I had been at The Ranch for two weeks and had washed more dishes and clothes than I ever believed existed.  My nails were a mess, my skin looked awful, my hair looked lackluster; in other words, I was a mess, and to top it off, I had not had any sex since my first day here.

Damn it to hell, my daddy is going to pay once I get home and so is that bitch he married.  He is going to send me to a spa for a week so I can get everything looking normal again.  I hate it here.  I should not have been sent here.  I just wrecked my car.  No one was hurt.

As I watched the sunrise in the East and start to peek in my window I made a decision that I was not going to do anything today; no clothes washing, no dishwashing, nothing.  If Ms. Jeffers asked me why I am not working, I am just going to tell her that I don’t want to.

Making my decision, I rolled on my side and pulled the cover up to my neck, soon falling back to sleep.  It seemed like I had just closed my eyes when I felt the covers being yanked off me and a voice yelling, “Get your ass out of bed.  You are an hour late.  No time for breakfast. There are several loads of laundry to get done today.  We have several families checking in and out today.”

“I am not working today so go do the laundry yourself,” as I tried to curl up in a ball.

“You get up now and be in that laundry building in fifteen minutes or I am calling for transport back to jail so you can serve out your remaining time.  No negotiations Lacy.” Ms. Jeffers said storming off.

“Go to hell,” I yelled at her retreating back.  “Shit,”

I did not want to go back and stay at least five months in jail wearing those hideous orange jumpsuits and I also did not want to wait to get my revenge on daddy and that bimbo for that long so I got up, grabbed a quick shower, and trudged into the laundry building.  When I got there, Doug was bringing in the carts of sheets, towels, and other things the guests used to the laundry room.

I see a sexy distraction and an end to my sexual dry spell as I hurried into the laundry building.

Doug had just pushed in the last of three carts and was turning to leave when I came into the building, shutting the door behind me, wishing it had a lock but knowing we could get caught added a bit of excitement to the act.

“Where have you been hiding?” I asked, walking over to him, reaching up to wrap my arms around his neck so I could pull his head down to me and kiss him but he gently removed them and stepped back.

“Lacy, you know this is not allowed so quit tempting me.  I happen to like my job,”

“But you liked fucking me too,” I said pouting.  “I need sex.  It has been a couple of weeks and I have been watched like a hawk,” as I moved to work his zipper down.   “No one will know,”

I could tell by his face that he was close to giving in so I cupped his cock, pressing on it.  I could feel it starting to harden so I continued working the zipper down and started to rub him through his briefs.

“Shit,” he moaned reaching for me, his hands working under my tee-shirt, pushing my bra up to free my breasts

Our lips met, tongues dancing as I stroked and squeezed while he played with my nipples, pinching them hard.  After several minutes of kissing, we stepped back and as if one mind our T-shirts were lying on the floor, the rest of our clothes following.  Doug picked me up and put me on the table used to fold clothes, spreading my legs wide as he leaned over me, his lips surrounding first one nipple, and then the other as his fingers teased my sex slit.  I moaned as I felt him push two fingers inside, his thumb rubbing over my clit taking me closer and closer to the orgasm my body needed.

Doug began to kiss his way down my body until he was on his knees between my legs, his tongue working on my pussy at the same time as his fingers worked me over.  I began to twitch and wiggle as I felt it start to bubble over, my juices flowing.  It was not long before my orgasm rushed over me, drenching his face with my juices.  Not giving me time to recover, I felt him put my legs over his shoulders as he pulled me closer to the edge of the table, pushing himself deep inside of me.  I let out a moan of pleasure as my inner muscles tightened around his cock, squeezing him

We were so into it that neither of us heard the laundry door open, giving Kota a good view of what was happening.  Kota opened his mouth to tell them to stop and ask what the hell they thought they were doing but suddenly he felt a jerk in his cock.  He was not a voyeur by nature but this in front of him was like watching live porn and he had to fight the urge to either join in or take out his cock and play with it.  Kota knew that it was wrong not to announce his arrival but the scene in front of him was so erotica that he felt compelled to watch.

This is not right.  I should either leave or yell at them now, not stand and watch like some pervert Kota thought to himself.  Making a decision, he took one more look and stepped back out, quietly shutting the door behind him.  Unbeknownst to Kota, I had heard the door open and sensed that someone was watching but was afraid to look to see who it was.  I decided to take a chance and see if I could see who it was through my almost closed eyes but when I turned my head, all I could see was a retreating back.  I thought it was that guy who had yelled at us yesterday but was not sure.  I put it out of my mind and turned back to concentrate on what was happening between my legs.

It was not long before I felt that need to cum and I could tell by his grunts and actions that Doug was almost there too.  I worked my pussy harder and soon we found our release together.  Doug slowly pulled out, grabbing a washcloth off a shelf to wipe himself off, and got one for me.  I got off the table and went over to the laundry sink, getting the washcloth wet.  By the time I finished cleaning up, Doug was already dressed and heading out without saying goodbye.

Asshole, get what you want and leave without a goodbye as I got dressed, not considering that I was the one that had seduced him.  I started to put the laundry in the industrial washers, wondering who the voyeur was and if he would want some action later.  Although I just had sex, I could feel my pussy dripping some at the thought of having another hot cowboy to ride.

I hope it was the one that yelled at us.  I think he said his name was Kota. Damn, he was one fine specimen of a man.

Kota had planned on doing some work on the outer fences, which is why he had been looking for Doug to help him but he could not seem to be able to concentrate with the thoughts of that Lacy and Doug fucking.

“Mark, catch Doug, who is roaming around here somewhere, and go out and check the fences in the outer pasture.  I have something I need to take care of first.”

“Okay, boss,”

Kota made his way back to his small cabin, planning to do something that he hadn’t done in quite a while; masturbate.  He had not been this horny in forever and he just had to have relief or he would not be able to concentrate on the duties he had to take care of.  Once in his cabin, he went into his room and pushed off his boots, and took off his clothes.  Sitting in the middle of his bed, Kota started to rub his cock, the picture of them having sex playing over and over in his mind except this time he was the one between Lacy’s legs shoving his hard cock so deep and hard inside of her, making her scream.

Kota rubbed the pre-cum over the head of his cock and down the shaft, his head thrown back, his eyes closed as he lost himself in the fantasy.  As he got nearer to his release, he could feel his balls tightening so he gripped his cock harder.  His breathing deepened, his body started to shake as he came hard, his cum shooting out and up his chest and all over his stomach.  Kota continued to stroke his cock until it became flaccid in his hand.  Damn you, Lacy.  You are the devil incarnate.  I have never desired a woman as much as you nor has a woman had such an effect one to make me shirk my duties in the middle of a workday to come home to jack-off like a damn over-sexed horny teenager who just saw his first porn movie.

Kota got up and took a quick shower, redressed, and headed back out to work, feeling somewhat better but still wanting Lacy.  As he passed by the laundry building on his way to the stables, Kota realized that he could not let her think she had gotten by with having sex after he had warned her not to, and then he would have to talk to Doug.  He knew now that he should have stopped them when he walked into the building and not be a voyeur.

When I heard the door open I had my back to it, folding towels, and just assumed it was Doug coming back for seconds.  It never entered my mind it could be anyone else because Ms. Jeffers stayed holed up in that damn office of hers or sucking up to the guests.  “Did you forget something Doug or did you come back for seconds?  I know my body is addictive,”

“Sorry to disappoint you but I am not Doug,” Kota said, leaving the door open.

I dropped the towel I was folding and whirled around, finding myself face to face with Kota, who looked angry enough to snap someone’s neck.

Kota tried to put on his game face but all he wanted to do was throw her on the table and fuck her silly; show her that he was better at pleasuring her than Doug or any of the other men or boys she had been with.  Clearing his throat, he said, “I thought I made myself perfectly clear the first time I caught you seducing one of my employees that it was not allowed yet as soon as you can, you seduce Doug…again. Do you know that is cause for his dismissal?” although he had no intention of firing his brother but he was going to lay down the law and let him know he was on cleaning out the stables duty for a week.

We stared at each other across the length of the room until I finally said, “Anger is not good for you.  Close the door and I will help get rid of all that anger,” as I pulled my tee-shirt off, dropping it on the table, my bra following it.  I cupped my breasts in my hands, my thumbs rubbing over my nipples as I sauntered toward him.

Kota remained in his spot by the door, not shutting it, but his eyes focused on her, his cock hardening in his jeans. He wanted nothing more than to do as she asked; shut the door and get rid of his anger and passion by burying his cock deep inside of her but then he would be breaking the cardinal rule he had set when Ms. Jeffers started offering The Ranch for non-violent offenders to work off their community service.

Reaching him, I put my hands on each side of his head, pulling him down so I could kiss him.  At first, Kota stood there, not responding but after a few minutes of her lips and tongue gliding over his lips, he found himself kicking the door shut with his heel and pulling me in for a deep tongue thrusting kiss.  His arms moved downward, grabbing my ass tight as he pulled me against him.  Moving me around, I found myself being pushed against the door, his hand pinching and squeezing my breast and nipple, our moans intermingling. Suddenly he pulled away and stepped back.

‘This is your second warning Lacy.  One more and you will be transferred back to jail to finish your sentence,”

As he readjusted himself, I said, “It was you!  You were the voyeur watching Doug and I.  I knew someone was standing in the door, watching.  I could feel it.  Why didn’t you stop it then?  Did you get your rocks off watching other people?”

“Remember, no more fraternizing with my guys,” he told her, ignoring her questions.

I stepped forward, slapping him hard across the face.  “It is not my fault you cannot get it up.  I want to fuck Doug or any of the other men I will.  I will just be more discrete. You can get your voyeuristic thrills some other way.  Now, you pathetic excuse for a boy, get out of my way so I can get my work done and then go find me a real man,” so pissed that Kota did not want me as I wanted him.  I do not know what it was about Kota that stirred my juices but he did, from the first time I saw him.  No man is going to tell me no.  That is not happening, determined to find me someone later that night for some sex and fun.

I headed back to my work, pushing Kota out of my way, so I could get back to the table and put my tee-shirt and bra on.  I was so mad I was steaming and just wanted to scream at someone or throw something.  I have had it in this desert hell-hole.  My nails are ragged, I need a manicure.  I want my comfortable queen-size bed.  I want to sleep past five in the morning.  I want to be pampered by daddy and mommy number whatever.  I have lost count.  I had nothing to throw so I gave the heavy laundry cart a hard shove toward Kota, not caring how much damage it did.

Kota was staring at Lacy, trying to figure out what he should do.  She is nothing more than a spoiled rich bitch who is used to getting her way.  I am going to tell Ms. Jeffers no more rich bitches here to work out their community service.  They are more trouble than they are worth.  In fact, no more women period; we will just take males.  After all, half this ranch is mine so I have some say.  Suddenly he felt something hit his leg and then he landed on the floor.  Before he could react, piles of sheets and towels began to rain down on his head.

Kota scrambled to his feet, his leg aching.  “You spoilt brat.  I have a good mind…”

I looked at him and just laughed, turning my back to him and walking back over to change a load to a dryer.  I did not know that I had unleashed a wild man and that things were about to get heated…in more ways than one.