“I just love it when the rodeo comes to town for the weekend,” Lexi told her friend as they made their way to the entrance of the country bar.  “Lots of horny men makes for great one-night stands for hot, kinky sex,”

Penny giggled and said, “I cannot wait.  The only weekend out of the year where it is fun to go slumming,”

“I will miss this when we graduate and have to act like adults,” Lexi said with a pout.  “But for now, I am going to enjoy it to the fullest,”

“Me too,”

Both girls had just turned twenty-two and were in their last year of college.  Their fathers had founded a software company together that was now very successful so they had more money than they knew what to do with.  They decided that when they went to college it was going to be somewhere across the country so they could live it up without their mother’s breathing down their necks, which is exactly what they did.

They pushed open the door of the bar and stepped into the small entranceway. After having their IDs checked and paying the cover fee, they made their way into the crowded bar where it was breathing room only. Gradually they made their way around the room until they were lucky enough to catch a table as another couple was leaving.

“Man, I have never seen it this crowded,” Lexi commented, leaning close so Penny could hear her over the loud music. “Seems like a lot of women have the same idea we have.  Hope there are some men still left for us,”

“Lexi, you have said that for the past four years and we have always got a man,” Penny said laughing.

As the waitress started past their table, Lexi reached out to get her attention and ordered them a couple of beers.  Once they had their beers, both of them turned their attention to the dance floor to see what hottie caught their attention. It was not long before Lexi spotted her prey, as she liked to refer to them as.

The man who caught her attention was about six feet tall, had black hair that he had pulled back in a ponytail, was wearing black jeans and a tight-fitting black tee-shirt.  His outfit was completed by a black Stenson.

“Found mine and right now he is alone so going to make my move,” Lexi said pointing him out to Penny.  She took a big drink of her beer and made her way over to him. He was leaning against the wall by the stage sipping on a beer.  As Lexi sauntered her way over to him, he was watching her through half-closed eyes. He knew exactly what she was; a buckle bunny.  They were in every town.  A woman who just wanted to screw a rodeo man with no strings attached.

At least this one is not too hard on the eyes and does have a little meat on her bones.  She sure won’t break when I fuck her brains out fast and hard.

“Hi, want to dance?” she asked as the band started playing a slow song.

“Sure,” he told her as he quickly finished his beer, putting the empty bottle on a passing waitress’s tray.  Taking her by the hand he led her to the dance floor, pulling her tight against him, his arm around her waist.  Lexi wound her arms around his neck, resting her head against his chest.

He took a deep breath, inhaling her earthy perfume.  They danced to two slow songs and when the band switched to an upbeat one, he led her off the floor.

“Want to blow this bar?” he asked leaning down to whisper in her ear.

“Sure,” she told him.  “Where are you staying?  I will meet you there?”

“I have sleeping arrangements in my horse trailer parked at the fairgrounds.  Nothing fancy but has a good bed,”

Wow that would be a first; hot sex in a horse trailer.  Sounds kinky.  Looking up at him, Lexi said “Sure, do you want me to follow you?”

“That would be great,”

“Give me a minute to tell my friend and I will be right with you,”

As she hurried over to tell Penny that she was leaving, he made his way to the front of the bar to wait.  Lexi thought maybe he was pulling her leg about sleeping in the horse trailer but soon he proved to her that he was not joking.  He had modified a horse trailer that had a small area in the front for a bed and a place to store his clothes.

As they headed for the trailer, he turned to her and said, “Name is Scott,”

“I am Lexi,” she told him, following him into the small space that was barely large enough to accommodate them standing facing each other.  The bed was not even a full size either; just a twin.

This is going to be interesting.  “Nice digs,” Lexi told him, inhaling a combination of horse and hay.

“It suits my needs,” Scott said as he reached out to pull her in for a hard passionate kiss, his hands entangling into her curls, pulling her head back so after kissing her he could kiss and nip at her exposed neck and throat, purposely leaving a small hickey she could cover with her hair.

Reaching down, he grabbed the hem of her tee-shirt, pulling it over her head, tossing it in the direction of a chair he had in the one corner.  Scott quickly unhooked her bra and tossed it in the same direction.  Reaching down, he rubbed his thumbs over the nipples as he leaned down to capture her lips, kissing her hard, his tongue pushing roughly inside. Without warning, Scott pinched her nipples hard, causing Lexi to give out a small cry of pain that soon turned into a moan as he pinched and pulled her nipples.

Backing up he quickly pulled off his tee-shirt and unfastened his jeans.  Leaving her standing, he sat on the edge of the bed to remove his boots, socks, and jeans. When he stood up, Lexi’s mouth formed an O when she saw the length and thickness of his cock; about seven inches and three inches thick.  She had never had any man that big and she could not wait to ride it.

Scott finished undressing Lexi and pushed her back on the bed, getting between her knees.  Spreading her legs apart, he started to lap and lick at her pussy, shoving his fingers in deep and hard, working her up.  Continuing to fuck her with his fingers, he moved up to capture first one and then the other nipple with his lips, sucking hard, nipping gently. Within minutes, Lexi found herself on the edge of her first orgasm.  Scott sensed it too and started to move his fingers in and out, his thumb rubbing her clit. Soon she let out a scream as her body exploded into a million pieces.

Pulling his fingers out, Scott reached under the edge of the bed and pulled out a small box.  Opening it, he fished out a condom and quickly put it on.  He rubbed himself against her pussy and then pushed inside, stretching her.  Not giving her a chance to adjust he started to pound her hard and deep, the springs creaking underneath of them

Lexi wrapped her legs around his waist. Pulling him in deep, her muscles squeezing him tight as his thrusts got harder and deeper, grunting in her ear.  Lexi had never been fond of rough sex but she found that Scott’s brand of sex was a turn-on; so much so that she was heading for her second orgasm quickly.

Leaning down he kissed her hard, their tongues tangling.  Lexi put her arms around his neck, her nails digging into his shoulders as she met him thrust for thrust.  Suddenly Scott pulled out and maneuvered her onto her stomach, pulling her to her knees. Before pushing back inside, he smacked her on the ass hard, grabbed her hips, and pushed in.  As her breasts were pushed into the rough blanket on the bed, the movement of her nipples across it was sending unusual waves of pleasure into her core.

Soon she could feel her body coming apart as her orgasm ripped through her, lights flashing, her juices squirting out as she came hard.  Scott smacked her ass again, before he grabbed her ass with his fingers, pushing in as deep as he could, finding his release.

When it was over, he pulled out and stood up, removing the condom and tossing it in the trash can.  He grabbed his jeans and put them on, not bothering with underwear. “Get dressed and I will make sure you get to the car.  That was great.  Maybe a repeat performance tomorrow.

Lexi was a bit shocked it was not going to be more than once but she got dressed and he made sure she got to her car.  As she drove off she thought, only once but that was the best sex I ever had.