I could hear Kota breathing heavily and mumbling under his breath as I took the sheets out of the washer and loaded them into the dryer.  I just had to fold the last load of towels and then wait for the sheets to dry so I could fold them.  About another hour or so of work and then I could go back, take a hot shower, eat supper, and then go find myself some entertainment.  If the mountain does not come to me, then I am going to the mountain…maybe two mountains if I can find two that are interested in a threesome.  After several minutes of the only sound in the building being Kota’s heavy breathing and the dryer running, I whirled around and glared at him.

“You are weird.  Most men do not breathe that heavy unless they are having wild sex,” I said smiling.  “Since you are there and I am way across the building and we are both dressed, we are not having wild sex so go take your damn heavy breathing someplace else.”

“I would advise you to just concentrate on your duties and not talk to me right now. I am trying to calm myself down.  Now for the last time, stay away from the men on this ranch, especially Doug,”

Should I say what I am thinking? Or should I keep quiet and not poke an angry bear?  Oh well, I have faced angry bears before and I know just how to calm them down and turn them into teddy bears. I was never one to not speak what was on my mind so I said, “I am sorry.  I did not realize Doug was bi and you two were having an affair.  So are you also bi or gay?  Maybe we can make it a threesome.  I have never seen a guy do another guy.”

Not saying anything, Kota turned on his heel and stormed out of the building.  As he slammed the door behind him, all he could hear was me laughing, which only added fuel to the fire.  Clenching and unclenching his hands, Kota found himself fighting the urge to go back into that building and do to her what her daddy should have done many years ago; give her a good old fashion spanking.

I have never hit a woman in my entire life and am not going to start now but I am so tempted to.  Damn, these next two weeks cannot go fast enough.  I should tell Abby that Lacy has broken the cardinal rule twice and have her taken back to jail.  It would serve her right to sit there for five months.

Deciding that is what needed to be done, Kota turned and opened the door to the laundry building to tell Lacy she would be returning to jail tomorrow.

Looking up, Lacy gave him a half-smile, asking, “Well Kota, are you back to show me that you are a real man and not bi or gay?  Do you want to use that cock on a woman to see if it works?  Or are you back to tell me where to meet you and Doug?” as she went back to work.

Lacy was so busy folding towels and talking that she did not hear Kota come up behind her and grab her arm, spinning her around.

“You are nothing but a spoiled brat that has always had everything handed to her and expect everyone to bow to her.  You have no respect for anyone.  This program is nothing but a joke for you.  And men…you are a barracuda that uses men for your pleasure and just spits them out when you are done with them.” Kota yelled

Looking at him I asked softly, “Do you feel better now that you have it off your chest Kota?” patting his arm.

Taking her by the arm Kota half drug her over to the corner where there was a chair.  He sat down and pulled her across his lap, placing his hand on her waist to hold her there.

“If your daddy had done this when you were younger I would not have to do it,” as he brought his hand down hard on my jean covered ass, then again earning a yelp from me.

“What in the hell do you think you are doing?” I asked trying to wiggle away but he had too tight a grip on me.

“Giving you a good old fashioned spanking,” he told me as his hand found his target several more times.

“Let me up!” as I tried to cover my butt with my hands but was not successful.

Kota grabbed my hand and held it behind my back, his other hand finding its mark.  When I began to kick my legs, he maneuvered me around until I was over one leg and he had my other one trapped between his.  After several minutes, Kota stopped.

“Tomorrow you will be going back to jail to finish out your sentence,” he told me, dropping me on the floor as he stood up and walked out, slamming the door behind him.

I struggled to a sitting position, wiping my eyes, trying to figure out just what in the hell happened but at the same time, I was starting to feel that familiar feeling in my pussy that I got after a lot of foreplay.  I was just spanked.  I should not be having these feelings.  Am I weird?  All I knew was that I needed to be fucked…hard and fast, preferably by Kota.

I finished up my work, taking the laundry to the house, and putting it away in the linen closet.  I moseyed into the kitchen, made myself a couple of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and headed back to my room.  I sat on the edge of my bed trying to figure out how to get Kota to notice me sexually. Over the past two weeks, I had to go to his cabin a couple of times to deliver some papers so I knew which one was his.  I decided that I would sneak down there and surprise him.  Ijust hope I don’t catch him and Doug in bed together but then a threesome would be nice.  I took a quick shower, slipped on a pair of jean shorts and a tee-shirt without my bra, and rested on the bed until the ranch was cloaked in darkness.

I snuck across the yard, staying in the shadows as much as I could.  When I got to Kota’s cabin, I knocked on the door but did not receive an answer.  After a couple of minutes, I shook the handle and the door swung open.  Looking around to make sure no one was watching, I slipped inside and immediately heard the shower running.  I quickly took a look around the cabin, finding the bedroom.  Without a second thought, I stripped and slid naked between the cool sheets, hoping that after the shower he would come into the bedroom.  I had no idea what his reaction would be but hoped my naked body would stir his cock.

I heard the shower go off and a few minutes later I could hear him walking down the hallway, whistling.   Stepping into the bedroom, Kota stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me sitting in the middle of the bed, leaning against the headboard, sheet down to my waist.  “How the hell did you get in my cabin?”

“Ah…you should lock your door,” I told him pulling back a corner of the sheet and patting the bed.  “Come join me.  If I am going back tomorrow I want to go out with a satisfied pussy.  I don’t care if you are bi or not or if Doug is your partner.  Now if you are gay, we might have a problem but hope you are not.  Be a waste of good cock,” I said as I took in his semi-erection.  He is either interested or he has been thinking about Doug and a get together later.  Damn, I hope he is not gay.

“Although it is none of your business, I am not gay nor am I bi and for the record, Doug is my little brother.  Now get out of my bed, get dressed, and leave.”

I quickly scooted out of bed and hurried over to him, dropping to my knees in front of him before he had time to react.  I took his cock in hand, rubbing my thumb up and down the back of his shaft while the tip of my tongue darted in and out of the slit and around the head.

Kota moaned, his body telling him that it felt so good and to let her continue while his mind was telling him that it was wrong, that he should move away and send her back to her room.  I could sense with his body language that Kota was torn between letting his body relax and enjoy it and sending me away.  I knew I had to amp up my seduction or I would be going back to my room.  My lips encircled the head of his cock, sucking gently while I started to stroke him, my other hand cupping his balls.

When I felt his hands in my hair, I knew I had won and that he was going to give me what I wanted.  I gripped him tight, stroking the base as I took more and more of him in my mouth, my tongue working his cock over, I continued to caress and massage his balls until his moans became louder and his hands were grabbing fistfuls of my hair, tugging gently as he started to fuck my mouth.

I could feel his balls start to tighten and knew he was at the edge.  I began to work my lips faster and tighter around his cock.  Suddenly he pushed deep into my mouth, the motion almost gagging me as streams of his cum poured out and down my throat.  I continued to squeeze his balls, emptying him.  When he relaxed his grip on my hair, I began to lick his cock clean, and then I sat back on my heels, hoping that now he was satisfied that he would not send me away.

“Get up,” he said offering me his hand.

Once I was too my feet, I quickly stepped into his arms, pulling his head down to kiss him, my tongue slipping between his lips.  It did not take long before he was kissing me back.  I felt his body trying to move me backward so I let him have the lead.  As Kota moved me backward towards the bed, we continued to kiss.  When my legs hit the edge of the bed, Kota gave me a little shove causing me to flop backward on the bed.  I felt my legs being spread apart before Kota knelt between them.  Leaning forward, Kota captured a nipple between his teeth, gently nipping as his tongue swept over the nipple.  His hand was pinching and pulling the other.

Within minutes I could feel my juices starting to flow.  Kota kissed his way downward, tonguing my belly button before three fingers dipped into my pussy, his thumb lightly grazing across my clit.  Kota continued kissing his way down my inner thigh to my knee and back up the other one as his fingers slowly moved in and out of me.  I could feel his fingers moving out, leaving a sense of emptiness but it was short-lived as his tongue swept up my slit, almost sending me off the bed.

As his tongue worked over my pussy, his thumb rubbed across my clit.  The pleasure was so intense I thought I would pass out from the intensity.  His tongue moved to my clit and he reinserted three fingers, working them in as deep and hard as he could while sucking my clit.  When his free hand found my nipples that was the last straw.  I could feel the fire spreading throughout my inner core, my body and face flushing, my eyes closing, lights flashing behind the closed lids as my orgasm ripped through my body like a runaway train.  A scream ripped out of my throat before I had a chance to cover my mouth as wave after wave of pleasure swept over me, unlike anything I had ever felt before.  My juices squirt out, covering his face and drenching the bed below me.  Every nerve in my body seemed to be pulsating and on edge; very sensitive.

As I started to come down, Kota pulled back and stood up.  “Turn around,”

When I moved around on the bed until I was lying in a normal sleeping position I looked over at Kota, my mouth dropping open slightly.  I knew Kota was thick but it seemed like he was even thicker than when I sucked him off but knew that was impossible.  Crawling on the bed, he positioned himself between my legs, spreading them as he pushed himself deep inside my slightly swollen pussy that was still feeling the afterglow after that intense orgasm.

I moaned as he sunk in deep.  He did not give me any time to adjust to his width and length before he was fucking me deep and hard.  Kota stopped for a second to put my legs over his shoulders, almost bending me in half as he started again.  So hard, so deep the headboard of the bed began to bounce against the wall.  I could feel it building up inside of me.  His hands were under my ass, raising me to so he could go deeper.  This time I was able to cover my mouth, stifling my scream as my body twitched and jerked.  I felt his hands squeeze my as he found his release.  Slowly he pulled out and flopped on the bed beside me, both of us covered in sweat and breathing hard, our minds and body coming down from the ultimate sexual high.

“Damn,” I muttered, wanting to roll over and kiss him but not having the energy to do so.  Wow, he is definitely not gay.  I am glad it was just the two of us tonight.  I love threesomes but not sure I could have handled both of them at the same time.  Damn, I must be getting old; thinking I could not have taken them both on.  Too bad I am going back tomorrow.  Would love to have some more of that; wonder if I can talk him out of sending me back?

I was brought out of my thoughts by his hand wrapping itself around mine, neither of us saying anything for a few minutes, and then Kota said, “Give me an hour and we will go for another round...unless you don’t think you can handle it?”

“I can handle anything you can throw at me,” I told him, finally getting the energy to roll on my side and kiss him gently.

“I haven’t told Ms. Jeffers about you going back but if you can keep your pants on and behave yourself, I won’t tell her.  Is it a deal?”

“Does that include you, Kota?” I asked reaching down to lightly stroke his cock.

“No, but we have to be very discreet.  I gave Doug hell and put him on stable duty for a week because of you,” as he kissed me.

We snuggled together, drifting off into a light sleep, re-energizing for another round of hot sex.