The university where Susan studied organized a masquerade ball in the lobby of a hotel near the city where she lived. The hotel was located in a wonderful place, next to a small stream, which reflected the stars and the moon. At the same time, it was a romantic and suitable place for solitude. Her friends had told her how they had lost their virginity there. Susan always wanted to go there with her boyfriend. Unfortunately she had just broken up with her boyfriend.

As a high school student, she imagined one of the cool boys leading a date. Then he puts her in his father's car and takes her there. They would then talk softly, after which he kissed her and began to touch her, his hand innocently ending from her thigh to her aroused pussy. He then pulled out his hard cock and took off her panties. Then he led her to the back seat, where she lied on her back, and he pulled her breasts out of her bra. He puts his penis in her and starts fucking. She ends up on her stomach and is huddled naked in the car until sunrise. That never happened to her then. But the dream remained.

This dream was the main reason she was so excited about this ball. She secretly hoped to have someone Don Juan take down her stars and then possess her. Susan wanted to prove to herself that she wasn't the good dentist everyone respected, but no one wanted a boyfriend. Once she wanted things not to go according to plan. Once he wanted her to be wild and unbridled. She also had many friends at university, but no one looked at her like a crazy girl. Everyone knew how much it was read, but also predictable. Even when he met Paul, things happened rigidly and without much passion. He was just the right boy, they had similar interests - they loved to travel and read books, they didn't go to parties and they wanted to achieve a lot professionally. Their sex was rigid too ... he was always on top, and when he was done he would turn to the other side and fall asleep, and she would go on alone, imagining how he would take care of it. He never cared if she was really happy and how much she liked their sex life. For him, their connection was also a natural coincidence. She was just the right girl and they had the perfect relationship.

The truth was, she hadn't felt a male penis in a long time.  Paul hadn't touched her in at least a month before they broke up with her. Sometimes she masturbated at night, but masturbating was not enough for her. She managed to cum on her own, but she was tanned for a cock

All participants knew about the ball two months before the date of the event and everyone had time to prepare appropriate clothes and masks. The only condition was that everyone should be disguised beyond recognition. It was exciting the whole search for dresses, hats, masks, wigs. Susan and several of her classmates toured all the second-hand clothing stores. All this fuss, trying on clothes and reworking them was a lot of fun. She wasn't so excited about her prom.

Susan bought a ball gown from the old-fashioned ones, with a deep neckline and a bustier made of sheer lace. The dress outlined her lush breasts, and they themselves shone lightly through the lace. She did not wear a bra, and her nipples were often seen tingling. She also managed to get a wig - long to the waist in large curls. She also made a domino mask like the Venetian ones. She was wearing red and black colors. She was like a more modern and slightly seductive princess.

Five buses with people arrived at the ball. In the hotel there was a commotion in the rooms of make-up, change of clothes ... Like in a fairy tale. Susan felt it would be a very different night. She herself was very confident and without restraint. All this anonymity and mystery even aroused her slightly.

They started to gather in the lobby and then it was a real fairy tale - all the fairy tale characters had come to life. Were there no Don Janos, animals or princesses, witches? Susan could make out some of the faces, but some were really unrecognizable. They had all worked hard and looked brilliant. Susan was convinced that people would not be much transformed, but what she saw with her own eyes was ingenious.

They stayed like that all night. Of course - there was also to drink and eat. Susan drank two cups and felt a little dizzy. She and her friends laughed and danced. They took turns drinking shots with provocative dances ... they even took a bet to kiss each other. The night was very crazy and different for Susan.

In principle, she was anxious, never walked so provocatively and seductively dressed. He always considered what was right to do and generally did not drink. All this madness began to come to her more and her legs no longer held her. She could feel dizzy with alcohol, emotions, and dancing, but she still didn't want to go up to her room.

Tired of dancing, she sat at a table in the corner and watched the others. After a while a boy came and sat next to her, disguised as something like a magician or ... There was a mask that covered half his face, some long hair, a cloak ... all in black ... She recognized him. Even by voice.

Susan and the stranger commented on the people for a few minutes ... they laughed… He complimented her, she felt more special than usual. She hadn't felt such pleasant male attention to herself in a long time. Suddenly she felt him lift her dress with his hand. Susan could see his eyes staring at her dirty. His hand was already in her panties ... sliding between my labia, and she remained for a moment without moving. She didn't worry about anonymity or anything.

No one could see what was happening. Her fingers massaged her nipples. Her legs closed and opened again. She put her hand between his legs and moved it, stroking his cock through his pants. Her mouth closed. He turned her back and she leaned forward. The man removed her breasts from her bust and began to feel them. Then he touched her pussy and massaged it. She unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his thick hard cock, then began to run her hand back and forth on his cock. Susan's mind was clouded with excitement. He licked her breasts with his tongue, and she knelt in front of him and licked the head of the cock. Then he stood up and their tongues merged into a passionate kiss. The man knelt down, slowly took off her tight bikini, and the sight of her pussy was in front of him. He licked Susan's appetizing vagina passionately, she moaned loudly with pleasure. Her juices ran straight down his face, but he continued to lick Susan insatiably. She could feel his tongue on her wet vagina, stroking his head. He stood up and started kissing her neck. Susan tried to pull away, but the excitement was stronger than her.

"Come on!" The man said feeling her breasts with his hands. She turned to him and returned his passionate kisses. He kissed her chest. He continued down with his tongue as his hand continued to massage her vagina and crotch. The man ran his tongue over her nipple, and he seemed to know it was driving her crazy. Meanwhile, he gripped Susan's buttocks with both hands, and she continued to moan with pleasure.

The next moment, he inserted his hard cock into the sex-hungry Susan. She moaned softly with pleasure, the sweet pleasure of sin. A stranger was fucking her as hard as people around them danced.  He kept pushing and pushing his hard cock, harder and harder. He turned her back on him, pressed her to the table, and grabbed her hair back. He continued to fuck her with the same passion the man felt his cum and pulled his cock out of her vagina. Suddenly semen flooded Susan's body and face. She stood up and took the other few jets of semen from his cock with her mouth. It wasn't long before she was over, too. There on the table. He moved his hand away, buttoned his pants, and whispered with a smile, "Happy evening! I was delighted!"

He walked away slowly, and Susan looked at him with a slight smile. He put on his panties and headed for the bar for a shot.

This was the wildest and most erotic thing that had ever happened to her. She didn't care if anyone saw or even photographed them. In fact, she needed something like that.