I cannot believe that Will is going to be my neighbor. He used to be so mean to me back in high school. Why would fate do this to me? Why me? I just want a peaceful life away from people who cause me pain and yet Will, the only person who has ever caused so much pain in my life is my neighbor. Naomi wondered as she sat inside her bathtub.

Bath time was her thinking time; she used it to contemplate on her past, present and future.

Will had moved in yesterday into the next apartment. When he ran into Naomi that morning, he seemed rather happy to see her.

“Hey, are you Naomi Peters?” He stopped her along the hallways as she was going to work.

“Yes I am.” Naomi responded having not recognized him.

“I’m Will. Do you remember me from high school? We were in the same class.” He said.

“Will Anderson? Yeah, I remember you. Wow! What a coincidence. Do you leave here?” She asked.

“Yeah, I just moved in yesterday from Wisconsin. Can I just say how beautiful you look? You have really changed from the last time I saw you. My job sent me to manage one of its office. I actually live in apartment 12. What about you.”

“Thank you so much for your compliment. It is such a coincidence because I happen to live in apartment 11 that technically makes us neighbors. It is a really small world, isn't it? I really need to rush though, I am almost late and I might find the subway gone. We will catch up. It has been really nice meeting you Will.” She said as she rushed without giving him the chance to answer back.

Sitting in that warm bubbly water, Naomi could not help it but travel 8 years back when she was in Middle Town High School in New York City.

Throughout her high school career, Will had never been nice to her. He was the captain of the football team and had so many girls falling for him. Wherever he went, he was always accompanied by his teammates and the cheerleaders.

She was a geek, a bookworm and by far the most unattractive girl in the school.

Most people used to make fun of her appearance and dressing and due to this she developed a low self esteem.

When she joined university, she purposed to reinvent herself by changing her closet and style.

Running into Will that morning took her back to when she was secretly crushing on him in 10thgrade. She had mastered the courage to go confess her feelings to him.

But the hard rejection and humiliation she got crashed her completely. She felt worthless, ugly, unlovable and invisible.

Something about that memory made her bitter and angry. She remembered how he embarrassed her by reading the letter she had sent him in front of the whole school in the cafeteria during lunch. She could still hear people’s laugher and mockery towards her.

Sitting in front of the television watching a lousy show, Will’s thoughts were on Naomi.

Fate had really decided to bring us together again? She has really changed a lot. She has now become a woman and more attractive.

I remember in 10th grade when she confessed her love for me and I bitterly turned her down. I did not do that on purpose, my friends and by- then girlfriend were the ones who propelled me to do so. After they found her letter in my bag, they forced me to publicly embarrass her because she was the school’s biggest nerd.

I had initially refused because it was by far the meanest thing to do to someone so undeserving. I actually found it adorable that someone had real feelings for me and not because I was the captain of the football team. I wanted to be her friend and maybe progress with her but the boys could not let me do that. It was either I publicly shame her or be thrown out of the football team.

Now she is my immediate neighbor, I do not know whether she has a boyfriend but I need to tell her that I have always had feeling towards her.

Getting up, he walked to the kitchen to warm the pie he had bought for her as a sign of good neighborliness

“Who is that knocking on the door?” Naomi angrily wondered as she got out of the bathtub and put on a towel and bathroom robs.

Opening the door, she found Will staring at her with a pie in his hand.

“Sorry for disturbing you Naomi. I just thought I should bring you this Pie. I know it is supposed to be the other way around but I also want to formally apologize for the trauma I caused you in high school.”

Looking at him, Naomi almost broke into tears as she remembered all what Will put her through.

“Please, do come in. I will be with you in a short while. Just give me some time to dress up.” She said as Will went to sit down in the living room.

Within a short while, Naomi had already changed and was now sitting across Will.

“Look, let me just start off by apologizing for what I did that day. Words cannot express just how much I regret doing what I did. If you want, I can explain myself.” Will said while looking away into space, afraid of facing Naomi who was heavily staring at him.

“If you feel it is necessary, then you can explain yourself. But let me just let you know that I have already forgiven you and there is nothing I hold against you Will.” Naomi said silently

“My teammates and girlfriend found the letter you wrote me. They are the ones who made me do it. They threatened me by saying if I do not do it then I would be kicked off the team. I know that that does not justify my actions but I really wanted to know you. I was interested in you but I could not have you at that time” He said.

“Are you being serious right now?” Naomi managed to ask after absorbing all of this new information.

“Yes Naomi, I really wanted to be with you. I always found you interesting and cute but I could not. Forgive me for being a coward and not fighting for you the way I should have. Please allow me to correct my mistakes. Let us start a fresh. Please.”

“Yeah, I guess we can. We are both mature enough to let high school events prevent us from having a nice friendship.”

11pm was the time Will was going back home.

"Hey thanks for letting me stay. I really want to know you more Naomi. What do you say we go out for a movie tomorrow in the afternoon?" Will asked.

With a huge smile, she responded, "Sure, info not mind at all."

In the next one month, they did almost everything together as good friends. They would go to the movies, the theme park, picnics, and romantic dinners whenever they had some free time to spare.

Will was slowly falling in love with Naomi and he could not help it but blurt out his feelings one Saturday night when they were in his house having a small wine party.

“I don’t want to go fast with you but just know I really adore you and I am in love with you. It is okay if you do not feel the same way, I will understand.” Will said.

Naomi just looked at him with the calmest eyes ever.

She walked up to him, looked him straight in the eye and placed a light kiss on his lips. “I love you too Will.” She said.

Will smiled in amazement and kissed her with so many emotions. Sliding his hands down on her lower body, he started caressing her ass cheeks softly. That small kiss turned into something wild with much passion and lust.

He wanted her now and wanted her so badly.

His huge erection was pressing against Naomi’s stomach and she liked it. Grabbing her dress, he pulled it up until it was on her waist. Carefully stroking her thigh, he started teasing her by playing with her pussy lips. She responded by parting her lips and Will knew she was ready.

He carried her to his bedroom where he laid her on the bed as they helped each other remove their clothes.

Completely nude Will admired this sexy woman that was under him. “Baby, you are the most gorgeous woman in this world.”

He went in for a kiss while slowly taking his hands to her pussy and playing with it in the sexiest way possible. She started breathing heavily under his touch. Breaking the kiss, he looked her in the eye as he slowly thrust inside her.

Naomi could not help it but scream Will’s name so loudly until he stopped. Caressing her breasts once more, he went in for a second round until they were both burned out.

“I love you Naomi. I love you so much.”