I stared at Ricardo’s back as he worked on the eggs in the kitchen, he is a loving man, beautiful inside and out, but I wasn’t satisfied. I yearned for more, I wanted to explore, I needed excitement, when I married Ricardo I was side blinded by what I saw, he was the first man I lay with, everything was fine, but something was amiss in the bedroom. Ricardo had no element of surprise.

“Want some coffee ?” Ricardo had asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

“Hmm… no, I prefer tea, use honey, no cream.”

“Okay, baby.”

He brought my breakfast to me on the sofa with a grin on his face, he loved doing this, he loved being the perfect gentleman, I’m so vile for being disgusted by this act, after all, any lady would kill for this.

“What’s wrong, Catherina? You look worried.” He asked me, his thick Spanish accent accentuating his English.

“Oh, it’s nothing darling. I’m thinking about a vacation” I lied through my teeth biting into my toast with a sly smile.

“Ah! That’s not a bad idea. We need it, and I feel like we need to reconnect, don’t you think ?”

I watched him sip his coffee after that trick question.

Ricardo is emotional. If I respond to him, he will get in his feelings, so I lied yet again, “Sheesh! What do you mean? We are just fine.” I laughed, shaking my head to make it more believable that he sounded ridiculous.

“Oh, I must be overthinking things then. I’ll ask my assistant to look up a great vacation home we could get in Santorini.”

I nodded and hummed a little. Santorini doesn’t sound so bad.

“That sounds great, come on now… let’s get you ready for work. I’m feeling a bit sleepy.” I said to him.

After knotting his tie, he leaned in for a kiss, and I gave it to him, another long boring-ass kiss, no surprise whatsoever. I pulled away with a smile, “best be on your way to work you do not want to be late.”

“Si. Remember my brother is coming, don’t sleep deep and forget to let  him in, I’ll try to be back early.”

“Shoo shoo, ” I hurried him out playfully before shutting the door behind me. ‘I have the big house to myself,’ I thought then sighed with relief till I remembered my brother-in-law Josea was visiting and staying for the weekend. I rolled my eyes, I hadn’t seen that prick in a while, Josea was the opposite of Ricardo, rude and obnoxious, he lives in Italy alone of course because he is too much of a mess to start a family, he claimed to be coming to the states for business purposes, but I bet it’s to constitute a nuisance or something. Ricardo’s driver should be on his way to the airport by now. I better catch my sleep before the truant arrives.

Ricardo’s family are friendly people, but Josea is just one hell of a bad egg, so rotten. He came to my wedding drunk, hit on two of my bridesmaids, raised his hand to object the marriage, and when given the spotlight, he laughed and said, “oh, I’ve just always to try that for the suspense.” Then he laughed like it was funny, such an embarrassment. I slumped on my bed and fell right into a deep sleep naked. I find it most comfortable.

Tying my robe around my body, I made my way to the living room to welcome Josea.

There Josea was, the time had passed, he looked buff, I could see his ripped muscles through his shirt as he moved, his curly hair had side fades giving off his prominent Casanova persona, he gave me a toothy grin, hmm, bleached teeth.

“You liking what you see ?” He teased, stretching his hands for a hug.

I kissed my teeth, “you wish, Josea.” I retorted, hugging him. He let his hand linger on my lower back before stepping away, “I like what I see.” He muttered to himself, obviously not for me to hear.

“How did you get in ?” I asked.

“The door was open, and I thought it was intentional.”

Ricardo keeps telling me about security, and I just keep on forgetting.

“You should be security conscious, Catherina. You don’t want to wake up to an empty house.”

I faked a laugh, can he shut up already.

“Follow me. I’ll show you to your room. Your brother is excited about your stay.”

He chuckled but didn’t respond. I turned to see if he was paying attention, he was alright, just shamelessly paying attention to my buttocks.

“Eyes off the package.” I teased with a smirk.

He made a throaty sound that turned me on, and I felt my pussy clench, my footsteps faltered.

“Don’t be an animal.” I snapped, “this is your room, Ricardo would be back around 10:00 pm, or later, Fridays  are the most stressful days for him, he comes home, has his dinner and knocks out, some Fridays  he skips dinner and just sleeps off.” I said, chuckling at the image of Ricardo sleeping like a fucking corpse.

I raised my head to see Josea looking at me quizzically. I didn’t like how it made me feel, so I cleared my throat and walked away. “Let me know if you need anything,” I called out behind me.

I heard his footsteps following me.

“I do need something, Catherina. I need an answer.”

“My husband and I’s business is personal, Josea.”

“You met Ricardo through me, Catherina, why do you act like I’m a stranger, we used to be friends, really close ones.” He snarled. I gulped, he wasn’t wrong, but I do not like to think about how I used to have feelings for Josea before I met Ricardo, Josea was a flirt. He was shameless about it. He didn’t treat me with any ounce of respect whatsoever. He wanted what he wanted when he demands it.

It scared me.

He refused to pick me up at my yoga class after he had promised to and sent Ricardo instead. Ricardo and I had talked and kicked off quite well, Josea and I weren’t even dating, he made me aware times without number that I was just a fling and then there was Ricardo who was everything else, he was respectful, kind, soft-hearted, minded severely and knew what he wanted. We started talking more, hanging out more, I forgot all about Josea.

“Ricardo treated me better than you ever did. I forgot your ass faster than the speed of light.” I replied airily, letting out a mean laugh for effects.

“Don’t play with me, Catherina. I see how I still make you feel. I see how tensed you are !”He yelled, grabbing my arm. I smacked his hand then yanked my arm out of his grip.

“Your sight deceives you, Josea. Go to your room.” I hissed.

It was so frustrating having him on my tail as I made my way to my room. He was being a big baby and calling me out for going for his brother.

“When last did he make love to you, Catherina ?” He whispered in my ear, making the hairs on my neck stand. I jumped at the slight touch of Josea’s fingers grazing my waist.

“Get out of my room Josea. It’s none of your concern.”

“You’re so tense, reinita.”

Reinita is Josea’s pet name for me since forever. It means little Queen, and it has quite an effect on me that a mere word shouldn’t. It was how I remained entangled in his web. Then, Josea was good at getting to me.

“Buzz off Josea, I’ll tell Ricardo,” I warned weakly, gulping as my heart started beating fast.

His fingers caressing my skin, revealing their presence, he brushed his lips against my ear, his scent enveloped me. Ricardo smelled like a lavender bubble bath and spice, but Josea smelled musky and earthy, he should share his Cologne brand with Ricardo.

“Stop it, Josea !” I snapped, my body language said otherwise, and I bet Josea knew that he pulled me closer to himself so I could feel his growing bulge. My body was betraying me, my words failing me, I could tell I was defeated, but I didn’t want him to know that flashes from good times we had rushed into my head. Ricardo never knew Josea, and I were a thing since Josea had referred to me as a friend to Ricardo on more than one occasion.

“You shouldn’t have come to welcome me looking so hot then, Catherina.” He said, emphasizing the Catherina as he tweaked my nipple with his thumb. I pushed my chest forward, craving more. I let out a moan in desire, and my body was betraying me. This man was teasing me, Ricardo and I do have sex, we had sex last night, but he never teased me this way.

Josea smacked my ass and spun me around, I gasped, short of breath, he stared at my body with his lip between his teeth, his hazel brown eyes darkened filled with lust. “Oi Ricardo, forgive me.” He muttered with a rustled voice before wrapping his hands around my neck and kissing me, I felt my body relaxing into the kiss even though I knew it was wrong, also though I was in a chokehold, I loved every bit of the kiss, he bit my lower lip, then slipped in his tongue when I parted my lips moaning, I wrapped my arms around his neck giving in, our tongues twirled, he sucked on my lower lip, groped my ass before smacking it, I moaned loudly my legs shaking, he slapped my ass again with both hands this time, squeezing the fuck out of my ass, I let out a desperate cry for more, I pushed my breasts on his chest so he could feel my hard nipples, he chuckled then pulled away, “slow down reinita you’re getting all the action.”

Josea kisses my neck gently, I could feel his tongue ghosting, he nibbled on my neck a little, his right hand squeezing my breast, pinching my nipple through the robe, I whimpered, “I want more Josea, fuck me.”

I moaned vulnerably.

I was going crazy, he lifted me, wrapping my legs around his waist then went back to kissing my neck, he lay soft kisses on my neck, snaking to my collarbone, to my throat, licking my throat to the swells of my breasts, biting the swell of my left breast and then inserted his finger in me, “ooohhh Josea” I moaned pushing my hips forward for more friction, he rubbed my clit with his thumb while thrusting me with his finger, his lips finally found my nipple, he sucked on it and bit it, lightly tugging on it, his moan made me so wet,  he added another finger, I could hear the sound of my pussy juice slurping against his fingers, “You’re so wet, Mami, such a naughty girl.”

He grunted going faster, squeezing my second breast,  pinching the nipple and smacking it to jiggle, I didn’t care who heard me as I let out throaty moans, whimpering and begging to be fucked already, he slapped my ass, “be quiet” he said with his husky voice, I threw my head back. Josea carried me to the vanity mirror and sat me on the drawer, he part my thighs, putting my legs around his neck, I felt his tongue licking my pussy, I untied my robe, fondling my breasts, “oh shit! Don’t stop Josea, oooo” I moaned as he fucked me with his tongue, he started to suck on my clit. At the same time, I pushed his head for some more friction with my perfectly manicured fingers. I put him in a lock with my legs as he ate me out, his hand came up to squeeze my soft perky C-Cup breast, I was panting like a fish out of water, I wanted him inside me so bad, he pulled away, his mouth glistening, my pussy cream on his face, I found it so sexy, I drew him closer with my legs, kissing him while tasting myself on hi slips.

“suck my cock.” He moaned into the kiss biting my lower lip, he pulled away again, I missed him already, I stared into his eyes as I unbuttoned his shirt letting it fall to the ground, I licked his right nipple, tweaking the other with my finger not taking my eyes off him, I diverted my attention to his body, running my fingers through his perfectly chiseled abs, “goddamn Josea” I muttered licking each contractéd muscles on his stomach while I played with my clit.

“You greedy Bitch ! ” He groaned, making me chuckle. Finally, I pulled down his pants, my heart racing on sighting his size through his briefs, I swallowed the saliva that seemed to have built up.

I placed my tongue on my upper lip, then bit my lower lip, I pulled down his briefs, his dick sprung out, ready for action, he was so thick, seven inches embroidered with veins, his dick looked so good, I wanted it in my mouth, I wanted to feel it in my throat.

“You’re so beautiful.” I whispered to it before kissing the dick cap. I licked the slit that had precum leaking out of it, “ahhhh reinita ponme en tu boca. I want you so bad.” He moaned through gritted teeth.

I licked his shaft, squeezed it a little, then put the first half in my hot mouth, I started to suck on it, bobbing my head slowly, letting my tongue play as well, Josea’s hand found it’s way to my hair, gripping hard, he started to move his hips, fucking my throat, I used my hands to push his buttocks so I can feel him in my throat, my gag reflex kicked in, I spat on his dick and jerked him off, sucking him off, his grunts filled the room, my husband. I shared, at that moment, I had forgotten all about Ricardo.

Josea pulled himself out of my mouth, pulled me up aggressively then threw me on the bed, I tried to get up, but he pushed me down, pulling up my ass and smacking it. I rested the rest of my body on the bed, he rammed his dick into me unexpectedly I let out a cry at the impact, he kept ramming his dick into me, thrusting in and out, the sound of the slapping of our skin filled the room, I moaned with tears eyes, loving every single second, “don’t stop Papi fuck me harder!” I cried out, throwing my ass back, he spanked me harshly, “be still” his dominating ass grunted. His hands gripped my waist tightly, I followed his now slow movement, but it picked up fast again, he was an ass man no doubt, he pulled out and bit my ass.

“Turn around, Catherina. I want you to look into my eyes while I fuck you.” He grunted, his lust-filled eyes on me.

I rode Josea, slowly as he sucked my breasts, squeezing both nipples in his mouth, I choked him letting him know I was now in charge as I clenched and unclenches my pussy with him inside me, I could tell that he liked it, he was holding his breath, I turned his head to the side aggressively giving me a full display of his neck, I kissed him softly, resting the areas of his neck for his sweet spot, he whimpered and moved a bit making me know I’d found it, I concentrated on that part listening to him moan, I bit on the spot lightly, he thrust his hips forward, I cried with my backed arched, he scratched me, “file for a divorce, you’re having my babies.” He moaned as he released in me.

Lust-filled, I didn’t think fast, I pulled him out of me, went on my knees and started sucking his dick, tasting myself on him, I licked his shaft to his balls, I sucked on them with my hot, wet mouth while I worked his shaft. “Stop reinita. What are you doing to me?” He moaned, entangling his fingers in my hair as I deep throated him.

I felt his dick throbbing and twitching in my mouth as he grunted.

He shot his thick cum in my mouth, I swallowed and licked my lips, he pulled me in for a kiss. We cuddled in the bed, making out slowly and passionately.

“I’m so sleepy.” I muttered, faking a cry jutting out my lower lip. He chuckled, smacking my cheek playfully.

“Ricardo would soon be home. I’ll be going to my room now, Catherina.”

“Want to clean up together?” I cooed batting my long lashes.

“Of you…” he started, but we were cut off by the sound of an engine outside.

“Shit! He’s back early today! He must have given his Assistant his tasks to do.” I exclaimed, panicking.

I was so scared. It had just dawned on me what I had done. I had cheated on Ricardo, and with his brother, I’ll have to get Morning pill tomorrow.

I’m Ricardo hurried out while I threw my clothes in the laundry basket, sprayed the room that smelled like hot sex, and hopped in the shower, praying to God that Ricardo doesn’t find anything amiss in the room.

“Where’s everyone?” His voice echoed in the house. I heard Josea laugh and the men started a conversation, their voices going farther, I rushed out of the bathroom naked, my heart rate beating so fast I thought I would faint, I changed the sheets and smoothed the bed, threw on my pajamas then hurriedly carried the soaked sheets and dirty laundry into the laundry room, turned on the washing machine then went to find my husband and his brother.

Reinita’ Josea’s sultry and husky voice rang in my ear, I squeezed my thighs, shut my eyes, the let out a deep breath. Here we go, “Hey honey!” I cooed ever so sweetly as I kissed Ricardo, Josea’s eyes burning into my skin.

“Hmm… baby, you taste like toothpaste.” Ricardo whispered, grinning. I felt a pang in my chest. The guilt was eating me up.

“I was ready to sleep. I thought you would be back late and want to hang out with your brother.”

“Ah, yes… Josea! ” he turned to his brother and asked, “has she been a good host? She can be quite bratty at times.” Ricardo gave a boyish chuckle resting his head on my breasts with his arms around my waist.

“She does have an attitude, but I fixed that, and she was nice,” Josea responded with a shadowed smirk.

“Fixed it, how? Josea, have you been rude to my wife?”

“Hell, no brother! Relax, I just told her that you wouldn’t be giving her dick anymore by getting you a new wife.” Josea lied, laughing as if his story was true.

He is such a pro. Oh…look at me judging, I’ve been lying to this man for months, he loves me so much he is blinded and can’t see my disgust.

“I’m glad both of you hit off. I still don’t understand how you went from being friends not to stand each other,” Ricardo said, still hugging me with a sheepish smile.

‘Oh, what have I done?’ I thought.

Josea is going to ruin my marriage if he stays the weekend, but he gave me everything I loved in bed. I had just now figured it out. Ricardo was my first, no doubt, but I’d done everything else with Josea, and I had always loved the foreplays because of how rough and kinky they were, I found Ricardo boring because he was old fashioned and traditional even though I love the treatment.

I wanted Ricardo but with Josea’s bed skills and energy. The bitchy side of me is considering asking Josea to give Ricardo some tips, but Josea would never do that because he is determined to ruin this marriage, the devil’s reincarnate. Maybe I could teach Ricardo, and perhaps he’ll be open to it.

“Yeah, we hit it off quite well,” Josea stressed.

I kissed Ricardo before he could respond, slowly grinding him, Josea better take the hint and leave.

“Smack my ass mi Amor,” I murmured between kisses.

Ricardo pulled back, staring at me confused, Josea chuckled.

“Why?” He asked.

“Just shut up and do it!” I snapped, pushing his back onto the sofa, I grabbed his face and kissed him hard to let him know I meant business.

“I’ll be in my room.” Josea dismisses himself, disdain lacing his voice.

Ricardo smacked my ass the chuckled “it bounced back” he said smiling sheepishly, I hummed and went back to kissing his, slowly this time, I ground my pussy against his bulge, loving the pleasure of the friction from his dick and my cloth, Ricardo, rubbed my ass and softly squeezed my cheeks, he spanked me and moaned, parting his lips, flipped me over and stared in my eyes, filled with love and desire, he was horny, lusting. Yet, I could see pure love, this I couldn’t see with Josea, to Josea this was a competition.

“You like it rough, Mami?” He asked with his raspy breath.

“Yes, Ricardo, I like it rough.” I answered, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Teach me, Mi Amor.”

I heard receding footsteps. I guess someone stayed behind to see how it had played out, after all, now he was disappointed.

I feared what thé outcome might be as I had played with fire.

“Can’t Josea stay elsewhere? Book him a hotel room. I want to moan so fucking loud, fuck you at every corner of this house.” I whispered.

“I’ll let him know tomorrow.” Ricardo said, taking my lips in his.

“I’m so getting that BDSM set now, I can finally have a red room.” I said, excited.

“Red room?” Ricardo asked, pulling away.

I shushed him, pulling him back for a kiss, softly biting his lip, he followed my lead, our lips moved in synch, he bit my lip while tweaking my nipple and kneading my breast.

“I think I like rough Catherina.” He moaned, he started biting me softly all over, grinding me hard, this Ricardo is the man I want.

He ripped off my flannel gown, spun me, and bent me across the kitchen counter. I couldn’t make a sound as I but down on the apple in my mouth. I squirmed as the vibrator he had inserted in my pussy earlier started it’s work, the tempo was high, and I could hardly stand with my legs, couldn’t support myself either as my hands were cuffed behind me with a tie. He smacked and scratched me, ’that would leave a scar.’ I thought.

The vibrator stopped and was removed, he stuffed his face between my thighs, rubbing my clit with his thumb, he licked my clit in a circular motion, teasing me, drawing me to the edge, I was hot and helpless in my bondage, I wanted badly to break free grab his cock, put it in my pussy and ride the fuck out of him but I couldn’t, all I could produce was muffled moans.

At the same time, I squirmed, he started to lick my clitoris making my eyes roll to the back of my head, he licked it with much intensity, applying pressure on my clit with his tongue as he licked my pussy lips back up, I was dripping wet, my jaw ached from biting into the apple for so long, “you like the way I eat your pussy ?” he asked slapping my ass.

He slapped my ass harder, giving it a little squeeze. I let out a cry nodding frantically, he gripped my waist tight, teased my clit before he proceeded to lick me up, I felt his tongue in me, thrusting in and out, twirling in me, my body coated with sweat, I threw my head back and arched my back, this is the dream, his tongue licked the inside of my thigh sending me over the edge, I whimpered crashing unto the counter exhausted, vulnerable, the coolness of the table didn’t help my already hard nipples, as if reading my mind, he pulled me up and cupped a breast, twisting my nipple as he inserted a finger in my pussy, he hit my G-Spot repeatedly, he kissed my neck, rubbed my clit with his thumb, I was overwhelmed.

This man was driving me crazy.

A tear slipped from my eye, I clenched and unclenched my pussy as he re-introduced the vibrator, I could feel my cum dripping down my thigh, my insides contracted, “hmmm mmmm mmm” I moaned.

“cum for Papi, dirty girl.” He whispered in my ear, pinching my nipple hard as he inserted the vibrator deeper into my pussy, I squirted my juice, making him give a satisfied hum while patting my tummy. Finally, the apple was removed from my mouth.

“what do you say ?” he asked

“thank you, Papi.” I responded, panting.

“I’m not done with you yet, mi amor. Get on knees.” His dominating voice sent me to ‘happy town.’ I went on my knees as he whipped out his really hard cock, I opened my mouth as he grabbed a handful of my hair, he shoved his dick in my mouth, thrusting in and out, his balls smacking my chin, my eyes teared up from the impact, my saliva coated his cock. He pulled on my hair, it was like riding a dick, but with the mouth, his cock went down my throat and remained there, I gagged on it with bulging eyes, he smiled at me, “choke on that cock. Choke on it, baby.” He moaned as his eyes rolled to the back.

“Fuck, Catherina! Suck this dick.” He moaned, pulling out his cock, he untied my hands.

I started to jerk him off working the shaft, I kissed the cap and sucked on it, I began to lick his cock, tracing the veins on his shaft with my tongue.

“hmmm, you got a thick dick, Papi.” I moaned, looking up at him, and he stared in my eyes, it held different emotions.

“Mmmmm, Catherina, good girl.” He moaned.

I pouted my lips and let his cap squeeze in between my plump lips, I gripped his cock with my two hands and jerked him off, I twirled my tongue around his dick. Payback is a bitch, he had fun teasing me, now I tease him.

“Please, Catherina, suck my cock already.”

I hummed on his dick, making him feel the vibration when I got an idea. I turned on the vibrator, ran it slowly across his balls, his legs started to give in, I smiled as I stared up at him running the vibrator along his shaft then around it.

“Do you like it, Daddy ?” I asked him. His eyes were closed, the veins in his head popped out, his jaw clenched, I admired his face as I kept teasing him, watching his expressions.

I smacked his ass and asked again, “Do you like it, daddy ?”

“yes, I do, baby, yes !” he grunted.

I licked a finger before sticking it in his ass, which caught him off guard. I smirked and replaced the vibrator with my mouth, sucking on his dick as I fingered his ass.

“FUCK !” he moaned aloud, placing both his hands on his head and he thrust his hips forward.

“That’s right Daddy, let me hear you say my name.”

“oh, Catherina! Hmm, fuck me, please, Catherina.” He begged.

I hummed on his dick, knowing it would drive him crazy pressing hard on his G-Spot in his ass.

“Let’s fuck Ricardo.” I moaned lustfully as he shot his cum in my mouth, I let the cum fall on my breasts then rubbed it in, staring in his eyes.

“Get up, Mami.” He said throatily.

The oven timer went off.

“Shit! Let me get the turkey out of the oven. We’ll continue later, go shower, your brother would be back soon.” I said as I hurried to the oven before the turkey burned.

“Yes, ma’am. Speaking of my brother, I discussed his going to a hotel to stay with him, and he refused and got all emotional. I told him we wanted our space, and he said to ask if you want him to leave. I found it funny, and I couldn’t do much persuasion.”

That little fucker!

“Fine, he can stay. But he better get out of our way.” I said quickly, giving a dramatic laugh.

I’m so screwed. Josea’s going to hold this over my head. I have to get rid of him, and quickly before he destroys my marriage.

Talking about my marriage, it had been saved overnight. Ricardo spent the night watching tips on sex, domination, foreplays. I had found it ridiculous and asked him to sleep saying I’d lead him in bed till he got the hang of it. I guess he is a quick learner, he made me squirt without dick penetration, who is this and where is my Ricardo?

Is he a quick learner or has he been fucking someone else and all the studying was just a charade to keep me off his tail and in the dark. My tummy contracted as I stood over the turkey wondering if my husband had been cheating on me. Maybe it’s just my guilt projecting.

I feel that was too good for a beginner.

‘Should I ignore this or ask him about it?’ I also cheated, I guess I’ll ignore it, let it slide.

I just can't help but wonder if I had been boring to him all along.