“Good morning Elaine,” I said as I shuffled into the kitchen, trying to judge my wife’s temperament by her body language.  Most of the time she was loving, happy, but other times she could be a real bitch.

My wife Elaine is what some would call a ‘gold digger’ because she is only twenty-five.  On the other hand, I guess that would make me a ‘cradle robber’ because I am fifty-five.  She was one of the secretaries that worked for our law firm but after marriage, she decided to become a housewife.  It was a whirlwind romance; Two years ago, after dating two months, we eloped to Las Vegas.

“Good morning Bob,” Elaine said without turning around.

I watched her put pancakes and bacon on two plates, and then she turned around and put them on the table while I poured myself a cup of coffee and refilled hers.  After putting butter and syrup on the table, she sat down and took a sip of her coffee.

“Is this going to be a late-night or will you be home for dinner?” she asked putting butter and syrup on her pancakes.

“I am not in court today so should be home around six tonight.  Do you want to go out?”

“You know I love to cook,” Elaine told me.   “I thought we could have a romantic dinner, then maybe a nice relaxing time in the hot tub and some fun between the sheets.  It has been a while, Bob,” as she rubbed her barefoot against my leg.

“Sounds good,” I answered back.  Damn, I need to visit the doctor soon and see about getting some cock boosters.  I should have realized that I would not be able to keep up with such a younger woman but I let my ego get in the way when she started to flirt with me.  I should have thought with the big head instead of the little head.

Elaine had just taken another sip of her coffee when her phone went off.  “Hello,”

“It is time to pay your husband’s gambling debt Elaine,” the voice said on the other end of the line.

“I am sorry, but you have the wrong number.  There is no one here by that name and I do not have a husband with a gambling problem,” she told him, ready to hang up.

“Don’t hang up because I do have the right number and you are Elaine.  You worked for your husband’s firm as one of the many secretaries.  I will be kind and give you a couple of hours to talk to your husband and then it is either cash or ass, your choice,” and the line went dead.

When Elaine looked down at the number to call it back, there was no number, just the words private.

I had heard just Elaine’s part of the conversation but knew exactly who it was and what it was about.  Damn it, he promised to give me the weekend.   I watched Elaine looking down at her phone and then at me.

I decided that the best course of action was to play dumb so I innocently asked, “What’s wrong Elaine? You are looking perplexed?  And why were you talking about gambling?”

“I was not talking about gambling Bob per-say but the person on the other end called me by name and said it was time to pay off my husband’s gambling debt.  Do you know anything about this?”

“Ah, no I don’t babe.  You know I don’t gamble.  Remember, when we eloped to Las Vegas, the only one gambling was you on the slot machines.”

“Well, you had better be telling me the truth because I am not using my ass…or my pussy…to pay off any debts of yours.  Understand me?” she asked shaking her finger at me.

“Well, you do not have to worry babe.  I have no gambling debt to pay off.  Whoever it was had better look closer when they are dialing a number,” as I finished my coffee, stood up, and came around to kiss her before I left.

As I drove to work, I began to wonder how I was going to pay off that debt without her finding out.  I guess I could go to the casino and try to win the money.  No, that is a bad idea.  That is what got me into trouble in the first place along with making bad picks at the race tracks.  Shit, I guess I will have to ask for an extension.

I took out my cell phone and dialed his number but all I got was the words ‘no extensions.’  I decided that the best course of action would be to grovel at her feet, beg her not to leave me, and find a way to pay him off.  When I finally got back home that evening and walked into the house, there was no smells of anything good being cooked, the only light on was a small lamp on a corner table in the living room, and Elaine curled up in the corner of the couch.

I rushed over to her, dropping to the floor beside her. taking her hands in mine, “Elaine, what is wrong?  Are you sick?  Why didn’t you call me at work?  Talk to me”

Elaine raised her head and looked at me, saying quietly, “You lied to me.  The proof of your twenty thousand dollar gambling debt was delivered to me by courier this afternoon.   And if I have to pay with my pussy, then you are going to sit there and watch another man fuck me.  Do you hear me, Bob?  And then I am going to divorce you and leave you penniless,” as she jerked her hands from mine.  “Don’t touch me ever again you pathetic weasel.”

“I am sorry.  I never meant for it to happen,” I told her as I tried to take her hands in mine again only to have them batted away.

“How did it happen?  When did you find time to gamble?  Talk to me,” she screamed as she came off the couch, knocking me backward onto the hard floor, her fists beating on my chest as her tears dripped down on me.

I didn’t do anything but let her wear herself out.  Finally, she gave out a loud sigh, rolled off me, and headed upstairs before I had a chance to answer her questions.  I slowly sat up, trying to figure out a way to protect her.  As I got to my feet, the front doorbell pealed.

Opening the door, I looked at the imposing figure standing there, staring at me with a smirk, “Well, I am surprised to see you here.  I figured you would be running for the hills and letting her deal with the fallout.  Speaking of Elaine, where is that hot wife of yours?  You do know that I am going to fuck her to pay off your debt, right?  You will get the note marked paid in full when we are done,” as he stepped into the foyer.  “Point me in the direction of your wife.  I am anxious to have her lips and pussy wrapped around my cock.”

I glared at him, wanting so badly to draw my fist back and smash it in that smug face of his.  Before I could act on my thoughts I heard Elaine say, “I am right here Mr. Beckham.  May I ask if you have any problems with a man sucking your cock?”

I had just closed and locked the door when Elaine said that and my head snapped up as I just stared at her, unsure if I had even heard her right.  I could hear Mr. Beckham chuckle before he said, “First off, my name is Jeff and as long as I can have your pussy I guess it would be okay.  Why do you ask?”

“Good because if I have to pay for my soon-to-be ex-husband’s gambling debt with my pussy even though he made the damn debt he should pay some way also,” Elaine said as she turned and went back up the stairs.

Jeff smiled at me and followed Elaine up the stairs.  I watched them go, rooted to the floor.  Elaine is out of her mind.  She cannot be serious. She cannot expect me to suck him off.”

“Bob, get your ass up here right now.  I need Jeff hard so we can get your fucking debt paid off.” Elaine screamed from our bedroom.

I stomped up the stairs, ready to give Elaine a piece of my mind and tell her that there was no way in hell I was putting my lips on his cock even though this mess was my fault.  When I walked into our bedroom, Elaine was laying naked on the bed, Jeff’s face buried in her pussy.

“Oh look who has finally decided to join the party,” Elaine said just before she started moaning, her body twitching.

He pulled his face away from her pussy, turning toward me, her pussy juices dripping from his face.  “Take a seat and enjoy the show.  I have a hot woman here I plan to send over the edge and then you can suck my cock,”

“I am not sucking your cock,” I said sternly.  “My wife is paying my gambling debt.”

“Jeff, since I am going to be a free wealthy divorcee soon, I have decided that what we are about to do is not to pay off that weasel’s gambling debt but instead, it is a way of celebrating my new-found freedom.  Bob will have to figure out a way to pay it.”

I knew what would happen to me if I had to pay off my gambling debt and I was kind of fond of my fingers.  I swallowed hard, saying softly, “Alright Elaine, you win,” as I went to take a seat in her reading chair.

“I always knew you were a pussy.  I should have my head examined for marrying you.”

Jeff leaned forward covering her lips with his, trying to get her attention back on the situation at hand before we started arguing.  After several minutes of kissing, he started to plant kisses down the side of her neck, to her chest to her right nipple, pulling it between his lips, sucking hard.  His hand went to work on her other nipple, earning little mewing sounds from Elaine.  He continued to alternate between her nipples, the mews getting louder and louder.  Moving downward, his tongue swiped up and down her sex slit, pushing inside as far as he could get his tongue, his thumb rubbing her clit.

I sat in the corner, half watching, surprised to hear her making noises that I had never heard her make before nor had I ever seen her wiggling so much.  Despite trying to appear indifferent, I could not help feeling myself become aroused.

Suddenly Elaine let out a squeal as her orgasm hit her, her body twitching and moving all over the bed, her juices pouring out of her onto his face.  Standing up, Jeff licked his lips, hefted his naked semi-erect cock in his hand, and stared at me, his free hand motioning for me to come to him.  I slowly stood up and made my way over to him.

“Turn so I can see,” Elaine said scooting to a sitting position with her back against the headboard, her body still flushed from her intense orgasm.

My eyes glanced down at his cock, surprised at the width and length…and he was just semi-hard.  I dropped to my knees, my mind trying to remember what to do from the porn I had watched of threesomes.  I took him in hand, my lips closing around the head, my tongue sticking out and swiping over the tip, surprised that it was not an unpleasant taste.  I began to stroke him as I licked and sucked on the head, slowly taking more and more of his cock in my mouth until the head touched the back of my throat, almost causing me to gag.  I pulled my lips back to the head, and then took him back into my mouth, my free hand cupping and squeezing his balls.

I heard a little gasp and looked out of the corner of my eye, seeing Elaine sitting there, one hand teasing her nipples while the other hand was working her pussy.  Grabbing two handfuls of my hair, he began to shove his cock in and out of my mouth until I tasted his pre-cum on my tongue.

Oh shit, he is going to cum down my throat.  I cannot handle that, as I attempted to pull my head back but Mr. Beckham had too tight a grip on my hair.

Finally, he let me go and said, “You can go back and sit in the corner.  I have a pussy to fuck,” as he turned toward the bed, climbing up at her feet.  Grabbing her by the ankles, he pulled her down until she was lying flat on her back.  Spreading her legs, he shoved his cock in deep and hard, earning a loud moan.

I just sat there, watching his cock going in and out.  I looked at her face, her eyes closed, her breathing getting faster.  Without thinking, I stripped off and crawled on the bed straddling her head.  I am not sure what possessed me to do it but I grabbed my cock in my hand and began to rub the head over her semi-parted lips.  I expected Jeff to tell me to go back to my corner and that he was taking payment for my gambling debt and I was not to join the party.  To my surprise, all he did was smile at me and continue thrusting in and out of her pussy, harder and deeper.

Feeling my cock brushing against her lips, Elaine’s eyes flew open.  She was surprised at first to see her husband looming over her, his cock against her lips but then the excitement of a threesome took over.  Elaine opened her mouth and I pushed my cock inside, not sure if I was going to get bit or sucked on.  She began to suck and lick my cock, her hands reaching up to caress my balls.

I leaned over, taking a nipple between my lips, pulling hard, and then switched nipples.  Elaine began to moan as she soared toward the top of the mountain.  She reached up and began to play with my balls.  Soon Elaine’s body began to wiggle around on the bed, loud muffled moans started to come from her mouth.  As I sucked and pulled on her nipples I could feel her body start to warm and a flush coming over her body.  I could feel her lips tighten on my cock, her body going stiff, and then it began to twitch and move around frantically on the bed as she came hard.

At the sight of Elaine in the throes of orgasmic bliss, I could feel my balls tighten as I unloaded down her throat at about the same time Jeff found his release.  When it was all over, we collapsed on either side of her, all three of us spent and still breathing hard.  Jeff was the first one to stir.

Crawling off the bed, he looked down at me, saying “Debt paid in full,” as he grabbed his clothes and started to get dressed.  “I will see myself out,” as he left the room.

“Bob, do you…think…in a little bit that we could go for round two?” Elaine asked as she stroked my cock.

“I think that can be arranged,” I answered as I ran my finger up and down her very soaked pussy.  “But for now, I am going to lay here and enjoy the afterglow,” as I maneuvered my body around and pulled her in my arms, kissing her lips. “I promise not to gamble again.  Can we give our marriage another go?”

She snuggled into my arms, saying in a sleepy voice, saying, “No more gambling, understand?”

“I promise,” as I kissed her again as we settled down to nap.