I sat there at my dressing table, putting the final touches on my makeup, wishing I could claim a headache and stay home, binge-watching television, and eating ice cream.  Unfortunately, it was my husband’s celebratory dinner at his boss’s house and it would not look good for me to be missing.  After ten years of hard work Mark, my husband finally made district sales manager and would now work in the home office supervising a team of salesmen instead of traveling.

“Summer,” Mark called up the stairs, “come on.  We need to leave. It would not look good for us to be late.”

“I’m coming,” I called back, standing up and grabbing my clutch.

As I made my way down the stairs, I saw Mark glaring at me.  “Summer Marie, what the hell are you thinking?  You look like a whore.”

“You would know since you have had so many of them,” I muttered under my breath.  I knew that Mark would not be pleased with what I chose to wear.  He wanted me to act my age, wear my dresses and skirts at knee length, and not show any cleavage.  What in the world possessed me to antagonize Mark on his special night?  I should have been more considerate, as I thought about my attire; my red dress that had a deep cleavage, and came to mid-thigh and was held up by thin spaghetti straps. Oh well, too late to change now, as I continued down the stairs.

As I walked toward the door, I put a little more sway in my walk.  I could hear Mark grumbling behind me, causing me to smile.  When we got to our destination, an attendant hurried out to open my door for me and offered his hand to help me out.  Suddenly, as if my body was taken over by the devil, when I swung my legs out, I made sure that my dress scooted up a bit farther on my thighs and my legs were slightly spread apart, giving the young attendant who could not have been more than eighteen, a good view of my naked shaven pussy.  Yes, I was completely nude under my dress. I glanced up and saw his face turning a slight shade of red.  When I stood up, I purposely bent over to tug my dress down, giving him an eyeful of my natural 38C’s.

I felt someone grab my arm and pull me toward the door.  “Behave yourself or so help me…”

I yanked away from Mark, not giving him time to finish what he was going to say.  Damn, I should have known not to marry someone much older than me.  What in the hell was I thinking?  Eighteen years old and I thought it was so cool that a thirty-year-old was flirting with me.  A hotshot salesman; wine me, dine me, fuck me silly so one weekend we flew to Vegas to party and wound up married.  Now, ten years later I am nothing more than a trophy wife with a husband who has lost interest in sex…at least with me.

I was jostled out of my thoughts when I heard Mark say, “Brian, I want to introduce you to my wife, Summer.”

I automatically put a fake smile on my face, focusing on the person in front of me.  Brian reached out, clasped my hand in his and kissed the top of it.

“Glad to finally meet you after all this time.  Mark never told me he had such a beautiful wife.”

I felt myself blush as I looked into his icy blue eyes; eyes that seemed to be undressing me.  I cleared my throat and gave a little laugh.  Damn, I hope I am not dribbling on the floor as a jolt of sexual energy flowed through my body, wakening desire I did not realize was still there.

“Brian is one of my top salesmen,” Mark explained.  “In a few years, he will probably be after my job.”

“No, I like the traveling part too much.  Girls in every city and town you visit,”

Seeing his boss, Mark excused us and took me over to say hello to him and his wife. We made the rounds of the room and then I drifted off to leave Mark to talk to his co-workers.  I grabbed a glass of champagne from a passing waiter, quickly downed it, and then grabbed another.  I took it and stepped out onto a patio.  I was not sure I should be there but I really didn’t give a damn.  I hate these parties but guess I had better get used to them now that he is a big wheel in the company.  Summer, if you are so damn miserable, divorce the cheating asshole and find someone to make you happy; the only thing is if I do I will have to work.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my ass, giving it a gentle squeeze.  I turned my head and saw Brian standing next to me.  “Bathroom quickie?”

“Excuse me?” I asked although I knew what he was asking.  In the ten years, we had been married I had never cheated on Mark although I am sure he has cheated on me.  Now I was being handed a golden opportunity and I was torn being faithful and sexually frustrated or unfaithful and sexually fulfilled.

“You heard me Summer.  If you want to feel my cock stretch your pussy and give you an unbelievable orgasm after my tongue has worked you into a frenzy, go up the stairs to the bathroom on the right.  See you in five,” and with that, he pinched my ass and walked away, back into the house.

Part of me wanted to but I believed in taking my vows seriously.   As I made my way back into the room in search of another glass of champagne, I looked around for Mark.  My mouth dropped open slightly as I spotted him in a dim corner with his hand on his boss’s wife’s ass, planting a light kiss on her neck.  OMG, that man has no morals.  Her husband is in the room and he is putting the moves on her.  Hey, shithead, I am in the room too.  Well, two can play at this game but I am going to score a home run.  I quickly downed my third glass of champagne and immediately felt it go to my brain.  I slowly made my way over to the stairs, and went up them, hoping no one noticed me leaving.

I found the right bathroom and quickly ducked inside, almost hitting Brian who was standing by the sink close to the door.  He grabbed me and pushed me against the door, closing it with my body.  As his lips ravished mine, I heard the distinct sound of a door being locked.  My clutch dropped to the floor as I wound my hands around his neck, kissing him back just as hard.  I felt his cock grinding into me as he held me to the door with his body.  His tongue forced its way into my mouth, I sucked on the tip of his tongue as we kissed hard.

I felt his hands on the straps of my dress trying to push them off my shoulders so I reluctantly removed my hands from the sides of his head to my sides, making it easier on Brian to push them partway down my arms, just enough for my breasts to pop free.  Brian’s hand grabbed the nipples pinching them hard, causing me to moan.  I could feel my pussy becoming moist.  Hefting them in his hands, Brian leaned down and sucked first one nipple and then the other into his mouth, nipping at them until I was wiggling against the door.

Brian’s hand moved from my breasts to the hem of my skirt, tugging it up.

“You naughty girl,” he teased as he lifted me so I could wrap my legs around his waist, his hands squeezing my bare ass.

Brian slowly turned us around and sat me on the counter by the sink.  He sank to his knees, spreading my legs wide as his tongue moved up and then down my slit, lapping up my juices.

“Oh fuck,” I moaned, trying to push my pussy closer to his mouth.

Sensing my need, Brian pushed his face against my pussy, pushing his tongue as deep inside of me as he could.  As his tongue worked its magic, the pad of his thumb found my clit.  The moment he touched it, I almost screamed and slid off the counter from the intense pleasure.  I just let my head rest against the wall, feeling my orgasm building up inside of me.  My hands started to work on my breasts, pinching and pulling, adding to the sensations of his tongue and thumb.  I could feel the tips of his fingers slowly enter me until they were buried deep.  Sucking my clit between his lips Brian gently bit down on it.  That was it; that was the key that unlocked the gate as my body started to twitch, my face flushing, my nipples hard, my juices gushing out of me as my orgasm seemed to go on forever.

I was slowly recovering when I heard Brian slide his zipper down, and then the tearing of what I figured was a condom.  Lining himself up he slowly pushed the head in.  Reaching up, he pinched my nipples hard as he rammed himself on the way inside.  I gave out a little squeal as he continued his onslaught.  I gripped him tight, squeezing his cock like a vice grip as I worked on him reaching his orgasm.

Grabbing my legs, he pulled me closer to the edge of the counter, my legs over his shoulders as he continued.  As our breathing quicken, he began to push faster and deeper, my juices pouring out of me.  My body began to tremble as I tumbled over the edge, fighting back the urge to scream out as my pussy felt like it was on fire and I was about to implode, lights flashing behind my closed eyes; the most intense orgasm I had ever had.  Grabbing my hips, he pushed in deep one more time, giving out a low growl as he reached his release.  Leaning forward, Brian kissed me and slowly helped me sit up on the counter, not thinking about the juices staining the floor or the counter.

I put my hands lightly on his shoulders and kissed him.  “I guess we had better get back to the party before we are missed,” I told him, trying to get off the counter but he was blocking my way.

Brian kissed me and stood back, taking the condom off, tossing it in the trash.  He helped me off the counter and then he helped to put me back together.  Without another word, he unlocked the door and stepped out.  I retrieved my clutch from the floor and was redoing my makeup when the bathroom door opened.

“I will be done in a second,” as I put my lipstick back in my purse.  When I looked up, I could not get any words out.  Standing there was Mark’s boss smirking at me.  “I will go now and the bathroom is all yours.”

Taking me by the arm, he said, “You should always lock the bathroom.  You never know who might walk in,” as his hand went to his zipper.

“What are you doing?” I asked

“If you want your husband to keep his job, blow me.  It is your one-time payment.  I usually get the pussy but Brian beat me to that so I will take your lips on my cock.”

I just stared at him, not sure what to do.  I could not believe the situation I was in.  I slowly sank to my knees, reaching out to work the zipper down as I heard the familiar click of a door being locked.  I worked his cock out of his underwear, gripping it slowly as I fitted my lips around his wide girth.  Slowly I started to lick and suck on his cock, the tip of my tongue darting in and out of the slit on the head as I stroked him.

“Hold it,” Mr. Weston told me as he stepped back, undoing his belt, and pants, letting them drop to the floor along with his underwear.  “More freedom,”

I resumed my licking and sucking as I massaged his balls, working him up.  I took him into the back of my throat and then pulled away, my tongue licking the front and then the back of his cock.  As I worked on the head, I took my other hand using it to grip his cock and stroke it.  I could feel his balls tightening in my hand; tasting his pre-cum on my tongue.  Grabbing my head, he pushed himself in and found his release.  When he was drained, he stepped back and pulled up his underwear and pants, making sure he was presentable. Helping me to my feet, his hand slipped under the hem of my dress, two fingers pressing inside as his thumb grazed across my clit.

Despite the intense orgasms I had just experienced, my pussy seemed to be on overdrive as I felt myself starting to respond to his touches.  I gripped his fingers tight with my pussy, rocking on them as he worked me toward my third orgasm of the night.  Mr. Weston leaned in and kissed me as he inserted another finger, rubbing hard on my clit.  I could feel my inner core tightening up, juices flowing, as I had another orgasm.  My body felt so drained I was ready to collapse on the bathroom floor, right in the middle of my juices.  He pulled his fingers out, licked them, and then quickly washed his hands. He kissed me, unlocked the door, and left.

Shit, what in the hell type of upper management works for that company?  I had worked in accounting down on the sales floor, which is where I had met Mark.  None of us had ever had any contact with the upper management.  I wonder if Mark knows what a man’s wife has to do to ensure their job…or was it just me that they wanted because I had to dress like a slut and they told me that so I wouldn’t tell Mark.

Once I was presentable, I slipped out of the bathroom before anyone else showed up and made my way back to the party.  I had forgotten my watch and had no idea just how long I had been gone.  It could have been thirty minutes or an hour.  I knew if Mark had noticed me missing I was going to be in big trouble when we got home.

I grabbed a glass of champagne and looked around the room for Mark, noticing Brian in a corner, giving me a little smirk.

“Well, is my job secure?” Mark whispered into my ear as he suddenly appeared beside me, a glass of champagne in his hand.  “Well?”

“What in the hell are you talking about?” I asked, playing innocent.

“Is my job secure?” he repeated.  “Did Mr. Weston and Brian have use of your body?  It is a simple yes or no Summer.  How hard can it be to give me a simple answer?”

I just sipped my champagne, glaring at him, causing him to smile and whisper in my ear again, “I take your glare and silence as a yes.  I always knew your slutty ways would come in handy.  Now I know why you wore that outfit tonight.”

I turned, tossing the rest of my champagne in his face and walked away, not caring what anyone thought.  Divorce lawyer, here I come.  Let’s see who is laughing then.