Most girls are not used to the gym but I am different. As a nineteen-year-old, I know the importance of keeping it having a healthy body. I have watched some of my childhood friends become obese and I am not ready to become obese. I have never been overweight but this has not been easy. I have kept a schedule of serious gym sessions and do not compromise them for anything. It is a culture of discipline that I have kept since I was a small girl. It puzzles most people how I manage to keep strict gym discipline.

Most of the gym instructors are males and I am comfortable with that. The few female gym instructors that I have met are not as exciting. They are not to the match of their male counterparts. Men know how to train and they do often don’t hold grudges. Apart from convenience, I am very inspired by masculine men and I find it very possible to train vigorously when I am around them. I had been looking for the most ideal facility from time to time until I landed my foot on Jas gym. The facility was new in time and it had state of the art equipment.

The moment I arrived there, I automatically knew that it was the place I had been looking for. The facility was well-equipped and the management was very polite. More so, the gym instructor was looking better than heavyweight boxing champions. He was tall, dark, handsome, and full of muscles. He was an alpha indeed. I engaged him in a conversation and as soon as I heard about the packages, I enrolled right away. I had been in many gyms before but none of them had excited me that much.

I booked early morning sessions as I knew there were not flocking clients yet. The facility was still new and I knew it would probably take time before getting many clients. I work up early the next morning and went to the gym. I found that the instructors were already there waiting for me. He talked respectfully and I connected with him very fast. He knew all the tips to guide me through the sessions. His hands were massive and had he held me with them, I would not have resisted. He first took me for orientation and after a few minutes, I was familiar with the unit.

When we were starting, there was no one else in the room. I felt very comfortable around him and as he was gentle. I liked the way he would hold me by one leg and I was stretching the other. I would even feel aroused without him touching me. He was a crush to me and I had to do everything in my power at least to get him interested. I lusted at how well his muscles formed and promised myself that if he was to be suggestive, I would be wise enough to comply.

We did the sessions the first day and everything went on very well. That evening, I found out that I was just fanaticizing about him. I had seen how big his dick protruded from the shorts he was wearing. I wondered how big it would be when erect. All the answers would take time and I knew that I had to wait. I saw his images when I tried to sleep but I was patient enough to avoid asking his number. It would ruin the whole plan and that was the last thing I would want to see.

I kept on reporting at the gym and within a month, we had gotten used to each other. It was one month and the morning sessions had started getting momentum. Clients had started enrolling in their numbers and I knew that sooner or later, my plan would be distracted. If something good would ever come out of my plan, I had to act fast so or else the desire of my heart would never come to pass. As soon as I realized the pace with which the clients were coming, I decided to take the lead. I spent the whole weekend planning and I knew that it would work out perfectly.

On that Monday morning, I arrived earlier than usual. I knew the instructor had a tendency of taking a cold show every morning because he lived in the same apartment. He used to take his bath at the gym and I showed up early. He had kept his clothes in the changing room and was sure to wear them after the bath. When I saw his clothes, I quickly took his boxers and dipped them in water. I knew he could not wear them and he had no time to go back to his house. Maybe he would just wear his shorts and then change during break time. On the other hand, I entered the ladies changing room and put on shorts and a t-shirt. I refrained from wearing a bra and a panty. My tight shorts would show him the formation of the complete features of my sexy sports body. The buggy t-shirt would also show my pointing nipples as I trained.

As soon as he was done bathing, he quickly tied a towel around his waist and walked to the changing room. He saw me at the training hall and was surprised at how early I had arrived. For that reason, he waved at me and quickly proceeded to the changing room. I was just lusting at his sexy masculine abs. the heavy arms made him look even more powerful. He took a few minutes and I realized that he had noted of his wet boxers. He just pretended as if nothing had happened and walked out. Soon, we were ready to start the training.

That morning, I requested that I be trained to stretch in order to increase flexibility. I could see him struggling to pull down the shorts every time they would rise up. I pretended not to see anything so as to make him feel a little bit comfortable. When we continued, he noticed that part of my shorts had a split. It was torn between the legs and I had no panty on. It was his day to see the beautiful crack. As soon as he noticed, he got more energized and I wanted to see the reaction especially around his loins.

As if in a dream, his dick achieved an erection and the size could not just be restrained by shorts. I noted that it bulged heavily around his shorts but I pretended not to have seen. I was lying down with my arms on the head as he was teaching me to put the legs apart to stretch effectively. I spread my legs generously and that would only turn him sexually excited. He was touching my inner thighs suggestively and as if he had made a mistake, he slides his fingers and touched the opening to my pussy. He quickly apologized but I confirmed that it was not a problem.

That alone gave him enough confidence that he could probably eat the forbidden fruit. I was witty and charming but I focused more on training to put a show of no interest in an affair. With all wit as planned, I asked him to lie downwards facing upwards so that he could teach me. He was a bit reluctant but I insisted that I wanted to learn from him. He had to lead by example. He conceded to my plan and deep down my heart, I knew it was time to see his manhood. As he lay down there, I asked him to lift one leg after the other as I watched to be sure.

The moment he tried to lift his leg, the protruding dick hanged from his shorts and I could see half of it already. It was bigger than I had imagined. He continued to stretch all along and the more he did it, the more it surfaced. It was a clean-cut dick with masculine veins all over. I would have paid any price to suck it and to have it inserted in my pussy. Unfortunately, I was a virgin and did not want to lose my virginity in a public gym facility. I wanted him to eat it but from a different place.

The only left option by then was to capture the moment. I quickly knelt down and got hold of the big cock. It was heavy and he did not resist. I did not know what to do with it but I knew how to sick. At the age of sixteen, a teacher had punished me and the punishment was to suck his cock. I was on it again. After all, I had seen how teenage porn stars used to do it. It was the best moment to utilize my porn genius. I rubbed him, sucked him until he ejaculated on my beautiful face.