Violetta or Letty, as her father called her, was already 21 years old. She was very beautiful, wild, and rebellious, constantly doing nonsense. She was used to getting everything she wanted when she asked for it, no matter what. She had sex several times, watched porn, and tried things on herself when she was alone in her room.

Summer was approaching, and her father had booked a ticket to Cuba. It was her birthday present. Her father was always very busy. His construction business was going well, but it required most of his attention. He couldn't spend much time with Letty. The girl had an apartment in the center of Berlin, she always went with security.

Her father had been worried about her, and he'd hired a bodyguard since she was 12. Violetta's mother had died years ago, but her father never married again. Letty knew he had lovers and he didn't suffer from a lack of female attention. He was a handsome man, preserved, just over 50 years old. The women liked to hang around him.

The flight date was tomorrow, and Letty packed her bags. She bought new clothes, from each other more challenging and scarce. She picked up brand new sexy lingerie, from thongs as thin as hair from the finest lace and satin to sheer short nightgowns that seductively accentuated her long legs, slim waist, and tight breasts.

The girl finished her luggage, poured herself a glass of white wine, and lay down in the bathtub with a book in her hand. The warm water relaxed her muscles and aroused other desires in her. Low down in her stomach, the thrill wanted its own. Letty put down the book, finished her wine, and began rubbing the nipples of her breasts protruding above the water.

He slowly lowered her hand to her flat stomach and reached for her pussy. She was perfectly hairless. The finger that slid across her labia made her bend back. Letty inserted two fingers into herself and after a few movements and caresses on her clitoris ended with a scream. She relaxed in the cooling water for a few moments and went to her bedroom.

The flight was light, with only one transfer. In Cuba, a car took her to the complex and her hotel. Her bodyguard was accommodated in the next room. After Letty rested a little, she put on a white two-piece swimsuit and went to the beach. The water was clear, blue as the cloudless sky. As she sat on the deck chair, two young men from the United States revolved around her, offering cocktails and water skiing.

They were nice, but the guard sent them away. Then, for the first time, she stared at her bodyguard -  tall, with tight muscles from the regular gym, tanned shoulders, and a huge package that swelled his skinny pants. A large tattoo encircling his biceps protruded under his sleeve. She had known him since he was 12, but she had never noticed how sexy he was. He always responded to her wishes and always made her feel special.

She spent a long afternoon under the umbrella, thinking of his big hands and how much she wanted him to hug her and make her close to him. This man who was constantly following and guarding her ... suddenly her desire to seduce him turned out to be greater than anything else ... She imagined how he looked naked, how he undressed her, how she pawed his penis and massaged him with her tongue.

It was a really hot and long day. There were other rich young people around the pool, but they could no longer attract her. She wanted to get everything from her bodyguard. Suddenly out of nowhere, she invited him to sit down to dinner with her. They drank and talked.

“Do you like this  vacation?”, he asked

“Yes, it's wonderful.”

"If you need anything extra, you can always tell me," the man smiled.

"I hope so," Letty nodded thoughtfully and leaned forward, giving a view of the cut-out cleavage that peeked out from her round breasts.

"I think it's time we went upstairs."

"Yes, it's very hot outside ..." Letty said.

After getting dressed in one of the nightgowns, almost entirely of lace, Letty knocked on the door of her guard's balcony, as their rooms were connected by a common terrace.

“Yes, what is it?” He replied, opening it, wearing only boxer shorts.

“ I can't sleep and I'm afraid alone in the room. After all, we are in an unknown place. Can you come to me?”

“Of course you can.”

"Let's watch a movie ...", she offered

They sat on the soft sofa and turned on the large TV. Letty deliberately pressed against him. Slowly he adjusted so that it was almost on his lap. From time to time she moved her hand, her elbow resting on his penis. The man felt uncomfortable as the thing in his pants lifted his head.

The body in his hands was soft and fragrant, definitely feminine, and his brain tried unsuccessfully to remind him that this was the daughter of his boss. Letty leaned over and kissed one of his nipples. Then she craned her neck and touched his lips to his. She looked him in the eye and said: "I need something like this now ..."

He stared at her, but when Letty leaned toward him he couldn't stand it again and opened his lips under hers. Her mouth was soft and generous. He wrapped his arms around the slender young body. His palms followed her shoulders and arms. He went down her back and grabbed her little naked ass that the nightgown had found. He kissed her with passion. Let Letty lay on the couch on her back. He looked at her for a moment, then grabbed the thin nightgown and just tore it in two. He placed his hands on her chest, rubbed them lightly, slid his fingers along the soft wrap. He bent down and began to glue wet kisses one after another on Letty's flat stomach.

She writhed in his arms, she wanted him inside her more than anything. He went down to her small tender pussy. He opened the pink hole with his fingers and stroked the swollen flesh with his tongue. He growled slightly and sucked on her clit.

Letty had spread her legs and was waiting for him, lifting her pelvis slightly. The man moved between her legs, kissed her on the lips, grabbed her ass, and lifted it up, looked her in the eye, and stopped for a moment.

“ No, do not worry! Please come …” Letty replied, pulling him closer.

He could not wait any longer, burst into the tight pussy, lost in the vortex of passion. He slid into her like a tight warm glove. He was squeezing her breasts, biting her with his teeth wherever he could, and when he opened his eyes he saw her wide-eyed blue eyes and black shiny hair scattered around them.

Letty pressed against him with each thrust, a tension gathering in her groin that erupted in convulsions. He turned her on her stomach and inserted his cock from behind again. He poked inside her, like a sex-hungry teenager. He inserted a finger into her anus and rubbed her clit with his other hand. Letty was shouting loudly. By the time her bodyguard finally emptied his semen on her back, the girl had finished twice more. Relaxed and completely satisfied, they fell asleep.

The morning came with a bright burst of colors and sounds in the complex and they both woke up. They looked confused and everyone went to their room. At breakfast, Letty invited him to sit down to eat with her. She accidentally dropped a leg around the penis of her bodyguard under the table. He said nothing, but they retired to their rooms early in the afternoon, spending time until dinner having rough sex. No one had been able to satisfy her so well before. She felt the unwavering desire to feel his penis in her vagina.

The way he sucked her breasts, the touch of his fingers on her clit, the feeling of his fat cock in her vagina … she wasn't sure if it had anything to do with the climate in Cuba, but the whole experience was blissful for her. Letty wanted him to constantly squeeze, slap, and pull her hair. She adored his big hands and muscular body. For her, those ten days were like an escape from the life she had.