I cannot believe he would choose fresh young pussy over his daughter.  Just wait until he gets back from that damn cruise.  I am going to make that bimbo’s life so miserable.  I do not need another mommy.  I am 19 years old and I outgrew needing one about 12 years ago when you married mommy number two.  Damn, these orange colors do not go with my red hair and they do not even fit right.  So damn baggy and having to wear these ugly plastic sandal type shoes are awful.  I should not have been hauled into jail, fingerprinted, and treated like some criminal.  All I did was have a few drinks and sideswipe a tree with my BMW…along with taking out some mailboxes and tearing up a few yards.  I am not a murderer or anything but they treated me like one.

I felt a hand on my forearm, bringing me away from my thoughts.  I turned my head toward my attorney and asked, “What?”

“You have three other DWI’s with property damage.  I think you should plead guilty and I will work to see about getting you into rehab, on probation but you may have to pay a fine too,” she said softly.

“Plead guilty!” I yelled jumping up from my chair.  “I did nothing wrong.  Just pay the damn fine and get me out of here.  I do not belong here.  Just do what daddy is paying you for and why do I need rehab?

“Will you sit down and hush.  Stop making a scene.  Acting like this is not going to help your case, You need rehab because you have a drinking problem.”

Before I had a chance to say anything back the bailiff called “All rise; Honorable Judge Wilson presiding.”

After the judge told everyone to be seated I flopped back into my seat, slouching and just wanting this to be over with.  I had a new BMW to go buy.  I felt a nudge on my lower leg and turned my head to look at my lawyer, who was glaring at me.

“Sit up and show some respect, Lacy,” she whispered.

I just ignored her and tuned out what was going on.  I knew that my lawyer would handle it okay and soon I would be able to get dressed in normal clothes and go home.  The next thing I knew I felt a hand on my arm urging me to stand up.

Having no idea of what exactly went on I figured that she had gotten me off with a fine and I could go home so I said, “Thanks for getting me off.  You can leave now.  I can get a ride home,”

“You are not going home, Lacy.  You have a month's community service to do at The Ranch.  You are in my custody so as soon as you are released I will take you home so you can pack a suitcase and then take you to The Ranch,”

“What!” I screeched.  “Daddy will fire you as soon as I get to a phone and call him.  You are so fucking incompetent!”

The jail guard grabbed my arm saying, “Let’s go Lacy.  Ms. Meyer, we will transfer her for you.  If you want, you can have someone to pack her bag and bring it back here.  She will be transferred in two hours,”

“Alright, thank you,” she said.  “Lacy, is there anything in particular you want me to pack?”

“Wait a minute!  Just pay my fine.  Get me out of here NOW!”

The guard took my arm and led me out of the courtroom and back to jail, not giving me time to answer my attorney or even have time to think about how she was getting into the house.

The van turned down a bumpy, hole-filled dusty road toward The Ranch.  I was still in a state of shock.  I could not believe that an incompetent attorney did not get me off with just a warning and a fine.  It was not like daddy to send someone so inexperienced with me to court.  As I looked out the window, I could see fields where it seemed as if they were overrun by cows and then in another, there were lots of horses.

What the hell type place are they sending me too?  Thirty days; they have to be kidding me.  No sane person would live out in no man’s land willingly with all this heat and dirt.  I think I have stepped back in time.  I should not be here.  I didn’t hurt anyone, her thoughts being interrupted by the van coming to a stop and the van door opened.

“Let’s go, Lacy,”

I grabbed my suitcase, of which I had no idea what was packed.  Stepping down, I took in my surroundings.  In front of me was a huge home built out of some type of weird material, which I later found out was adobe.  Off to the side, I could see what appeared to be a stable.  And then I saw them…two drop-dead gorgeous men.  Maybe these thirty days won’t be so bad after all.

“Hello Jarred.  What are her charges?” an older woman asked stepping out into the yard.  She took the papers from the guard, read them over, and said, “No alcohol on the premise so no temptations.  You will be assigned a job every day.  Every Sunday night you will be given a card with your weekly work assignments.  You will work seven days a week but have time to yourself each day.  No fraternizing with the staff or guests.  Now follow me and I will show you to your room.  In case you are wondering, I run a dude ranch here plus run cattle.  I am Ms. Jeffers.”

She led me around the back of the main house to a two-story building she called the bunkhouse.  Ms. Jeffers showed me to a modest room with a single bed and a dresser.

“Excuse me, but this is smaller than my walk-in closet and where is the bathroom.  I need a bigger room with an attached bathroom, and make sure it has a queen-size bed.”

Ms. Jeffers turned to me and said, “This is not the Ritz, this is The Ranch, and where all employees are treated the same.  The bathroom is at the end of the hall.  Now unpack and come to the back door for supper.  You will start work tomorrow and Sunday in the kitchen. Do not piddle around.”

“I don’t do kitchen work or any type of work for that matter and I do not share bathrooms.”

“For the next thirty days you do…but if you want I can arrange for you to go back to jail and serve six months as what your original sentence was according to the papers I have,”

I just stood there, my mouth slightly open as she turned on her heel and walked away.  That bitch.  Daddy, you are going to owe me more than a BMW.  It is your fault.  If you had been home, I would not be in this predicament.  I unpacked and slowly made my way to the house.  I circled around and came in through the front door.  I meandered through the area until I found the kitchen.

“Where did you come from?” a woman who I figured was the cook asked.

“I come through the front door and finally found my way back here.  Now I need some supper,” as I flopped in a chair at the table.

“I am Rosa and around here we all pull our own weight.  There are makings for a sandwich in the fridge.”

I snorted as I got up and made my way to the fridge.  I made me a sandwich, leaving the stuff on the counter for Rosa to put away and went out the back door trying to find a place with some shade.  I meandered toward a lone tree and sank down on the ground at the base.  I hated sitting in the dirt but it was better than standing.  I figured after lunch I would make my way down to that big building and see if there were any more of those hunks I saw earlier

When I walked in, I stood in the dimness to give my eyes time to adjust.  The first thing I saw was one of the hunks doing something with a horse.   “What are you doing?” I asked walking toward him.

“I am brushing him down and you are not supposed to be here unless you are assigned to work in the stables.  So, mosey on out to wherever you were before.”

“Oh, I love men who like to play boss.  I can play a nice submissive,” I said continuing my trek toward him.  I need a distraction so why not make it fun.”

“I said go back where you were.  This is off-limits,” he warned me again.

“My name is Lacy.  What is yours?” I asked slowly unbuttoning my shirt.

“It is Doug,” he stammered as his eyes remained focused on my movements, the thought of brushing the horse completely gone.

“It is not very clean here.  Got someplace where we can be alone?  I never have been with a cowboy before.”

Although Doug knew it was wrong, he could not help wanting what she was offering but he liked his job so he repeated, “You are not allowed here.  Go do whatever is on your weekly assignment card,” returning to brushing down the horse.

After finishing his job, he looked up and saw that I was still standing there but this time, I had my shirt off along with my bra, holding both pieces of clothing in my hand.  Swallowing hard, he felt his cock hardening.  Turning, Doug went back to the tack room to put the equipment away, hoping the distraction would take the hint and leave.  Suddenly he heard the door slam shut.  As he turned around, I was almost in front of him.  I reached down, unbuckling his belt, working his zipper down.  I pushed them down, freeing his cock.  Dropping to my knees, I took him in my hand, drawing my tongue slowly across and around the head while lightly scratching it with my fingernails.  I could hear him take in a sharp breath and his cocked started to twitch.

I did not care if anyone came in; I would take them all on.  It had been a while since I had sex and needed it.  There is no way I am going to go thirty days without sex so might as well start now.  Damn, this is not going to be as bad as I thought it would be.  With as big a place as this seems to be, I will never run out of men to entertain me.

I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, sucking hard, the tip of my tongue darting in and out of the little slit. I slowly began to take more and more of him in, pulling my lips back up his cock while fondling his balls. I could hear him moaning, his hands tightening in my hair.  I continued my slow methodical movements, building him up and then taking him down.

“Oh fuck, so good,” he moaned as he attempted to increase the speed of his thrusts but I was in firm control.  The moment I felt his balls tighten. I stopped for a few seconds and then restarted, soon tasting his pre-cum. “Shit, I don’t want to waste a load down your throat.  I need your pussy,”

I stood up and unfastened my jeans, pushing everything down.  In the corner was a saddle on a pair of sawhorses so I wobbled over there, bending over and spreading my legs as much as I could.  A few seconds later I felt his cock nudging at my entrance as he leaned forward, reaching under to grab my nipples, pulling hard.  As Doug played with my nipples I could feel my juices leaking out and covering the head of his cock.  Stopping his assault on my breasts, Doug guided his cock inside my aching pussy.

Damn, this feels so good, as I started to work my inner muscles, squeezing and relaxing on his cock.

Grabbing my hips, Doug began to push in deeper and harder; each thrust harder than the last one.  I could feel it building up inside of me, my juices now pouring out of me as my body started to burn with that all familiar itch.

“Yes, make me cum,” I said, my breathing speeding up, my heart feeling like it was going to burst out of my chest.  I felt my body flush; it felt on fire, as I tumbled over the edge.  I clamped my hand over my mouth to cover the scream that wanted to escape.  It was so powerful that I thought it would never end.  Holding my hips tight, Doug found his release.

When he pulled out, I immediately turned around, grabbing his flaccid cock, licking and sucking both of our juices off until I had him clean and semi-hard again.  I stood up and pulled up my thong and jeans, refastening them while Doug did the same with his underwear and jeans.   I had just put my bra on when the door to the tack room flew open and an angry cowboy stomped in.

“Damn it, Doug, what the hell do you think you are doing?  It smells like sex in here.  You know they are off-limits,” he hollered.  “I should…”

“Take a chill pill,” I interrupted. “It sounds like you are sexually frustrated. I will be glad to take care of that for you,” as I strolled up to him, my hand reaching out to stroke him only to have my hand pushed away.

“Whether I am sexually frustrated or not is none of your business,” he angrily looking me up and down, his eyes staring at her half-clothed chest.  “Put your damn shirt on.  You must be Lacy, the rich bitch that just came in today.  Well, you are not in Kansas anymore.  You are here and you will obey the rules.  Now get dressed and get your ass up to your room.  This is your first warning.”

“Do I get a prize after I collect three of them or do I need more? I hope you are the prize,” as I reached out and cupped him through his jeans.  “Impressive.  I cannot wait to feel that stretching my pussy and to have my lips wrapped around it,” I said softly, and then looked at Doug, “I won’t forget you either.  A repeat is definitely on the cards.  I will be here for thirty days so we have a lot of time,”

“Yes, you are here for thirty days but there will be no more fooling around,”

“Fooling around; I don’t fool around mister.  I get it done.  I have been told I give the best blow jobs.  Want to try one sexy?”

“My name is Kota and the answer is no.”

“Are you sure?” I asked rubbing my fingers over his covered cock lightly, feeling him getting harder.

“Doug, get back to work,” Kota ordered.  “And you get out of my stable now,”

I gave his cock one more squeeze, plans to seduce him formulating in my mind, and how much fun it would be to have both of them at the same time.