asked.

“Yes please,” Alyssa answered in a raspy voice.

Taking that as consent, she began taking her hands lower until they reached where her pussy was.

Playing slowly with her lips, Alyssa could not help it but moan slightly.

“You are so aroused right now and I have not even started with you,” Maggie whispered into her ear as she played with it.

Going lower, she reached where her clit was and started to rub on it slowly until Alyssa began breathing heavily.

“What are you doing to me?” Alyssa asked barely being able to speak.

“They are called circles. Has Brandon ever given you circles before?”

“No, he has never.” She replied.

“Well then baby girl, let me show you what you have been missing out on,” Maggie said in a creepy sexy voice.

Parting her thighs a bit more, she penetrated two fingers inside her as she stuck her other fingers inside her mouth and told her to suck on them.

The more Alyssa sucked on her fingers, the deeper she went inside her.

Not being able to breathe properly, she removed Maggie’s fingers from her mouth and placed them on her boobs.

Maggie followed suit and began playing with her nipples until they were erect and pointy.

Removing her fingers from inside her, she stood in front of Alyssa and gave her the most intense kiss ever.

Alyssa returned the kiss with the same energy until they were both lost in the entanglement of their tongues.

Breaking the kiss, Maggie looked at her straight in the eye and said, “I think we should bathe really quickly and go finish this off in the bedroom.”

“Yeah that sounds like a great idea,” Alyssa responded with a giggle as she placed a soft kiss on Maggie’s forehead.

Getting out of the bathroom, Maggie carried her to her bed and slowly placed her there. Grabbing her vibrator from the drawer, she opened her legs and started kissing her inner thighs while slowly progressing to her pussy.

Setting the speed to maximum, she placed the head of the vibrator inside her clitoris and motioned it to go in circles.

Alyssa let out a huge cry, she could not feel her head. Maggie on the other hand was sucking her nipples one by one until she left a hickey on each breast.

When she had enough, she switched off the vibrator and let her breath easy again.

“After I am through with my test today, I will come back with some backup. We will help you forget Brandon completely. Okay?” Maggie said in a calming tone as she slowly kissed her erect nipple again.

“Yes Maggie, I would really appreciate it if you do that for me. You are sincerely the best. I wish you success in your test today.” Alyssa said as she let Maggie go dress up.

Later that evening, Maggie came back with her friend Mart.

“Alyssa, Mart, Mart, Alyssa.” Maggie introduced the two to each other.

“You are so gorgeous Alyssa. Maggie has told me so much about you. I cannot wait to take you to paradise tonight.” He said while slowly stroking Alyssa’s hair.

“You won’t need these clothes.” He said as he began undressing her.

Maggie was working on her mouth and nipples as Mart played with her pussy until she got wet.

Using his fingers with dexterity, he was gently rubbing her clit and lips at the same time. With his mouth, he began making out with her pussy as he drove his tongue inside her and swallowed the thick cum that was flowing outside.

Alyssa truly felt like she was in paradise just like Mart had said.

They each were doing wonders to her and she liked it.

This became their weekly routine ever since that day, fucking the hell out of each other.