Brittany stood in front of the mirror and gave herself a once-over look before heading out to The Seaside Resort twenty miles out of town.  She was dressed in a simple red strapless dress that fell to just above her knees, natural colored thigh-highs, and black heels.  Her ebony hair hung in waves mid-way down her back.

Not bad looking for 45 years old as she headed to the entrance hall to grab her purse and car keys.  Brittany stepped out on the porch to wait for the Uber driver, who should be there any moment.  She had an appointment in thirty minutes and she didn’t want to be late.  Finally seeing headlights coming up the mile-long drive, she stepped off the porch and walked to the end of the walkway to wait.

When he pulled to a stop, Brittany got in and she gave him the address, “You’re late.”

“Sorry, traffic,” was all the explanation he gave her.

When they arrived at the resort, she had ten minutes to get from the lobby and up to the room.

Quickly paying the driver Brittany said sarcastically, “I don’t have time to dig out a tip.  I don’t want to be late,”

Brittany made her way across the main lobby to the bank of elevators in the back of the resort, being careful not to draw attention to herself.  Although they frowned on the type of service she offered, the manager allowed it as long as she and any of the other girls were discreet and did not solicit at their bar.

Stopping at Room 1029, Brittany took a deep breath before knocking lightly on the door.  As if he was waiting on the other side for her knock, the door quickly swung open.  The man standing there was not what she was expecting.  With the name Harley, for some reason Brittany had the picture in her mind of a heavier man with a beard, hair in a braid, wearing leather with a Harley Davison parked in the lot.  Instead, this man was appeared to be around her age, maybe a bit older, muscular, short ash blonde hair in a buzz cut and a neat mustache.  He was dressed in faded jeans and a tee-shirt that fit tight across his broad shoulders.

“You Brittany?” he inquired

“Yes and you must be Harley,” Brittany answered back.

In answer to her question, he stepped back and motioned her to come in.  Once inside the room, Brittany just stood there.  Walking over to the nightstand, Harley came back a few seconds later and handed her some money.  Once she put it in her purse, Brittany went over and laid her purse next to the television, kicking off her six-inch heels before turning around to face Harley, surprised that without her heels, he was almost a half foot taller than she was, which put him at about six feet.

Walking over to her, Harley grabbed a handful of her hair, running his fingers through it before giving it a yank, pulling her closer to him.  Holding a fist-full of her hair, he brought his lip down on hers, nipping at her bottom lip.  When the kiss ended, he kept hold of her hair and led her over to the bed.

He let go of her hair and quickly pulled off his shirt and pointed to the front of his jeans.  Brittany knew exactly what he wanted.  Stepping closer, she reached out and worked the button out of the buttonhole before leaning forward and kiss in him through his jean.  Slowly she worked his zipper down.  Halfway down she reached in with her left hand, grabbing his shaft through his underwear, giving it a firm squeeze, earning a moan from him.

As more and more of him was exposed, Brittany continued to stroke and squeeze him until she had the zipper down and his shaft was begging to be released from its cotton prison.  Putting her hands on either side of his jeans, Brittany tugged and pushed until they slid down his legs, pooling at his bare feet.  Stepping out of them, Harley kicked them to the side.

Brittany dropped to her knees, she reached behind him, digging her fingers into his ass cheeks, burying her face against his shaft as she inhaled his masculine scent; to her, there was nothing sexier than the smell of a man in heat.  As she continued to squeeze his cheeks, Brittany began to kiss and lick him through his underwear.  She could feel his hand entangling themselves in her hair as he pushed against her face.

Finally, she took pity on him and hooked her fingers in his underwear, tugging them down.  When his underwear moved past his shaft, it sprang forward, hitting her in the face.  She stopped for a few minutes to capture it with her hands so she could wrap her lips around it, taking him deep in her mouth, her tongue swirling around it. Her hand grabbed his balls and squeezed as her lips tightened around him, pulling his skin taut and she pulled back to where just the head was in her mouth.

Her tongue began to swirl around the head while her free hand gently ran her nails up and down the underside of his shaft. Harley could feel his balls tighten and knew that with much more attention, he would be unloading down her throat.  While he loved blow jobs, he wanted to fill her pussy first so he gently pushed her back.

“Strip,” he whispered.

Brittany pushed his underwear the rest of the way down and stood up.  After kicking his underwear to the side, Harley started to sit down but she placed her hand on his forearm.  “I need you to unzip me first,”

He quickly unzipped her and then sat down on the bed.  Turning around, her hand holding her dress to her chest, she waited until he was settled and then Brittany began to slowly slide her dress down her body.  As her breasts came into view, Harley’s hand went down and wrapped its self around it, stroking slowly as he watched more and more of her body came into view until she let her dress fall to the carpet.

He instantly became harder, seeing her standing there in heels, a lacy thong, and thigh-highs.  Raising her hands in the air, Brittany leisurely twirled around shaking her scantily clad ass at him.  Looking back over her shoulder, a smile crossed her face when she saw Harley’s eyes were glued to her ass.

Bending over, Brittany rolled one and then the other stocking down her legs pulling them off and tossing them over her shoulder toward Harley, who caught them with his free hand.  Turning back around, she worked her lacy thong off and strolled over to drop to her knees in front of Harley, grabbing one of her stockings and pushing his hand aside, she wrapped it around his shaft, moving it up and down.

Harley moaned loudly and flopped back on the bed, gripping the covers in his fist as beads of pre-cum appeared on the head of his cock.  Brittany took him just to the edge and then stood up so she could crawl up his naked body, catching his lip with hers, and their tongues tangled and danced.  His arms went around her waist, holding her close as she rubbed her wet pussy against his cock, feeling it jerk beneath her.

After several minutes, Harley moaned, “I need to be inside of you Brittany.  There is a condom on the nightstand,”

Brittany wiggled off him, grabbed the condom, and quickly covered him before straddling his hip, sinking down on in.  Harley was so hard he just hoped that he wouldn’t come too fast.  Brittany leaned forward, placing her hands on each side of him on the bed as she started to ride him, her muscles squeezing and releasing him.  Harley reached up and began to pinch and pull at her nipples. Slowly Brittany increased her speed until she was bouncing up and down on him.

His one hand slipped down and began to rub her clit, feeling her juices coating his fingers.  Reaching the edge, Brittany let out a slight scream as she came hard, taking Harley with her.  When they both finally calmed down, Brittany rolled to her side while he got up and disposed of the condom.  Coming back to bed, he saw Brittany gathering her clothes.

“That was awesome,” he commented.

“It was,” she answered standing there.  “I will see you at home later,”

Harley laughed and said, “I got the room for the entire night.  This is not one of those sleazy three-hour rate motels we usually use.  After all, it is Valentine’s Day and I could not think of a better place to take my wife so you are staying.  Come back to bed,”

“If you insist,” Brittany said joining him.

They snuggled together and soon drifted off, resting up to what promised to be a long night of fun and sex.