I remember the day like it was yesterday when it has actually been three months since that day Greg came rushing into the apartment shouting that he got the dream job; a job I had no idea he had applied for.  For over 25 years, Greg had been a salesman for a pharmaceutical company, which involved a lot of traveling.  The new job was with West Coast Pharmaceutical, which meant we had to pull up roots and move across the country to Oregon.  The one good thing with this new job was that there was little to no travel as Greg would be a manager of a group of sales personnel so we moved.  It was the second marriage for both of us and our kids were scattered across the US so we had no family ties.

Greg had just left for work when my cell phone went off.  I figured it was my best friend from Virginia who calls at least once a week but usually it was on the weekend, not during the week.

I hit the talk button and said, “Good morning Suzy,” without looking at the number.

Instead of hearing Suzy’s happy voice, I heard a deep voice chuckling, and then saying, “Sorry I am not this Suzy person you are looking for.  This is Dane.”

I was stumped as I knew no one by that name nor had I given my number out to anyone by that name.  “Who are you and how did you get this number,” not thinking that this was probably what I called a recycled number; one that belonged to someone else before I got it.

He laughed again and said, “Your husband listed your cell phone number on his application.  I am Dane Wilkerson, your husband’s boss.”

Immediately I thought something had happened to Greg, almost putting me in panic mode as I asked breathlessly, “Is Greg okay?  Was there some type of accident?”

“Sorry to alarm you but everything is fine.  I just called to set up a time for us to meet for coffee or cocktails,”

“I will check with Greg when he gets home and then would it be okay to call your secretary and let her know the date and time?”

“This does not involve Greg.  I want to meet you.  I have done this with all of my employee’s wives.  Now when would it be a good time?”

Although I still found it a bit strange I didn’t want to do anything to jeopardize Greg’s job so figured that coffee would not hurt.  “I can meet you later today for coffee if that is okay?”

“Perfect.  I will send a car for you at one o’clock and we will do a late lunch.”

After he ended the call, I just sat there for several long seconds wondering what was going on and why he liked to meet just the wives alone.  It never crossed my mind that it could be anything but an innocent lunch and a chance to get to know his employer’s wives.  I started to call Greg and tell him but then remembered that he was in meetings all morning and I did not want to bother him just for something so minor.  I would just tell him about it when he got home.

As I prepared for lunch with Greg’s boss I realized that I had not asked where we were having lunch so I was unsure what to wear.  I finally decided that a nice skirt and blouse with sandals would be appropriate for almost any place he chose for lunch, unlike dinner which would generally require more formal wear.  We lived on in a condo so I went out to the veranda where they had chairs and benches for the residents to sit and congregate if they wanted to wait for him to pick me up.  When the black town car pulled up, I walked down the few steps just as the driver door opened and a man dressed as a chauffeur stepped out and came around to open the back door for me.  He helped me in the car, shut the door, and got back in.

Within thirty minutes I felt the car turning right into what I assumed was a parking lot but with the tinted windows, I could not see for sure.  When we stopped, I waited for the door to be opened although I did not like the idea of being pampered.  Once out of the car, I was shocked to see that we were in front of a small farmhouse sitting in the middle of nowhere.

“I think there has been some mistake,” I told the chauffeur.  “I am supposed to be having lunch with Mr. Wilkerson,” wondering how in the world someone who ran a multi-million dollar company could hire anyone that did not know where they were to take a person.

“It is no mistake, Mrs. Anderson.  Mr. Wilkerson is waiting inside for you.”

I just wished I knew where I was because I figured that this imbecile driver would take off and leave me stranded.  “Where exactly are we?”

“We are at Mr. Wilkerson’s summer estate,” he said as if that would explain everything.

I threw my hands up in the air and attempted to get back in the car, saying. “Okay, you have had your fun with the new wife so you can take me back home now,” but he was standing by the now-closed door, refusing to let me get back in.  I glared at him, not sure where I was or how I was going to get home.

Okay, this shit is getting weird.   Now I am stuck in the middle of heaven’s only knows where with an imbecile of a driver who will not take me home and I have no idea where I am so I cannot call a cab to come get me.  Damn, what type of company is Greg working for anyway?  What pharmaceuticals are they pushing?  Well, we are going back east as soon as we can pack.  I am done with all this bull.

“Charity, welcome,” the voice from this morning called out to me.  “Please, come inside.  Thank you Phillip; I will page you when it is time to take her home.”

“Yes sir,” he replied, leaving his post by the door and going around getting in the driver seat and driving away, leaving me just standing there.

“Come, lunch will be cold if you don’t hurry it up,” Dane said with a bit of sternness.

With no way to get back to town or any idea where I was, I figured I would be polite and have lunch, decent conversation, and then ask to be taken home.  I wanted to be there when Greg got home but what I did not know was that Greg already knew I was having lunch with his boss and it was uncertain when I would be home.  Greg had no choice but to accept it or lose his job so he accepted.  He had mentioned it to one of his co-workers about it and they assured Greg it was normal, that Dane had had a long lunch with his wife when he first got there.

“You can leave your purse here on the entry table,” he told me.

I put my purse on the table and slowly made my way farther into the house, my senses on high alert. I was not sure what type of pervert he might be or what he might expect me to do.  He escorted me to the dining room where a feast awaited me.  Dane pulled out my chair.

“Would you like some white or red wine, a mixed drink?”

“Water would be fine, thank you,” I told him, as I knew what wine did to me; it made me tipsy and I wanted to be clear headed.

“I do not like to drink alone so surely you can have at least one glass of wine with me,”

Not wanting to appear rude, I agreed to have one small glass but that was going to be my limit.  All during lunch, we chatted about various topics and though he kept trying to top my glass of wine off, I refused.  Once lunch was finished I figured that Dane, as he asked me to call him, would summon the driver and I would be taken home.

“Let’s sit on the patio and finish our drinks.  It is such a nice breezy day,”

I glanced at my watch, seeing it was almost three o’clock and knew Greg would be home in a couple of hours so I politely said, “Thank you for the lovely lunch and conversation but I really must be going.  I need to fix supper for Greg.”

“You do not have to worry about feeding him.  He had to fly out and will be gone overnight.  One of the salesmen needed help so being the manager it is his job to do that,”

“But he didn’t tell me he was going to be gone overnight.”  I protested

“He didn’t know he was going until I texted him earlier and told him.  Now, let’s take our drinks to the patio.”

By this time, I was getting furious and knew that once Greg got home tomorrow, we were going to have a long serious talk about his job and weird-ass boss.

I need to check and see if he has texted me to tell me he is going out of town.  I know he has not called since I have not heard it go off.

When I checked my phone, I saw that he had not only texted me but tried to call.  It was then I remembered that I had turned the ringer to silent out of respect to Dane during lunch. I quickly sent a text to Greg telling him that I had been invited to lunch with his boss, which I was unaware that he already knew that, and that I was doing just that and that I would see him tomorrow.

The entire time, Dane watched me out of the corner of his eye and when I was done, he asked, “Ready?  All cool on the home front?”

“Yes,” I answered, still annoyed that he would send Greg on a spur of the moment trip but then I realized that I had no right to be upset as we both knew he might have to travel some.  I did not stop to think just how convenient it was that I was having lunch with his boss on the same day he was sent out of town.

Once we were seated on the patio, my glass of wine now topped off before I could prevent Dane from doing it, he turned to me and asked, “Is Greg the only man you have had sex with?”

At the time he asked me that, I was taking a small sip of wine and almost choked on it as I coughed and stared at Dane, wanting nothing more than to slap his face.  “I do believe that is private and none of your damn business.  Now I want to leave.  Call your driver.”

“You are right, that is kind of personal but I was just wondering where I fall in the number of lovers you have had; whether I will be number two or number twenty,” Dane said matter-of-factly as he looked at me, watching to see what my reaction would be.

I stood up and without thinking, threw the wine in his face, watching it dribble down onto his shirt, staining it.  “You are despicable Mr. Wilkerson and a pervert.  I am not sure where I am but I would rather walk than have to spend another minute in your company.  And I will make sure that Greg has his resignation on your desk in two days.  I don’t want him to work for your company any longer:

Dane pulled a handkerchief from his breast pocket and dabbed at his face before saying, “Before you storm out of here, let me share something with you Charity.  If your husband wants to work in this field or anywhere in Oregon, then you had better listen closely and do exactly as I say.  You are going to march up those stairs and have sex with me and you are going to suck me off.  Do I make myself clear?”

“You cannot threaten me because we are going to move back east and he will be able to find a job there.  Your threats are worthless.  I will not stoop to your level or jeopardize my marriage,” I shouted turning on my heel, prepared to walk back to town, no matter how far I had to walk.

“Have it your way Charity.  I do not force a woman.  That is beneath me.  Give me a minute and I will call my driver back to take you to town,” he said.  “But before I do, I want one kiss.”

What in the hell is going on?  He threatens Greg if I do not have sex with him but when I am adamant that I will not have sex with him, he does an about-face and just asks for a kiss, I wondered as I pondered his request.  I will have to admit that he is a sexy man and can probably get any woman he wants so what is with the strong-arm tactics and then immediately backs down when I refuse the second time.  Get a grip girl.  You are 50 years old and sex should be the farthest thing from your mind right now.  You knew from the beginning that Greg had a low sex drive and you were cool with it because it is a big change from your first sex-addict husband.  OMG, am I really considering having sex with him to keep Greg in a job he seems to love?  Do I want to do it to satisfy my sex drive? Can I keep it a secret from him?

Suddenly I felt two hands on my shoulders and a pair of firm lips on mine.  His hands moved down my arms to my waist, pulling me toward him as the kiss deepened, his hands finally moving to my ass, squeezing tight as he backed me up against the patio wall.  Holding me in place with his body, his hands now back on my waist.  I could feel his hardening erection and as if my body had a mind I was pushing back against him.  Dane swooped me up in his arms and carried me toward what I figured was his bedroom.

Standing me on my feet by the bed, Dane said, “I need a quick shower to get rid of the stickiness of the wine so be right back,”

I was glad that he didn’t continue with what he had started.  Standing there gave me a chance to clear my head and try to tamp down my raging sexual hormones.  I knew I needed to get out of his bedroom, grab my purse from the entry table, and go home.  He had his kiss so it was time for me to leave.  I didn’t care how far I had to walk; I knew if I stayed I would have sex with him as it had been a while since I had any great sex.  I stood there, listening for the shower to start before I left.  I sensed someone was staring at me so I looked up and Dane was standing in the bathroom door, completely naked.

“Come join me,” he told me crooking his finger at me.

I shook my head no even though my body wanted to go join him in the shower.

I cannot believe that I am considering cheating on my husband.  What type of wife does that make me?  His first wife cheated on him and I don’t want to be like her but he doesn’t have to know.

I found myself walking toward him, even though I was still mentally arguing with myself that it was wrong, that I should have better control over my hormones, but I continued on my path, unbuttoning my blouse as I went.  I stopped in front of him and kicked off my sandals.  Dane reached out and slipped my blouse from my shoulders as he leaned down and kissed me while his thumbs moved back to rub against my nipples through my lacy bra.  As waves of pleasure flowed through me I let out a little moan.

Dane unfastened my bra and tossed it on top of my blouse.  My skirt and panties soon followed.  Taking my hand he led me to the shower.  Adjusting the water, he stepped back and let me go in first.  Once in the shower, Dane pressed me against the wall, grinding his pelvis against mine as we kissed, our tongues mating.  Finally, we broke apart, both breathing heavily.

I reached down and gently gripped his cock, stroking slowly as I leaned forward to lick and nip at his nipples.  Dropping to my knees, the water cascading over my head and back, I took him in my mouth, my tongue swirling around and over his shaft.  Dane braced his hands against the wall of the shower, moaning.  I reached down and cupped his balls, gently squeezing.  When I could taste him on my tongue I increased my motions until he came.  I continued licking and sucking until he was drained.  I wiggled my way up between his arms, which were still braced against the shower wall and kissed him.  By this time, the water was to the point of being cold, so we turned the water off and got out.

Dane handed me a towel and then got one for him.  Once we were dry, he led me back to the bed saying, “Your turn now,”

Straddling my body, he leaned down and kissed me lightly on the lips, and then moved to my neck, kissing my way downward, his tongue brushing lightly over my nipples and then down to my stomach.  His fingers lightly brushed against my pussy as he kissed his way back up to my nipples.  Capturing one between his lips, he tugged on it, his tongue teasing the tip as he pulled and pinched the other one, and then he switch.  He continued to go back and forth until my body was humming with pleasure. Dane moved downward, kissing his way to my pussy.  Getting between my legs, he spread them wide, his tongue barely touching my slit and then he started to blow hot air on me as he slid his fingertip inside, almost making me jump off the bed.

Dane slowly pushed another finger inside of me as his tongue zeroed in on my clit.  By this time my juices were flowing and covering his face.  My body felt like it was on fire, my breathing deepening as I got closer and closer to the edge.

“Oh yes,” I moaned as my body began to twitch.  Soon I let out a scream as I tumbled over the edge, my orgasm ripping through my body.

Dane moved up next to me, pulling me into his arms, kissing me.  “You taste so good,”

At that, I could feel my face growing red as I mumbled, “Thanks,”

We lay there, kissing and lightly touching.  To my surprise, I could feel his cock getting harder against my thigh.  I reached down between us to stroke him.   His hand began to stroke me until we were both needing release.  Moving to his side, Dane got a condom out of the nightstand drawer, ripped open the package and put it on.  We kissed and he pulled me on top of him.  As I eased down on him, he reached up and began to play with my nipples.  I moved slowly, taking him as deep inside of me as I could.  Suddenly I found myself being flipped back onto the bed, my legs over his shoulders as he started to move faster taking me to the edge, and then slowing down.  He continued to take me to the edge several times before I started to beg him to let me cum.

Dane began to move faster and harder until the headboard was bouncing against the wall.  I gripped him tight, meeting him thrust for thrust until I could hold back no longer, my body twitching and turning, feeling like it was on fire as I came hard.  My juices were dripping down on the bed.  Dane leaned down and kissed me hard.  He flopped over on his back, breathing heavily.  Very slowly he sat up and removed the condom, disposing of it.  We laid there, his hand seeking out mine to squeeze it.

“I am glad I sent Greg out of town because now I can enjoy your luscious body all night.”

“I am not staying the night Dane.  I cannot take the chance that one of the neighbors will see me coming in and accidentally let it slip to Greg that I was out all night.  I feel bad enough as it is that I have cheated on him and I do not want him to find out, especially from a nosy busy-body neighbor.  I need to leave here soon.”

“Well, you do not need to worry that I will tell Greg we are having an affair,” he reassured me.

I sat up quickly and looked at him, “We are not having an affair, Dane.  We had sex and that was it.”

“That is what you say now,” he told me as he reached over to stroke my pussy.

I twisted my body away and made to get up when he grabbed my arm and pulled me back toward him.

“We still have time for some more play,” as he kissed me.  “I will have you home before nine o’clock,”

“Dane, I need to go now,” I said as his lips began to trail kisses down my neck until he reached my breasts.

Capturing one in his mouth, Dane licked the tip and gave it a tug between his lips, earning a moan from me.  My nipples were extremely sensitive and I knew if I let Dane continue I would be a goner and we would be going for another round.  I tried to gently push myself away from him but to no avail as his fingers went to work on my other nipple.  I tried to resist because I did not want Dane to figure out my weakness as I was sure he would use it against me like he was now but it was hopeless.  My body seemed to turn to jelly as I laid there and moaned, feeling my inner core heating up.  I knew I was not going home anytime soon.

Dane maneuvered around until he managed to switch places, his mouth now going to work on my other nipple while his hands also worked their magic.  Sucking and pinching a little harder sent shock waves through my body, making it tingle.  It seemed that the rougher Dane was the more turned on I became.  I moaned and wiggled on the bed until I felt like I was going to explode.  Dane continued to work in my nipples, touching no other parts of my body, sending me closer and closer to the edge.  I knew my nipples were sensitive but had never had a man work on them so sensually that it sent me toward an orgasm but that is exactly what Dane did.  Although it was not an earth-shattering orgasm it was enough for my juices to pour out as my body shook and shivered through my orgasm.

Dane did not stop as his hand dipped downward, slipping three fingers deep inside, working them in and out as his thumb brushed against my clit.  My ass began to bounce on the bed as he worked me up toward another orgasm.  Moving between my legs, he started to lick and tug on my clit while his fingers moved in and out at a fast pace.  Taking me to just the edge, he stopped and got another condom out of the drawer and slipped it on.

Dane flipped me over and pulled me up to my knees, sinking in deep as he pulled my hips back toward him.  Holding my hips tight, he pushed in as far as he could, then pulled back until he was barely in, repeating this until he was taking me hard and deep, nothing but hard, raw sex, his hands gripping my hips.  He was holding me so tight I could hardly move.  As he pushed in deep, my nipples were brushing against the sheets, making them hard and sending waves of sexual energy throughout my body.

“Oh damn,” I moaned.  “Make me cum,”

In response to my request, he just went at it harder and deeper until lights flashed behind my eyes, my body tensed, gripping his cock tight with my pussy as my body seemed to explode into a thousand pieces, my juices pouring from me and pooling on the sheet.  Dane groaned and I could feel him finding his release as he held me tight against his pelvis, his cock buried deep inside.

When Dane let go, I collapsed on the bed, Dane on top of me for a few minutes until he gave a moan and rolled over.  I just lay there, enjoying the post-orgasmic feelings oozing from every part of my body.  I did not have the strength to move but knew I would soon have to leave.  I did not want Greg to become suspicious because I was just supposed to be having lunch with his boss and that should not take more than a couple of hours…not five or six hours.

“Dane, I do need to get up and go home. It is already six o’clock.”

“Alright,” Dane reluctantly agreed.  “I cannot wait to get together again and teach you more ways to have sex.  You look like a woman who would enjoy some light bondage.”

I sat up and glared at Dane.  “No more sex Dane.  This is it.  Understand?” as I headed toward the bathroom to take a quick shower.  Along the way, I picked up my clothes to take them with me.

To my surprise, Dane did not bother me while I was in the shower.  When I came out about fifteen minutes later dressed, he was sitting on the edge of the bed, also dressed.

“Are you sure you cannot stay longer? Don’t you have a girlfriend out here that will cover for you if you stay the night?”

“No to both questions.  We have not been here that long for me to make those types of friends.  Now, please call Phillip or whatever his name was.”

Taking his cell phone, he called his driver to come to take me home.  Within a few minutes, Dane was escorting me out to the waiting car, where Phillip was holding the back door open for me.  Dane pulled me into his arms, kissing me deeply, his hands squeezing my ass.  I wiggled out of his grip, embarrassed for Phillip to see it although I was sure he had seen it all before.  Once I was seated, Phillip waved goodbye.

“I will make arrangements again,” he told me before he went into the house, shutting the door behind him.

I sighed deeply, realizing that it was doing to be hard to convince Dane that it was done between us.

I loved Greg and though our sex life was not explosive and generally only once or twice a month, our marriage was solid…or at least it was.  It was the second marriage for both of us, both of us coming out of marriages with cheating spouses and now I was one.  Damn, I just hope I can keep Greg from finding out.  And what do I do if Dane wants to meet again?  Will I be strong enough to resist?

So much was going through my mind that I did not realize I was home until I felt the car stop and then my door was opening, Phillip offering me a handout.

“Thank you,” I told him.

As soon as I was safely inside the building, I heard the car take off.  Digging my keys out of my purse, I opened the door and walked inside.  To my surprise, Greg was coming out of the kitchen, a glass of tea in one hand.

“Must have been a good lunch,” he commented. “It was nice of Mr. Wilkerson to invite you to lunch.  Are you hungry?” as he walked over and kissed me lightly on the lips.

For several seconds I was in complete shock, thanking my lucky stars that I had not stayed longer.  “Ah…yes, it was a great lunch.  It was nice of him to invite me to lunch.  He told me that he likes to do that for all the wives; gives him a chance to know us.  I got your text that you were not going to be home tonight.  What happened?”

Looking at me strangely, Greg said, “You sound like you are disappointed that I am home.”

“No, I love that you are now home every night.  If I had known you were not going to be gone overnight I would have been home sooner.  We just got to talking about the company and things to see and do in Oregon that we lost track of time.”

“Well, I called Buddy, the one that was having issues and we were able to solve the problem over the phone so no need to fly out there for nothing,” Greg explained.  “I should have texted you but wanted to surprise you with supper.”

I kissed his lips gently and said, “Let me change and then we will eat,”

“Okay, I will put everything on the table,”

I hurried upstairs and quickly changed and then went down to supper with a very thoughtful husband that I hoped would never find out I cheated on him.