“I swear it will not happen again Alice,” her husband assured me as he reached for my hand.  “It was a moment of weakness.  It is you I love.  Honestly.”

I yanked my hand away from his, saying angrily, “My gosh Fred, you have used that excuse several times before.  Can’t you come up with something original?  You are wrong.  It is not a ‘moment of weakness’ but more like a case of wandering cock.”

I looked at him with disgust in my eyes.  Married 20 years and I have lost count of the times he has had a ‘moment of weakness.’  Yes, I know I should divorce his cheating ass and take him for every penny he has but two reasons are stopping me; our two children.  I do not want them to be without a father.  I chuckle silently to myself because they are no longer children but are almost adults.  Collin is 18 and heading to college and Lauren is 17 and graduates high school this year. I guess a part of me still loves Fred and I was brought up to believe that marriage was sacred and something that you did not throw away or have moments of weakness in.  We had married right out of high school when we were 18. I see now that our parents were right, we should have waited, dated others, but we were in love.

“Let’s go upstairs babe,” Fred suggested reaching for my hand again.

“You are disgusting,” I spat out as I headed for the stairs.  “Right now I just want you out of my face.  I need time to think.”

“What do you need to think about Alice?  I love you and you love me,” Fred said.  “And it won’t happen again, I promise.”

I just glared at him and went on up the stairs to our master bedroom, shutting and locking the door behind me.  I went into the bathroom and started to fill the bathtub with hot water and peach-scented bath salts.  It seemed as if a bubble bath helped me to think.  As I settled down in the hot bath, I could hear Fred shaking the bedroom door handle, calling out for me to let him in but I ignored him.  I put my earbuds in and hit my favorite country music playlist.

Fred was a good father and provider but he just could not keep his cock in his pants.  I always thought that our sex life was good but as many times as he has cheated I guess it is not.  I know that I am not adventurous in bed and my sex drive is not as high as his but damn, that is no reason for him to cheat on me.  I never had a ‘cheerleader body’ in high school and after two kids I have stretch marks and a few extra pounds but then he is no hunk himself.  Maybe if he was a little more attentive, more passionate, and not such a workaholic…as I started to laugh, thinking, he is not really a workaholic since he always finds time to cheat.

Suddenly I had a whisper of a thought pass through my brain.  What if I gave him a dose of his own medicine?  What if I had a moment of weakness?  But could I do it?  And how would I make sure he found out?  Would he forgive me as I have forgiven him numerous times or would he leave?  Well, there is only one way to find out.

I decided to put my plan in action that Friday evening.  I had no clue exactly what I was going to say to Fred or where I was going to go.  The kids were spending the night with their friends so everything was working out so far.  I had no idea if I could even carry out my plan once I got there.  I put on a jean skirt with a nice dark blue short sleeve sweater with a scooped neckline and three-inch heels.  I was waiting in the living room when Fred came home around eight that evening, three hours past when he got off work.  When he saw me sitting there, his eyes lit up at first and then a frown came over his face.

“Did I forget that we had a date or something?” he asked as I got up and walked over to him

“No,” as I leaned in for a kiss, catching the whiff of floral-scented perfume.  I drew back, wanting so much to hurl accusations at him but bit my tongue.  “The girls and I are going out tonight.  And don’t wait up.  I may be gone all night…depends on if something catches my eye that is makes staying out worth it.”

I saw him staring at me, his eyes darkening with anger but I never gave him a chance to say anything as I grabbed my purse and headed out.

Serves you right you cheating ass.  All those promises of it never happening again, it was a moment of weakness, and he is still screwing around.  Wonder who she is this time?  It is probably that bimbo he has for a secretary or one of his clients.

I had decided to head out to the north end of town to that new country bar that had just opened up six months ago, The Golden Horseshoe.  When I pulled into the parking lot of the country bar it was almost half full.  I opened my purse and checked to make sure that I had remembered to put some packs of condoms in there just in case I was brave enough to put my plan in action.

Maybe it is time I got some strange cock.  I should have done that before I got married.

As I got out of the car, I took a deep breath, tucked some money in the front pocket of my jean skirt, and locked my purse in the trunk.  Going in, I paid the cover charge and turned toward the bar, slowly moving in that direction as I let my eyes adjust to the smoky dimness of the inside.  The band was playing some slow country song by Travis Tritt and couples were trying to make their way around the crowded dance floor.

“Dance?” a voice asked grabbing my forearm.

I shook him off and said, “No thanks,” as I continued my way toward the bar.  “Red wine,”

I took a seat on a vacant barstool, ordering a glass of red wine.  After the bartender set it in front of me, I took a sip.  What am I doing here?  I am so out of my comfort zone.  I turned slightly on the barstool, glancing around at the men who were prowling the bar.  Most looked at least 15 years younger than me and maybe a few that were a bit older.

I am going to finish my wine and get out of here.  Think I will get a motel room and go home in the morning.  Let him wonder what I did.

“Excuse me but your glass is getting empty.  May I buy you another glass?” a deep voice with a southern twang inquired, breaking into my thoughts.

I turned my head, surprised to see a younger man standing to my left, his dark hair just touching his shoulders, a black cowboy hat perched on top, and wearing a saucy smile.  I started to decline but hen gave a nod of my head.  Soon I had another glass of wine in front of me and he had a draft beer in front of him.

“My name is Dylan.  You must be new here because I would have noticed a knockout like you,”

I felt my face heat up but figured that he had already put away enough beer that he was looking at me through rose-colored glasses so to speak.  I knew I was not a knockout, not even when I was a teenager.  Unfortunately, I took after my dad in looks but got mom’s height of only 5’4”, mousey brown hair, brown eyes, and a little chubby no matter how much I tried to lose weight.

“I am Alice,” I told him.

“Want to rub bodies on the dance floor?”

I nodded and took his outstretched hand, letting him lead me to the dance floor, figuring giving him a dance the least I could do for him buying me a drink.

Dylan pulled me close, his arms around my waist.  As we moved around the dance floor, his hands slowly slid down until they were on my ass, gently squeezing.  I looked up at him, ready to ask him to move his hands when he leaned down to nibble on my lips.  Slowly he moved his kisses to my cheek to my neck, giving my neck a little nip.

Oh my gosh, he just left a hickey on my neck.  Not even when Fred and I were dating did he do that.

We danced several songs, his lips finding mine again several times.  When we made it back to the bar, he ordered us both a fresh drink.  After some time chatting, I felt his hand on my knee, his fingers working their way up and under the edge of my skirt.

“Why don’t we take this somewhere private?” he asked softly.  “I want to bury my cock deep in you and make you scream out in pleasure.”

Oh shit!  This is it.  It is either see if the grass is greener on the other side or go home.  Even if I agreed to go with him, could I follow through?  I had never been with another man.

As I mentally debated with myself, I realized that his hand was completely under my skirt and close to my pussy.  I took in a deep breath, ready to jump off the barstool and go home but then I remembered the smell of the strange perfume on Fred when I leaned in for a kiss tonight.  He was never going to change.  He was always going to have those ‘moments of weakness’ and it was time I had one.

“Yes, let’s go somewhere private,” I agreed.  “I will meet you there.”

“Holiday Inn, about a mile from here,” he suggested.  “Or do you want to go to your apartment?”

“No, the Holiday Inn is fine.  I…ah…have a roommate,”

We finished our drinks and headed out into the parking lot toward my car.  The closer we got, the more my anxiety started to rise.  What in the hell am I doing?  He could be a serial killer.  I need my head examined.

Before I could stop and turn around to go back into the bar, we had reached my car.  Dylan leaned down and kissed me, his one hand grabbing my breast and squeezing it.

“See you there,” as he headed over to his truck, which was parked several spaces down from my car.

I got in my car, started it, and pulled out.  As if my car had a mind of its own, I found myself heading toward the Holiday Inn.  I saw his truck pull in behind me and go to the portico in front of the office.  I pulled in to a parking spot out of sight of the office.  A few minutes later Dylan came out and pointed to the back of the building.  I followed his truck around to the back, parking beside him in front of Room 125.  By the time I got out of my car, he had the door open and was waiting for me to go in first.  I took a deep breath and stepped into the room.

No going back now.  I am committed.  I am stepping out on my marriage…on Fred.  I just hope I don’t disappoint Dylan.  I was not sexually experienced.  Fred and I never experimented.  It was more of a ‘get it on, get it off.’

“Nervous?” Dylan asked when he noticed me just standing there.  “Is this your first time cheating on your husband?” as he moved over to turn on a bedside lamp.

Startled, I just stared at Dylan, trying to figure out how he knew.  I watched as he pointed to my left hand that was adorned with a wedding band and diamond engagement ring.  I just nodded my head, mentally cursing myself for not removing them before I went into the club.  Suddenly it hit me; my purse was still in my trunk and so were the condoms.  I never thought to grab it or even consider asking Dylan if he had any.

No way was I going to screw a stranger without some protection.  I may be getting my sweet revenge but no way was I going to take a chance of catching anything.

“Be right back,” I told him.  “Hold the door open for me.”

I dashed out to the car and got my purse from my trunk and rushed back into the room, Dylan was looking at me with a puzzled look on his face.  I put my purse on the long counter next to the television and turned to him, waiting for him to make the next move.  I had no idea how to seduce a man.  Fred did all the seducing.

“Are you all good now?” he asked as he walked over to me, put his hands on both sides of my face as he leaned down and kissed me gently, slowly increasing the pressure as he gently edged me toward the bed.  Taking his hands from my face, Dylan took a hold of the hem of my sweater and started to work it up my body.  He took one step back and slowly worked it over my head, tossing it over his shoulder, leaving me standing there in a no-nonsense plain white bra.

Shit, I should have spent money on some sexy lingerie before I put my plan in motion, knowing what an unsexy picture I was presenting to Dylan.

Reaching behind me, Dylan unsnapped my bra and slipped it off my shoulders, tossing it in the direction of my sweater.

“Beautiful,” he muttered before he guided her to sit on the bed while he knelt between my legs, leaning forward to suck a nipple into his mouth, his tongue flicking over it, sending a shockwave of pleasure over my body.  Dylan then switched to the other nipple, doing the same thing to it.  While working on my nipples, Dylan started to work my skirt upward until he could see my panty covered pussy, which was already damp.  Taking his right hand, he rubbed it up and down the front of my panties, slowly working a finger inside to gently stroke me.

A part of me wanted to get up, grab my purse, and run out of that motel room but another part of me wanted to stay and take this to the end.

Oh damn, that feels so good, as I found myself raising my hips and pushing against his finger, moans softly coming from my mouth.

Suddenly I felt Dylan moving away, leaving me with feelings I had never felt before.  I looked up and saw that he had pulled off his shirt and his hands were fumbling with the button and zipper on his jeans.  Getting the button undone, he slowly worked the zipper down.  I just sat there, mesmerized at the sight before me.  Sitting on the bed beside me, Dylan worked his boots and socks off, and then stood back up.

I found myself licking my bottom lip as I stared at Dylan.  Man, he is really built.  I just want to get up and run my fingers through that fine dusting of dark hair that is covering that rock hard six-pack.  I wonder what he is hiding under those jeans.  Shocked at my thoughts, I felt my face turning red.  I got up and went to turn off the lamp beside the bed but was stopped by a hand on my forearm.

“Do not touch that lamp.  I want to see every inch of that sexy body.  I want to see your face in the throes of one of many orgasms I am going to give you.”

Dylan reached behind me and unfastened my skirt, working it down over my hips until it was in a pile on the floor.  He hooked his fingers in my pantyhose, working them down until he managed to get them off.  Wadding them up, he tossed them in the direction of the waste can.  I moved away and pulled down the bedcovers and laid down, watching Dylan to see what he was going to do. He pushed his jeans and briefs down, his cock springing free, standing at full attention.  At the sight of his cock, I just stared.  It looked so thick and long.

Seeing me staring at him Dylan began to flex his muscles and pose, causing me to laugh.  Dylan crawled slowly up the bed, pushing his way between my legs.  Before I had time to react I felt his tongue against run up my panty covered pussy causing me to gasp.

What in the world is he doing?  This is not right but damn, it feels good.

Moving up my body, Dylan went back to work on my nipples while rubbing against my pussy, causing me to moan and wiggle on the bed.  I had never felt this with Fred.  I grabbed handfuls of hair, pushing him harder against my nipples.  After a few minutes, Dylan moved and sat back on his heels between my legs.

“Let’s get rid of these,” as he hooked his fingers in the waistband of my panties working them off my body until he was standing at the foot of the bed, holding them in his hands.  He tossed them away and worked his way back between my legs, Dylan spread them wide, burying his face in my pussy, his tongue working deep into between the folds, causing me to squeal and raise my ass off the bed.

I felt him slide one, then two fingers deep inside, and then I felt a wave of pleasure shoot up my body that I had never felt before as Dylan gently latched onto my clit with his teeth.

Oh, fuck, what is going on?  I have never felt this with Fred?  Does he do this with his mistresses?  Is this what is missing from our sex life?  How do I introduce it to Fred?  My thoughts were all over the place and soon thoughts of Fred were driven from my mind and body as I felt my body starting to twitch and feel like it was ready to combust.  I had no idea what was wrong with me.

“Oh damn,” I moaned as he sucked my clit while working his fingers in and out, hard and deep. Then his free hand pinched my nipple, working from one to the other.  I had no idea why my body was starting to feel like it was about to splinter into a thousand pieces.

My eyes rolled back, colors flashing in my mind as my body began to twitch and thrash around on the bed.  I felt the bed under me become wet. Oh my gosh, I peed the bed and his face is down there.  Bed, open up, and swallow me whole.  “I am sorry Dylan.  I did not mean to pee on you,”

To my surprise, as my body started to relax, Dylan raised his face, licking his lips with a big smile on his face.  Taking the fingers that had been inside of me, he proceeded to lick them while I looked at him in horror.

“That was not pee but your love juices,” as he leaned forward to kiss me.

As his lips claimed mine, I was shocked to find that what I tasted was a bit on the salty side, nothing like what I thought pee would taste like.

“Your turn,” Dylan said as he lay on his back, lightly stroking his cock.

I turned to face him, watching his hand move slowly up and down is his shaft, unsure what I should do.  Tentatively I reached out and wrapped my hand around the base, under his hand.  Dylan immediately let go when he felt my hand on him.  I began to move my hand up and down, feeling him getting harder with each stroke.

“Wrap those lips around it,” Dylan moaned.  “Give me some tongue action.”  Dylan knew that when he saw her walk into the bar that she was not your usual bar whore looking for a quick down and dirty but was a woman who was suffering from a mid-life crisis and wanted to spread her wings.  When he saw the rings on her left hand, it suddenly all made sense.  She was either a woman who had been cheated on and was seeking revenge or one that was sexually dissatisfied and wanted to feel the heat.  Apparently from what he could denounce was that Alice was both and he was determined to make sure that she was given the full treatment.  Yeah, she was older than him but he loved being the teacher.  “Take him in farther.  Lick him, move your mouth up and down, play with my balls,”

Slowly I lowered my head, my lips just around the head, my tongue touching the velvety tip, and then opened my mouth a little wider and took more of him in my mouth, being careful I did not scratch him with my teeth as my hand gently squeezed his balls.  Hearing him moan and feeling his body twitch, I immediately stopped what I was doing.  Shit, I have hurt him.  I need to just forget this and get the hell out of here before it becomes a full-blown train wreck.  As I tried to raise my head I felt his hand on top, holding me in place as he moved his hips up and down, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

After a few minutes, I felt him pull away and then he was pushing me back on the bed.  Before I could react, Dylan was straddling my face, his cock brushing my lips as he bent forward to lap at my pussy.  I took him in hand and guided him into my mouth, working my tongue up and down his shaft while his tongue was licking up and down my pussy.  Soon I got into a rhythm and then I tasted something salty on my tongue.  I stopped momentarily, trying to figure out what it was when Dylan shifted himself around.

Realizing what he was getting ready to do I quickly said, “Condom, my purse.”

“My jeans are closer,” as he moved and grabbed his jeans from the floor, fishing a foil pack from the front pocket.

Dylan ripped open the package and quickly put it on before moving back between my legs.  Spreading them wide, he put a foot on each shoulder and bent forward, the tip just barely touching my pussy.  Dylan slowly pushed his way inside, stretching me to accommodate his girth.

Damn, that feels so good, as my inner muscles tightened on him.  I figured that within three or four pushes it would be over but to my surprise his strokes at first were slow and gentle, increasing slowly in speed with harder deeper thrusts, and then he stopped.

Dylan pulled out, saying, “On your hands and knees, ass in the air,”

When I just stared at him, he flipped me over, giving me a hard smack on the ass.  His hand went under me, this thumb finding my clit, which he started to rub as he slid back in none-to-gently this time.  With each thrust my nipples were brushing against the sheets, sending waves of pleasure to my pussy.  My breathing was starting to come faster as I began to feel those same feelings from earlier.  My pussy tightened around his cock, making him moan.

My body started to twitch and I could feel liquid dripping down my thighs as my orgasm swept over my body, causing me to grab the pillow and scream into it so as not to disturb guests in the next room.  I felt Dylan’s hands grab my hips and pull me back to him as he filled the condom with his cum.  I collapsed on the bed, Dylan lying on top of my back, both of us breathing heavily.  Slowly he moved up, and pulled out, careful not to lose the condom.  Taking it off, he trotted over to the waste can and put it in there.

“Wow!” he muttered as he lay down beside me, kissing my shoulder.  I rolled onto my side and backed into his arms, my head resting on his shoulder, with his other hand draped over my waist, his fingers playing with my nipples.  I tried to push his hands away as all I wanted to do was sleep but he just began to pinch and pull at them until I felt that little spark of desire heating up in my pussy.  Maneuvering me around until I was facing him, Dylan scooted down enough to capture a nipple between his teeth while his fingers started to rub my clit.

To my surprise, I could feel the heat starting to build up again.  As he sucked hard on my nipple, he slipped two fingers inside while his thumb worked my clit.  I was soon panting and wiggling on the bed as I slowly slipped over the edge.  Afterward, we snuggled down and dozed off.

When I awoke several hours later I could hear someone snoring lightly beside me.  I laid there in the darkened room, trying to get my wits about me because I was not sure where I was but I knew by the smell of sweat and sex in the air that it was not my bedroom.  Then it hit me; I had cheated on my husband and had some of the best sex I had ever had.

How am I ever going to be able to face Fred now?  I feel so guilty?  How can Fred cheat and not appear to feel guilty but only acts that way when he gets caught?  Is our marriage doomed?  As I lay there, I felt a hand reach out and two fingers pinched my nipple.

“Ready for another round?” a sleepy voice asked beside me.

Well, I have already cheated so it is not going to matter if I do it one more time before I go home, as I reached over to caress his semi-hard erection, earning a moan from him.

After several minutes, Dylan whispered, “Let me put a condom on, and then I want you to ride me like the stallion I am.”

I felt him move away, then the unmistakable sound of package ripping, and the bed dipping as he settled back next to me.

“Straddle me and sink down on my cock.”

I hesitated momentarily before I felt my way in the dark to where I needed to be.  As I moved Dylan moved closer to the middle of the bed.  I put my left leg over him, using my hand to guide his cock inside.  I slowly slide down until he was buried deep inside of me.  Putting his hands on my hips, he indicated that he wanted me to move up and down.  Soon I got into the rhythm and his hand moved from my hip to my pussy, rubbing my clit while the other hand worked on my nipples.  I could feel him getting harder so I used my muscles to squeeze and grip him as I rode him.

“Yes,” Dylan moaned as his hips bucked upward trying to get as deep inside of me as he could.

Soon I could feel that familiar feeling as my body heated up, the lights flashing behind my eyes as I tumbled over the edge, bringing Dylan with me.  I rolled off and he pulled me against him, hugging me before he got up and got rid of the condom.

“I need to get home,” I said as I rolled out of bed, trying to find my clothes in the dark.

Suddenly the room was bathed in light from the bedside lamp.

“When can we meet again?” Dylan asked, scooting up to a sitting position, the sheet pulled up to his waist.

I looked over at him, my skirt and panties in my hand.  “I am sorry but this was a one-time thing, Dylan.  Thanks for a wonderful experience.  I won’t forget it.”

“Well, if you need another mind-blowing orgasm, you can always find me at the bar on the weekends…and leave off the pantyhose next time.” Dylan said smiling.

I laughed, gathered my clothes, and went in to take a quick shower before I went home.  When I came out of the bathroom dressed, Dylan was already curled on his side asleep.  I grabbed my purse, keys, and then went over to turn off the lamp.  Stepping outside into the cool dawn, I quietly shut the door and got in my car, heaving a deep sigh.

When I pulled into the driveway thirty minutes later, I saw that the living room was lit and knew that Fred had probably stayed up waiting on me and had fallen asleep on the couch.  I let myself in, trying to be as quiet as I could but the slight creaking of the door caused Fred to sit up, rubbing his eyes.

“Alice, is that you?  Are you okay?” he asked getting to his feet and stumbling out to the entryway.  “Where have you been?  It is almost dawn?”

Looking at him straight in the eyes, I smiled wickedly saying, “I was out having some drinks when a moment of weakness overtook me like it has to you done several times,” and with that I went up the stairs, leaving him staring after me.